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Tonight on The Independents: Rep. Thomas Massie, #KrystallBallBookClub, Lewinsky 2014, Paul/Udall Drone-Block, Climate vs. Weather, Net Neutrality, and Sexy After-Show!


Tonight on The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) will make his third appearance on the program, this time to talk about the important issue of…milk freedom! Specifically, the "Milk Freedom Act of 2014" and the "Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014," bills co-sponsored by Massie and a bipartisan group of 18 other lawmakers that would

provide relief to local farmers, small producers, and others who have been harassed, fined, and in some cases even prosecuted for the "crime" of distributing unpasteurized milk…[and] would prohibit the federal government from interfering with the interstate traffic of raw milk products. […]

[and] prevent the federal government from interfering with trade of unpasteurized, natural milk or milk products between states where distribution or sale of such products is already legal.

You read about these bills first here at, of course.

The eclectic Party Panel tonight is composed of Russell Simmons's Political Director Michael Skolnik and former Michigan congressman Thaddeus McCotter, who will talk about: A) the return of Monica Lewinsky. B) the hold threat by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) on the nomination of proposed 1st Circuit Court judge David Barron, due to Barron's reported authorship of a memo providing legal support to the administration's extra-judicial assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki. C) President Barack Obama's big new report linking climate change to weather patterns. And D) Rick Santorum's comments yesterday that Republicans ain't no libertarians.

The co-hosts will discuss the awful mass kidnapping of girls in Nigeria, and also the far more humorous case of MSNBC host Krystal Ball doubling down on her recent insistence that George Orwell's Animal Farm is a parable

where a bunch of pigs hog up all the economic resources, tell the animals they need the food because they're the makers and then scare up a prospect of a phony boogie man every time their greed is challenged

Ball's response to critics?

In fact, if you read Animal Farm today, it seems to warn not of some now non-existent communist threat but of the power concentrated in the hands of the wealthy elites and corporations. The pigs cast themselves as Mitt Romney-style makers; they built it and deserve the rewards. The farm animals outside the elite pig circle are left to suffer and toil, working all day with little to show for it and with retirement always just out of reach. There is, at least at first, a theoretical political process, but the pigs rig it so that they always get their way. Napoleon and Snowball even have a brilliant propagandist named Squealer, a Frank Luntz of Karl Rove type who convinces the animals that things are so much better under their benevolent rule that giving the pigs more tax cuts — I mean more food — is in everyone's best interest.

This has triggered a pretty funny #KrstyalBallBookClub outburst on Twitter, from which we'll be reading.

Kmele Foster will be Keepin' it Kmele over the issue of Net Neutrality, then the after-show will start at 10 p.m. on Follow The Independents on Facebook at; follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, (Tweet out during the show and we might use your wit). Click on this page for more video of past segments.

NEXT: Can We End the War on Drugs Without Repealing Prohibition?

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  1. I call for a show down with Matt to see who speaks better French.

  2. In all seriousness, this begs for coverage in some magazine or even TV show:

    At Valley Catholic High School in Oregon, Phil McQueen is retiring. He taught history and did Civil War re-enactments, like this one recently:

    “Karina Jaroch carefully adds gun powder to her musket after learning how to do it safely.”…..ent_3.html

    And here are some students firing their muskets:…..ent_2.html

    1. Now, the teacher took the precaution of warning the cops in advance.

      And the students are using blanks.….._fire.html

    2. Top Men allow this?

  3. Russell Simmons needs a ‘political director’?

    Because “Def Poetry Slam” is something that affects all Americans.

    I am unsure whether Thomas Massie’s nickname should be:

    – “Low-Mass” (because he seems small)
    – “Frodo” (because… well, see ‘Low Mass’…also, he looks 12)
    – “Mini-Rand”


    1. If he would blow some doobz on air or something radical, we could call him ‘Mass Effect’.

      But as it is, I’m drawing a blank. Anyway, this is one of those things that happens spontaneously, you can’t get come up with these things whenever you want!

    2. I am unsure whether Thomas Massie’s nickname should be:

      I say we call him Raymond. 🙂

  4. Krystal Ball isn’t a real name, right? That’s the name my wife made up for her character in the Rock Band video game.

    1. My friend had an English teacher whose maiden name was Crystal Starr.

      1. And it really was Blossom Dearie.

        1. But it wasn’t Ish Kabibble

    2. Krystal Ball isn’t a real name, right?

      No, she’s real. She ran for Congress in my state several years ago, she wasn’t in my district but because some contrived controversy over a costume party or something lead me to investigate her political positions. Some of them really weren’t all that bad. She then went on Red Eye with some regularity in (IIRC) 2011-2012.

      She has gotten progressively (hehe) more unhinged lunatic fringe lefty as the years have worn on.

      1. I think it’s just the mask slipping.

  5. In fact, if you read Animal Farm today, it seems to warn not of some now non-existent communist threat but of the power concentrated in the hands of the wealthy elites and corporations.

    Some animals are more moronic than others.

    1. Don’t you know? Machiavelli didn’t write the The Prince for Lorenzo de Medici. He, in fact, “seemed” to be writing it for Barack Obama.

    2. In fact, if you read even the slightest bit of Orwell’s history today, it’s super fucking obvious that Animal Farm grew out of his experiences in Barcelona. You know, with communists.

      1. Yeah but how does that make you FEEL, Epi? That’s all that matters!

        1. I think it makes me feel like having some bacon. Because some animals ARE more equal than others. At least when it comes to tastiness.

        2. It makes him feel his mother.

          Oh, you asked him how it makes him feel, not who.

      2. Orwell was indeed a socialist, just one that hated totalitarian communism and preferred the democratic variety.

        1984 certainly portrays government as being far more efficient than it ever could possibly be.

        The end result of full-on proggesivism and socialism espoused by people like Ball is more likely to be Kafka than Orwell.

    3. In fact, if you read Animal Farm today

      I’m guessing the last word is the key one. Some Lit Crit people argue that anything written can have multiple meanings include some which the author never thought of and which, may, be the opposite of what the author intended.

      1. How convenient.

        And typically left-wing.

        1. Awesome!

        2. Holy fuck!!

          I read just the one comic linked and didn’t spend 4 hours reading every god damn comic on the site.

          I am very proud of myself today.

  6. Oh, also =

    MSNBC has a host named ‘Krystal Ball’??

    And she’s not like, an ex-porn star?

    And she has the reading skills of a 6th grader?

    That must make a lot of viewers feel smart.

    1. She should be starring in a movie with Buck Sexton.

  7. So, I was reminded of this clip after watching the college “debate” champions:

  8. 1984: an epic story of one man’s journey from rebelling against his government to learning to love it.

    1. Work something in there about “government is all of us together.”

  9. The Old Man and the Sea: An old man is forced to fish for sustenance because of draconian cuts to social security.

    1. Well done. Staying on the Hemingway theme:

      A Farewell to Arms: One man’s harrowing journey of getting the second amendment repealed after losing his daughter to a school shooting.

      1. The Sun Also Rises: A man’s journey to womanhood.

  10. Atlas Shrugged: The heroic struggle of compassionate civil servant Wesley Mouch and his attempts to save the world from the evil capitalists that have sabotaged the economy with their selfish hoarding.

    1. Harrison Bergeron: One teenage boy’s struggle to fit in with his peers.

      1. The Guns of Navarone: A German Soldiers struggle to keep the mountain safe.

        1. War and Peace: A comparison between the regime of the evil McBusHitlerChimp and his savage wars of conquest and Saint Obama (PBUH) and his humanitarian campaign to give everyone in the world a unicorn that defecates rainbows and cotton candy.

  11. I know why they’re having Massie on again. He’s the only libertarian who can make Matthew NOT look too nerdy.

  12. The Wizard of Oz: An evil witch blocks the agenda of the benevolent Wizard by spreading rumors that he’s a fake.

  13. Fahrenheit 451: Dastardly Republicans are burning books, but one of the them will have a change of heart.

  14. The Grapes of Wrath- uh, I’m drawing a blank on how to put a more leftist spin on this one.

  15. The Gulag Archipelago: A man learns to confront his shortcomings and become a better neighbor in his community

    1. Preface by Hillary Clinton entitled “It Takes a Gulag”

  16. Hey, I thought we get to vote on what the next discussions are? Where is the vote!?

    1. Bitch about it enough, and you might get mentioned in the next Two Minutes’ Hate.

  17. Also, when are we having Sweater Vest and Rand Paul on at the same time?

  18. The Trial: A legal drama that reveals how despite efforts to escape justice that The System Works for everyone.

    1. 12 Angry Men: A story of twelve men whose acquittal of one of our brave heros of the Fullerton Police Department paved the way for a better world.

  19. Travels with Charley- a 100% factual travelogue

    1. Travels with Charley- a 100% factual travelogue

      …Bill Steigerwald?

  20. Dune: A boy and his pet worm deal with the evils of capitalism by imposing democratic rule.

  21. Darkness at Noon: an innocent man languishes in the debtor’s prison that will be brought back if Republicans retake the Senate and White House

  22. As I Lay Dying: A hilarious comedy about ignorant country people and their amusing simplicity, and how they’d be far better off with National Healthcare

  23. Flowers for Algernon: One man’s story on learning how to be retarded…again.

    1. Curse your speedy fingers!

  24. Prediction: Dreamcatchers.

  25. Flowers for Algernon- Why adult learners need Common Core

  26. My gawd, Cavuto has the worst voice of all time.

  27. Uh Kennedy, there’s something on your ears

  28. Good Lord, is that a lacoste?

  29. All the Kings Men: An inspiring story about how an honest and sincere ‘Grassroots’ activist overcomes Big Money Politics

  30. What business is Kmele in?

    1. Would this be it?

  31. A Farewell To Arms: The heroic struggle of gun control advocates to enact common sense regulations.

  32. Homage to Catalonia – Patriots bring order to chaotic Spain in spite of efforts of wreckers and anarchists.

  33. That is 100% accurate. So she is being pretty incisive on that point.

  34. More proof the internet is making us stupider.

  35. Kmele = Dwayne Wade


    1. Thus…

      Stupidest Year Evah!

  37. Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West: California Congresswoman Sandra Fluke takes a heroic stand in favor of government subsidized tampons

    1. Alright, that made me laugh.

    2. *slow clap*

      There’s a lot of good here, but you’ve done bested them all.

  38. Those who can’t legally vote vote Democrat.

  39. David Copperfield- A horrifying tale of how the decked is stacked against the urban poor

  40. This skeleton is not really in the closet.

  41. In private industry it’s sexual harassment.

  42. They’ve officially spent more time on this than on the Federal Reserve.

  43. The Road: In a dystopian future of libertarian rule, one man struggles to construct a road.

    1. Does he try to free some orphans from a monocle factory as a side quest?

      1. Yes, he comes across a home where partially dismembered orphans are stored alive in the basement, to be eaten later by a capitalist.

        1. I’m started to like this road series.

  44. There’s no stopping anyone from getting confirmed to appointment, apparently.

  45. Kennedy, do those things hurt your earlobes?

  46. 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea- 3 heroes fight to stop a selfish sea captain from harming ocean life.

  47. Secret orders to kill an American with a death robot? Fake scandal!

  48. Bad precedent. Unconstitutional. Tomato. Tomahto.

  49. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: A nurse’s struggle to comfort and heal a deranged psycopath

    1. Wealth of Nations: Is really about the poverty nations caused by capitalism rigged by visible hands.

      1. God, I can’t even do that right.

        Wealth of Nations: Is really about the poverty OF nations caused by capitalism rigged with visible hands.

  50. My livestream is so bad I get like 1 minute out of every 4.

    WTF. I get HD Game of Thrones OK, but the Indys is all jacked up.

    1. More people want to watch The Independents compared to Game of Thrones? 😉

  51. Dear Kennedy,

    Calling grown men ‘adorable’ is very insulting.

    1. Oops. Wish you’d told me this earlier!

      1. Its a general thing about Men = you can say nasty and mocking shit to their faces all you want… and its just ‘ball busting’

        ….but “condescendingly *nice*”? is offensively Matronizing. Its treating adult men like children. Which is one way to piss a guy the fuck off very fast.

        1. I know I have a bad attitude about this but that’s how it works with me.

          I am an adult, Hell, I’m a Marine, and I have paid my own way since I was 17, put myself through two pretty good schools, built cars, houses, guns, and am raising a couple neat kids. Anybody who makes nasty or mocking remarks to my face has devalued themself in my eyes to the level of a cockroach. Nothing can tick me off more.

        2. A lady at the store i buy smokes at calls me “dear”. I know she means well and i think she might even have a crush on me.

          Still I hate the fuck out of her when she says it.

      2. It’s okay darling, I know you are making an objective statement of fact when you call me that.

    2. Some of us are adorable. The truth is never an insult. Except when about dick size. It’s on record that it was very cold that night.

      1. Somebody adores you? Well, I guess there’s a fetish for everything.

      2. No, FoE, we TOLD you to measure from on the top not from the balls.

        1. I don’t measure my own cock. That’s what Ernesto my Filipino manservant is for.

      3. Blame cocaine. Always blame cocaine.

        (hides before playa castigates me for exceeding my cocaine comment quota)

  52. Wuthering Heights: Lovers are thwarted by poor infrastructure and climate change.

  53. He wants to let you take milk, raw, to the face!?

  54. How did the pigs figure out how to milk the cows anyway? That book was totally unrealistic.

  55. Does the FDA have a SWAT team?

    1. Would anything surprise you at this point?

  56. Who is this Massie dude? First, raw milk, and then… RAW MILK IS A GATE WAY FOOD!!! THE HARD STUFF IS NEXT!

  57. Do we need ‘new laws’ to give us “milk freedom”, or can’t we just undo the shit that gets the Feds up in our piece in the first place?

    1. Apparently, no rights are assumed anymore, and now we need some new laws to decide how many times a day we can take a piss, if at all.

    2. Proposal: Jubilee years where congressmen and department heads are forced at gunpoint to cut as many laws and regulations as possible.

      1. Heck, just make it a requirement that they have to repeal 2 laws/regulations in kind for enery one they add. Do that until random people on any part of the globe are awestruck at how free the US has become.

        1. Or, their pay goes down when they pass a law, but goes up when they repeal one.

  58. Psycho: the virtues of helicoter parenting

  59. Is the curly hair going to become a thing?

    1. It will be known as ‘The Rand’, and will be all the craze.

      1. I’ll need to get a perm.

        Of course, I’ll need to grow some hair first.

        1. Ted S has your solution.

      2. Pube to head transplants?

    2. That’s what wigs are for.

  60. The Congressman just gave them an idea.

  61. Can we talk about the elephant in the room? This is not a live episode. Apparently they can shove down our pieholes any old warmed-over thing from the cupboard.

    1. Must be today – Monica

      1. I see < i The Independents has dispatched their apologists.

  62. Seinfeld: A show about everything.

  63. Heart of Darkness: A white man uses multicultural skills to build positive relationships with African tribes.

  64. A Confederacy of Dunces: The key to ensuring a victorious Democratic coalition for Hillary’s 2016 run

  65. So if your computer is old enough to have XP, enjoy the added resource burden of this spyware.

  66. It’s always the government’s fault, isn’t it, Foster?

  67. We should send Lurch to save the Nigerian slave girls. No one else can do it.

  68. Sex slavery isn’t OK in Islam? Well, I’m sure Kennedy knows far more about Islam than people who are willing to kill for it.

    1. Last I checked there were 3 or 4 Quranic verses allowing slavery.

  69. Schindler’s List: A story of a capitalist who uses slave labor.

    1. The Birth of a Nation Heroic free Africans sail to the U.S. to help backwoods country bumpkins create a thriving economy and modern multicultural utopia.

  70. When is a production assistant going to fix Welch’s tie?

  71. Game of Thrones: a brutal critique of “family values” and building a giant wall to keep foreigners out

  72. The Independents Attire Review, 6 May 2014

    “Oh, The Humanity!”-Edition

    – Kennedy: Izod has now come full circle from being a yuppie staple, to a snarky hipster brand, back to being conservatively-snappy. We always approve of Kennedy in bright colors, and the blue here fits within the Miami Vice spectrum that likes her best. The appropriately Stark Pink lipstick seals the deal. Hotness.

    – Matt: As of yet we see no evidence of the alleged “weekend shopping-trip” with fashion-guide Kmele. (although everyone agrees this would make an excellent Montage). Tonight we get what is in my view Matt’s ‘second best’ duds (the grey shirt with his new Blue grey/white stripe tie), a follow on from last nights ‘#1 Suit’. If he goes the full week without breaking the Bad Taste Barrier we will have set a milestone. Don’t get your hopes up people, but he’s on a roll.

    – Kmele: He tends to alternate his conservative/casual looks, and tonight we get what I like to call my Formula Favorite = a navy blazer, oxford shirt, and a wonderfully subtle and well-matched tie (the ribbon-striped thing here being a new one). He always tightens up the whole package with the hanky and lapel device, demonstrating Professional-level mastery of this look. We say it regularly = Men, take note. This is how we do it

    Thank You

  73. Kennedy at her interrupty-domineering best there.

    1. Yeah, she’s just not beinf nuanced enough to accept though she may be informed she’s not an expert. She should let people speak and let it flow.

      But we dream.

  74. Deadliest Catch: A show about saving crabs from the ocean.

  75. The Hound of the Baskervilles: Animal cruelty in an impoverished village

  76. The Lord of the Rings: a parable about the great economic benefit of centralizing power in the hands of the right Top Man.

    1. Actually I have a theory that Gandalf is a villain.

      He manipulates the power structure of the world and withholds help (Giant eagles) which often results in the deaths of good men simply so he can set the world as he wishes it.

      I am not saying Sauron is the hero…only that Gandalf is the villain that ended up winning.

      Where the hell is he when Frodo and the hobbit lands are in dire need of his help? Nowhere I guess. Not as if he gives a shit when his brother angel is raping the place.

  77. You mean they weren’t really monks??? What a gyp.

  78. To Kill a Mockingbird: A young girl feels ostracized by her eccentric father

  79. Dante’s Inferno: When you read between the lines is all about heaven.

  80. American Psycho: A true-life memoir of how Wall Street businessmen entertain themselves by murdering poor people and raping/dismembering women

  81. Because kids don’t have alcohol sitting in their parents’ fridge or anything.

    1. kibby and Kmele, on the same wavelength.

      1. I feel so special because of that.

  82. I’m ashamed of being a Pennsylvanian.

    1. I’m starting to feel better about living in MD. Thanks, PA!

  83. Degenerate drunks, you say?

  84. As a kid on my paper route, a state store owner gave me rum-filled candy for Christmas one year. HOW SAFE WAS THAT?

  85. That ad seems like it belongs in 1954.

    1. More like 1934.

    2. Except the women aren’t having their conversation in the kitchen.

      1. And they were wearing shoes.

        1. I am ashamed to have forgotten this key detail.

            1. I’m very glad you don’t have a food taster.

              1. He’s spent the past few years developing an immunity to iocaine powder.

                I’ve spent the past few years developing a tolerance to -aine powder.

  86. Good grief, do those women in the commercial have any idea how absolutely ridiculous they sound?

  87. Into The Wild: A heartwarming story of a man connecting with nature.

  88. How is this not terrorism?

  89. What judge is going to side with a widow against the coppers?

  90. On the Road: A young man struggles to settle down and overcome his addictions

    1. That implies too much personal responsibility, which is a known teathuglican plot.
      How about: A young man struggles to settle down and blame his addictions on Bush.

  91. I’ll vilify all cops. They tolerate this bullshit. Fuck. Them. All.

  92. Moby Dick: Right-Wing Conservatives who enjoy killing whales

  93. Ahahhaaa, Hitlary is sooo funny, *barf*.

    1. Rand will mop the floor with that old bag during the general campaign, which is why the GOP will never let him get the nomination, they love them some neocon hildebeast.

      1. /\/\THIS/\/\

        I know in my heart that I will rue the day when the stupid party pulls the next worthless looser out of its ass to run in 2016. It will be somebody who they can barely agree on themselves – which should be a clear signal that nobody outside their party has any interest in him. Why don’t they just nominate Hitlery too and get it over with?

        1. This is easily fixed.

          Rand just says that he WILL be running for president and will until he either wins or loses as the republican nominee. I’m guessing their tune may change.

          1. My concern about Rand is that he’s another green Senator. I prefer candidates with more management experience. I still say: Scott Walker/Rand Paul 2016.

            1. I’ll take my chances with the inexperienced “nearly” libertarian over anything the establishment is going to put forward.

            2. If Walker focused like a laser on slaying pubsec unions and general fiscal conservatism, I could support him. I’m hoping (don’t know anything about him) that he wouldn’t be tempted to indulge in either SoCon nuttery or foreign adventurism.

              1. Walker doesn’t seem like much of a socon or warmonger to me. I like the fiscal conservatism and the neutering of the public unions, and the fact that he won in progressive-homeland Wisconsin, twice.

  94. The Scarlet Letter: Right-Wing Religious Conservatives who hate women

  95. Last of the Mohicans: How the Right-Wing killed all the Indians

  96. Catch-22: A soldier builds character and learns the value of authority

  97. Bartleby the Scrivener: the story of the original Occupy Wall Street protester.

  98. All evidence to the contrary.

  99. Haven’t we lapped Global Warming already?

  100. Lord of the Flies: Everything would have worked out fine but Simon was selfish and not a team player

    1. Curse your speedy fingers!

    2. Some piggies are more equal than others.

  101. Lord of the Flies: children are subjected to the terrors of small govt


  103. So immediately we have a panelist doing exactly what they were decrying.

  104. Pocahontas How the first princess of the land was raped by a white devil and the story of how her great, great, great granddaughter, White Squaw Warren, is carrying on the fight in her name to finally end the patriarchy.

  105. Kmele being authoritative here. I like it.

  106. Memoirs For My Father: Pretty much the bible

  107. That’s bullshit. You throw enough tax money at anything and it’s almost solved with just a little more.

  108. The Hunt for Red October: Soviet sailors serve their country with pride and outwit Yankee imperialists

  109. I’ve considered, from time to time, shaving my head. Mostly in the event I was to start to go bald.

    I don’t, because I assume my head would look weird.

    This guy on the panel really said to himself, “I want to look like Pyle in Full Metal Jacket”

  110. No Country for Old Men: Because the GOP cut Social Security and they all starved to death in the streets

  111. Mein Kampf: One man’s journey to create a centrally planned economy, provide affordable housing and industrial scale plumbing for the local Jewish population, and ban smoking.

    1. The Audacity of Heil

      Screams from My Father

  112. All Quiet on the Western Front: Brave BLM agents fight for their lives against a violent, senile racist and his army of vigilantes

  113. Yellow-tie guy is a douche and wants to water things down

  114. The Idiot: A story about George W. Bush.

  115. Sweater Vest!

    The Republican Party is not a libertarian party, it’s a conservative stupid party, and it’s not going to elect a libertarian, it’s going to elect a conservative another blue state prog lite.

    FIFY, asshole!

  116. “lets not fight while I shit all over your side of the party”

  117. Cloud Atlas: A thrilling time-warp that juxtaposes the hellish nightmare of Industrial Capitalism with the happy future of social justice and egalitarianism.

    1. What the hell is that book about?

  118. No one Santorum knows voted for sodomy.

    1. ‘Cept maybe his wife…

  119. Treasure Island: A young Democrat and his friends voyage to an island to claim back the ill-gotten wealth of some 1%rs stashed in an offshore bank account

  120. Idiocracy: A prophetic vision of the coming Obama administration.

  121. Old Yeller: A story about a dedicated public servant and true American hero who fights the monsters of the world by killing the family pets of octogenerian widows during no-knock raids.

  122. To Hell And Back: My trip outside the Beltway to visit the hicks in flyover country

    1. The Hobbit: A story about Dennis Kucinich

      1. Cast Robert Reich as Gollum and I think you might have something.

  123. Matt needs to let loose like that much more often

  124. The Catcher in the Rye: a happy, popular teen is torn between his love of organic farming and baseball

  125. Oh, my…yelling Matt.

  126. 50 Shades of Grey: A story about the PATRIARCHY and RAPE KULTURE and MALE GAZE!

    1. and how feminists secretly fetishize it

  127. A Modest Proposal – Tory epicurean holiday

  128. Romeo and Juliet: teens learn the value of abstinence and non-violence

  129. A series of tubes getting tied!

  130. And here with Kennedy keeping her cakehole closed, Foster thought he was going to keep it Kmele unmolested, but Welch jumps in with a joke/interruption.

  131. De Bello Lemures: A group of SEIU public servants overtake a group of union scabs.

  132. Speaking of latency…

    …I got like 3 words out of ‘Keeping it Kmele’

    Can we please put some quality Kmele time somewhere in the middle of the show? Nothing against Kennedy, but share the love already. Pass the ball.

    1. Imagine smoking a joint with her.

      1. You wouldn’t dare snort a line with here.

      2. Oh god no.

      3. She’d interrupt the flow too much.

  133. DERBZ! That’s it, I’m out.

  134. On net neutrality, I always bring up — if netflix is slow, who do you blame? Netflix? Or your ISP? Betting it is the latter.

    Also, net neutrality is important so that there is one more lever to force ISPs to turn over data to the government.

    1. “Also, net neutrality is important so that there is one more lever to force ISPs to turn over data to the government.”

      Uh, what?

      1. IIRC, surveillance capabilities were one of the conditions in one of the telco mergers (AT&T and someone, I want to say, but I may be wrong). Also, Global Crossing is an example of a telecom that got strong armed.

        I’m suggesting that, much like a merger that has to be approved gives the state the opportunity to require surveillance capabilities, requiring net neutrality also requires surveillance.

        After all, how to know if the ISP isn’t actually throttling stuff? Require a monitor port or two. Maybe netflow data and you can monitor deeper if you want to.

        1. “I’m suggesting that, much like a merger that has to be approved gives the state the opportunity to require surveillance capabilities, requiring net neutrality also requires surveillance.”

          So you’re saying that N-N, given that it needs state intervention to enforce, thereby allows the state access to data?
          I which case, I agree.

          1. Make it “thereby allows the state justification to require access”.

            But yea. It was sarcastic/snarky. NN means/requires state power, probably to be used for surveillance.

            1. Got it. Missed the sarc.

  135. This just in: Congressman doesn’t take his job seriously.

  136. Candide: Why we live in the best of all possible worlds.

    who HASNT read Candide, btw?

    1. Me. In terms of French authors, I’m busy reading a ton of de Sade lately.

      1. Look, its like 150 pages, and funny as hell. Its one of the top 10 greatest books of all time. De Sade is some selfcentered psychological narcissistic bullshit. Get on that.

        “Journey to the End of the Night” is also the bomb, fwiw, but not ‘funny’ at all.

        1. You have persuaded me. It’s added to my reading list now that I finally have time to read!

          1. Candide is listed in Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages. It is included in the Encyclop?dia Britannica collection Great Books of the Western World.[90] Candide has influenced modern writers of black humour such as C?line, Joseph Heller, John Barth, Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut, and Terry Southern. Its parody and picaresque methods have become favourites of black humorists.[91]”

            … (on its ban in the US)

            in February 1929, a US customs official in Boston prevented a number of copies of the book, deemed “obscene”,[84] from reaching a Harvard University French class. Candide was admitted in August of the same year; however by that time the class was over.[84] In an interview soon after Candide’s detention, the official who confiscated the book explained the office’s decision to ban it, “But about ‘Candide,’ I’ll tell you. For years we’ve been letting that book get by. There were so many different editions, all sizes and kinds, some illustrated and some plain, that we figured the book must be all right. Then one of us happened to read it. It’s a filthy book”.[85][86][87]

            What better recommendation can you imagine?

      2. I second Candide. Also, if you’ve doing French, Dumas, Hugo, Montaigne. And others.

    2. I have not.

      1. What I said above. Top 10 all-time, easy to read, constant laughs, and very thought-provoking.

        Why everyone doesn’t read it in High School, I don’t know. I think maybe its a little deceptively sophisticated in its parody of ‘civilization’.

        1. Don’t recall it on any reading list; got a theme to pass on? Yes, I can search it, but…

        2. We read it in one of my AP English classes.

        3. Speaking of high school English makes me think of a question for everyone – when and how did you find out about the Japanese internment during WWII?

          I found out about it in High School English class because we read “Farewell to Manzanar.” I thought for sure it was satire or fiction, despite what the cover said. No way that could happen in the US, right?

          And I learned about it in English Lit class instead of the many History and Social Studies classes I’d had . Thanks American Education System!

          1. Larry Correia wrote a 1930s alt history where users of magic began appearing in 1850 or so. One of the main plot points is the government attempting to lock American magic users in prison camps, explicitly the ones used in real life to lock up the Issei and Nissei.

            Larry gets hate mail from lefties calling him an idiot for ever thinking that FDR would have people thrown into prison camps.

            1. Larry gets hate mail from lefties calling him an idiot for ever thinking that FDR would have people thrown into prison camps.

              Just like how Margaret Sanger would never do anything racist and Wilson would never throw socialists in prison for protesting a war.


          2. I don’t remember.

            Maybe in AP American history. It wasn’t an area of focus in freshmen year, which is when we read about the holocaust and a bunch of other 20th century world-history stuff.

            1. I had to read it for a freshman college world history class. I thought it was a little hard to follow, but that was an old translation (complete with f for s words).

              Still enjoyed reading it though.

          3. Big Chief|5.6.14 @ 10:58PM|#
            “Speaking of high school English makes me think of a question for everyone – when and how did you find out about the Japanese internment during WWII?”

            I can’t remember where I first read about it, but my response was similar: “What?! The US did that?!

            1. “What?! The US did that?!

              There’s a great bit in Liberal Fascism about how the sins of conservatives are always the sins of conservatives, but the sins of leftists are the sins of America itself.

              Thus FDR, liberal lion, is absolved of his literal fascism and this stain is passed onto the entire nation, including people who bitterly opposed him.

              1. Liberals I grew up with excused FDR for rounding up the Japanese because “they were in danger from the American population at large”. FDR was doing it for their own good.

                This is one of the signposts from my childhood pointing me away from following “liberal” thinking.

            2. Yeah, I think that book may have started me down the path to libertarianism.

      1. I think Candide might be one of the great libertarian books of all time in some sense…

        …mainly in how it is a satire on the collective ‘wisdom’ of men and how the world is governed, and the shockingly stupid things people do in the name of X “principle”.

        I’ve always compared it to “Alice in Wonderland”, “Don Quixote” and “Gulliver’s Travels” (they are all called ‘picaresque’ books I think – absurdist ‘travelogues’)… and according to Wikipedia, Gulliver’s Travels was a part-inspiration for the book… its one of my favorites, and I think the best of its kind as a ‘political’ book. Everyone should read it.

        1. OK, I’ve got a hole in the reading right now.
          On the list at Amazon awaiting one or two more books.

          1. Some recommendations:

            For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization by Charles Adams (Fascinating look at how tax policies helped civilizations to rise and fall.)

            Replay by Ken Grimwood (Fine novel about a man who is forced to live his life over and over again. Think Groundhog Day but with a 20-year cycle.)

            How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff (Old but still a great intro to crap you see all the time.)

            1. 1 and 3; 2, maybe…
              Does Adams cover what Shlaes does in “The Greedy Hand”?
              (May have 3 already)

              1. Shlaes’ focus is on the present day. Adams’ focus is on history, so it’s about taxes in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, etc., moving up to the present day (more or less). Very, very interesting (at least to me).

        2. I’m with you on Gulliver’s Travels. That book is amazing. Definitely one of the greats. Wow, I really need to pull that one down and read it again.

    3. I’ve read it a few times. Starts great, has a lot of funny and thought provoking stuff in it, but I’ve always thought the end fell sort of flat.

      1. Some people suspect that it was ‘unfinished’.

        Regardless, I don’t think it detracts from being a reading requirement.

        If you dug that but wanted more and a better ending, try ‘Simplicius Simplicissimus’…..licissimus

        “Inspired by the events and horrors of the Thirty Years’ War which had devastated Germany from 1618 to 1648, it is regarded as the first adventure novel in the German language and the first German novel masterpiece.”

        Think ‘Candide-Funny’, only a ‘german sense of humor’… if you CAN imagine such a thing. Its dark as fuck. but unbelievably funny.

        Here’s the free translation –…..elshausen/

        you do have to wade through Ye Olde’ manner of Anglifying that one. There are better translations that are more modern that make it easier to go through.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I agree it’s a great book and worth the effort. As you mentioned, it’s fairly short and a pretty easy read with a decent translation.

          I read the book because it was on a great books list. I knew nothing about it and was totally surprised by it. I expected it to be brilliant, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn funny and baudy.

  137. Geezus, my resolution on the livestream is like 5X better…

    …and kmele was wearing charcoal/grey. That’s how bad it was.

    Also = Matt, for the love of Ralph Lauren, tighten up that tie!

  138. Alive: It takes a village to survive


  140. Narcissism? Says the person not only on TV every week but also makes her presence known while anyone else is talking.


    Concept cars….

    Remember that the government stole automotive styling, like they did with so many other things. Cars were art, once upon a time.

    1. Don Pott’s First Car:…..tedIndex=1

      1. BTW, I went to the exhibition in Berkeley in ’77, I think.
        Glad I did; he demolished the cars.

  142. Ugh. And Foster must once again show that he’s not a god.




    I always hated that book.

    1. Needs more Lucy’s dad.

      Interesting, though.

  144. I find that fucking weird because I met Russell Simmons in an Indian Restaurant. Maybe they did have a vegan menu.

  145. No, Kennedy did not get the last sentence out.

  146. Dude goto yahoo, the progressives are in full fucking panic mode, its actually frightening.


    I bet you guys can point out a couple issues with this, ill start

    What is a group?

  148. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich – the story of a self-obsessed wrecker callously ignoring the plight of the noble and patriotic guards helping teach him how to check his privilege.

  149. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas An American Hero Banquet is disrupted by filthy commie drug addicts.

  150. OK, anybody read “Darkness at Noon”?

    1. Nein

      I assume I must read this now. How much does it smell like Kafka?

      1. It’s nothing like Kafka. It’s a much more realistic portrayal and doesn’t have the surrealism or humor that Kafka has.

        There are scenes in The Trial that are laugh out loud funny. The only stories of his that are purely horrifying are The Hunger Artist, Metamorphosis, and In The Penal Colony. Most of his other stories are surprisingly funny, which is certainly not true of Darkness at Noon.

        1. The reviews read like what really happened to Fritz Houtermans, but he got out alive.
          Not clear that he was ever smart enough to denounce communism.

    2. I remember it being very good, but it’s been long enough I don’t remember much of the actual book. I should pull it off the shelf and give it another read.

  151. Atlas Shrugged: Top Men, led by selfless benefactor Wesley Mouch, battle to protect citizens from enslavement by an evil mastermind, a dissolute playboy, a vicious pirate, a steel robber baron and a slutty heiress.

    1. Tony!
      Is that you?!

  152. Sweaty G, I’m not a huge fan of net neutrality proposals (though I am somewhat sympathetic to some of the concerns brought up by proponents), but I really don’t think they lend anything to surveillance.

    So far violations or psuedo-violations of net neutrality have been discovered fairly quickly by private parties when not simply announced by ISPs in press releases or investor information. And to their credit, most proponents are strongly against state surveillance.

    Moreover, ISPs already have government mandated monitoring equipment on-premises; I’m having a hard time envisioning what monitoring equipment could plausibly be passed off as ensuring net neutrality compliance that provides capabilities above what are already present.

    I guess the most plausible route would be compliance audits wherein the FCC either cooperates with the NSA to give it proprietary information from the ISPs, or is spied on by it to the same effect. And even then, I have my doubts that there is much proprietary information of interest to the NSA that they don’t have actual or potential access as it is.

    1. And to their credit, most proponents are strongly against state surveillance.

      The people who advocate that the government be given the power to regulate the Internet will also give the government the power to monitor it, and probably the power to destroy it. They are fools, as foolish as those who clamored that the government be allowed to torture people in order to capture terrorists.

      1. Agreed.
        This is like being in favor of total equality, but being strongly opposed to the government imposing same!
        Uh, how do you propose to separate the two?

  153. Any e-readers here check out Scribd yet?
    You get a free month if you haven’t. It’s a giant library.

    1. I’ve seen ads for it on my Facebook feed. It sounds cool, I might subscribe when finals week is over. What is the selection like?

      1. Mainly back catalog items.
        But they did just add lonely planet books

  154. Hehe I saw a car yesterday that was absolutely covered in bumper stickers. Two interesting juxtapositions:

    “Keep your laws off my body!” / “I *heart* Obamacare”

    “COEXIST”/”Smash the Tea Party”

    1. +1 Tolerance for everyone who agrees with me!

    2. Was it a Subaru?

      1. HEY!!

        Soobs are the shit!!!

        Well actually I only know like 1980-1984 Subarus which for the price used were damn awesome cars.

        “$1500. drive off a cliff on a dirt road…still runs”

        I know just after 1984 they sucked ass though…no idea what they are like now.

      2. There’s a sticker I see: Obama won. Get over it”
        I want to add “We Lost”.

      3. Was it a Subaru?

        Nah it was a shitty old Civic hatchback.

  155. OK, I’m using fascr with Firefox on the mac to try to block “certain” commenters, and it’s not working. I am putting the commenter’s handle in the Blocked Posters field in the fascr preferences screen. Do I need to wrap the handle in quotes? Do I use a comma to separate entries in the field?

    1. Jesus H., I will try you again tomorrow since you probably are asleep by now, but:

      The blocklist should look like:
      [“Contrarian”,”SlV”,”american socialist”,”Tony”]

      You get the idea. It is in JSON format.

      However, while it is there for advanced users to edit and to be able to copy & paste easily, it’s not really necessary to edit directly. Just click the ? symbol to block, and if you have it set to display the bylines of blocked posters, just click ? again to unblock.

      In the future, please email me or post on the issue tracker (registration should not be required) to make sure I see your question / issue.

  156. And now some weapons-grade derp as a nightcap:

    Your Milton Freidman video is a bit outdated. He is talking about millionaires investing in factories and machines that give people jobs. Of course the problem today is, that isn’t true anymore. Millionaires are stripping machines and jobs AWAY from Americans and sending those jobs overseas, and the millionaires are becoming billionaires because they are basically using slave labor in unregulated countries to produce their products. This country actually used to make things, for every car, or product made in America there was a bevvy of other companies manufacturing parts and gaskets and rivets for those companies. In 1965, a single model of a single car would support tens of thousands of workers, not just the ones in the factories assembling and building said cars, but the rivet company in rural Ohio that makes a special rivet just for that car, the glass company in Flint Michigan that makes windshield for that specific car, the metal fabricators in Terre Haute Indiana that make the exhaust system for that specific car, the brake company in Altoona Pennsylvania that makes specially designed brakes for that specific car, etc. Etc.

  157. Cont’d

    The video in question:

    Now literally all those jobs are gone, outsourced to the lowest bidder. Nothing is made in America anymore, and it’s not because of unions or fair wages…it’s because of greed. Why pay workers a living wage and benefits in a safe environment, when you can pay children pennies a day to work in a death trap hellhole in a third world country and save yourself millions? And not only is it allowed by law, it is encouraged, and even rewarded because the very people who wrote the laws, and the ones in charge of the system and as long as voters keep being duped into believing that more wealth for the top equals more prosperity for all, it will only get worse.

    1. Someone should explain comparative advantage to him.

      1. and robotics.

  158. 1) There’s no capitalist analogy in Animal Farm because it’s the story of the transition from Czarism to Leninism. Mitt Romney’s employees and investors were free to leave, but the farm animals weren’t. That doesn’t mean that you have to love capitalism or Mitt Romney, but it does mean that Ball’s interpretation is probably pretty goofy.

    2) “Yes, but if you read 1984 TODAY, it SEEMS to be the story of how the Teabaggers are wrong to express their opinions, because reducating Winston Smith is a lot like holding a sign that tries to change people’s opinions about TARP.”

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