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Tonight on The Independents: Benghazi, WHCD, Obscure Fed Agencies w/ Guns, Bullying, Cinco de Mayo, Gavin McInnes, Sherrod Small, Rep. Chris Stewart…Plus You Pick the F-Block, and Sexy After-Show!


Insert Nick Gillespie joke about Boehner and Pelosi here! |||

Tonight on The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT), dream-team Party Panelists Gavin McInnes (filmmaker/TakiMag casualty) and Sherrod Small (comedian/race warrior) will be on not two but three segments, because they are insane people and why not? First three topics will be the latest on Benghazi, mop-up from the White House Correspondents Dinner, and the furor over Saturday Night Live's latest slavery joke. The fourth topic will be your choice, via vote over at The Independents Facebook page: Either Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) calling for a palcohol ban, or former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice withdrawing her name from a Rutgers commencement address.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will be on to talk about his proposal for disarming federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management. The co-hosts will weigh in on a proposal by the City of Carson (Calif.) to outlaw bullying. There will be some reliable jackassery about Cinco de Mayo, you can be sure. And the after-show can be found at beginning at 10 p.m. sharp.

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  1. (Tweet out during the show and we might use your wit).

    Only twits would read tweets from these twats. I vote Schumer. Only time ever that would happen.

  2. There will be some reliable jackassery about Cinco de Mayo, you can be sure

    I’ll go first! Ahem:

    The real origin of Cinco de Mayo. It is well known that the RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 en route to New York City. What is not widely known is that its secondary port of call was to be Veracruz, Mexico, on May the 5, where it was to deliver a large consignment of mayonnaise stored in the hold.

    And so, every May 5th since, all of Mexico laments: Sink-o da Mayo.

    1. The only thing more rancid that the mayo is that pun. Good work!

  3. Ok.

    I want the Americans to line up here and the Canadians on the other side.

    And let’s keep the mothers out of it, m’kay?

    1. How come you Canucks won’t follow our lead by appropriating the national culture of your neighbor to the south on an obscure day?

      You can pick the anniversary of, say, the Battle of New Orleans to get hammered on Jack Daniels or something American.

      1. Crown Royal or bust.

      2. The U.S. didn’t lose on Cinqo de Mayo. Indeed, Lincoln supported the Mexicans. In contrast, the side the Canadians were on lost at New Orleans.

        Maybe Canada could honor 20th century history by celebrating America Pulls the British Empire’s Chestnuts Out of the Fire Day, though there are so many of those it’s hard to pick a specific date.

        1. Zing!

      3. The whole Canadian identity is predicated on not being American. Mexico is too far away to threaten our souls.

        1. The whole Canadian identity is predicated on not being American but desperately wanting American approval. Mexico is too far away to threaten our souls.


          1. Still waiting for your approval for Canadian Tire.


        2. The whole American identity is predicated upon not being Mexico. And dey tookz are jerbz!

  4. It was 103?F at 5 pm today in my part of Texas. In other news:

    “We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.” -Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

    I’m sure leftists will renounce socialism any minute now.

    1. Duh, they weren’t *real* socialists!

      Neither was Stalin, and to be brief, neither was anyone who made socialism look bad.

      1. Sure is interesting how every socialist party that took power left death and misery in its wake. By an astonishing coincidence, it turns out none of these govts were truly socialist, even though they did nothing but follow socialist principles.

        Huh, imagine that!

      2. neither was anyone who made socialism look bad

        Which would mean, that there has never been any REAL socialists.

        1. There are more true Scotsmen than socialists. There are also more unicorn gods who fart rainbows, Obama for example. He’s not a socialist though.

    2. But Palin thinks they’re right-wing. Mind you, he constantly rattles his rubber sabre about birthers being right-wingers but neglects the fact that it was the Hilary campaign that brought it up.

      1. Shh! You’re not supposed to say that part!

      2. Also, Bo keeps accusing “interventionists” of being “soCons” (apparently due to their ‘intervention-ishness’)

        Like it should need mentioning that “conservatives” have been the isolationists for the last 200 years, and Liberals are the ones who love International Meddling.

        Its not like Bill Clinton wasn’t promoting his ‘activist’ global role as a good thing. Bo shows his youth and ignorance in assuming ‘interveners’ are somehow ‘conservative’. The Neocons were themselves mainly Jewish Liberal Academics who maintained that a post-cold-war environment presented a historic opportunity to ‘remake the world’ for our benefit. ‘Wilsonian-ism’ in foreign policy is the legacy of the Left, not the ‘right’.

        Like it matters. Everyone’s a socon to PB and Botard.

        1. Shh! You’re not supposed to say that part!

      3. Fascism is right-wing, you idiot.

        Right-wing politics are political positions or activities that accept or support social hierarchy or social inequality.[1][2][3][4] Those affiliated with the Right consider social hierarchy and social inequality as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable,[2] typically justifying this position on the basis of natural law or tradition


        Classic right-wing, as a matter of fact.

        Aryan Purity and Dominance!


          Fascism was invented by Mussolini, a former socialist. Fascism is just socialism with racism and eugenics mixed in.

          1. Mussolini’s father was a hard core socialist as well.

            But, you know, Palin.

          2. You need a Poly Sci 101 class. You’re as stupid as Sean Hannity.

            I linked the accepted definition of “right-wing” and fascism clearly fits in the social hierarchy and natural class superiority definition of it.

            “Left-wing” is just as bad with its social justice/equality emphasis.


              Why not link to the definition of fascism? Oh I know- because that would make its link to socialism obvious.

              Fascism’s goal is an all-powerful state that controls the controls the economy and people. Does that sound familiar, shit head?

              1. Here, Derp-boy.

                Fascism is commonly described as far right”[33][34] although some writers have found placing fascism on a conventional left-right political spectrum difficult.[35][36][37][38][39]

                Wikipedia with seven (7) sources for you. (those are the numbers that serve as sourced footnotes)

              2. And you like to cite Mussolini?

                Here are QUOTES of his:

                “We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the ‘right,’ a fascist century.”[48][49] Mussolini stated that fascism’s position on the political spectrum was not a serious issue to fascists: “Fascism, sitting on the right, could also have sat on the mountain of the center …

                1. The German, Italian, etc fascists created totalitarian systems where the govt controlled every aspect of life. The Russian, Chinese, etc socialists created totalitarian states where the govt controlled every aspect of life.

                  Socialism and fascism are only different on paper. Left-wing, right-wing same bird. Different scents, same bullshit.

                  The only difference is which groups they chose to persecute and the propaganda they cooked up to excuse it.

                  1. Well, your 10:46 is much better. We can agree that big government always becomes a corruption of liberty, I am sure.

                    But the left/right paradigm is important to see where that corruption comes from.

                    I repeat what I have said many times here – Socialism is a left-wing disease and Fascism is a right-wing disease.

                    1. If right and left are as you have defined them, then the distinction is absolutely meaningless.

            2. Palin’s Buttplug|5.5.14 @ 10:02PM|#
              …”I linked the accepted definition of “right-wing”….

              Shreek is thrilled when he can find others as abysmally stupid as he is!
              Fuck you and your “accepted”.

          3. “Fascism is just socialism with racism and eugenics mixed in.”

            Socialism had both those long before the western variant got the “fascist” label.

        2. I have to laugh. Wikipedia, really?

          “Right-wing politics are political positions or activities that accept or support social hierarchy or social inequality.”

          Would affirmative action, the welfare state, meddling in the market causing unemployment and lost production, cronyism that wildly enriches pols and their pals, those are all right wing positions and activities, right?

          Obama is a staunch defender of the second amendment.

          tommy victor totally kicked bret baier’s ass.

          Obamacare is a raging success.

          Benghazi is a fake scandal.

          You know, you should change your name to Goebbels’ Buttplug.

          1. You left out the four sources, you little deceptive shit.


            Bobbio, Norberto and Allan Cameron,Left and Right: The Significance of a Political Distinction. University of Chicago Press, 1997, p. 51, 62. ISBN 978-0-226-06246-4
            J. E. Goldthorpe. An Introduction to Sociology. Cambridge, England, UK; Oakleigh, Melbourne, Australia; New York, New York, USA p. 156. ISBN 0-521-24545-1.
            Rodney P. Carlisle. Encyclopedia of politics: the left and the right, Volume 2. University of Michigan; Sage Reference, 2005. p.693, 721. ISBN 1-4129-0409-9
            T. Alexander Smith, Raymond Tatalovich. Cultures at war: moral conflicts in western democracies. Toronto, Canada: Broadview Press, Ltd, 2003. p. 30. “That viewpoint is held by contemporary sociologists, for whom ‘right-wing movements’ are conceptualized as ‘social movements whose stated goals are to maintain structures of order, status, honor, or traditional social differences or values’ as compared to left-wing movements which seek ‘greater equality or political participation.’ In other words, the sociological perspective sees preservationist politics as a right-wing attempt to defend privilege within the social hierarchy.”

            1. Shitpile,
              R. Pipes, “Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime”, pps244-260, but 259 in particular:
              In a speech delivered on Eb. 24, 1941, Hitler bluntly stated that “…basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same”.
              I’m not gonna drag it out, but Tooze in “Wages of Destruction” makes it clear that Hitler’s intent was to nationalize the entire economy.

              So, some lefty claiming ‘we’re different’ is true only in that the supposed lefties are to blame for far more mass murder than Hitler could ever dream of.

            2. Oh, and:
              “That viewpoint is held by contemporary sociologists,”

              “Why Do Sociologists Lean Left ? Really Left?”

              Because they’re as gullible and stupid as shreek, that’s why.

          2. Next, ButtHead is going to point to a Salon or New Republic article as proof that fascism is a right wing idea.

  5. I have been trying to get the derpbook prog to explain why it’s OK for the military to discriminate by age, for Curves to discriminate on the basis or gender, and for the Congressional Black Caucus to discriminate of the basis of race. Should be interesting.

    1. I suspect the answer will amount to “It’s OK when we do it for the cause of social justice.”

      I once confounded someone on an online discussion who was defending affirmative action. I posited a mix of candidates (white woman, black man, disabled white male veteran, mixed race man, Hispanic but directly from Spain, etc.) and asked who should get preference according to the principles of affirmative action. Of course he couldn’t.

  6. “News drones over El Salvador

    “Illegal in the US, newsgathering drones are taking off in Latin American media.”…..l-salvador

    1. Well, duh. You had to have worked a day in your life to be accepted by Wal-Mart.


    Another green energy triumph!


    Time for some freaking rope.

    1. Time for some freaking rope.

      To test the strength of lamp posts.


    Holy shit, this sounds like something that would be made up by WorldNetDaily.

    1. Mohammad Z. Islam

      Even that name sounds like something made up by WorldNetDaily, or else, it’s a Muslim Rapper.

      1. Mohammad Z. Islam’s latest hit:

        Yo, gonna blow you ass up, bitch, gonna get me 72 virgins, bitch.


    God wouldn’t it be great if Boehner got primaried? Imagine the wailing and lamentations.

    1. It would be the fault of the curly haired heretic and potential usurper of the GOP.

    2. “… accusing Boehner of “Electile Dysfunction.”…”

  11. What’s the Guinness record for most swear words in a thread?

    Maybe it’s a way for us to get recognized once and for all!


    1. We don’t already have that?

      1. Kyle’s mom’s a bitch, she’s a big fat bitch, fuckity fuck fuck…


    Hope and Change! Such wonderful prosperity in the new Obama age!

  13. Goal. Crosby.
    Bout time.

    1. Rick Nash is jealous.

  14. I bet the building inspector is there tomorrow!:

    “Bay Area dad makes son’s dream come true, builds backyard roller coaster”…..23071101=0

  15. So, Condisleeza and Moobs are on the show tonight?

  16. Hey, it’s Cinco De Mayo, so that brings up an important question.

    We have 2 countries on our borders, one to the north, one to the south.

    Why are there libertarians here at H&R from Canuckistan, but none from Mexico?

    1. Language barrier?

      1. Well, that didn’t stop the guys from the north, coming here and speaking their canuckistanian.

          1. And they keep babbling something unintelligible about that hockey, which they consider a real sport up there.

            1. You mean that game that occasionally breaks out during IceBrawl meets?

            2. Canadians, with their flappy heads and beady eyes….

    2. Pretty sure we have an aged Mexican that posts here. He’s even a full-blown anarchist.

      1. Just because he calls himself OldMexican, that doesn’t mean he lives in Mexico, or that he’s even Mexican.

        We have had a couple of guys here from Brazil. But that’s like almost over in Africa or something, so it doesn’t count.

        1. Nah, he’s confirmed it before.

    3. Two countries border Amerika?

      Who knew?

      1. Don’t forget Russia right off Alaska!

        1. Sarah Palin can see it from her porch!

      2. Yes, I know, we don’t often think of that little stretch of frozen tundra to the north as a real country, but be nice now.

    4. Excellent point.

      We have an “Old Mexican” but he’s posting from Texas.

      … Hobbit

    1. What’s up with Indiana?

      1. It’s a frozen wasteland with nothing more interesting than corn fields and blood thirsty swarms of mosquitoes?

        1. You’re terrified of cold weather, huh.

          1. Not terrified, I just don’t like it.

  17. An Easter Sunday Matt.

  18. Matt is evidently trying to be Gatsby tonight.

    1. He’s taunting GILMORE with the pink shirt.

  19. Kennedy going for the Audrey Hepburn all-black look?

    1. I don’t know, but it’s totally working for me.

  20. Hey Matt, the Kentucky Derby was on Saturday. It’s also held in Kentucky where dressing like a dandy on Sunday is acceptable.

    1. You just don’t realize that Welch was there with Rand and his new bestest bud, Rupert Murdoch. Only no one knew who Welch was, so it didn’t get reported by the NYT.

  21. So, they’re drinking already?

    1. Gavin looks even more out of it than usual.

  22. Yeah, Gavin is still one hundred percent not amusing to me.

    1. Seconded.

    2. Ya, but you’d bang him.

      Obligatory: TISWTANFL

  23. Where did the order to not go into Benghazi with some military force come from?

    1. Hitler.

  24. Is Gavin doing an impression of William F Buckley or is he high? The answer is yes.

  25. Does anyone else think a comedy show for murderers, liars, and thieves is sort of insulting?

    1. a comedy show for murderers, liars, and thieves

      You’re referring to the current fed administration, right?

      1. Yeah- the White House Correspondence Dinner.

  26. Obama is hilarious!

  27. Kennedy at her interrupting best. Just invite yourself as a guest already.


  28. Violating your constitutional rights is a punch line to the president.

  29. So.

    The President tried to make light of REAL government abuses of power.

    Greatest, coolest Prez evah!

    1. “What’s the difference between me and a turd?

      “This suit, ha ha ha!

      “Wait a minute, let me have a word with my speechwriter…”

  30. Saturday Night Live is trying to get more free publicity?

  31. Whoa, WTF? A black person cannot be racist! The progs are off the plantation, they’ve forgotten the talking points! Rein them in, rein them in!!!

    1. She’s an Aunt Tonya.

  32. Kmele needs to stay away from stand-up?

  33. elaine cleighorn was on SNL

  34. Can we have a Facebook vote to evict Gavin?

    1. Or make him take the pledge.

  35. Proggies and faux libs, walk around constantly with sticks up their arse.

    1. baby carrot sticks?

      1. Organic only baby carrot sticks.

  36. The problem is, this … Aunt Jane, that’s what she is! This Aunt Jane cannot be making light of the Democrats bestest thing ever, the old dog eared race card!

  37. Kennedy has lost control.

  38. “What’s the difference between yo’ dick and a slave?

    “You can make slaves work by beating them, ha ha!”

    1. I don’t what’s wrong with your dick, buddy.

      1. I didn’t mean mine.

        But bottom line: Can I get my joke on all the TV shows and get myself some free publicity?

  39. We’re going to crush that bullying with some bullying of our own.

  40. Pretty sad about things when that’s considered risque. I watched it and didn’t feel uncomfortable. She was doing her thing. Well. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

  41. Did she just say Carson, CA?

  42. Bullying without a badge is verboten.

  43. Pothole free city – burn!

  44. I’m pretty sure that band thing was the worst possible outcome. Call the cops, kids.

    1. Awwww, poor Matt.

  45. Matt was bullied?

    I don’t believe it.

    He struck me as the one doing the bullying.

  46. How crazy is this? These people are totally fucking insane, that’s how crazy it is.

    1. Insane? That *is* pretty crazy.

  47. Can I bully people across the border? Because it sounds like a delightful thing to do. Dinner in Gardena, shout abuse across the border afterwords and laugh as they shake their Carsonian fists impotently…

    1. Just get a megaphone and start shouting ‘everyone in Carson is a poopey head! And now, I shall taunt you a second time!’

      1. I fart in your general direction!

        1. And your mother smells like hamster berries! Wait… that’s not quite right…

  48. Great. Give power to flakes and assholes.

  49. The Independents Attire Review, 5 May 2014

    Rama Lama Ding Dong-Edition

    – Kennedy: Blackness. I’d really dig it if she took it one step farther and just wore a Metallica t-shirt (*preferably the Master Of Puppets World Tour) It would throw the audience something out of left-field to intrigue and confuse them, and remind everyone that These Are Not Your Parent’s panel-show hosts. I’m digging it regardless.

    – Matt: Ah, the Gilmore-Approved “Formula Suit”. There have been disagreements with me on this one. Please try and understand that what I have come to accept is that Matt’s unique color-palette resides somewhere between Saul Goodman and Craig Sager and that whenever he can find a sweet spot in that spectrum that *doesn’t* make you violently ill? We call that A Winner.

    Also = bonus points for Matt using, “Obfuscation”. I am told that word makes women hot.

    – Kmele: Always adding new elements to the Casual-Dap toolbox, he brings some stripe-pattern I’ve never seen. I’ll call it a “wide Windowpane” and run with that. Its nice. I’d wear this to the US Open and bring a blonde girl as an accessory.

    Thank You

    1. Lulz @ the links. I actually like Matt’s jacket.

      1. That’s a suit AFAIK. I think I’ve seen pics of the full getup.

        Its interesting – a light brown Glen check(?) or light check-plaid… you rarely see people ever wearing ‘Brown’ suits at all (aside from the poplin standard thing), and it turns out it works well for him. We should all be so lucky.

  50. Snitches get stitches!

  51. Bullying- yet another problem made worse by public schools.

  52. Spoiler, it’s Kate Upton’s butt.

    1. It makes me sad that you are correct.

  53. I bet those kids can’t wait to get out of school so they’ll never get bullied again!

  54. I miss anything worthwhile?

    1. Kate Upton’s shapely ass.

    1. Me too, everyone is always telling me, ‘you’re an ass man’. Wait a minute, I stole that from somewhere…

  55. Foster is about the butt? Way to be a stereotype, man.

    1. Kmele had a ticket on many cars in that stereotype train.

      1. He should have invited her on the show, to sit uncomfortably close to him for a segment.

      2. He should have invited her on the show, to sit uncomfortably close to him for a segment.

    2. Of course he’s about da booty. I just happen to agree with him on that, and I couldn’t get much whiter.

      1. I like big butts and I’m very white
        All the haters can go fly a kite

        1. That just doesn’t have the edge that I’m looking for. You’re going to have to at least swear a little.

  56. Uh oh, am I seeing some boob envy from Kennedy?

  57. Has she actually starred in anything?

  58. So, Kmele is a butt man?

  59. I’m just gonna say it…I think Ben is actually a pretty good director. Obviously not so much with the acting.

  60. I don’t understand why counting is cheating.

    1. It’s not.

    2. I was just thinking that. When my father taught me how to play Italian cards one lesson he explained as part of the strategy was to ‘remember’ the cards that past.

      1. passed.

    3. It isn’t actually cheating, but casinos do not want you to do it.

      Cheating can get you arrested, counting just gets you banned.

      1. Do you get to keep the money you made counting?

        1. Yes. Legally casinos cannot take your winnings if you’re counting with just your head.

    4. I banned the casinos from my life when I realized they were slanting the odds in their favor, too.

      1. THIS.

        I like fun hobbies, like wakeboarding and kayaking, not getting drunk and losing money.

      2. I banned the casinos from my life when I realized they were slanting the odds in their favor, too.

        You can win at blackjack, in the long run, if you count well. If you play poker well, you can win there in the long run. Everything else is a sucker bet.

      3. I don’t think Casinos are in the business of losing.

    5. I don’t understand why counting is cheating.

      It’s not if you just use your brain. It’s illegal to use anything outside of that.

      But if you’re good at counting, you’ll be asked to leave. I was in AC with a friend, and his buddy was a math major at Princeton. He was up 5 or 6 grand when the polite gentlemen in suits told him he was no longer welcome at the blackjack table.

  61. Is this TMZ or MTV?

  62. All the chinamen looked the same to Denny.

  63. I’m thinking that $75 is a little expensive to be having sex with someone in the back of a damn truck. Especially when the sex part is free.

    1. You seen SF motel rates?

      1. I’ve seen NYC hotel rates. But I wouldn’t drive all the way there to have sex in a truck.

  64. Wow, halfway over already! All that substantive discussion made the time fly!

  65. HOLY SHIT! Welch with the “Regulate” reference. Kmele doesn’t get it. But still one more step closer to new official Independents theme.

  66. South Park on Ben Affleck:…..for-my-ben

  67. They discussed KU’s buttocks, but failed to properly visualize it.

    How are we supposed to decide if she has a point or not?

    1. There’s this thing called the Internet that you can use as a supplement.

  68. Obviously, no one talks about Kate Upton’s butt because…

    a) She doesn’t have that great of a figure from behind, too wide of a waist. Science says men like a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio.


    1. Kate Upton’s butt

      I’d slam it so deep in that the guy who tugged me out would become king of England.

      1. Moistened bints absorbing penises is no basis for a system of government.

        1. Better than the one we’ve got, though.

      2. The verbal part of my brain is mightily entertained, the visual part of my brain is confused and slightly frightened.

        1. I’d slam it so deep in that the guy who tugged me out


          1. No…maybe…no.

              1. *spits soda*

                Umm, that’s certainly visually distracting, though not really what I go for.

        2. Well, you know what they say about effete British aristocrats.

        3. I will donate one shiny nickle for a freaking edit button.

      1. Yeah, they’re so big they make her figure look more hourglassy. She is extremely pretty though too.

        1. *even though it’s not.

  69. These eggs have too many spots. call in the SWAT team.

  70. Fucking stream is….gg……..ggg…

  71. Sheriffs FTW!

    1. Me too, and I don’t know a single other thing about him.

      … Hobbit

  72. This guy is going to be in big trouble with the stupid party. Only Rand Paul can get away with this sort of thing. They can’t have 2 crazies in the party.

  73. So I step out and I miss a discussion about Kate Upton’s ass?

    1. “She’s done so much for us… She went to space for us!”

      1. I enjoyed the Mythbusters visit to the Vomit Comet more than hers.

        What’s the point of boobs without gravity?

        1. Saving them for later?

        2. A few hours without back pain for the woman of your choice?

          1. So for your birthday I should arrange for a zero gravity experience, yes?

            1. I fear that situation may end up with me suffering like Lana did in that episode of Archer.


  74. Let’s talk about banning moobz.

      1. That picture made my fucking ribs hurt.

        1. I’m not clicking that.

  75. I hope they cover the one about Rice getting…heh heh…steamed…heh heh, get it?

    I’d rather not have to think about Schumer.

  76. Do the spotted owls and desert turtles get to vote for the sheriff too? Who stands up for them in your perfect world, Representative?

  77. Chuck Shoomer’s most impressive feature: Moobs or Butt(as a hat)?

  78. Who wants to bet the new Hercules movie will be even dumber than the old Hercules movies from the 1960s?

  79. Facebook page?

    Like its not enough we’ve got twitters and ()#*$@# a stock ticker on the screen all the time = what we REALLY need is to be dividing our time between the show, the H&R thread, and *Facebook* too.

    At the rate things are going, I’m going to be a seriously grumpy old man by my 40s.

    1. Yeah, that stock ticker thing is extremely annoying.

  80. Condi is probably the best example of a tough, successful and independent woman in the last 30 years of American politics.

    I mean why exactly is their role model Hillary, who is only where she is today because of her husband’s prestige and donor connections?

    1. At least Hillary won elections. Condi just got in with the right people and told them what they wanted to hear.

      TBH Feinstein and Pelosi are a shitload tougher and more independent, even though they are monsters.

      1. Pelosi was handed internships because of her fathers political career. She then married rich and use her husband’s money to throw expensive money raising dinners for her local democrat politicians. Eventually she leveraged this to run on the ticket of one of the safest districts in the nation. She hasn’t had to fight for her seat since. She freely admits to it in her biography.

  81. Condi is probably the best example of a tough, successful and independent woman in the last 30 years of American politics.

    I mean why exactly is their role model Hillary, who is only where she is today because of her husband’s prestige and donor connections?

    1. Condi is probably the best example of a tough, successful and independent woman in the last 30 years of American politics.

      Haha either her, or the one person the Left hates above all others.

    2. And an accomplished pianist.

      If she was a Democrat she’d been deified by now.

      1. You’re turning into John’s Team Red Best Bro.

    3. When has she run for office?

      I would label her more of a bureaucrat.

      1. No PB, you fail to understand =

        – running for office just makes you a political hack. Rice, on the other hand, was already a successful academic and the Provost of Stanford before taking jobs in National Security.

        i.e. she’s a ‘professional’ with actual skills, not a politician.

        This confuses you, I know.

        1. Anything not related to the goodness of cronyism, confuses shreeky.

        2. Condi was continuously wrong and will always be known as the NSA head who said “no one could have imagined” 9/11 and blew the Iraq nuclear weapon “mushroom cloud” call.

          Yes, and she was awarded for her incompetence with a promotion.

        3. By the way, I said she was NOT a political hack (politician).

          She was a bureaucrat.

          Nothing special at all.

          1. Buttplug, while I appreciate your childish need to throw poop at the “Bushpigs”, you don’t know what words mean, apparently.

            Bureaucrats are people who have no notable professional accomplishments outside of serving for various nameless and unimportant government agencies, where rising to the level of ‘director’ or whatever is significant of Nothing because these institutions only reward subservience.

            Being Provost of Stanford and invited to serve as advisor to 3 different administrations requires actual professional accomplishment in the real world.

            Not that you’d know what that is. Just understand that its outside your little basement playpen.

    4. I mean why exactly is their role model Hillary, who is only where she is today because of her husband’s prestige and donor connections?

      The Dems have a long history of that kind of silly nepotism. Ma and Pa Ferguson, for example.

    5. Women and minorities don’t get credit if they aren’t Democrats or leftists.

  82. Moments away from Lou.

  83. Kind of hawkish? Really, Kmele?

  84. Oh, Matt, the so called ‘liberals’ care a lot about free speech. They care about banning it.

  85. This must be the first time in cable news history that a guy changed his mind during a discussion.

  86. Left-wingers are losers.

  87. This is what Rice should do: go up on stage and simply say “Smug, dumb and liberal is no way to go through life, son.” Drops mic, walks off.

    1. Why aren’t those protesters racist?

      1. Because she’s a republican, which by the Law of Progtard invalidates your blackness.

          1. Aunt Jemima

  …..?term=Aunt Jemima

            which… is that from Gone With the Wind? or uncle toms cabin? Or just the fuckin’ maple syrup? Who gives a shit. Its “Good Racism” for Liberals to smear people with.

  88. Everyone’s a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

    Everyone’s a little Mexican on Cinqo de Mayo.

    1. Why do you have to make fun of the little Irish?

      1. Can that shit be real? Koreans have 3.8 inch dicks?

        Also, if you ignore Africa, I’m above average. Woohoo!

        1. I managed to spend a surprising amount of time naked around Koreans without assessing their penis size beyond “much smaller than mine”

      2. I may not be very long, but at least I’m not too big around.

  89. This is so retarded = the lag has been so bad, I am going to see more of the ‘aftershow’ than the actual show-show.

    Mexico vs France… Worst War Ever.

  90. The sad thing is that Rutgers had to scramble to book Sinbad as a replacement speaker.

    1. Isnt the fact the website is called “political garbage chute” maybe a hint its going to be really fucking stupid?

      1. I dunno…a name like that could really go either way.

    2. Yeah, unlike the socialist cream dream would never ever actually suck ass.

      1. “Yeah, unlike the socialist cream dream would never ever actually suck ass.”

        Oddly enough, those deemed politically and/or ideologically inferior don’t seem to live long enough to critique the socialist cream dream objectively, sooo.. perhaps, we’ll never know…

    3. God that is some high level derp indeed. I especially love the total bullshit about the Articles of Confederation. They were scrapped not by will of the people, but by will of the powerful financial and business interests, who were particularly pissed about the lack of a national bank and a navy to protect their interests.

      People who bash the Articles universally take their talking points from the bitter foes of said system, and rarely have any actual understanding of the political forces at work at the time.

      1. The Articles were problematic, though. I like to hang them on their own dogma by pointing out that the Commerce Clause was intended to “make regular” commerce between States because states were stiffing each other on debts and slapping tariffs on each other.

        It had absolutely nothing to do with regulating what wheat you grew on your property.

        1. Come on. “Regulate” meant the same thing then as it does now, to make rules for (hence its presence in the Second Amendment with regard to militias).

          I’m not even sure what “make regular” is supposed to mean.

          1. I’m not even sure what “make regular” is supposed to mean.

            It means to standardize. Just like how irregulars are different than standard troops.

            1. And how do you standardize something? By making rules for it!

              Regulate comes from the Latin regula, which means “rule”.

          2. Even now the a definition for regulate is “to bring order, method, or uniformity to”, that is what I think he is getting at by ‘make regular.’

            1. But bringing uniformity to agricultural production was precisely what Congress was trying to do with the bill that Wickard supposedly violated.

              The Wickard issue wasn’t the meaning of “regulate” it was the meaning of “interstate commerce”.

              1. Sure, both are correct.

        2. I agree that it wasn’t intended to apply to wheat grown on your own property for your own use though.

      2. Yeah, not having a navy would have been totally awesome during the War of 1812.

        As it was the militias got their asses kicked nearly every time they faced British regulars. Biggest favor the Brits ever did was to let us go with a draw.

        1. As it was the militias got their asses kicked nearly every time they faced British regulars. Biggest favor the Brits ever did was to let us go with a draw.

          lol what? The British could not have conquered the US in 1812. They couldn’t hold it in ’76, what on earth makes you think they would have been able to simultaneously fight Napoleon and a stronger USA.

          Yeah, not having a navy would have been totally awesome during the War of 1812.

          Because there’s no way a Confederation can possibly create a Navy.

          The problem the Federalists had with the Articles was that farmers could not be taxed to provide a professional navy to suppress piracy. The antifederalists believed a navy was simply a way for merchants to take the money of the farmers for the benefit of the merchants. They were absolutely right in this. Commerce protection was and remains a core goal of the US Navy.

          1. Commerce protection was and remains a core goal of the US Navy.

            And a casus belli for the War of 1812…and one of the reasons New England sat the war out.

            1. Right, we should have just sat idly by and allowed the kidnapping and enslaving of US citizens by a foreign power.

              I would think that libertarians of all people would understand that commerce and trade are kind of important for a country to have, but maybe I’m wrong.

              1. You’re not as clever as you think you are.

                New England sat the war out, as they didn’t want to disrupt the commerce and trade they had with the UK. Had you read the second chapter of your history book, you might have learned that fact.

                1. Where did I say they didn’t?

                  You think that wouldn’t have happened under the AoC?

                  1. Under the Articles, there wouldn’t have been an Executive to drag the nation into war.

          2. They didn’t need to conquer, all they had to do was force territorial concessions in return for not sacking and burning our capital whenever they felt like it. The tables were reversed from the Revolution; the US had to protect everything and the Brits could pick and choose where to strike. They were done with Napoleon by 1814 and could easily have turned the screws a lot harder on us.

            The only reason they didn’t was because we were an important trading partner before the war and they wanted to resume that.

            1. I don’t think you understand how a decentralized confederation works. “The capital” is just a city that holds bureaucrats. It’s not a big deal to burn it, except in the minds of the statists.

              I mean, if someone nuked DC right now, I’d mourn the loss of the Smithsonian, the Redskins, and Ben’s Chili Bowl. But the country as a whole would go on.

              1. Hasn’t it been pretty firmly established that Hydra is Tulpa? Why do you guys keep responding to him? He only comes here to argue, he doesn’t believe a fucking word he writes.

    4. It’s hard for me to pinpoint the dumbest statement in that article. Here are the nominees:

      “In the land of no laws and taxes, where does the responsibility for educating the masses fall?”

      “Dude hits your car, you get out, and since he doesn’t have to answer to any laws about insurance or wait for a cop to come to the scene, he beats the shit out of you and drives off. You find him later, and you assault him right back, this time with two of your buddies. Two weeks later, his friends in the Backyard Militia of Podunk, Idaho come and lay siege to your house, filling it with round after round of fully-automatic gun fire (because remember there are now no laws against possessing automatic weapons because “Amurika”)”

      “So what better way to motivate people to work than the possibility of them joining the pile of dead bodies out in the street that are still there because there’s no government agency to come and clean up the bodies of the poor people who had nowhere to turn so they got sick or starved to death?”

      1. This person was never told that “Reductio Ad Absurdum” was a ‘fallacy’

        1. It’s…not. It’s a valid form. What are you on?

  91. Why is Matt siding with the Mexicans over his wife’s homeland?

  92. Why is Matt siding with the Mexicans over his wife’s homeland?

    1. Better question: why are the squirrels so in love with your posts tonight?

      1. I utter piercing eloquence.

    2. What French holidays do we celebrate? And if it’s none, then what fucking good are the French?

      1. Play a Rush song on Bastille Day?

        1. And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all.

          1. Pompeii is in France?

      2. I consider D-Day a French holiday. (June 6th). You celebrate it by reminding a French person and making them feel really uncomfortable.

        1. That just leaves you open for a Lafayette riposte.

          1. The French are not known for their real-time wit, despite coining the words ‘repartee’ and ‘j’esprit’. They do not know how to ‘bust balls’ with an American.

            at least I’ve never met one. And had plenty opportunity in NYC.

            1. The French are not known for their real-time wit

              Indeed, as they also coined the phrase l’esprit de l’escalier.

              1. l’esprit de l’escalier

                Sadly I find that a useful term…frequently.

        2. Then thank them for building the Arc de Triumph for the Nazis and us to use.

    3. Dude, in Mexico v France, you root for the Mexicans.


      I was held at gunpoint in Jamaica. Fun times.

      1. You and the other guy have something in common.

        1. Yeah, us and about 1 out of every 3 tourists in the 1990s. Crime was ‘Holy Shit Are You Kidding?’ back then. Like dude said.

    4. Because there’s no word for menage a trois in Spanish.

  93. I smell troll, upstream.

  94. DERBZ!!!!

  95. Drinks and laughs cruelly at his wife.

    Matt Welch: Domestic abuser.

  96. It sounds like they *all* started celebrating Cinqo de Mayo earlier…

    1. Yes it does.

  97. Cinqo do Mayo is now Multicultural Sensitivity Day!

  98. What’s so special about using a machete? I use one.

  99. Oh my heck, Kmele.

  100. “OK, there’s no audience at this hour, is there?”

    “Nah, you can say whatever you want.”

  101. The network simply couldn’t wait to pull the plug.

    1. They were probably worried about the discussion veering towards insertion of cut veggies into the wrong end of the digestive tract again.

    2. They always do that. They’ve had (in my experience) only one time they *didn’t* cut her off mid sentence.

  102. my fave ‘reggae’? (not really, even)

    Not Reggae, but Jamaican as hell = Funky Kingston is one of the greatest albums of ALL TIME, EVER, in like 8 dimensions..

    I will defend that one to the death. listen to it beginning to end and it has nary a weak moment. I still can not believe this isn’t one of the most owned records in the world. The Beatles can suck it.

    1. Oh. come on, you’re not foolin’ anyone.

      Put on Pass the Dutchy like you want to….

    2. +54-46

      Thanks. I will be listening to that. Previously I’ve just heard their greatest hits album.

      1. OMG ITS SO GOOD

        sadly, their ‘greatest hits’ is basically this record, plus a few singles. So you’ve heard it all I bet.

        It has the greatest Louie Louis cover ever done as well… with that crazy Hammond bit at the end.

        1. Nerding out = I did not know this

          “Funky Kingston is the name of two albums by reggae singing group Toots and the Maytals. The first was issued in Jamaica and the United Kingdom in 1972 on Dragon Records, a subsidiary label of Island Records, owned by Chris Blackwell. A different album, with the same cover and title, was issued in the United States in 1975 on Mango Records. That album peaked at #164 on the Billboard 200 and was voted the eleventh best album of 1975 in the annual Pazz & Jop poll. In 2003, the American version was placed at number 378 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

          I don’t know which is the “original” – the copies I have are a vinyl reissue… and Im not sure this link here is even the same thing I have. Either way… its a crusher.

          1. Ok – I basically figured it out


            The 1975 version is effectively the best parts of Toots 2 first albums squashed together, which is why I said, ‘its more or less the greatest hits’.

            I think the 1975 sequencing was the one that made the album just *crush*. It gave it that ‘put it on and leave it alone’ quality.

    3. So it’s a P-brane?

      My M-theory is way rusty…

  103. I got live Twatted on “Fast N Loud” again tonight. So there.

    /returns to surreal life

    1. I was checking out another story about that last week, that showed a lot more pictures. It does look a tad more comfy than coach on one of AAs 737s.

    2. I do not know about you but I have always flown voluntarily.

      1. All of we libertarians are going to live forever, what with all the orphan slave blood that we have available for drinking.

    1. oh

      I was hoping it just involved drinking. That seems like a lot of work.

  104. “An Islamic extremist leader has threatened to sell the 276 teenage girls his terror group abducted from a school in northeast Nigeria three weeks ago….

    “He described the girls as “slaves” and said “By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.”…

    “In the video, Shekau also says the students “will remain slaves with us.” That appears a reference to the ancient jihadi custom of enslaving women captured in a holy war, who then can be used as sex slaves.

    “”They are slaves and I will sell them because I have the market to sell them,” he said, speaking in the Hausa language of northern Nigeria.”…..them-boko/

    1. Did you see the bit about First Lady Patience Jonathan rounding up protest leaders and harassing them over this issue?

      1. Yes, and in a different context it would have been the main part of the story, but the slave thing kinda tops it.

    2. “because I have the market to sell them”

      Proof of the evil of the market!

    3. This is really depressing & profoundly messed up.

    4. They are slaves and I will sell them because I have the market to sell them

      Obviously, one of those Somali libertarians is what we have here.

    5. Would that there were a modern day Vlad the Impaler to teach him the error of his ways.

  105. Hey look what ROBERT REICH has to say
    The Four Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Inequality

    1. Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley

      That’s all I need to know.

    2. Riech? We invaded shit over that.

    3. Well, I looked and the 4 “lies” aren’t.
      And as someone who occasionally scans his column in the Sunday Chron, I can tell you he’s been writing the same one for years:
      ‘The rich are getting richer quicker than the poor are getting richer, and so you should appoint me king!’

  106. So this guy gets married to a girl named Wendy and has her name tattooed on his penis. Of course, he was hard at the time, so when not aroused all you can see is “Wy”.

    So he and Wendy go to Jamaica on their honeymoon. The dude gets off the plane and needs to use the restroom. He saddles up to the urinal next to this Jamaican guy and accidentally looks over and sees a “Wy” tattooed on the Jamaican’s penis.

    He says, “So are you married to a girl named Wendy too?”

    Confused, the Jamaican fellow says, “What do you mean, maan?”

    The guy says, “I see a “Wy” tattooed on your penis.”

    “AHAHAHAHA, no maan, that says Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day.”

    (Thought I’d tie two conversations together there.)

    1. Aren’t you ex-AF? I heard this same joke in Basic in Oct ’71 at Lackland.

      … Hobbit

      1. Yeah, it’s old, but it’s the only Jamaican joke I know.

      2. You have knowing? A bullet should follow?

        1. Lighten up Francis.

          … Hobbit

  107. Been a while since I’ve brought news from the FluffPo, so here it is. No story at all about Islamists selling slave girls, but this is front page:

    Antartica melting, any day now, we swear it this time! Doomsday is at hand, repent ye deniers!

    1. Bro, if denying was a religion… I’d be looking to be saved.

    2. He said there was still time to limit warming to levels to keep the ice plug in place.

      Um…what warming?

      And isn’t Antarctic ice actually increasing slightly?

      1. what warming

        The same warming that caused the coldest first 4 months of the year in the USA, in recorded history.

      2. I’ve been told repeatedly that the ice is only increasing because it’s actually melting.

        Science, ladies & gentlemen.

        1. I’ve been told repeatedly that the ice is only increasing because it’s actually melting.

          Science, ladies & gentlemen.

          Someone told me that all the global warming was being absorbed by the oceans. When I asked why the oceans weren’t warming up, he said that the heat was sinking into the deep parts, where no one was measuring. So I said, with an admirably straight face:

          “oh, so all that hot water is sinking, and the colder water is rising to the top.”

          He answered: “Yes, it’s kind of complex. Not really easy to understand.”

          Oh, it sure isn’t.

      3. He said there was still time to limit warming to levels to keep the ice plug in place.

        Funny how no matter how dire the situation is there is always “time to change course” with these doomsday scenarios.

        Will they stop bitching once we pass whatever red line they draw up?

        1. Look behind you and you will see hundreds of red lines.

          Does this answer your question?

    3. Alexandra Holzer, a ghost researcher and HuffPost blogger, says people who experience ghost sex don’t feel “warmth” of the kind that Blasick alleges.

      The Huffington Post saw it fit to publish an article debating the qualities of “ghost sex” as opposed to the abduction and war rape of almost 300 Nigerian teenaged women.

      Ponder that for a moment.

      1. I’ve always noted that these same people who say that global warming ‘deniers’ are anti-science kooks, are the same ones who believe in ghosts, faeries, alien visitors, socialism that works, benevolent big government, and all other sorts of wacky shit.

    4. The whole article is nothing but ‘something could happen and if it did all this other stuff might too.’

      The fucking warmista asshats are so transparently full of shit.

    1. They both look like my partner.

  108. “You know what America is really clamoring for? A Batman T.V. show that takes place decades before Batman even exists.”

    This is one of the dumbest Fox ideas ever.

    1. America doesn’t matter in a Batman world, dear.

    2. Seriously. Why would we find that interesting when none of the rogue’s gallery can appear in their familiar forms and the mob will always win because that’s the state Gotham was in when Batman first appears?

      It would just be Gordon futilely going up against widespread corruption.

      1. You mean Smallville, but Batman, doesn’t work?

        I’m shocked, I tell you! Shocked!

        1. Imagine if ‘Smallville’ was really about Jonathan Kent and his life decades before him and his wife find Kal-El!

          Also, what is wrong with showing Bruce Wayne wandering the world ‘Kung Fu’-style learning the skills he’ll use to become the Caped Crusader?

          None of the suits at Fox thought that might work?

      2. Is it just me, or was this trailer not particularly professional either? It seems to be filmed strangely and it almost looked like a fan-film.

        1. The failed Aquaman series would have had Ving Rhames Black Manta (maybe, they only had one episode but that’s where it seemed like it was leading to me). How fucking awesome would that have been?

          1. “Let me tell you what now: I’m going to call a couple of hard, pipe-hitting porpoises up in here with some pliers and a blowtorch. I’m gonna get medieval on your ass!”

          2. My dad’s favorite superhero was always Aquaman. I never understood the appeal.

            1. I never understood the appeal.

              He was a fine Justice League member. Could never carry his own show though.

              1. Right, because he’s useless outside the water. That’s the only reason they kept him around.

            2. OMG your dad is gay.

              1. +1 hill top gaydar installation.

          3. Ving Rhames is awesome so yeah.

    3. “This is one of the dumbest Fox ideas ever.”

      Their programmers will take your remark as a challenge. “You think *that’s* dumb, just wait…”

      1. It’s fine, Fox will cancel it after 3 episodes anyway.

    4. Not dumber than cancelling firefly.

    5. Does every trailer now have to have the Inception “Bwwwaaa!’?

  109. help, I filtered everyone. How do I fix it?

    1. (silence)

    2. We can’t help you, since you filtered all of us, now can we?

  110. Attention whore whines about getting attention:

    “Lorde blasts paparazzo for making her life a misery”…..-a-misery/

    Shaddup or quit cashing the checks, twit.

    1. I bet there will be a bunch of comments on tabloid webpages decrying this guy. Watch.

      1. I’ve never heard her (AFAIK); is Lorde a lefty whining about how the world is screwed up and hinting that the gov’t should fix it buy any chance?

        1. Probably but she’s also a 17 year old popstar. I can’t imagine any of her public persona isn’t manufactured.

          1. I suppose these paparazzi come with the territory, but stars don’t have to pretend it’s fun to have people following them and photographing them without giving them any compensation.

            I admire the dogged stalker-y determination of the paparazzi, and only wish that the rest of the media would show the same doggedness digging out political scandals that these photogs exhibit in getting pictures of actresses and musicians.

            1. without giving them any compensation.

              Maybe not directly but they do benefit, especially pop stars. That’s the game.

              That said I’m not gonna fault some teen girl from bitching about it.

            2. I admire the dogged stalker-y determination of the paparazzi, and only wish that the rest of the media would show the same doggedness digging out political scandals that these photogs exhibit in getting pictures of actresses and musicians.

              According to shriek they demonstrate that persistent doggedness for FAKE SKANDLEZ!!1!1!1!!`

            3. I suppose these paparazzi come with the territory, but stars don’t have to pretend it’s fun to have people following them and photographing them without giving them any compensation.

              I have a friend who is a publicist with several clients who are fairly famous (one could legitimately be called a mega-star), he has told me that they (meaning the “public image” industry) frequently arrange for paparazzi to be at certain places for their clients to be photographed.

              The reason film stars go “shopping” (when almost all of them have assistants or personal shoppers to do it for them) or go to yoga/the gym/whatever wearing flattering outfits and make-up is because they plan to be photographed.

              Sure, some paparazzi hang out at known locations, and that’s when you get unflattering pics, but the people in showbiz court the paparazzi to keep their names in People and Us Weekly.

              1. And that is really how the paparazzi started. Professional photogs who were employed by Hollywood hang-outs to take photos of the glamorous people and their glamorous friends.

  111. Ladies: Stop saying ‘I have a boyfriend’ when you received unwanted attention from a man

    Yes, this may be the easiest and quickest way to get someone to leave you alone, but the problems associated with using this excuse far outweigh the benefits. There is a quotation that I’ve seen floating around Tumblr recently (reblogged by many of my amazing feminist Tumblr-friends) that goes as follows:

    “Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another male-bodied person more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.”

    This amazingly puts into one sentence what I have been attempting to explain to ex-boyfriends and friends (male and female) for years, mostly unsuccessfully. The idea that a woman should only be left alone if she is “taken” or “spoken for” (terms that make my brain twitch) completely removes the level of respect that should be expected toward that woman. It completely removes the agency of the woman, her ability to speak for herself and make her own decisions regarding when and where the conversation begins or ends.

    Interesting point, but how is it male privilege when the issue is fidelity that most people expect when someone is in relationship? Do women stop flirting with men they know are taken?

    1. I do, however, really like this part:

      I think the solution is simple ? we simply stop using excuses. If a man is coming on to you (and you are not interested ? if you are, go for it, girl!), respond with something like this: “I’m not interested.” Don’t apologize and don’t excuse yourself. If they question your response (which is likely), persist ? “No, I said I’m not interested.”

      “Oh, so you have a boyfriend?”

      “I said, I’m not interested.”

      “So you’re a lesbian, then?”

      “Actually, I’m not interested.”

      “You seem crazy.”

      “Nope, just not interested.”

      Et cetera. You could even, if you were feeling particularly outspoken, engage in a bit of debate with the man in question.

      I personally think that kind of honest debate would be an improvement on the bar scene. You could just sit and watch a debate unfold like that.

      1. Sounds to me like she’s a manipulating bitch.

        (Name that movie.)

        1. Every single one with a female lead?

    2. Interesting point, but how is it male privilege when the issue is fidelity that most people expect when someone is in relationship? Do women stop flirting with men they know are taken?

      Got an easy way to test this theory. Go to a bar with a wedding ring on.

  112. I like the Foo Fighters, and I also like to watch hi-def videos of F-18’s getting launched in to the air off an Aircraft Carrier.

    Here’s is one with both. If you have a hi def TV, it’s worth running it straight. If not, make sure you select the full HD setting because it’s pretty nuts.

    F18 Carrier Ops

    Hey, we’re paying for it, might as well enjoy the video.


    1. That timeline does correspond with the advent and increased usage of fracking. An interesting hypothesis to test. Of course the time graph included is insufficiently large to ascertain if that correlation is merely representative of a small sample size.

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