Tonight on The Independents: John Tierney, Sherrod Small, Timothy Sandefur and Bryan Suits Talk About Geithner, Solange, Recording Cops, Foreign Policy, and Your Choice of 2nd Panel Topic. Plus Aftershow!


Good Christ. |||

Feels like it's been so long! Tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later) will be notable in part due to the week-long absence of dearly beloved co-host Kmele Foster, who will be replaced tonight by comedian Sherrod Small. To take maximal advantage of the talent in the room, we'll be discussing sister-of-Beyonce Solange's vicious elevator attack on Jay-Z, and what that means for late-capitalist America.

Party Panel tonight will consist of New York Times science writer-slash-friend o' Reason John Tierney and Fox News Correspondent Lea Gabrielle, who will discuss Stress Tester Timothy Geithner's reported instructions by the White House to pretend that Social Security will never contribute to the deficit, and also Obamacare's wasted $474 million on just four failed state exchanges. Then you get to decide what they talk about later in the show: Noted man-kisser Michael Sam finally getting drafted into the National Football League, or Lebron James's ideas about who should own the L.A. Clippers. Go to the show's Facebook page, and dowhatchalike!

Ruh-roh. |||

The Pacific Legal Foundation's Timothy Sandefur will be on to dissect the crazy story (blogged here minutes ago by J.D. Tuccille) about the Massachusetts woman who was recently charged with wiretapping for recording her own arrest. Radio host and military veteran Bryan Suits talks about the latest nightmare-activity in the world, from Nigeria to Iran. And the broadcast will end with discussion about a recent CBS News poll showing that a strong majority of Americans think that families are getting weaker.

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