Police Abuse

"I'll Take This Place and Then Whoever Owns it Will Fucking Kill You…You'll be Dead and Your Family will be Dead": Officer to Woman in Chicago Raid on Her Salon


Huffington Post publicized yesterday yet another in the endless series of "Officer Friendly At Work" videos with depressing revelations about how policing is done in these here United States.

While raiding a woman of Chinese ancestry's tanning salon and massage parlor in Chicago last year, over allegations an undercover officer was offered sex by an employee, here are some of the charming things Officer Gerald Di Pasquale said to Jianqing Klyzek:

Di Pasquale: You're not fucking American! I'll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the fuck you came from!

Plaintiff: I'm a citizen, OK?

Di Pasquale: No you're not! No, you're not a citizen! No, you're not! No, you're not! You're here on our borrowed time. So mind your fucking business before I shut this whole fucking place down. And I'll take this place and then whoever owns it will fucking kill you because they don't care about you, OK? I'll take this building. You'll be dead and your family will be dead.

Klyzek is suing the city over the abuse she alleges happened during the incident. Her lawyer:

Torreya Hamilton said Klyzek was treated as if "she was less than human" and the officers should be fired.

"I can't see how they have any business wearing the uniform," Hamilton was quoted as saying by the Chicago Tribune. "She was handcuffed and sitting on the ground and was struck from behind….This was not reasonable force."

Klyzek was charged with aggravated battery as a result of the incident, but those charged were later dismissed by a judge.

The video. Lots of cursing from the cops:

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  1. I will not watch the video as I have nothing nearby to smash.

    The truly fucked thing is that even with this (presumably) inflammatory video and audio evidence, the officer will not be fired unless the department decides it needs to make an example of him for political reasons.

    1. And we need to be sure that only occifers – guys like this – can carry and use guns and other weapons.

      It’s for our own safety. Think of the children, won’t you?

      1. And we need to be sure that only occifers – guys like this – can carry and use guns and other weapons.

        That’s the biggest thing that pissed me off about the Chipotle statement yesterday. Something to the tune of “Chipotle respects the 2nd Amendment blah blah blah, but does not want people carrying guns into its stores… unless you are a licensed authoritah!”

        I don’t care if people are anti-gun. But be anti-gun across the board and stop thinking that police somehow have more of a right to carry.


        1. It’s especially galling if you know how obscenely incompetent most cops are with their weapons.

          1. ^^^^This, this-er, this-est!

            I used to live in a county where the range that the local police and sheriff departments practiced on was part of the county parks system. Public access was cut off when an article in the local rag appeared talking about how poorly they shot and how little they practiced.

            1. I belonged to a private indoor range in Orange County, NY. For about one week each year the range was closed to members from 9 to 5 (it was a 24 hour, let yourself in with your key range) because the local cops would use it for training. That’s right, only once a year. One time soon after the police week, I was talking to the range president and found out that one of the police was trying to sue the range. It seemed that the cops, completely ignoring the massive sign saying things like “no magnums” and “only lead and semi-jacketed bullets” and “stay at least 15 feet away from the backstop”, had moved up close to the backstop, were using jacketed hollowpoints, and were doing something retarded like doing a roll and then coming up to fire at the target (I’m not making this up). Of course, one got hit when a bullet fragmented and came back at him, and now he was trying to sue. I forget how that ended up.

              1. Did they pay for the range officer to leave too? Seems like something he would put a stop to.

                1. No range officer. There were only range officers at events. This was a private range and you weren’t let in the club unless you could handle shooting without a range officer present. And if you did anything retarded and the club management found out, you got booted.

                  And do you really think the cops would “tolerate” a range officer anyway unless it were another cop? After all, cops are automatic experts with guns, more so than any non-cop, and would never take orders from one.

              2. At least one shot dog, I imagine.

                1. I’m sure it was the video of a cop instructing people in the proper use of firearms, calling himself an expert, and shooting himself in the leg.

                  1. I’ll bet it was the idiot DEA agent that was speaking to a classroom, and just after telling everyone that he was the only one there qualified to carry a gun, he shot himself in the foot, because he was too stupid to clear the chamber of his Glock. Stupid motherfucker, but I was reluctantly impressed by his ability to shrug off the fact that he just put a big hole in his foot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxWWJaTEdD0

    2. I will not watch the video as I have nothing nearby to smash.

      100% agreement. I’ve been in a great mood lately, and now I’m shaking I’m so pissed off.

  2. 100 years, it would have been someone named Gerald Di Pasquale who would’ve been harassed by the police. I’m reminded of the opening scene of The Godfather Part II between the Senator and Michael.

    1. See, we should have kept the stinking dagos out of the country.

  3. First comment on this nut-punch? My lucky day.

    1. Fuck!

  4. Well, yeah, Epi. They have to uphold the officer’s freedom of speech.

    Won’t someone think of the children officers?!?

    1. You had it right before the strike-through, although infants would be more accurate.

  5. I’m sure that the good cops are lining up right now to defend this woman from the one guy making them all look bad.

    Had to get in one last shot before TI, didn’t you Reason.


  6. “Hey, Jerry, hey Jerry, hey Jerry…Stop talking to her!”

    Best part of the video.

    1. Concur, at least someone had a modicum of self-awareness

  7. I’m dying to know how his police union turd polishers are going to spin this shit sandwich…

    1. Jerb Strezz. Needz moar training.

    2. The officer did not know the accused was a US citizen, or he’d have never threatened to send her back home.

      This simply highlights a deficiency in the current training regime and we have corrected the curricula to ensure that such an even never happens again.

      Officer Arsehole will receive remedial training on how to identify American citizens.

      1. “The officer did not know the accused was a US citizen, or he’d have never threatened to send her back home.”

        BAD PROFILING!!1! -Downtwinkles 🙁

        “Officer Arsehole will receive remedial training on how to identify American citizens.”

        GOOD PROFILING!!1! -Uptwinkles 🙂

  8. Ah, police professionalism. (It’s now new anymore).

  9. Forget about it Jake…its Chicagotown.

    1. Worst thing about Chicago: the politics or the Smashing Pumpkins, post-Siamese Dream?

      1. Kinda glossing over the Cubs there, aren’t you?

        1. I dunno, I like their stadium. It was entertaining watching them find ways to fail, too.

          1. Wrigley Field is an abomination. The Cubs will never win a season until that thing is burned down with a bunch of drunken Cubs fans passed out inside.

            1. Hey Hugh, I just wanted to invite you to a party at 1060 West Addison in Chicago. Bring lots of gasoline. And magnesium.

              1. Nice try Epi, but your story fell apart the moment you said I was invited to a party.

                1. Uh…I didn’t mean party…I…uh…meant a…fat chicks convention. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

                  Bring Vaseline.

            2. Well, naturally a communist like you would hate baseball.

            3. The Libertarian Wife and I were delighted by Wrigley when we made our first visit there last year. There are true shitholes in baseball (Fenway comes to mind), but Wrigley is charming.

              1. Exactly. Good Americans like Wrigley. Good communists, like Hugh, a known Red, do not. When did you first betray your country, Hugh?

            4. I really enjoyed Wrigley when I went. Though that was only once, I could see how it might not be so great if you go a ton.

              I feel the same about Fenway (where I go a ton).

      2. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Worst. Double. Album. Ever. I think there’s more manufactured angst on those two discs than in all of Alanis Morisette’s work combined.

        1. It could have easily been cut down to 14 songs instead of 28.

          1. Title track
          2. Tonight Tonight
          3. Thirty-Three
          4. Zero
          5. Here Is No Why
          6. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
          7. Love
          8. Galapogos
          9. Muzzle
          11. 1979
          12. Beautiful
          13. Lily
          14. Farewell and Goodnight

          1. Sorry,

            10. Where Boys Fear to Tread

          2. Yeah but even the more rocking songs (which are the only Smashing Pumpkins songs I ever liked), like “Zero”, are so fucking whiny. There was so much less whining on Siamese Dream.

            1. Yeah. I agree.

              Songs like Beautiful and Lily, though, are less whiney. Maybe girly, but less whiney. And they have oddly non-rock arrangements.

      3. “Worst thing about Chicago: the politics or the Smashing Pumpkins, post-Siamese Dream?”

        That Ferris Buehler spent his entire day off in that shithole?

        1. No he didn’t. He was a manifestation of Cameron’s split personality. It was Cameron’s imagination all along.

          1. I want to believe that…

            1. Pretty much the original Fight Club

              Also worth noting that the guy that played Cameron looks eerily like Edward Norton in Fight Club

              1. Yeah, they should of called it “Fight Neurotic hypochondriac Club”

  10. Klyzek was charged with aggravated battery

    Yeah, she totally hit the brave officer’s fist with her back while she was handcuffed.


    1. Well, she’s a chink, so the officer had to be careful! Those chinks know all sorts of martial stuff!

    2. That’s right up there with the story earlier today about the Texas shop raid, where the lady was forced to admit to “assault” due to the agent being cut by broken glass from busting down the door.

      1. She should have known better than using glass when she knew she was breaking the law. Duh…

        1. See, that’s something I’d love to see go to court, just to see the look on the pig’s face when the defendant says “YOU broke the door, so don’t blame me for cutting yourself, you moron. Why don’t you go cry to your mommy about it, you fucking pussy?”


          1. 10-15 is a hefty price to pay for being right

            1. 10-15 is a hefty price to pay for being right

              Yeah, it’s easier to talk tough when you aren’t facing spending a significant chunk of your life locked in a cage and then what remains ruined because of a Federal felony conviction. Which is why so few criminal cases actually go to trial anymore and why innocent people cop to charges to reduce the damage, because being righteous or innocent means nothing to the kind of trolls who work in criminal law, especially at the Federal level.

              1. This.

  11. I’m sure if the cop had owned an NBA team, this would have been front page news and network news lead-in all over the nation.

  12. Border patrol raids a head shop, pilfers the inventory, assaults the proprietess with a rifle, incarcerates her for several days, conditions her release on having to publically recant her claims of abuse like a modern star chamber, all while prosecuting a defunct policy regarding an innocuous drug.

    But that story will serve only to embolden future incursions by feds.

    However, you throw some racist barbs into an arrest, and now there’s traction. This story has legs. We might even see the officer fired reprimanded.

    1. Chinese people aren’t one of the perpetual victims groups. Because they don’t make themselves such.

  13. Can’t think straight. This can’t be reality.

  14. And I’ll take this place and then whoever owns it will fucking kill you because they don’t care about you, OK?

    Um, what? What was the officer smoking that day?

    1. I guess he assumed that the property was owned by some vicious Hollywood-style crime syndicate of human traffickers, and she was merely their chattel.. Which he generally seemed to be okay with, and was more than ready to exploit that, judging from that statement. Odd, coming from someone sworn to “protect and serve”…

      1. I like how the cop says ‘. . . because they don’t care about you.’ Like he does right? You know I love you baby, why do you make me hit you?

        1. +1 Ike Turner..

  15. It’s so heartening to know that we’re being protected by people who are so observant that they don’t see a security camera literally 6 feet away from them.

    1. Yep, these are the people we depend upon to collect evidence in crime cases.

      1. And then get all offended when defense attorneys have the gall to question their infallible police-senses.

      2. This sure be mandatory watching for juries.

    2. They saw the camera at some point, and searched for it, but luckily the footage was being stored off-site.

  16. How long until the oathtakers come down on the traitors in their midst?

  17. In manlier times this type of activity would have stirred revolution. Now that freedom is pass? and police are always heroes, no one blinks twice. Progress!

  18. Why do come here? I don’t like feeling murderess rage all of the time.

    1. Murderess rage? You feel the rage of a female murderer? Can you elaborate on that?

      1. What would the proper adjective form of murder be?

        1. “Murderous”

          1. Right. I used to be such a good speller.

        2. I believe the word you’re looking for is murderous. Unless you’re looking to describe ProLib, in which case the word you’re looking for is “pedantic douche” or its German equivalent.

          1. 🙂

          2. I believe that would be ‘pedantische Dusche’, but it loses something in the translation…

          3. “Douchenfreude”

            1. That could be a meme.

              1. Then it is! But only about ProL.

          4. No. If I were being pedantic, I’d have corrected him. Surely we’re familiar enough with pedants here, of all places.

  19. Sad. Gotta love my city.

    1. On the bright side, with officers this vigilant, I bet there is absolutely no violent crime!

  20. And the constant media hero worship of these dickless punks makes me wretch.

    1. That’s why I refuse to watch shows like Chicago PD. It glorifies this sort of shit.

      1. I had some hope for Chicago Code, because it was Shawn Ryan (who portrayed insanely corrupt cops in The Shield) and the main characters in that were going after corrupt aldermen and cops (and having to fight the department tooth and nail every step of the way). Plus Jennifer Beals still looks amazing even at her age. Alas, it was of course canceled.

    2. +1 Dave Gregory

  21. The statements were clearly taken out of context.

    I mean, think of the number of times a day YOU tell people that you will help bring about the death and/or deportation of people who frustrate you slightly.

    1. GILMORE|5.21.14 @ 6:55PM|#
      “The statements were clearly taken out of context.”

      ‘And, they were recorded without my client’s knowledge! Due process, your Honor!’

    2. If he had told the woman to kill herself, Reasonoids would have been totally OK with it though.

      1. Hey, that’s a great suggestion, Tulpy-Poo! You should really go kill yourself. Like, right now. We’ll wait.

        1. I’m sure you will. You were waiting all day for me to show up as evidenced by the two responses within ten minutes of my appearance.

          Please get a life that doesn’t depend on me.

          1. More delusions of grandeur! I love it!


            More! This is all you’re good for, scumbag, so you might as well deliver.

  22. Not only will these guys probably get off the hook. But they’ll also have their pension doubled!……………..

  23. So this guy is clearly a UKIP voter right?

    *ducks and runs out of room leaving Cyto and John to deathmatch in the thunderdome*

    1. I laughed but John’s butt is going to hurt.

  24. I don’t watch cop shows at all anymore. Oops, I take that back. I will watch NCIS with my wife. Zeva is hawt.

    1. She’s not really a joo. Chilean, I believe.

      If you had said Abby, I would be forced to mock you relentlessly.

      1. Right!! She’s got this crazy South American princess name, but she plays a jewess.

        I consulted the Great Oracle, and looks like her character is Ziva, not Zeva, and the actress is Cote de Pablo. They must use some makeup to make her more pale on set.

        1. She looks like Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years in some pictures.

          I’m a fan of Mark Harmon, although his best work was Summer School. He was the Quarterback at UCLA when my mom went there. Shitty arm, but big heart.

          1. Summer school was a badass 80’s flick (or was it early 90’s?). Weirdly, that was actually on like 2 weeks ago.

            1. Agreed. Although unrealistic. I mean, the hot surfer chick moves in and starts playing house and he doesn’t hit it once? C’mon.

          2. Mark is also the son of the great Tom Harmon, so he gets extra points in my book.

    2. I had to stop watching the show once they started the focus on anti-terrorism.

      NCIS running unsanctioned black ops – yeah right.

      Plus – Abby. Dear the perky goth looks stops being attractive once you hit 40.

      If you still like the black, at least try for some Morticia action.

      1. I stopped watching with the introduction of the Ziva character.

        Yeah, the NCIS, which isn’t just a military police investigative unit, but a counter-intelligence group would just allow a Mossad agent to openly work for them. Uhh, nope.

        Literally every op-sec briefing we had when I was in the Navy (which were quarterly) listed the Israelis as the top intelligence threat; these briefings are always conducted by the local NCIS dudes.

        Hell, when I was at Kings Bay 3 guys of Mediterranean swarthiness were busted trying to sneak onto base in hidden compartment of a moving truck. Nobody was named specifically, but the parent company that had recently purchased the moving company that had the DOD contract was Israeli. The truck was destined for moving furniture in one of the Marine stations inside the NucWeps Storage Facility security cordon. The event caused quite the shitstorm on base.

  25. I just finished frying and eating some spicy delicious chicken livers. That put me in a good mood. I should have known better than to read this. Fuck.

    Is there no way to hold cops accountable? It is a pretty safe bet that the charges were dropped because the judge is scared of the cops.


    2. Do you batter them? I hope.

      1. Huh? Who would fry chicken livers with no batter?

        That is a crime worse than the one in this article.

        1. “Huh? Who would fry chicken livers with no batter?”


        2. I pretty much awesumed but wasn’t sure. Hannibal pan fried that one dudes brains without batter so you never know.

        3. PB, AmSoc, Mary, Tony, Tulpy and, on alternating weekends, Bo and Alice.

    3. He will be forced to retire early with full pension and benefits. He can also still do ride alongs any time he wants.

    4. Spicy? What kind of spice? Very important stuff here. I hope it wasn’t just cayenne.

      1. Soaked in Tabasco then lightly floured until they are covered with gooey batter. Then floured with flour/garlic/salt/cayenne/white pepper/paprika.

        Fried at 350 for six minutes. Crispy on the outside, tender in the center.


        Now I want to fry Gerald Di Pasquale’s nutsack the same way and feed it to my dogs. While it is still attached, of course.

        1. That sounds awesome. Not the nutsack:)

        2. I approve of this recipe. Pretty similar to how I do it.

          I also feel the same way about Gerald Di Pasquale. Hanging is too good for him.

          1. I agree. Hot sauce on the nut sack.

          2. Burnin’s too good for him!


            1. That’s funny, I thought the very same thing when I read that…

              +1 Lincoln F. Stern

    5. I was wondering what to make for dinner, and chicken liver sounds perfect. Thanks for the idea.

      1. Epi has every flavor of Fancy Feast in his cupboard, but he always has trouble deciding which one to eat.

        Plus he only has the one fork, so he can never invite anyone over for dinner.

        1. You try and decide between Elegant Medleys, Delights with Cheddar, and Gravy Lovers, Hugh. It’s hard! I just need a nudge sometimes.

          And I lost my fork while scratching my ass with it.

          1. It’s probably still in there. Look deeper.

    6. Did you have them with a nice Chianti and some fava beans?

  26. Also, my wife watches cop shows endlessly. The cops are always lovable, zany, scrupulously honest and always solve the crime. Pure fucking propaganda written by the hollywood crowd of statist fucks.

    1. Have you ever watched Justified? That guys just a walking civil rights violation.

      1. I still watch it because I like the acting but it’s ridiculas.

      2. Yeah, but he’s still the hero and the good guy. His civil rights violations are why I stopped watching after season 2. And that show has Natalie Zea in it, and I still stopped. That’s how much his shit was annoying me.

        1. Yeah, I get that. Even without the bs I’m not a big fan of raylin. I really like a lot of the other charactors (mostly the “bad” guys?) on the show though. Boyd is a riot.

      3. No, I don’t watch TV much. My wife does so I overhear it, but I don’t think that is one of the ones she watches.

        I don’t think there are any cop shows where the cops are not walking civil rights violations, are there?

        1. Well, Continuum tries to but it’s also a time-travel scifi show so it’s a little different in the first place. But other than that, I can’t think of one, though admittedly I basically don’t watch any any more. Even Grimm, where the cops are exceptionally well behaved, has the occasional typical cop shit happen.

    2. Sons of Anarchy does a pretty good job of depicting cops as corrupt cowards or manipulative overbearing assholes. Also Ron Perlman.

      1. Yeah, I saw every episode. Loved it. Was ready for it to be over though.

      2. It also did a good job of beating the IRA storyline into the ground so badly that I lost interest after finishing that season.

    3. Treme was pretty good about depicting corrupt cops. The one good cop that was trying to clean it up was getting retaliated against by the other cops.

    4. This probably doesn’t count as a cop show, but I’ve been watching Psych on netflix.

      The cops are definitely part of the good guys, but they are constantly being shown up by a lazy slacker with authority issues and anal-retentive black guy, so there’s that anyway.

  27. You’re not fucking American! I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the fuck you came from!

    Someone should put you in a pine box and send you 6 ft under, you piece of shit!

    1. And of course he’s bullying I tiny little woman. I would LOVE to have him talk to me like that. Fuckin piece of shit little pussy.

      1. He’d just shoot you if there was any risk of you fighting back.

    2. I think putting him in ‘general population’ in some shithole Illinois prison would also achieve the desired effect… He could catch up on old times, and reminisce with some past acquaintances…

  28. I love how they always charge the victim with a crime, and then promptly dismiss the charges.

    1. “Stop resisting!”

    2. There need to be sanctions for losing a criminal case. There are certainly sanctions for the defendant even if she “wins,” much more if she loses.

      If loser-pays would be good for civil cases (as it is), then it should be good for criminal cases. The only case is what form the “paying” should take?

      (and stay within the 8th Amendment)

      1. Indeed. The way it’s set up is ass backwards — the government and all it’s minions have either full on immunity or qualified immunity so you can’t ever really sue a cop or prosecutor for bringing BS charges. And since most judges don’t care about regular people, only about their re-election and power, they don’t consider it any harm if you spent a few days in the clink for bullshit charges.

      2. If loser-pays would be good for civil cases (as it is)

        No it’s not. A poor or even middle-class person could never sue a rich person or a big corporation or the govt under that policy. Iustitia aequa sub legibus shouldn’t be just a toothless motto.

        We do have loser-pays for clearly frivolous lawsuits already, which is as far a I would go.

        1. Never? Why never? Oh, you just pulled that out of your Tulpa.

  29. You know what the problem with libertarians is?

    We’re always demonizing government employees.

    1. It’s all our fault.

    2. Those Heroes in Blue stuck it in their own asses, I’m just here to deride and ridicule them for it…

      1. Those Heroes in Blue

        Why do we still refer to them that way? Basically all the departments I see these days have made the transition to Gestapo Black.

    3. Its the 99% of government employees who give the rest a bad name.

      1. You are being too generous.

  30. http://arstechnica.com/busines…..s-updates/

    Passive listening will soon be a feature for Facebook app during status updates

    OK, WTF is Facebook thinking? I stopped using their phone app a year ago when an update demanded access to my contact list and location and now they just get even more invasive.

    1. Delete account, uninstall.

  31. I love how these stories always surface because of a surveillance video or cell phone movie taken by a bystander.

    I feel like that’s the worst part. If someone did something horrifying and was then turned in by other cops I could at least buy the argument that most cops are good but there’s a few bad eggs.

    As it stands, the fact that police officer never turn on cops who behave like this pretty much proves that if only some officers are scum, then at the very least the rest are cowards.

    1. I wonder if this is happening more often nowadays, or if it’s always happened, and we just didn’t know about it due to the lack of the aforementioned video evidence.

      1. Uh, yes?

        I am certain that it’s both happening more and more and this is a process that began long before ubiquitous cell-phone cameras.

      2. It seems like it was always happening, but it happens more to the middle class now and it happens around cameras that don’t get destroyed more.

        1. I’m pretty sure that it always happened and worse, but was limited to certain groups of people because of tribalism. Which is to say that ‘middle class white’ cops had some undefined affinity for other middle class white people and didn’t fuck with them too much.

          Fast forward four decades and the more diverse police forces have lost their previous affinity with middle class whites by becoming completely insular. Their ‘tribe’ is now exclusively their fellow ‘heroes’ and they interact with everyone else in the way that their predecessors interacted with ‘minorities’.

      3. It has always been this way, arguably worse in some places in the past.

    2. Those who make the argument that there only a few bad apples and that most cops are good often add that it is the same with all occupations and walks of life.

      It has always struck me that those who make such an argument are not rigorous thinkers. To wit, for one to advance the proposition that the percentage of rotten apples in any occupation is pretty much uniform throughout all occupations, without more, is just surrendering the white flag and acknowledging that one can not ratiocinate worth shit.

      1. It’s also idiotic to claim it’s the same percentage of bad eggs as in other professions because being a cop is bound to attract a certain type of personality that tends towards violence.

        Let’s say you’re a bully or a thug who likes to pick on other people. What job is more likely to seem desirable: cop or accountant?

        1. Res ispa loquitur.

          Typically, a cop is apt to have been:

          (1) second string on the football team in high school;

          (2) unable to nab the best looking babes in high school;

          (3) the child of at least one parent, if not both, who was a public sector parasite;

          (4) unable to gain admission to even second or third tier universities;

          (5) utterly inferior to the high school class valedictorian;

          (6) unfit to be considered for the debate team in high school;

          (7) unfit to be considered for the chess club in high school;

          (8) one of the least articulate chaps in high school;

          (9) anti-intellectual throughout his schooling and

          (10) blue collar scum.

      2. In the absence of a reason to believe otherwise it makes sense to assume rough uniformity across whatever partition of the human species you’re applying. If you claim that people with attached ear lobes are more likely to be violent, I don’t see how I’m expected to prove you wrong statistically to maintain status as “a rigorous thinker”.

        Not that I’d expect someone as cavalier with racial slurs as yourself to believe in that philosophy.

        1. In the absence of a reason to believe otherwise it makes sense to assume rough uniformity across whatever partition of the human species you’re applying.

          It is exactly the other way around: only random selection provides a reason for the assumption of uniform distribution of whatever trait in any subset of people.

          Cops are self-selected (well, mostly), just like members of any other trade.

    3. It’s the logical end conclusion of “professional courtesy”. Basically, all cops cover for other cops because 1) they don’t know when maybe they’ll have a bad day and need to be covered for, and 2) cops come to expect it and suddenly reporting someone for even really heinous shit becomes a terrible betrayal of your brothers and sisters.

      1. Plus 3) When someone fucks up big at work everyone else gets extra scrutiny and who wants to deal with that, eh?

      2. Where bad day is equal to murdering someone in cold blood.

  32. From the HuffPo article

    The Tribune reports that two of the officers in the case were accused of abusing an immigrant in a previous lawsuit. That suit, stemming from a 2008 prostitution sting, was settled out of court, the paper said.

    So they have a history of this shit, and still, nothing else will happen, because reasons.

  33. “And I’ll take this place…” and once more into the breach of asset forfeiture. This needs to be played before the legislation of every state until they rescind all such laws.

  34. Is this the Independents thread?

    1. because I’m not watching it without your commentary.

        1. Found it – I was waiting for them to bump it up.

  35. A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

    1. Piece is old, but always good to keep in mind.

      1. It’s also good to keep in mind that Yglesias said this was totally okay and attacked Gillespie for saying it wasn’t. Yglesias actually said ‘libertarians like Gillespie wouldn’t complain if a corporation didn’t hire someone because they scored too high.’

        This raises three points:

        1. What fucking corporation wouldn’t hire someone because they scored too high on an IQ test?

        2. My money isn’t taken from me to pay for someone working at a random corporation. Unlike the cops, if they have shitty service because of dumb hiring practices, I can avoid a corporation.

        3. I’ve never heard of an office worker kicking down someone’s door at 3 in the morning because he thought they had pot. Until that start’s happening, it’s a slight false equivalence.

        1. Yglesias actually said ‘libertarians like Gillespie wouldn’t complain if a corporation didn’t hire someone because they scored too high.’

          Which is actually not necessarily true. Libertarians complain about noncoercive stuff all the time, and yeah I’d question why said corporation was refusing to hire intelligent people, especially if I was a stockholder (as you imply in #2).

        2. 4. Who wouldn’t want the lowest IQ in uniform to pull uninformed life changing legal decisions out of his/her ass.. on the fly, making snap judgments on the use of deadly force.. when it’s *your* loved ones at the end of his/her gun…

  36. Republicans continue to be moronic, big government goons when it comes to the military.

    Whatever the disagreements about the long wars of the past decades, Democrats and Republicans agree that we must fully honor the debt we have incurred to the tiny fraction of the population that does the fighting for the rest of us. Yes, the budget for the VA has risen sharply since 2002. But the number of returning veterans has risen even faster.

    How sharply has the VA budget risen since 2002?

    It’s fucking doubled.

    Clearly the only way to keep up with America’s endless lust for war is to triple the VA budget every decade. Anything less means you hate our troops.

    Say: Aren’t Republicans supposed to be against socialized medicine?

    Also, what was the WSJ’s editorial position on the war in Iraq? Because unless they were against sending our troops to get shot in a useless war, they don’t have much moral authority to lecture us about the health of soldiers.

    1. The choice this November is between a bunch of big spending statist fucks and the Democrats.

      1. Chris Christie is the serial candidate!

    2. 1) ‘America’ must keep it’s promise to care for wounded veterans. Would you defend any corporation that decided to renege of previous promises? Or better yet, try to dodge liability for it’s actions?

      2) Keeping those promises does not require or even imply a never ending escalation of expenditures.

      1. ‘America’ must keep it’s promise to care for wounded veterans. Would you defend any corporation that decided to renege of previous promises? Or better yet, try to dodge liability for it’s actions?

        I’m not defending the VA, I’m saying that the problem isn’t a lack of money. The problem is that it’s a government agency and is therefore run by absolute incompetents.

        Keeping those promises does not require or even imply a never ending escalation of expenditures.

        Yes, but the Wall Street Journal said the reason this happened is because the VA didn’t have its budget increased enough. The Wall Street Journal is arguing that a doubling of funds in 10 years simply isn’t enough, so they seem to be arguing pretty forcefully in favor of a never ending escalation of expenditures.

  37. Torreya Hamilton said Klyzek was treated as if “she was less than human” and the officers should be fired.

    Whether she is less than human is a judgement that only a bioethicist can make. The police cannot be expected to make that decision on their own, therefore qualified immunity applies.

    1. DIAF

      1. Your sarcasm detector is on the frizz.

        1. Perhaps Rollo could re-calibrate it?

      2. Hey look, Tulpy-Poo can’t help sucking some cop dick. What. A. Surprise. Does it taste oh so good, scumbag?

        1. Actually I was jabbing at the cops by making fun of the suicide-threat qualified immunity case from yesterday, but thanks again for demonstrating your tone-deafness and dumbness.

          1. I learned from the best, Tulpy-Poo. I’m still laughing at your pathetic attempts at using different handles. No rest for pathetic lying scumbags like you, huh.

    1. Apparently, I have to go fap to Clarence Thomas now…

    2. Where the option to become a eunuch?

  38. Di Pasquale: You’re not fucking American! I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the fuck you came from!

    Plaintiff: I’m a citizen, OK?

    Defendant DI PASQUALE: No you’re not! No, you’re not a citizen! No, you’re not! No, you’re not! You’re here on our borrowed time.

    So the cops were enforcing the Chinese Exclusion Act? Next up, Fugitive Slave Act?

  39. In my neck of the woods, massage parlor means a brothel-like place where men go to get hand jobs. All of them, without exception, are owned by Asians. I alerted the local police to a nearby establishment but they could do nothing without a more connected complaint. So without knowing more about the establishment in the video, I can’t decide about the innocence of the lady, but I do agree that the officer was racist. How come Obama doesn’t say that if he had a daughter it would look like her?

    1. I alerted the local police to a nearby establishment

      Jeezus aytch fucking chrysler drives a dodge.

  40. Anyone who wants to be a police officer, should not be offered a job. Those who “like” police work are power hungry thugs. Domination is what they live for.

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