Watch Nick Gillespie and Remy Tonight on Red Eye! 3 A.M. E.T. on Fox News Channel


I'll be on Fox News Channel's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight. The fun starts at 3 A.M. Eastern Time and runs for an hour on Fox News.

TV's Andy Levy is guest hosting along with Joanne Nosuchinsky. The other guests include The Daily Caller's Will Rahn and Remy, star of many wonderful Reason TV videos (including the newish one at the bottom of this post).

For more details, go here.

Greg Gutfeld is promoting his new book, Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You.

I highly recommend it, and not simply because it contains this utterly unconvincing and unsubsidized blurb about Reason: "The smartest magazine around. You want proof? Both me and [Andrew Breitbart] applied for jobs there, and both of us were turned down. I hold no grudges."

While I have my disagreements with Not Cool (among other things, Gutfeld disses leather jackets and refers to a particular character actor as "sexy, in a male Angela Lansbury sorta way"), it's a comic tour de force that blows apart the pretensions of those who would tell us all what to think and how to live.

For more on his tour schedule—including a Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida swing, go here.