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Tonight on The Independents: Buck Sexton and Charles Cooke on Bergdahl and Gitmo, Chris Moody on Yesterday's Elections, John Stossel on Common Core, Plus MoDo's Trippin' and the 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square



Tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) dives back into the bounty of issues raised by the reacquisition of long-detained Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The Party Panel, featuring Buck Sexton (currently national-security at The Blaze, previously with the CIA) and Charles W. Cooke (National Review) will argue with the co-hosts about the pros and cons of bypassing Congress, shuttering Gitmo, and keeping any U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. (Later, the duo will also address the Pope's weird jihad against "libertarianists.")

Next, the great Yahoo News political reporter Chris Moody will break down yesterday's various (and interesting!) primary elections. Eponymous Fox Business Network host and columnist John Stossel will point the 'Stache of Justice toward Common Core and the right to unpaid internships. The co-hosts will take their bites out of Maureen Dowd's bummer of an edibles column, and I'll wax poeticalish about the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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NEXT: Cops Cite Fake Trend To Justify Treating Teens Like 'NATO Protesters'

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  1. Hopefully Stossel brings his giant prop scissors.

    1. As long as he doesn’t run with them.

      1. +1 Augusten Burroughs

    2. I bet he’ll be wearing dreamcatchers.

    3. Hello.


      Come out to play.

      1. Jealous, Rufe? You don’t have such tings in Canada, eh?

        1. Gangs?

          1. Gangs of New Brunswick doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

            1. Heh. Or worse…gangs of PEI.

              But Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal have their fair share.

              1. “Gangs of PEI” = +1 fiddle player

  2. Is that a picture of Tim Blake Nelson or a drunk Vladimir Putin?

    1. It’s a different angle of Wash getting killed in Serenity.

      1. Scene from the gritty remake.


    wrt Google’s End-To-End Chrome extension…

    Just saying that encryption dont really matter. It all gets stored, and it all is searchable. So says the people I read, at least.

    there’s very few/nearly no system that doesn’t require someone to hold the key – and if ‘someone’ has the key, so do they.

    There are experiments to do things differently…as per =…..nt-access/

    The “people you read” are incorrect, or you interpreted them incorrectly.

    Google’s extension is just OpenPGP in the browser, which has been done before, and doesn’t require someone to hold the (private) key.

    The piece you linked to contains nothing but marketing puff. What I saw on its website is vague about methods (which is bad), but it says We use only the most secure implementations of AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP. The only thing that sticks out as unique is that they use some kind of in-house system for sending encrypted messages to users on other providers.

    The primary risk here, as it is with Mailvelope, Enigmail, or any other software implementing OpenPGP, is that Google could in theory be forced to put out an update that steals private keys.

    1. Why would you need this if you’ve got nothing to hide, pre-criminal?

      1. Well, I send a lot of dick pics to jesse.

        1. Why encrypt that?

          I take the opposite approach. I make my taint as readily viewable as possible and hope to give a bunch of NSA monitors PTSD.

          Eventually monitoring my communications will be explicitly forbidden by OSHA.

          1. If you stare too long into jesse’s dick pix, they stare back into you. With only one eye.

            1. leaving your eyes red and swollen

    2. I noted = I am not a nerd.

      My read from the stuff i’ve seen is that there is little/nothing out there that matters, encryption wise, if you are targeted. The point they made in the Forbes article was ‘anything owned by Google is/can/will be subject to demands by the govt, so nothing is ‘secure’ unless its completely non-affiliated.

      Dont know what that means really, dont care. My limited view is that its all stored, so what’s ‘secure’ now is relatively meaningless.

      1. My limited view is that its all stored, so what’s ‘secure’ now is relatively meaningless.

        It is a matter of what is stored. In a working OpenPGP implementation, only the encrypted copy of the message is stored.

        I noted = I am not a nerd.

        You noted that, and made inaccurate statements anyway.

      2. If you (only) have the private key, and it’s good, strong algorithm (RSA for sending/receiving from others, and unknown other, AES for your personal stuff/exchanges with one person you already know), and you don’t have a backdoored random number generator, you’re probably okay.

        Most compromises come from a side channel. Finding an unencrypted copy or getting it some other way. Compromising the system, etc.

  4. College Girl in Taiwan Panics Over Cockroach, Calls Police

    Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Network (ETTV) reports that upon discovering a 4cm long cockroack in her room, a female college student in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, became so frightened that she called the police. Based on their “serve the public” principle, the police officers proceeded to do everything they could to exterminate the cockroach. Many netizens think the female student’s behavior was too exaggerated, and wasted social resources.

    Several nights ago, police received a call from 20-year-old Wang, who sounded terrified, speaking incoherently, unable to express herself clearly, only uttering “hurry, save me”. Fearing that Wangn? might be held hostage, the police rushed to the scene only to discover that the perpetrator was a cockroach.

    As it turns out, Wang had opened a window due to the hot weather to ventilate when, unexpectedly, a cockroach ran in and started to fly around the room, frightening her to the point where she dared not go to sleep and thus called the police. The police quickly located the cockroach crawling around on the desk, grabbed it and easily tossed it out the window, thereby putting an end to this female student’s “horror episode” [in the original text: ??? is the Chinese name for the horror movie Psycho].

    1. 20-year-old Wang

      Trying hard not to laugh!

      1. Wang means king. Long means dragon. Long Wang means dragon king.

        Lo Pan means nothing at all, sadly.

      2. Wang means king. Long means dragon. Long Wang means dragon king.

        Lo Pan means nothing at all, sadly.

    2. “Based on their “serve the public” principle, the police officers proceeded to do everything they could”

      Based on their “hot crazy coeds” fetish, the police officers…

    3. In Taiwan, it may not have been a cockroach. Could have been a palm roach.…..&FORM=IGRE
      First time I saw one, I was afraid to swing a shoe at it for fear it would take it away and swing back.

      1. I dunno. The article said it flew, and Wikipedia lists more varieties of cockroach than I care to know exist, several of which fly, which terrifies me.

        1. The palm roaches fly. When I was in the barracks in the service, one would end up in the hall and keep everybody awake until someone whacked it.
          A 3″ bug flying around will get your attention even if you know it’s harmless.

          1. Where, if I might ask?

            1. Well, if it lands on your face….
              I was on Okinawa, mostly.

              1. I was hoping you would say Taiwan, so I could remark “Wow, you are old.”

                1. Well, the SR71s were flying from my base when I was there, so…

                  1. And I’m sure you know the reference; I was ‘involved’, not ‘committed’.

    1. That fits.

    2. Excellent!

  5. I very much look forward to Matt’s “waxing poeticalish”.

    1. He can wax his poetry with Stossel’s mustache wax.

      There – I think that was a decent midrange H&R style comment.

    2. Freestyle rap!?

      I know he was going to bust some rhymes last week but they ran out of time. Kick it old school matt!

    3. I thought that was “polecatish” the first time I read it.

      Stick to cromulent words, Welch.

      1. Don’t other Matt’s made-up-word-ness!

      2. I once got drunk for 12 hours with the founding members of the Polecats, does that count?

        1. No, but I’ll let it slide this time.

  6. The US and China aren’t so different. In the US, kids play cops & robbers. In China, they have a very similar game called tanks & protesters.

  7. The other day some of the Usual Suspects were discussing the global warming episode of Cosmos that was on last week and one of them asked me if I watched the show. I gave her my best ‘look what the dog horked up on the carpet’ stare and repeated back to her the very words she had said to me one time when I asked her if she ever watched John Stossel. “That show comes on FOX. I don’t watch the Fascist Propaganda Network.”

    I swear you could look into her eyes and see her brain spasming as the wave of cognitive dissonance sloshed across her skull.

  8. Surrounded by incompetent people…when he’s in a hall of mirrors.

  9. The suede jacket returns.

    1. GILMORE is weeping somewhere.

      1. Its called The Pelt.

        It evokes ‘Rodents of Unusual Size’

  10. Why did she make a tie out of electrical tape?

    1. It’s the New Wave Joe Jackson look.

    1. Why don’t you want Jesse to enjoy the show?

  11. Guy on the left has a wide face, guy on the right has a long face.

    1. Breed him with Sarah Jessica Parker to create a race of super-chinians.

      1. Derp, Andrew Mendoza proved you can’t breed a person with a horse.

        There used to be a blog that posted news stories about Keira Knightly and replaced her name with “Keira Knightly’s Jaw” to surprisingly humorous effect.

        1. Why must you bash Mendoza? A lot of people talk about centaurs, but he did something about it.

          1. That man is was an important empiricist!

            Although I believe the Romans already researched this extensively.

  12. Time for some military derp:

    A soldier in Afghanistan is running for a bunker during a mortar attack. He trips, falls on a tent stake, and breaks a rib. He is awarded a Purple Heart. I thought you had to get hit by an enemy weapon, but apparently the rule is the injury must be linked to enemy action.

    1. Put yourself in the Army’s position:
      ‘Hey, why not work for us? You can go and get shot at! And get medals!’
      Why not, it’s not like Kerry did anything better.

      1. Kerry’s Purple Heart is even lamer than that. He got hit with rice grains after trying to blow it up with a grenade.

        Why not just dump it in the water? Moron.

  13. “Buck Sexton”

    Holy crap that man was born with a golden porn name.

    1. You do realize my real name is Dirk Piston, right?

      1. Go on…

  14. Oh, suddenly Facebook isn’t so great? No wonder we don’t get to vote there anymore on show topics.

  15. Hey poor-man’s-hitchens? Fucking shave.

    1. Real Americans need to take beards back from the Taliban.

      1. I think the swap-guy’s daddy did just that.

      2. Amen to that!

        … Hobbit, Bearded

        1. I assumed that was a euphemism.

    2. Anti-bearditism- the last acceptable prejudice.

  16. “I don’t know why we’re squawking about it.” — It’s your show, lady. If you don’t want to talk about it, pick a different topic.

  17. Foster is suddenly taking this discussion broooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaddddddddd.

  18. Buck still hasn’t answered the question. He talks loudly and pretends to be very confident about his prevarication.

    1. That’s how someone named Buck Sexton should act.

  19. He inherited the Obama Doctrine from the previous administration.

    1. Heh.

  20. I’m not watching — as usual — but has Buck’s shaggin’ wagon come up?

  21. So does any California Democrat who wins his primary automatically win the office?

    1. It’s like Alabama 1930.

      1. But I may be wrong.

    2. No. Due to a ballot initiative we have an open primary where everyone has access to the primary and the top two vote getters get knocked up to the actual election. The odd thing is that we end up with a lot of two Dem races under this system.

      1. “The odd thing is that we end up with a lot of two Dem races under this system.”

        Wow, that’s really *odd* for California!

        1. Fun fact, the Libertarian candidate for AG got fewer votes than Orly Taitz. Weep for me libertarians of other states.

          1. Hey man, Philadelphia libertarians don’t have it so great either. I looked up the vote totals at my polling place from 2012 and there were 2 Gary Johnson votes (me and my wife).

            1. My polling people told me I was the only libertarian that showed up at my voting location in the last Presidential election.

              1. I probably was too, I don’t think my wife is a registered libertarian.

          2. Googled her – fewer votes than the birther!

          3. Weep for me libertarians of other states.

            I live in Portland, Oregon, jesse, I have no tears to spare.

            1. Have you been to Lardo? I wanted to go when I was up there but my college roommate said “too hipster.” I’m curious if I should twist his arm if/when I visit.

              1. No, I haven’t, sorry. I generally hit the Roxy when I’m downtown and hungry.

                Menu Items include: The Glbt Sandwich, the Big Fat Heart Attack Special, the Tranny Basket, and Arrogant French Toast, among others.

                1. Sounds irreverently delicious.

                  1. It’s a fun joint.

                    Also if you let contact with either rain or hipsters stop you from doing something you will never leave your house in this city so I’d say next time just go for it.

                    1. I like rain. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any while I was there.

                      Unfortunately my roommate has a manual car, and I am manual car handicapped.

      2. The odd thing is that we end up with a lot of two Dem races under this system.

        You misspelled “predictable”

    3. Not in local elections. Some citys now have ‘instant runoff’ where everybodies’ second choice counts if a first choice gets less than a majority.
      It just makes your vote worth less than it was before and give results like Jean Quan as mayor of Oaktown.

  22. Incumbent politicians take their seats for granted? Be still my beating heart! I had no idea!

    1. The vapors?!

    2. Shall I fetch the fainting couch and the smelling salts?

      1. You’d best hurry!

  23. Hey, Alanis, it’s not *ironic* that the bills Cochran supported would have suppressed his opponent’s speech.

  24. Okay, I can’t get past this whatever is on the front of her shirt.

    1. Summer reruns?

      1. It’s more of a derp oldie.

    2. To be fair, she never actually said she would support nationalizing the oil industry.

      1. So she’d just ‘consider’ it? Or maybe hint that is might not be illegal?
        That slimeball Ehrlich hides behind the claim he never said people *should* be sterilized.

        1. No, she didn’t say it because she couldn’t actually summon the correct word into her retard brain.

  25. Why isn’t she doing her Dork Voice?

    1. Kennedy actually has no control over her accents. They just channel themselves at random.

  26. Dowd’s pot experience sounds a lot like withdrawal symptoms.

    1. Or raging bullshit.

      1. Definitely the most likely scenario

  27. Dowd in the fetal position in a hotel room just like me last time I forgot not to drink the water south of the border.

  28. Dowd is a doable loser.

    1. She just can’t have it all.

    2. Doable??!?

      WTF is wrong with you?

      Not with STEVE SMITHs dick.

      Or does that mean something else in your foreign tongue?

      1. I read it more like “Why did he say that? Now I gotta do that motherfucker.”

  29. The worst thing in the world is a NY Times reader who doesn’t know not to gobble up pot brownies, but *does* know how to run the world.

    1. So, all NY Times readers then?

      1. I think you could extrapolate from those specifics quite a bit and still be right.

  30. The Independents Attire Review, 4 June 2014


    – Kennedy: Kogal-Kennedy! We understand she got this outfit from a vending machine in Tokyo. Or is it more of an English schoolgirl thing? (i think that technically requires a cardigan) We approve in the least-leering way possible, although a lunchbox *would* really tie things together nicely.

    – Matt: The Pelt Returns. It seems to be comfortable blending in next to Kmeles caramel-tones. The grey shirt is… well,regrettable, but when we consider possible alternatives? we have painful flashbacks to that time Matt wore the floppy-collared Red thing with a spotted red tie. Yeah, the grey is probably the only choice. We think the textured jacket does better with something other than the knitted tie, but rather than belabor the issue…

    – Kmele: A visual Attire Review. It looks that good.

    – British guy: Shave, you bum

    – “My Name is Buck”: You graduated buddy. You’re not an intern any more. Put on your fucking tie and grow up.

    I want to thank my Mom, Jesus, and my agent.

    1. Fuck ties. I’m glad I’ll never have to wear one again.

      … Hobbit

  31. Why is she stigmatizing eating live babies?

  32. An album called Nothing would be better than most albums today.

    /old fart

  33. Elizabeth Warren is tearing up like she just saw polluters.

        1. We’re a difficult crowd, man.

    1. Fist of Etiquette|6.4.14 @ 9:30PM|#
      “Elizabeth Warren is tearing up like she just saw polluters.”

      Or someone checking her DNA.

  34. Croatians must be super mad everyone stole the neck tie from them.

    1. I thought it was Colombians?

  35. He needed to pick up the pace. Get in and get out.

  36. Thanks for your trigger warning, Matt — but it was a little late. My nightmares will be having a word with you!

  37. Clown? !?! \

    AHH!! LOU DOBBS!!!

  38. Yeah, my old man used to do that as a kid he says, except they would swing them out on ropes across the road as cars drove by.

    1. You think you had it bad?
      My daddy used to take the young kids out into the middle of the lake and toss ’em out of the boat so they’d learn to swim.
      I remember it wasn’t bad after I got the rope untied and got out of the sack.

  39. Kennedy did *what*?

    1. Sentence the axe-wielding clown to serve a year inside a car with 10 other clowns.

  40. This episode is taking forever. Where the fuck is Stossel already?

    1. He didn’t recharge his taxpayer subsidized golf cart so he had to walk.

      1. I would so love to see him drive that thing onto < i The Independents set.


  41. States experimenting with each other in college dorm rooms.


  43. “Since when has central planning done anything well?”

    Well, damn. I’m that easy. Stossel had me at central planning.

  44. Stossell has interesting tie

  45. Did Stossle just say Catholic School?

    Yes he did.

  46. The Church doesn’t like libertarians because it’s competition to abusing young people.

    1. You’re growing on me tonight.

    2. Bush had no Child Left Behind. The Catholic Church has No Child’s Behind Left.

  47. What the hell was that Stoss graphic?

  48. Kennedy: “Find out what you have done to upset the Pontiff, next”

    Oh the volumes…

    1. That would be a good title for many memoirs.

  49. Oooo, Fiona Apple.

    1. Mmmm mmm mmm.

  50. 2007 had crappy video quality. The dark ages of the Internet.

  51. We should have elected that guy.

    1. As soon as he gets sworn in (seriously, like day one, or at least, first hundred days), he’s going to fix all this shit.

      Gonna stop the surveillance, too.

      I have it on good authority the blind will see, too.

      1. And I can see the temperature and sea level falling!

        1. And hell freezing over?

    1. I’m afraid that watching this is going to make me desperately regret having applied for that teaching fellowship this morning.

      1. Just wait til the interview. That’s where the real derp comes out. I did it an interview for DC Teaching Fellows in 2010. When they asked me whether I would inflate the grades of “underprivileged” students, I flatly said no. I explained that holding people to low standards just sets them up for more failure. If anything, they need to be studying harder to get out of the hole they’re in. I was not asked back.

        1. I would probably just laugh in their faces if they asked something like that. Good on you for having an excellent answer to one of the most absurd and horrifying questions ever.

  52. I suppose the Taliban didn’t think this was the worst possible deal.

    1. I think Obo’s beginning to wonder.

  53. The Pope leans toward the more statist faction in the current factional fight in the Church – but he hasn’t tried to shut down the economic liberal faction – which he could do. The debate continues.

    Montalembert was on the outs with the Vatican in the 19th century, but now he’s quoted by current Popes.

    1. So not auto da fe’ for the free-market types yet?
      That’s good.

  54. It’s in the Left Testament.

    1. No, doc, it’s not the right one that hurts!

  55. The Catholic Church from south of the equator is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally socialist.

  56. I’m shocked that the Catholic Church would be in favor of Big Government?!

  57. “That’s a, uh, point.”

  58. So Welch has officially and completely usurped the “Keepin’ It Kmele” spot?

    1. As I said = criminal abomination. That makes like 3 things wrong with it.

      1. My idea was Welch’s Gripe Jam. (Someone later came up with the less apt Gripe Juice.)

        1. Trademark Violation is a bitch

  59. Where it’s Matt? Really? Flog your lazy interns.

    1. That would be exploitation.

  60. The “Where it’s Matt” segment-name is a criminal abomination

  61. Why can’t the Independents invite Fr. Robert Sirico to discuss these questions? He *does* run an economically liberal institute, which he co-founded.

    He would probably know more about his faith than some “I’m a Catholic but-” ex-CIA agent.

    1. Father Guido Sarducci couldn’t hurt either

      1. Why do I even bother?

        1. Because ‘penance for something’?

          1. I’m not sure.

            But some of you are really nice!


            1. We are all delightful people!

              1. *All*? Really?

                1. Wait, was that sarcasm – my detection software isn’t installed yet.

                  1. Outside of a VERY small handful.

  62. I bet Kmele does an excellent Corey Glover impersonation.

    Same vocal tone.

  63. They didn’t have widescreen back then? Yuck.

  64. Asians seem to do massacres with the best of them.

  65. OT: From the You Can’t Make This Shit Up Files

    Apparently the NY City Council hates poor people.

    More than half the members of the City Council have fired off a letter to Walmart demanding that it stop making millions in charitable contributions to local groups here.


    But Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito called the donations “toxic money,” and accused Walmart of waging a “cynical public-relations campaign that disguises Walmart’s backwards anti-job agenda.”

    That’s right, by seeking to open a huge store in NYC Walmart is pursuing an “anti-job agenda.” I can only surmise that their plans must include having the entire place staffed by robots. Because otherwise that would mean that this local Top Woman is completely full of shit and that’s unpossible, right?

    1. I clearly remember being taught that the definition of “up” was opposite the definition of “down”, and yet now I keep seeing confusion on the issue.

    2. In enlightened Chicago, they have Target because Wal-Mart is the devil.

    3. In enlightened Chicago, they have Target because Wal-Mart is the devil.

    4. So I sez to myself, “Wal-Mart must either be making donations to the wrong people or refusing to make donations tot he right people.”

      And bingo, from the article –

      “A key bone of contention is the Waltons’ support of New York City charter schools. Since 2004, the Walton Family Foundation has funneled $16 million into the cause, including the DREAM Charter School, Village Academies and the Success Academy founded by Eva Moskowitz.”


  67. 1989 was indeed amazing.

    I remember seeing it. Still remains a feature in my political outlook.

    God bless those dissidents in China.

    1. “I remember seeing it”
      I was in Anaheim on business, went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, opened the paper and…..
      Was AWESTRUCK!
      There was a guy living in one of the most totalitarian countries the world had ever seen saying: ‘If you want to keep going, you are going to have to run over me!’
      To this day, it is one of the most inspiring images I’ve ever seen.

      1. As a memorable ‘aftershock’: I recall an interview with Bush I (at night, outdoors? for some reason) where he was commenting on the commie crackdown against the protestors, and I was so ebullient with the whole momentum of how the world was changing that when he said, (paraphrase) ‘we’re not going to do anything to piss off the chinese’ – not even *make a statement condemning it* – that i was profoundly depressed.

        They suspended some arms sales; but officially stated that ‘it was an internal affair’

        from my POV (i was ~15/16) i thought, “Fucking chinese should be pushovers! BOMB THE BITCHES” I was not particularly conscious of the trade-issues, and just thought communism should have been stamped out all at once ASAP.

        1. They may be taking their time with it, but leaving China alone and trading with them has been working really well.

          1. Apatheist ?_??|6.4.14 @ 10:28PM|#
            “They may be taking their time with it, but leaving China alone and trading with them has been working really well.”

            Yes, but there is nothing in making a statement which means you can’t do this also.

        2. “‘we’re not going to do anything to piss off the chinese’ – not even *make a statement condemning it* – that i was profoundly depressed.”

          Bush the First blew it on Gorby, too; his foreign affairs wonks were nearly as bad as Obo’s.
          He did at least refuse to try capturing Bagdad, since he knew it would lead nowhere. Shrub wasn’t that smart and then we got Obo.
          Is this the BEST the red and blue parties can offer, for fuck’s sake?

      2. Yes. It was pretty mind-numbing. I still shake my head in awe.

        Those people died for their cause trying to overthrow evil.

        Our “dissidents” just want free shit.

        1. Half of them, the other half want to become the evil tyrant.

        2. “Our “dissidents” just want free shit.”

          And their “sacrifice” is having to clean up the shit they leave in the park.

  68. Dobbs tells me there’s a new deal with Iran. Almost interesting enough for me to stay tuned to him.

    1. You Know Who Else Talked about a New Deal?

      1. You tell me, Winston, you hung out with him.

  69. And oh…

    Fuck commies and their bankrupted useful idiots like Myerson.


        Personal Foul, Derpetologist, Unnecessary Derpness, Double-Posting a Video in a Single Thread. 15 Yards, Automatic First Down.

      2. Derp, you were saying about New Brunswick?

        Massive manhunt for armed man who killed three RCMP officers and injuring two:…..n-reports/

  70. So if the “libertarian moment” is upon us then why aren’t libertarians making headway in prog hives?

    1. A ‘nice’ thought (not sure how true it is) is that the more the progs are pushed back, the more shrill they get.

  71. So judging by the Ontario election ads I’m seeing firing a bunch of civil servants will lead to recession. Because France and Greece show that the way to prosperity is more government employees.

  72. “……the Pope’s weird jihad against “libertarianists.”

    All of the philosophies that feature self-ownership, all of them being one, are going to draw the ire of the Catholic church….amoung others. Others being everyone else.

    Again, no surprise that a commie pope would go out of his way to bash Libertarianism.

  73. When I lived in Chicago, sometimes I would buy 24 packs of Labatt Blue. I referred to them as Canadian briefcases.

    1. The good part about living close to the border is the occasional opportunities to bring back a two-four of Blue (used to be Labatt Genuine Draft there).

      The Canadian version really is strong, and really does taste better. It’s also ridiculously expensive.

      1. I once heard the Canadian Army consists of 3 guys, 2 rifles, and 4 cases of beer.

        1. The French army is three guys and a pop-gun, the one in the middle carrying a flag with a white field and a white cross.

          1. middle carrying a flag with a white field and a white cross.

            The Legitimists are back? What would Eddie say?

    2. Huh, my ex was aggravated he couldn’t find Labatt in Chicago.

      1. Whenever my mom is angry at my dad he’ll just go out to a special liquor store in Anaheim and buy a case of LaBatt.

        1. Not Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa?

          I found a place in Culver that sells the Columbian liqueur I get for my parents’ housekeeper for Christmas and her birthday and had the Labatt I got for the ex.

      2. I got mine from the Jewel-Osco near Elston and Addison.

        1. You guys like Labatt?

          1. If I’m going to drink cheap beer…

          2. It’s the cheapest, decent tasting pilsener I can think of. A poor man’s Pilsener Urquell.

          3. Is that what makes Maureen Dowd ‘doable’?

          4. Brewed with real skunk glands. Only Australia makes worse beer than Canada.

            1. Fosters’s: Australian for Piss!

  74. Marine Corps jet crashes into residential neighborhood

    A military jet crashed on a residential street in a Southern California desert community Wednesday evening, setting two homes on fire, but the pilot ejected and there was no immediate word of any injuries.

    Marine Corps Cpl. Melissa Lee says the pilot ejected safely and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. There’s no word on whether anyone on the ground was hurt.

    Witnesses said two houses caught fire after the crash early Wednesday evening in Imperial, a city of about 15,000 people near the U.S.-Mexico border about 90 miles east of San Diego.

    Lance Cpl. Christopher Johns, a Marines spokesman, says the jet was a Harrier from Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, but he had no further details. Local police referred questions to the Marines, and fire and federal aviation officials did not immediately reply to messages.

    It’s the second crash in a month of a Harrier jet from the Yuma air base.

    On May 9, a pilot was able to eject safely before his jet crashed in a remote desert area near the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, south of Phoenix. The plane broke into fiery pieces, but no one was injured.

    Well there’s a few hundred million dollars up in smoke.

    1. “Well there’s a few hundred million dollars up in smoke.”

      Not for a Harrier. More like $30M. If it weren’t for the VTOL capability, they’d have been moved into obsolescence years ago.

      1. A friend who is a multi-thousand-hour pilot tried to land the Harrier on the simulator at NASA Ames.
        He did, finally. Once.

  75. Re: Maxine Waters: You Know Who Else advocated nationalizing the oil industry?

      1. So Lew Rockwell will praise Maxine Waters now?


    California continues to prove there is no such thing as peak retard.

    1. Reminds me of this:…..?iid=82511

      1. Bloom County FTY.

        I was trying to remember some (terrible) short-lived Fox series from the early oughts (I want to say “unclassified” but couldn’t find a clip to support that) that had college students looking for consent for every individual action.

        1. Undeclared? I remember liking that piece of shit.

          1. I thought the arbiters of high culture here on HampR determined that we’re not allowed to like Judd Apatow or Seth Rogen?

          2. Really meant to type undeclared there, I got that far in the searching. Couldn’t find the clip I was looking for though.

    2. You’ve heard of the pre-nup- now there’s the pre-shtupp.

      /try the waitress and tip the veal

      1. Heh heh.

    3. “CA Bill Demands Verbal or Written Consent for Sex on College Campuses”

      Hallmark = i see great potential here!

      ‘baby, you’re so special to me, and this time we’ve spent together has been wonderful, and this card is just to show you how i feel, so hot and ready to freak you nasty all night long, and all i need from you is to =
      _________SIGN HERE_____________


  77. Wow gilmore is really fired up in that NYPD thread, he’s actually so fucking stupid that he thinks the trend the NYPD made up is the same as saying they made up the word.

    I mean, how fucking stupid do you have to be to think anyone was talking about conjugating wild to wilding, and claiming it had never been done before 1989?

    Is GILMORE retarded or something, he shit all over that thread.

    1. Oh Tulpa, we’re going to take up a collection to send you to Abu Dhabi:

    2. Is it time for a Tulpical Storm?

    3. You know what other mendacious fucktard used an alias to spout bullshit?

    4. Tulpa, you’re too tense. I suggest a relaxing trip to Peru:

    5. Ah, I see. Translation: I made a bunch of comments in a dead thread go look at me! Look at MEEEE!

      You are pathetic.

      1. You are pathetic.

        You responded to him. Twice. In the same subthread.

        1. Oh man. This makes my head hurt.

  78. A few weeks ago, the Acton Institute sponsored a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. It’s one of several conferences exploring the link between religious liberty and economic liberty.

    A Cardinal, an Archbishop, a priest, and an Acton Institute researcher explored the topic. The Cardinal, who is a former bishop of Hong Kong, “explained how the combination of crony capitalism and the centralization of power and wealth in the hands of the Communist Party of China was a great danger. The centralization of power and lack of economic freedom, according to Zen, has led to the erosion of religious autonomy, particularly among Chinese Christians.”…..c-freedoms

    1. So no auto da fe’ yet?
      Sorry, I’m just not about to wade through that in the hopes of finding that some underlings don’t like the pope’s communism.
      I’m sure some do and I’m sure they aren’t the pope.

  79. Really, the bunch of hedonist vulgarian libertines at H’n’R go to bed at 10 PM? I am disappoint.

    1. And I thought peeples who liked the innerwebs was up all nite!

  80. Also you guys should read Lenin’s April Theses and The State and Revolution. Mere months before Red October he was calling for the abolition of the State and of the police, the army and bureaucrats. Once TOP MEN take over and expand the state and use it to abolish capitalism then anarchotopia will result. Your average anti-corporate prog and anarchist has pretty much the same idea.

    1. I’ve got Pipes books; is it in one of those and I missed it?

  81. “Bergdahl’s hometown cancels celebration amid furor”…..526951.php

    I still have no idea why Obo elected to ransom the guy. WIH upside was there for that sleazy politico?
    Regardless, the lying slimeball might finally have found the ‘scandal’ that won’t go away and found it with the LEAST important disasters he’s promoted.
    I hope it sticks in his craw until even shreek has to admit he’s a fuck-up.

    1. It’s not that he should have been left behind, it’s that they did not anticipate a backlash. They seriously thought there would be a rally-round-the-flag effect of national euphoria.

      The icing on the shit Sundae was Susan Rice going on ABC and lying to our faces again by saying Bergdahl was captured on the battlefield and fought honorably.

      1. Grand Moff Serious Man|6.4.14 @ 11:52PM|#
        “It’s not that he should have been left behind, it’s that they did not anticipate a backlash.”…
        I don’t know what “left behind” means in this case. AFAIK, he wasn’t ‘left behind’ when his unit marched; his unit was bivouacked and *he* took off.
        Again, AFAIK.

        “The icing on the shit Sundae was Susan Rice going on ABC and lying to our faces again by saying Bergdahl was captured on the battlefield and fought honorably.”
        It’s only a shame that HC hasn’t made some stupid comment that could be slammed back in her face.

        1. I don’t know what “left behind” means in this case. AFAIK, he wasn’t ‘left behind’ when his unit marched; his unit was bivouacked and *he* took off.

          I know what you mean, but he is still the Army’s responsibility. If he deserted he needs to be court-martialed and sent to Leavenworth. I see nothing wrong with the principle of no man left behind unless the person defects. In this case, he didn’t defect to the Taliban, it appears he just stupidly walked away and got captured.

          1. some fellow troops suggested he’d smuggled himself off post with a ‘contractor vehicle’ since there was no easy way off post without attracting attention


            “Sergeant Bergdahl slipped away from his outpost, the former senior officer said, possibly on foot but more likely hiding in a contractor’s vehicle. “He didn’t walk out the gate through a checkpoint, and there was no evidence he breached the perimeter wire and left that way,” the ex-officer said?

            The other weird detail that a lot of people know which has not been discussed is = this ‘deal’ was in the works for at least 2 years. Congress was aware of it. Then out of the blue, obama went ahead with it and bypassed everyone else. Why? Doing so guaranteed a high-profile media coverage, when it could have been done low-key.

            They wanted to make a big deal out of it. Why, i still don’t get.

            1. Garibaldi was talking about this on his show the other day. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

              EXCLUSIVE: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer confirms on the Jerry Doyle Show that the decision to trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was made by the administration in December of 2013. The plan was for the exchange to be executed at a time that would provide the maximum political advantage thereby taking the VA Crimes out of the headlines. Crimes that the administration could not allow to fester in an election year.

      2. It’s an indication of how scared they are of the VA thing. It makes me think that the situation there is far worse than we are even guessing because they did the Friday resignation of Shinseki, followed hours later with the resignation of Carney, playing to the media’s love of the media, and followed that up with the Bergdahl fiasco.

        I think that they anticipated the OMGZ negotiating with terrorists angle and expected that their media flunkies would fall into line to parrot Rice’s talking points which I very much think were crafted before the trade even went down. They sound like they were crafted to address the OMG terrorist line of attack they expected.

        What I think they totally overlooked were that the soldiers who were there and saw what happened would not sit quietly like they were ordered to and the BS stories that were cooked up under McChrystal, I think it was, would be the starting point for the whole thing rather than what we have now. This fucks the whole thing up because the media (beyond the hard left outlets) can’t follow the normal game plan for deflecting criticism because to do that they have to attack these soldiers and the US population generally still has a very high regard for soldiers (part of the problem for the White House from go, ironically) which is not going to fly, and for that matter I imagine that even sympathetic members of the media would balk at the prospect, or at least I’d like to think so.

        1. Dances-with-Trolls|6.5.14 @ 12:17AM|#
          “It’s an indication of how scared they are of the VA thing.”…

          I’m judging from the Obo ass-lickers here (since I’m in SF and the Chron is worse yet)
          I can’t see Obo frightened of the VA mess any more than he is of his constant foreign policy fumbling, his horrible econ efforts, his O-care disaster; the ass-lickers are only gonna lick some more ass. Nothing suggests they are licking less because of the VA scandal. Shreek, Tony, the slimy trolls we get aren’t going to be concerned nor distracted. The SF Chron isn’t printing a word about it other than it ‘might be a mistake’.
          I still have absolutely no idea WIH Obo decided to flip a twit.

          1. As deluded as the administration’s useful idiots are I believe that the White House is.. less so, if not completely immune to the splendor of their own reflection.

            It’s not the prog faithful we see shrieking on the net day in and day out that Obama is worried about but 1) the regular, but reliable democratic voters becoming unmotivated or disillusioned due to the egregious nature of the actions of the VA against a popular demographic 2) borderline voters shifting away from the democrats and the reality of government health care for long enough for the Red Team to gain the traction to repeal it, and 3) The Obama Administration is image, and, now that he’s moving into the second half of term 2, legacy obsessed and if it’s as bad as I think I feel that his people were terrified that this would become the PR straw that finally shatters the halo they’ve been polishing for years now.

            I’m not saying any of these things would have happened, but that I think that the O administration was fearful that they might.

            1. Add in the facts that 1) Clinton will likely be the D nominee next, that 2) the Clinton and Obama wings of the Blue Team pretty much fucking hate each other, and 3) that she is probably going to put her back out tossing Obama under the bus during her campaign to keep from being dragged down by his incompetence to the list of things that the image obsessed are worrying about as well.

      3. “Susan Rice going on ABC and lying to our faces again by saying Bergdahl was captured on the battlefield and fought honorably.”

        This is credible evidence that the admin thought they’d be able to completely paper over reality.

        Why would they say this if it were *well known* the guy had snuck off base in the dead of night? they expected his fellow soldiers to simply keep quiet?

        (*note = they DID sign NDAs about the incident, which no longer had much force after they’d left the mil)

        1. I think that they expected the BS that was cooked up at the time to hold up well enough that their media hacks would be able to create a loud enough din to counter the inevitable criticism.

          I have a feeling that the administration did not even stop to think about the soldiers that served with him. I don’t think that it even crossed their minds that these soldiers would demand to be heard and the truth be told. That level of arrogance is totally in keeping with this administration. Those soldiers aren’t real to them in the way that Fox News and the WSJ are. That’s what they were preparing for and stuck their dick in the grinder as a result, and their typical media shield is not functioning as it typically does.

          This is not, of course, preventing MSNBC from running with GOP Turns on American POW, so not everything is upside-down.

  82. Grand Moff Serious Man|6.5.14 @ 12:13AM|#
    …”In this case, he didn’t defect to the Taliban, it appears he just stupidly walked away and got captured.”

    I’m not convinced your claim is true; what does it take to provide evidence that a soldier defected rather than walked away? And the question is sincere.

  83. Tony is up commenting on the Stossel thread at 11:35 PM his time.

    This is why I contend he’s a troll and not a sock. A sock wouldn’t go back and comment on a dead thread.

    He really believes the shit he spews. Not sure which is sadder?

    1. Francisco d’Anconia|6.5.14 @ 12:47AM|#
      “Tony is up commenting on the Stossel thread at 11:35 PM his time.
      This is why I contend he’s a troll and not a sock. A sock wouldn’t go back and comment on a dead thread.”

      I wouldn’t use the term “troll”. Sleazy lefty, posting and hoping no one calls him on it; yep.
      I simply don’t see him (her?) as a troll; stupidity is indicated over design. Tony is well stupid enough to qualify.

    2. I dont think anyone has ever accused either Tony or Shriek of being ‘insincere’ idiots.

      I don’t think they’re ‘sad’. Mary is definitely sad. ‘americansocialist’ (which i thought was mary once) is sad.

      The various incarnations of Tulpa are just boring and pathetic.

      ‘Murkin is downright fucking evil.

      1. And you have stupid locked up. And pathetic, I mean, what are you an 8 year old girl listing who you like and don’t and why.

        1. Fuck off Tulpa, you lying sack of shit.

          1. Tony may be ignorant, but at least he’s not you.

        2. Boring and pathetic?

      2. GILMORE|6.5.14 @ 12:57AM|#
        “I dont think anyone has ever accused either Tony or Shriek of being ‘insincere’ idiots.”

        I’m sure one or both of those argued sincerely once, maybe. Or maybe not. Probably not.
        There is certainly no reason to presume a random argument from either one of those slimy turds is sincere

    3. A sock wouldn’t go back and comment on a dead thread.

      Check out Rollo on the dead thread just below this one. Though he’s also a troll, as well as a sock, so I’m not totally sure what that means. He then came onto this thread and spouted some bullshit to draw attention to himself and that thread.

      1. Well he clearly got to you, you can’t fucking shut up about him.

        1. Tulpa, you ain’t winning friends.

          1. If he’s not careful he might lose his remaining credi…never mind.

        2. Man, that Rollo guy is pretty awesome, right Hydra?

          1. You can almost track Tulpa’s television and movie watching by the names he picks for his sock-puppets.

            What…. a….. loser.

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