There's a Food Truck That Hawks Legal Cannabis-Laced Edibles


pot food truck

Every now and then, a story comes along that Reason can't not cover. This is one of those stories:

In late April, a company called MagicalButter unveiled the country's first food truck specializing in pot-infused eats at Denver's Cannabis Cup. MagicalButter, based in Seattle, already sells a machine of the same name that extracts nutrients and other chemicals from herbs for use in food.

The truck, called The Samich, rolls with a mascot: a flying, smiling stick of green butter. Yep.

On the Samich menu at the Cannabis Cup were peanut butter and jelly, pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato soup. Each dish contained oil, butter or cheese infused with THC, the mind-altering chemical in marijuana.

A fabulous gimmick, to be sure. But buried a bit farther down in the story is a real legalization success story:

Cooking with cannabis can be a tricky feat because it's easy to overdo it, [MagicalButter CEO Garyn] Angel says. MagicalButter's chef controls for potency and dosage, making sure that grilled cheese doesn't deliver too much of a punch, he says.

"We have to work on [these things] to make sure no one has an experience they're uncomfortable with," Angel says.

This is what happens when you legalize drugs. You wind up with (a) super fun innovations like "magic" grilled cheese sandwich trucks, but far more important (b) safer, saner, regularized products. I'd much rather have the CEO of a legit company make the call on how much THC should be in my PB&J than leave it up to some gal with a little bit of culinary inspiration who bought her weed from some guy in a bar. And now—in Colorado and Washington, at least—you can.

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  1. All hail entrepreneurs and freedom!

  2. If only they did gay circumcision abortions in the back of the truck you’d have the perfect Reason story.

    1. Hi Tulpa!

    2. Unimaginative handle ripped from popular culture?

      Stupid inflammatory caricature of a position?

      I’ll take $400 from “Tulpical Sockpuppets”, Alex!

  3. This is what happens when you legalize drugs. You wind up with (a) super fun innovations like “magic” grilled cheese sandwich trucks, but far more important (b) safer, saner, regularized products

    Not to mention the wonderful ancillary benefit of freaking out all the squares.

  4. Ooh. I bet you could do a bacon fat THC extraction over low heat. Fuck yeah. Grilled cheese cooked in pot bacon grease? I may have to talk to someone about getting some cheap ditchweed and trying that.

    1. I got some of this the other day. Haven’t figured out what I am going to do with it, other than this recipe.

      1. Oh man. That looks amazing. I’m going to have to give in and buy a store bought sous-vide. Or maybe just go back to my original model. The current version has been a giant bust.

        1. Did you throw one together from lab equipment?

          1. I built one off some guy’s template on the web. 3 tea heaters in series connected to a PID controller and an aquarium pump. The temperature control part works fine, but the current design just doesn’t work very well. The first time, I built it into a cooler, and that worked well, but it was a small cooler. I then put it all in one box (well, the pump is actually on a long cord), but the heating elements sit way too high now. Maybe I’ll rework it one more time instead of paying $200. Also, I’ll get a solid-state relay. The current mechanical switch can be heard all over the house, and clicks about every 30 seconds when it gets up to temperature.

            1. I have the sous vide supreme. I got it as a gift. There is no way I would have paid for one myself.

  5. “…safer, saner, regularized products.”

    No, no, no. It is much better to have face eating bath salt zombies and Bubba cooking up meth in his trailer. Otherwise how can you justify a Judge Dredd system for keeping the proles in line? Drug warriors truly are evil people.

    An acquaintance of mine was in the drug scene back before the war on drugs got cranked up. She said it was cool, lots of nice people and relatively safe drugs. She got out when the WOD got started because she said “it turned violent and ugly, real fast”.

    Thanks SoCons.

    1. Santorum: “You called?”

    2. William F. Buckley was a SoCon, and, behold, he wanted to legalize drugs.

      SoCon that!

  6. It’s a free country (YEAH, I SAID IT!), so if you wanna eat yer weed, be my guest.

    Me – I want the grilled cheese with just bread, cheese, butter and grill…and I’ll smoke the weed.

    Food with weed in it tastes shitty. Like….food with weed in it.

    That is all.

    1. The two times I ate pot brownies – a long time ago in a galaxy far away – I could still taste the MJ.

      Was there a better way to do this that the preparer did not use?

    2. I’ve consumed pot brownies exactly once and it was not a good experience. Don’t remember the taste being bad but wow it was way way too much for me. I felt nauseas and/or weak at one point can’t remember which.

      1. That’s the problem with eating. There is no way to judge how strong it’s going to be by taste, and some can be unreasonably potent, but you don’t find out for an hour or two. And often the people who make them are such chronic stoners that they don’t realize just how incapacitatingly strong they are.

        I don’t mind the taste, though. I think it goes well with brownies. But generally I prefer smoking or vapoizing. I like the near instant effects and the shorter duration. Eating it is good if you want to just be baked all day. That’s really not my style.

  7. so you eat and THEN get the munchies? I admire the initiative but must be missing the point.

    1. Eating cannabis food is good in many ways. It is more efficient use of the herb if you do a good job extracting and you don’t have to smoke and if you get the right potency, it’s a nice, long lasting high.

      But as I note above, there are some downsides as well.

  8. They are going to get their customers in trouble. Colorado law prohibits consuming marijuana openly and publicly. In other words, eating a THC infused grilled cheese on the sidewalk is against the law.

    1. I wonder how the law is worded? If it refers specifically to consuming marijuana, one could make the argument that marijuana is the whole flowers of the plant and cannabis infused fats are not marijuana. I doubt it would fly, but it’s technically true and we all know what they say about that.

      1. From
        Are the rules different for possession and consumption of edible marijuana than for marijuana that can be smoked?

        Answer – No. Possession laws are the same for all retail marijuana types, and public consumption is always illegal, regardless of form.

    2. If it’s a grilled cheese sandwich, you’re not consuming cannabis openly. What does “openly” mean, if not that it’s obvious you’re consuming cannabis? It looks like a grilled cheese sandwich, not cannabis. What did you think the “openly” reservation was about? Appearances.

      1. You didn’t see my comment DIRECTLY above yours?

        1. “openly and publicly” (assuming that’s what the law says) is not synonymous with “in a public place”, though may wish it were and is happy to imply that it is.

          1. First of all if you don’t believe that’s what the law says why don’t you fricken look it up yourself! It’s called Google it’s a pretty well known company, learn to use it. Second, “publicly” is absolutely synonymous with “in a public place”. What the hell else could it mean? Third, are you implying that that the government of Colorado doesn’t know what it’s own law means and is putting out false information on it’s own website? You are an idiot.

  9. I don’t think I have the guts to try eating cannabis. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. Even smoking a small amount has been horribly overwhelming for me on occasion. (Other times it’s been okay. I assume it depends on the strain. But I don’t want to risk it with a method that lasts much longer and is often too much even for regular potheads.)

  10. A food truck with marijuana! If they would perform gay marriages in it and add an abortion clinic run by illegal immigrants, it would be H&R’s ideal enterprise.

    1. Sounds like something Tulpa would say.

      1. I should have added “NTTAWWT” to differentiate myself.

  11. “now in Washington”? If only! Government at every level has been dragging its feet so much, I’ll almost be surprised if my county gets a pot shop this year.

  12. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.

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