Cop Shoots Dog. No, Wait! He Shoots Himself. Dog Is Fine.


NBC Los Angeles

I've been nervously waiting for a dog owner whose animal has been killed by police to try to even the score—it's inevitable, even though the outcome will be not so swell for the outraged dog lover. But what if a canicidal cop took active measures to prevent himself from poaching a pooch? Fantasy, you say?

Nope. It happened.

In Riverside County, California, "a large pitbull breed dog attacked" an unnamed sheriff's deputy according to a police spokesman who seems to be having a little trouble taking his own script seriously. "In defense of himself…he fired one round at the dog, and inadvertently struck himself in the leg."

The dog's owner, Jorge Rodriguez, told NBC Los Angeles that the "attack" consisted of his dog barking at the stranger. Rodriguez almost managed to completely suppress his smirk while expressing sympathy for the deputy who tried to kill his dog.

The dog, named Precious and subsequently seen in NBC Los Angeles' news video romping with children in a fenced yard, escaped injury. The "large pitbull breed dog" appears to reach just about knee-high on what looks like a 6-year-old.

According to KCLA, the deputy is fine, beyond his wounded pride and the inevitable ribbing he'll take back at the cop shop. "The deputy was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. He was not bitten."

The deputy wasn't even licked, which the video suggests is a more likely fate after an encounter with Precious.

And Precious' family is just fine too, since nobody could find any wrongdoing to hang on them. "KCAL9's Tom Wait reports the dog was not hit or injured and police will not be taking any further action against the dog or its owner, who was not the person being served."

A 2012 formal report from the U.S. Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services, The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters, advises that "shooting a dog should always be the option of last resort. The safety of fellow officers and bystanders is put at risk in such situations, and when a law enforcement officer shoots a dog that does not constitute a serious threat, community trust is eroded and the department is opened to potential lawsuits and other legal action."

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  1. This is about the best potential outcome – what’s the catch?

    1. Could have been better. He could have hit an artery.

      1. Could have been better. He could have hit an artery.

        I could not possibly agree more.

    2. Taxpayers will now pay disability to the officer for the rest of his life while he goes skiing on that leg, or works in another jurisdiction in the same job he “can’t do anymore”.

      1. Auric, you must be taking crazy pills. Nothing like that ever happens.


        1. He’s living out his dreams, in spite of his crippling disability.. He’s sooo courageous, an true example for us all. Why would you take that from him? Why do you hate the handicapped?

          1. Coincidentally, my cousin who actually IS handicapped with cerebral palsy is living out her dream. She has been living in the UK since 2004, has collaborated on works that are performed at the Globe Theater, written a book, made documentaries, and spoke at the TEDx Conference is Las Vegas last week.

            She has done all of this on her own without the taxpayers footing the bill. My aunt and uncle don’t even pay for it. So yeah, fuck this guy.

            1. Apparently, this guy seems to be beyond shaming, which appears to be the extent of reprisal against such an egregious shitbag in NYC. With any luck, he’ll fall into an open manhole, and the world will move on…

              1. I’m hoping he takes a 200 mph tire to the teeth.

      2. Yeah but that’s not all downside.

        I mean taxpyers were going to be paying his salary one way or another and which is worse, paying him and having him out on the streets “working” or paying him and now having him out on the streets?

        1. Maybe we could expand on it?

          Sort of like the stupid gun buybacks they are always engaging in. A cop buyback where we pay them just to go home and stop policing?

        2. It’s worth to be paying him and the guy they hired to replace him.

          1. The only thing worse would be no EDIT BUTTON!

  2. You fucking with us, 2Chilly?

  3. Shoot yourself first, ask questions later.

  4. KCAL9’s Tom Wait reports

    This seems like an appropriate reason to listen to Rain Dogs all day at work today.

    1. “But I’ve always kinda been partial to calling myself up on the phone and asking myself out, you know? Oh yeah, you call yourself up too huh? Yeah, well one thing about it, your always around. Yeah I know, yeah you ask yourself out, you know, some class joint somewhere. The Buretto King or something, you know. Well I ain’t cheap you know. Take yourself out for a couple of drinks maybe. Then there’d be some provocative conversation on the way home. Park in front of the house you know. Oh yeah, you smoothly put a little nice music on, maybe you put on like uh, you know, like shopping music, something thats not too interruptive you know and then uh slide over real nice and say ‘Oh I think you have something in your eye’. Well maybe it’s not that romantic with you but Christ I don’t know, you know I get into it you know. Take myself up to the porch, take myself inside or maybe uh, or may get a little something, a brandy snifter or something. ‘Would like you like to listen to some of my back records? I got something here’ Uh Well usually about 2.30 in the morning you’ve ended up taking advantage of yourself. There ain’t no way around that you know. Yeah, making a scene with a magazine, there ain’t no way around. I’ll confess you know, I’m no different you know. I’m not weird about it or anything, I don’t tie myself up first. I just kinda spend a little time with myself”

    2. This reporter is big in Japan.

  5. Reverse Puppycide! Nice! Made my Friday, thanks.

  6. He’s lucky that cop didn’t die, otherwise the owner would be charged with the cop’s death because of a made up felony charge (“attacking” the officer).

    1. One of our noble Heroes in Blue?, killed in the line of duty, while protecting us all from evil would be the headline. The torrential downpour of new laws and regulations crafted by police unions and shilled by politicians afterwards (covering everything but individual stupidity/responsibility) would be staggering… Because, they just want to make it home after their shifts…

    1. + 1 Nelson

  7. First he wet himself, then he shot himself.

  8. The dog, named Precious and subsequently seen in NBC’s NBC Los Angeles’s news video romping with children in a fenced yard, escaped injury. The “large pitbull breed dog” appears to reach just about knee-high on what looks like a 6-year-old.

    Kudos to the NBC station for cutting to the kids playing with what looks like a lapdog wagging its tail at the kids as the dipshit is saying “large pitbull breed dog”.

  9. Ha, check out in the NBC video as the copper, being loaded into the ambulance, crosses his wrists in front of him like he’s ejecting from an F-14. GET THAT MAN A MEDAL.


      He gets the dumbass of the day award. He didn’t even qualify for dumbass of the week.

  10. OK, does A2 mean we can arm dogs along with bears?

    1. They are not People or Bears, and thus can only carry arms when serving in the militia.

    2. What kind of bears are we talking about here? I’ve been confused for a bear when I’ve gone out in Boys Town with friends, being a 6’1″, burly fella with a good amount of scruff. If these are the bears you are referring to, then yes, we should arm them.

  11. I have a tear in my eye…

    Of joy.

    If only it could have been fatal.

    1. If only it could have been fatal.

      Hopefully the humiliation and shame will prove fatal later down the road.

  12. Reason is the number one reason that taking my dog to the off leash dog friendly open space near my home makes me extremely nervous. My dog (a pit and gsd mix) is a giant pansy, but almost every time he sees someone at there that looks out of place (someone dressed oddly, without a dog), he barks for about 10s until I tell him to back off. A cop is going to show up one day and come down the hill for no good reason, my dog will bark to alert me, and he will die.

  13. Let’s not forget theclassics, too.

    1. Some things never get old, but I have to admit… he took it like a champ.

      1. Some things never get old, but I have to admit… he took it like a champ.

        But the ensuing humiliation, well, he took that like a little bitch.

        After the video was leaked, he sued the DEA for humiliation, emotional cruelty, yada yada.


    1. so that’s the name of that song, thx

  14. Between firemen, EMT’s and other cops, exactly how many of our noble public servants are in that video ? A dozen ? In fairness, it’s a wonder SWAT didn’t show up when the “officer down” call went out.

  15. Its a shame he didn’t shoot his own nuts off… well… he apparently doesn’t haven’t any anyways.

  16. Nice of him to intentionally try and miss the dog. Props to Tuccille for creating the much-needed word canicidal (which currently had a red squiggly line beneath, but may not in years to come).

  17. See, the assumption is that dog shootings are about panicky cops “defending” themselves. They’re not. Dog shooting are about terrifying the target into submission with the implicit threat “you’re next”.

  18. Cop shoots himself in the leg…..Precious.

  19. This story is good news on so many levels ….

  20. this guy seems to be beyond shaming, which appears to be the extent of reprisal against such an egregious shitbag in NYC

  21. Take yourself out for a couple of drinks maybe.

  22. Idiot cop – Amazing he didn’t accidentally shoot any of those kids. No Social IQ or Emotional Empathy. Don’t you know dogs naturally behave like that? They will always protect & defend their family against approaching strangers. But many cops are ignorant or just don’t care — shoot first, consequences later, but they don’t care about the consequences, or the kids, or the family’s feelings, etc. These kind of cops who wrongfully shoot dogs are only militant robots trained to react, not think, or know anything about canine nature. Stupid gun-heads. But hey, guns & violence are the culturally indoctrinated American Way, right?

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