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Illinois, Defying Federal Policy, Wants to Let Medical Marijuana Licensees Have Guns


Illinois is reportedly intending to bravely flout federal policy regarding medical marijuana and the right to possess weapons, the Chicago Tribune reports:

The Illinois Department of Public Health had proposed requiring gun owners to give up their firearms if they became medical marijuana patients.

But after howls of protest from gun owners and marijuana users alike, regulators are dropping that prohibition, according to someone with knowledge of the rules who spoke on condition of anonymity….

The revised state rules are due to come out publicly Friday. They will then go to a legislative committee which will consider further changes before finalizing the regulations, clearing the way for business and patient applications in the fall, and possibly for marijuana distribution next year.

As readers of Reason know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) considers what Illinois is seemingly willing to allow to be a no-no.

To the feds, state-legal medical marijuana licensees, as I reported back in 2011, "fall afoul of Sect. 922(g) of the federal criminal code (from the 1968 federal Gun Control Act), which says that anyone "who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance" is basically barred from possessing or receiving guns or ammo."

Nick Gillespie blogged back in January on Illinois, medical pot, and gun rights, when the state was planning to try to obey federal policy and keep its pot licence holders from owning guns.

I reported about the Wilson v. Holder case attempting to vindicate medical marijuana licensees Second Amendment right in 2011 when the suit was filed, and last month when a federal judge threw it out of court (though it may appeal its way back in, the lawyers in the case tell me). As more states license medical marijuana users, this particular confusing element of Second Amendment law is going to demand some more judicial decision making, and hopefully judicial sense that recognizes that merely being permitted to use certain medicines should not bar you form exercising a core constitutional right to self-defense.

Alas, the decision in the 2008 Heller case—which I wrote a book about, Gun Control on Trialleft too many annoying ambiguities in the hows whens and whys of federal encroachment on the Second Amendment—a matter I wrote a Reason feature article about in our April issue.

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    Twitter is a rich vein of derp.

    1. I really want a “read-only” button on twitter to make sure I don’t accidentally retweet something and have a shitstorm come my way.

      1. I saw something the other day that 45% of Twitter users never tweet. So there’s a lot of people reading for the derp I think.

        1. I find some good snark. Jokes. Tech news. Occasionally non-tech news. And drama about what celebrity or not celebrity said what terrible thing.

    2. It’s fucking amazing how Oswaldt can tweet this and the fucking mongoloids who give him shit about it are completely un-self-aware that it’s exactly what his point was. I cannot believe how bone-crushingly stupid some people are. I guess it shocks me a bit because I normally never read shit like Twitter and I only associate with non-retarded people and I hide anyone on Facebook who says anything even slightly political. But fuck, man. Their un-self-aware stupidity is just…embarrassing. And frightening.

      1. These are the children and grandchildren of Herbert Marcuse. Tolerance means only tolerance for their views. Free speech means silencing dissent, then speaking freely about things they’ve already agreed on.

        Twitter exists to confirm my misanthropic bias.

      2. My favorite is this one:

        felixgallo @felixgallo
        @pattonoswalt @MarkSteynOnline steyn conflates disagreement with censorship. You’re better than that.

        Except for the multiple examples of actual censorship that Steyn cites in his article. He mentions things like legislators in Britain trying to make it so the BBC has to get permission to allow climate ‘deniers’ on their shows.

        From Steyn’s article:

        In London, a multitude of liberal journalists and artists responsible for everything from Monty Python to Downton Abbey sign an open letter in favour of the first state restraints on the British press in three and a quarter centuries.

        And in Canberra the government is planning to repeal Section 18C ? whoa, don’t worry, not all of it, just three or four adjectives; or maybe only two, or whatever it’s down to by now, after what Gay Alcorn in the Age described as the ongoing debate about ‘where to strike the balance between free speech in a democracy and protection against racial abuse in a multicultural society’.

        I’m having a difficult time figuring out how passing anti-free press laws and arguing that we need to ‘strike a balance’ with free speech can possibly be considered anything other than censorship. This person is a fucking moron.

    3. “free speech” to people like steyn seems to be “I can make shit up & just say it”

      You are a genius.

  2. I got to use Google Glass today. And now I want one. Once the bugs are ironed out and it gets cheaper anyway.

    1. Waiting for google contact.

      1. FTTB. Fiber to the brain.

  3. But after howls of protest from gun owners and marijuana users alike, regulators are dropping that prohibition, according to someone with knowledge of the rules who spoke on condition of anonymity….

    Are we in the Twilight Zone? Illinois lawmakers are listening to gun owners and not taking away their rights?

    1. Ya the seemingly reasonable shit from the place that hosts ChiDerplandia is fucking me up

    2. I’m wondering if the last census shifted enough Illinois representation out of Chicago to downstate to make a difference.

      That or hell froze over.

  4. Tony|4.17.14 @ 8:32PM|#

    Can’t say it better than Mr. Stevens.

    Another day, another industry lobby telling libertarians what to think.

    Rev Match|4.17.14 @ 8:46PM|#

    Do you not speak English? Even if you completely ignore the historical context, the elaborations on 2A expressed by the people who wrote it, and the definitions of the terms used as they were defined at the time of its writing you still end up with a sentence composed of a prepositional phrase and a statement. The statement is, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (“people” in contrast to “militia”) Though, I suppose elementary sentence structure goes way over your head.

    1. Fuck Stevens in his statist ass.

      I was raised a Unitarian and went along with all the progressive ideas, including their interpretation of the constitution and BoR, for much of my young life. Then one day I thought back to my 7th grade US history class and remembered how the constitutional convention could not agree to ratify the constitution until a set of rights for the people were amended to it. By simple grade school logic here is no way to interpret any of the 10 enamored rights as anything but rights for the people. Trying to twist them into powers granted to the state is to overlook the fundamental reason why they were added.

      If European or Asian nations decide to disarm their people, or all jump off a cliff for that matter, to pretend that makes them “civilized” I see no reason the US should feel any pressure to follow suit. Progtards who want to follow European or Asian political thought like this can enroll in classes to learn the language of their preferred nation and emigrate if that’s the kind of society they want to live in.

      1. Don’t you know that is sensible, common sense Constitutional interpretation, “the people” in the Second Amendment are totally different from the “the people” in the First, Fourth, and Ninth Amendments, despite having been drafted and ratified by the same people?

    2. The argument from the left that the first couple words of the second amendment somehow negates the rest is frankly absurd.

      Let’s say the Constitution said ‘The press being necessary for the functioning of a free society, the free speech of the people shall not be infringed.’

      By the logic of the left, the above sentence means everyone other than the press can have their freedom of speech infringed. The first clause of that sentence is simply giving one reason why the freedom of speech is important, and in no way negates the second clause.

      Yet somehow progressives apparently lose the ability to read when it comes to the 2nd.

      1. As I stated above, you don’t even have to go that far. In fact I see engaging progs in the ‘first clause’ discussion as diverting attention from explaining the truth about what the BoR was all about.

        Each of the ten rights enamored in the BoR are, according to the people who wrote them, rights granted by nature to every individual. Pretending that grammar or punctuation shows something else is grasping at imaginary straws.

        1. What’s most infuriating about progressives is that they completely lie about their goals. There is no way anyone could read the BOR and come to the conclusion that it comes out in favor of gun control.

          The problem is this: If leftists flat out said “I hate the Constitution and want to eliminate the Bill of Rights,” which is essentially the truth, they would never win an election. So they come out with basely ludicrous arguments so that they can pretend to be pro-Constitution while ignoring what the Constitution actually says.

          The idea that the second amendment, which contains the words ‘shall not be infringed,’ can in any way be construed to allow gun control from the federal government is the sort of insanity that could only exist in a left-wing fever dream.

          1. I am grateful that we have been able to retain as much of our RKBA into the internet era. For so long the largest majority of Americans got everything they knew about “the evils of gun ownership” from the MSM with only a whisper of counterargument.

            Now with the internet there are a significant number of Americans with an understanding of the truth – I contend that this is a major reason why CCW has become more available. As more Americans enjoy and understand their freedoms the movement has more potetial to gain momentum and snowball.

  5. April Fools was 17 days ago, guys.

  6. East Texas county of Orange proclaims April “Confederate History and Heritage Month”, and, well you can guess what follows

    Some residents in Orange County want the county to reconsider a recent decision proclaiming this April “Confederate History and Heritage Month”.

    County commissioners unanimously approved the proclamation Monday.

    “I feel that it resurrected some of the bad feelings of the 19th century, and I think people need to move on,” said Orange County resident Ralph Hawkins.

    County Judge Carl Thibodeaux says this is at least the 5th year in a row that April, the month in which the Civil War began, has been named Confederate Heritage Month in Orange County.

    Thibodeaux says the request has been made every year by the Orange division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the same organization that is constructing a Confederate war memorial on MLK Drive in Orange.

    Part of the proclamation states, “It is important for all citizens of Orange County to reflect upon our past and to respect the devotion of her Confederate leaders, soldiers, and citizens to the cause of Southern Liberty”.

    “We’re not condoning anything that happened during the Civil War, we’re not saying it was right or wrong, all we’re doing is honoring those individuals that lost their lives in the Civil War doing something they thought was right at the time,” said Thibodeaux.

    1. respect the devotion of her Confederate leaders, soldiers, and citizens to the cause of Southern Liberty”.

      The liberty to steal the labor and abridge the natural rights of people because they fell out of the wrong woman’s vagina? Bravo, gents.

      Maybe they can march around with a copy of the Texas Declaration of Secession

      She[Texas] was received as a commonwealth holding, maintaining and protecting the institution known as negro slavery – the servitude of the African to the white race within her limits – a relation that had existed from the first settlement of her wilderness by the white race, and which her people intended should exist in all future time.

      1. The amazing thing is that Mexico abolished slavery in 1826 and one of the first things the Republic of Texas did was bring it back.

        1. The Texicans didn’t bring it back so much as they ignored the law. That and the law that required they convert to Catholicism.

    2. “constructing a Confederate war memorial on MLK Drive in Orange.”


      1. I totally support *understanding* the history of that era, which is fascinating, but *celebrating* the side which had race-based slavery as its “cornerstone”?

        1. Is a war memorial a celebration?

          I can support the vietnam wall without supporting the us involvement.

          1. I think memorials are fine as long as they serve an instructive purpose rather than glorification.

            I wouldn’t want to glorify the ‘Lost Cause’ of the Confederacy so much as remind people living today of the incredible cost of war.

            1. I think the phrase “the cause of Southern Liberty” puts the resolution into the glorifying category.

              1. And while I can’t speak to this specific memorial, I think I know the general attitude the SCV brings to such projects:

                “The citizen-soldiers who fought for the Confederacy personified the best qualities of America. The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South’s decision to fight the Second American Revolution. The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These attributes are the underpinning of our democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built.

                “Today, the Sons of Confederate Veterans is preserving the history and legacy of these heroes, so future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause.”


                1. The citizen-soldiers who fought for the Confederacy personified the best qualities of America.

                  What’s that? Run faster than the conscription officer?

                  The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South’s decision to fight the Second American Revolution.

                  Most importantly, the freedom of your economic and political betters to hold other human beings in slavery.

                  The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

                  So…tenacity = morality? The Golden Horde must have been the greatest force for good the world has ever seen.

                  These attributes are the underpinning of our democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built.

                  A democracy in which a majority of the populations in several states enjoyed neither representation or rights, but hey, who’s keeping score?

        2. What about commemorating upwards of a million people who were killed during an invasion?

          1. If you want to have a candlelight vigil for the casualties of FedGov’s Crazy Iraqi Adventure, you have my blessing.

    3. Give me a fucking break. I can appreciate that the South’s nostalgia for the antebellum South, whitewashed as it is, is not a reflection of racism. Besides that…

      The Civil War was, at its core, a slaveholders’ revolt which dragged the rest of the South (somewhat grudgingly) into a war they couldn’t win, with the intent of creating a country which couldn’t thrive under its despotic taskmasters, with the intent of enslaving millions of people and expanding that insidious institution. It is wonderful that such a movement was crushed without mercy, and while it is appropriate to mourn the dead and to hail the inventiveness of its people, it is not appropriate to mourn the tyrannical regime they fought for.

      1. The Civil War was, at its core, a slaveholders’ revolt which dragged the rest of the South (somewhat grudgingly) into a war they couldn’t win, with the intent of creating a country which couldn’t thrive under its despotic taskmasters, with the intent of enslaving millions of people and expanding that insidious institution.

        To believe this, you have to completely ignore secession as a right of association. You also have to ignore the fact that the vast majority of southerners, especially those that composed the Confederate army, did not own slaves and that slavery, in general, was on the downturn for economic reasons (ergo, it was not a driving factor of the conflict.). Finally, where was the USG given the power to invade and occupy a state? Oh, right, that is defined as treason.

        1. To believe this, you have to completely ignore secession as a right of association.

          To believe this, you have to ignore the right of association of millions of slaves.

          on the downturn for economic reasons (ergo, it was not a driving factor in the conflict)

          Non sequitur. Your parenthetical doesn’t ergo from your premise.

          1. I think you miss the point. President Lincoln did not want to end slavery, as can be told by reading his first inaugural address.

            I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. – A. Lincoln


            I am against slavery as much as a moral person is. However, things like the above are why I consider the “Civil War” to have been more about economics (See: tariffs) and the relationship of the USG to the states (and, by extension, all levels to one another) than about the issue of bondage.

            Also, Consider that Lincoln waged what still exists today as America’s bloodiest war (even when combining casualties from all other wars) This was “justified” by citing an assault in which no one was injured or killed.

    1. mmmmmmmmmm… Vidalia onions.

      Almost as good as Walla Walla Sweets.

  7. I see the Civil War is on the menu again, so…

    A fraternity at George Washington University (D.C.) is putting on an original musical about Abraham Lincoln.

    “In one scene, Lincoln has a nightmare in which James Monroe, James K. Polk and George Washington argue over his abilities to keep the Union together, but instead of yelling, they’re singing. The promotional posters and Facebook photos for the show include male cast members playing characters like Mary Todd Lincoln in period-style dresses….

    “Producing, promoting and starring in a theatrical production, even on a small scale, comes with hurdles. It’s been difficult to secure rehearsal space, and administrators even asked to screen the script for “controversial” material, [Colin] O’Brien [creator of the musical] said.”…..onal-cast/

  8. Judge Napolitano! Writes about freedom! (and some icky stuff)

    “Free will is a characteristic we share in common with God. He created us in His image and likeness. As He is perfectly free, so are we.

    “When the government takes away our free will, the government steals a gift from God; it violates the natural law; it prevents us from having and utilizing the means to the truth….

    “We know from the events 2,000 years ago…” well, read the rest yourself.…..-for-dead/

    1. I stopped watching with the hummingbird thing.

      Who is this Nathan guy, just in case I’m too lazy to look?

      1. I stopped watching with the hummingbird thing.

        Your ADHD didn’t serve you well. The big payoff comes at the end.

        Who is this Nathan guy, just in case I’m too lazy to look?

        Just some dude with a comedy show.

        1. OK, I’ll take another look, unless I’m distracted by something shiny.

          1. Wait, was Nathan actually offended or was it part of his bit?

            1. I leave that up to you.

              It’s like a Zen koan.

              1. +1 sound of one hand fapping

        2. Just some dude with a comedy show.

          He looks a tiny bit like he was interrupted very early in the makeup process for a drag show.

          1. don’t judge me!

            /runs out of room crying

    2. dick jokes?

      1. That’s the low concept. The high concept is genius. His observation that caricatures are the insult comedy of art is brilliant and the humor from take that observation to its logical conclusion is epically funny.

        1. The guy in the video was a piker.


          Ooh, here’s one:


          1. The Irishman in the second picture looks just like my dear Papa.

            1. Yeah, and this jpg is yo mama:


            2. The one on the left or the right? You all look the same to me.

    3. You know, the funniest things I ever encountered were as a kid – I mean, when I thought I would never breathe again.

      Both jokes started out as unintentional.

      One was a student essay quoted by a guy (Richard Lederer) collected student bloopers – it’s the sentence beginning “Sir Francis Drake.”

      The other joke was the newspaper headline beginning with the word “British”…..dlines.htm

      If you can make people laugh like that, you are a benefactor of mankind. And maybe womankind, though I’m not entirely sure about that.

      1. I knew Lederer when he lived in NH. I have two of his books, signed of course.

        Never had the heart to tell him that I hate, hate, hate puns.

        1. Then I wish *I’d* met him and you’d met…whoever your hero is.

          1. Batman. My hero is Batman.

          2. I’m pretty sure HM’s hero is whoever first uttered the phrase ‘Dat Ass.’

            1. whoever first uttered the phrase ‘Dat Ass.’

              Which was Batman

          3. Richard was one of the most genuine and kindest men I’ve met. I hope you do meet him one day. Last I heard, he was in FL.

            1. I’d like to meet him, but the odds don’t seem that great.

        2. Wha..? A linguist who hates puns?

          Shiiiyahht… puns are one reason the goaded me to continue learning Japanese.

          I once was having lunch with a half dozen Japanese co-workers and I mentioned that I always restrain myself from capitalizing on the puns that pop into my head during the day. They invited me to let it all out and ad lib during our conversation.

          After one minute they were chuckling. After three minutes they were incredulous. Japanese is so easy to pun.

          1. I should have specified punning in English. In many East Asian languages, especially tonal languages like Chinese, punning is high art.

            1. OK, then I will punnish you –

              You’ve heard of country fried steak?


              Ever think about what country it was fried in?

              Oh, ha ha.


              1. Finish it off with some Turkey.

                Now you’ve made me Hungary.

                By the way, how do you make a Maltese Cross with only one match? Light it and scorch his nose hairs with it.

                1. No more. Waiter, bring me the Czech.

  9. Illinois, Guns, and Sin Taxes, All Wrapped Up In One Neat Package

    Police accuse a Chicago man of pulling out a submachine gun in a convenience store because he didn’t want to pay a 22-cent tax on a two-liter bottle of soda.

    A Cook County judge ordered 36-year-old Nahshon Shelton held without bail after the Sunday afternoon incident. Shelton is charged with aggravated assault, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and having an invalid Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

    I’m not saying he’s right…but I understand.

  10. User Actions

    Jesse Walker
    @petersuderman She says “sequels generally suck.” I say “Robin Williams movies generally suck.”


    1. The night we learned Jenny McCarthy has more influence in Canada than we thought possible.

  11. Interviews with anti-NRA protesters…..ign=buffer

    1. Toooo much stupid… it burns!

  12. Conan O’Brien Smears Pope Francis with Pedophile Joke

    1. A tale of low hanging fruit, and little men…

  13. Indian politician Abu Asim Azmi told a reporter that women who have premarital sex should be hanged, even if they’re raped.

    1. “Abu Azmi, of India’s Socialist Party”

  14. Conan “Is that guy still on?” O’Brien

    1. (reply to W of P at 11:24)

      1. 11:21

  15. CFL News: The Montreal Alouettes have signed former Pro Bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson.

  16. Not sure if you guys read it yet, but Steyn’s latest is pretty epic.

    The slow death of free speech

    A generation ago, progressive opinion at least felt obliged to pay lip service to the Voltaire shtick. These days, nobody’s asking you to defend yourself to the death: a mildly supportive retweet would do. But even that’s further than most of those in the academy, the arts, the media are prepared to go. As Erin Ching, a student at 60-grand-a-year Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, put it in her college newspaper the other day: ‘What really bothered me is the whole idea that at a liberal arts college we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion.’ Yeah, who needs that? There speaks the voice of a generation: celebrate diversity by enforcing conformity.

    1. I hope Eric Ching never meets that caricaturist to whom HM introduced us…

      1. a culture that can’t bear a dissenting word on race or religion or gender fluidity or carbon offsets is a society that will cease to innovate, and then stagnate, and then decline, very fast.


        Anyways, Tony, what were you saying about us Fascist libertarians?


          1. Would that be considered derp-p0rn?

    2. Steyn is pretty awesome, skewering these progtards like they are shish ke bob. I thoroughly enjoy his writing, it’s crisp and devastating to these fucking idiots.

  17. Waldo has gone rogue…can you find him?

    (from Twitter)

    1. Top right of the screen, not quite in the corner.

      1. You were supposed to give the other guys a chance.

  18. Eighty-six posts? You guys can do better.

    1. I would but I’m watching hockey.

        1. He didn’t even say soorry.

          1. you don’t apologize for watching hockey

          2. I didn’t hear any apologies from you, either!

            1. What should I be apologizing for? My last post is still on the Reasonable list. I’m participating as much as is appropriate.

          3. She likes to pardon people. Makes her feel powerful

    2. Your faith in us is inspiring.

  19. Triple OT in St Louis. Oh boy, what a Dandy!

    1. Fucking great games.

      Playoff Hockey: there is nothing that comes close in terms of championship series.

      1. and OT in Denver!

      2. ^^^^This is true

  20. Apparently the guy peeing had eaten some GMO corn.

    1. Ahhh, Portland. They are a race to the bottom with Seattle to see who can clutch the prog/derp pearls tighter. 30 years ago both these towns were a lot of fun.

  21. Finally got banned from Raw Story. But this person wasn’t:

    Ghost_of_Bastiat IMPOed ? 5 hours ago
    “Our, our, our”. Where does this sense of entitlement come from?

    You are no more entitled to the factory job than a candlemaker or lamplighter was entitled to his when the light bulb came and put them out of business.

    “(hiding it in offshore accounts)”

    And it just sits their doing nothing? Or is it used for capital investment that is necessary for a robust economy?

    FcukTheArmy Ghost_of_Bastiat ? 5 hours ago
    fuck you

    He got a few upvotes for that and no warning at all. But oh well, waste of time anyway.

    1. I like the butthurt you got out of him.

      1. I know. I feel I at least went out on a high note. Here is more context to that discussion:

        iyamtoo Ghost_of_Bastiat ? 7 hours ago
        You are right. I should lick my local millionaire/billionaire bootheels without bitching. Fuck you.
        10 ? Reply?Share ?

        Ghost_of_Bastiat iyamtoo ? 6 hours ago
        How does someone else being rich make you poorer?
        ? Edit? Reply?Share ?

        IMPOed Ghost_of_Bastiat ? 6 hours ago
        They take our jobs away, (send them overseas), they take our wages, (Same), they take our money, (hiding it in offshore accounts), they have bought our government, to operate as they see fit.
        I won’t belittle people for getting rich, but assholes like the Koch Bros. are nothing short of the worst of parasites, sucking their host dry, killing us, slowly!!

        They at least left the rest of my comments up…

    1. Wow…and I thought Islam was the religion of peace.

  22. Serious Man is insisting I participate. So…this is my participation. Where is my badge?

    1. ,—__,——__—.

      1. Damn it!

        It has less than and greater than.

      1. This is….acceptable.

    2. Animal Hero, First Class.

        1. all hail, kibby, i bow down at your feet.

          1. See, everyone? THIS is how things are supposed to be. Take notes.

            1. Heck, if you can hold your own around this pack of wolves kudos are definitely in order.

  23. Why the fuck do I keep watching Nightline. I started when shit was happening circa 79. Koppel was pretty good then, got worse as the years went by. Now it’s fucking idiotic…story tonight about Alaskan Brown Bears which is coming up from Disney , (John C Riley narrating) and projecting human traits on animals tha survive by killing other animals. Disney is back in Bambi mode 5 decades later. Ironic…I guess the sheeple don’t know the difference.

    1. Simple. Same audience.

  24. Rolling with the punches man, thats what its all about.

  25. If Ill. repealed all its marijuana laws, would it then become federally illegal for all residents of the state to carry guns?

  26. It would make more sense to not allow drinkers to own guns. =/

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