Tonight on The Independents: Jacob Sullum on the I.V. Massacre, Thaddeus McCotter on Afghanistan, I.J.'s Robert McNamara on Eminent Domain Abuse, Kmele Foster on Reparations, Plus Sexy After-Show!


Tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) will lead with some debate on a subject that makes my heart sink: sick-bastard Elliot Rodger's murder of six people in Isla Vista, California, the congenial beachside slum I called home for three years a long time ago. Joining to discuss the gun-control aspects of the story is none other than beloved Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum, whose column tomorrow on the subject is a must-read for those who prefer concrete discussion about gun policy over belligerent assertions about the National Rifle Association's culpability. Also on hand to work through this latest mass killing are conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany and former GOP presidential hope-beyond-hopeful Thaddeus McCotter.

McCotter is then back for a solo spot talking about two strands of news from Afghanistan: President Barack Obama's announcement that the 13+-year Afghan war is coming to a close despite the continuing presence of U.S. troops, and the White House's outing of a CIA station chief there. Later in the show McEnany is back with comedian Dan St. Germain to talk about Glenn Greenwald's latest bombshell threat and Chuck Schumer's recent brainfarts about jacking up the War on Heroin and cracking down on booze-slushies. Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Robert McNamara will talk about the outrageous case of Atlantic City seeking to seize a private home in order to maybe someday benefit a local casino. And our own Kmele Foster will share his thoughts on that extraordinarily long Atlantic cover story, "The Case for Reparations."

Will there be an after-show? Does the Pope talk about the Satanic Mass? Begins on foxbusiness.com/independents just when Lou Dobbs fills your screen. Follow The Independents on Facebook at facebook.com/IndependentsFBN, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, please do tweet promiscuously during the show, and click on this page for more video of past segments.