"The Death of Money": Q&A With James Rickards


"Everything that was 'too big to fail' in 2008 is bigger and more dangerous today," says New York Times bestselling author James Rickards. "We're waiting for the catalyst that will cause this catastrophe to come tumbling down."

"'The Death of Money': Q&A With James Rickards" is the latest video from Reason TV. Watch above or click on the link below for video, full text, supporting links, downloadable versions, and more Reason TV clips.

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  1. The End is nigh.

  2. Never underestimate their capability to drag it out as long as possible before collapse becomes inevitable. With each failure they become more adept at prolonging and forestalling while preserving their power structure.

    1. The dot com bubble did put a ton of money into code, laying fiber, and training of a generation of computer engineers system managers and web designers.

      The housing bubble built some houses.

      The current inflation fed stock bubble is putting money into nothing as far as I can see….just bigger numbers in some central bank server farm.

      On the flip side there is no jobs to lose when it all comes crashing down. How much harm could several megabanks which really don’t loan out money to anyone going bankrupt really cause?

  3. Thank god wall street is doing good today.

    Otherwise this video would trigger a conniption fit from Shrike.

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