A Hit Song That Will Make You Equally Ashamed to Be American and Canadian


In June 1973, Canadian DJ Byron McGregor read this above commentary (written by fellow Great White Northerner Gordon Sinclair) on a radio station broadcasting out of Toronto. It eventually became a massive hit, peaking at number four on the Top 40 charts and generating cover versions by Tex Ritter and others.

Despite not knowing the Canada was America's biggest trading partner, Ronald Reagan praised the track by name when he made his first trip abroad as president.

Ironically, because it was written and performed by Canadians, it satisfied Canada's idiotic (and still in force, even when it comes to pornography) rules about airing a certain amount of domestically produced cultural content.

Without going full Lee Greenwood, I'm very proud to be an American and I thank my grandparents every day for emigrating here rather than England or Argentina (the two other likely choices, given that one side was Irish and the other Italian).

But even on the Fourth of July weekend, perspective is a wonderful thing. Take it way, Remy, talking about the Veterans Affairs scandal: