Justin Amash

Justin Amash Unimpressed With Obama's NSA Reforms


The libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), leader of the House Liberty Caucus, tells The Hill that President Barack Obama's suggested reforms to the way the National Security Agency collects bulk data may actually make a bad situation worse:

Amash told The Hill that he wants the Judiciary Committee to pass Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr.'s (R-Wis.) "USA Freedom Act," which goes further than the administration and Intelligence leaders to curb the NSA's surveillance programs.

The bill from Sensenbrenner, a primary author of the 2001 Patriot Act, would stop the bulk collection of phone records and require data collection to be tied to a specific investigation.

"We don't have enough information about the administration's proposal to really understand where they're going with it," Amash said Wednesday.

"We've seen some of what the House Intelligence Committee has put out. … Based on what I've read about it, it appears to expand the NSA's authority," he said. "It doesn't end bulk collection but actually puts more Americans in danger of having their constitutionally protected rights violated."

Amash told The Independents Wednesday that the USA Freedom Act would pass the House if it were brought up for a vote:

Nick Gillespie interviewed Amash last year.

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  1. “We don’t have enough information about the administration’s proposal to really understand where they’re going with it,” Amash said Wednesday.

    They’re going just far enough with it to shut critics up.

    1. That kind of action makes me criticize them even more.

    2. “Based on what I’ve read about it, it appears to expand the NSA’s authority,” he said. “It doesn’t end bulk collection but actually puts more Americans in danger of having their constitutionally protected rights violated.”

      It would appear they’re going just far enough with it to *double down*.

  2. It’s stupefying to me how Obama is getting away with this shell game involving billions of private conversations. Amash is dead-on here. If Justin Amash ever leaves politics I’ll neck slap him. The entire legislative body is so fucking full of rotgut a couple of these Libertarian-minded folks are looking like Christ riding a sled of Buddha’s.

    1. The Obamessiah can get away with anything, even things that would have the Obots reaching for pitchforks and torches if a member of Team Red tried them. True believers gotta truly believe.

  3. “The libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.)”

    Are you sure he’s no a member of UKIP?

    “With the kind of system we currently have, where you can come into the country and get all sorts of benefits, you have to have a secure border,” Amash, a Michigan Republican, said. “You can’t just have people flowing in freely.”


    1. Can you point out where the UKIP wants to provide a path to legality?

      1. This is the best one, seeing as “a path to legality” has nothing to do with open borders.

    2. Also, not sure if you noticed in your rush to play gotcha games, but you’re going after two different authors.

      1. Does it make your butt hurt that Amash isn’t an open borders advocate or what?

        1. Nope. Do you think it’s intellectually responsible to play gotcha games, especially when you’re conflating the opinions of two entirely different people?

          1. It’s not a gotcha game, moron. Maybe the point was libertarians disagree about who can be called a libertarian. Log in as Bo and try again.

            1. yes, it is.

              Maybe the point was libertarians disagree about who can be called a libertarian.

              Wow, such insight. You mean libertarians DISAGREE about who is a libertarian? Jesus fucking christ have you notified the papers?

              1. Glad you got your daily dose of butthurt over such an obvious point, Mr. Reading Comprehension

                1. I think it’s funny that you honestly believe I’m going to swallow that line of bullshit. you’re like a four year old next to a broken glass saying, “it wasn’t me”

                  1. I think it’s funny that you think your incessant irrelevant sniping makes you the arbiter of intellectualism seeing that you can’t get the gist of a fairly obvious point.

  4. We need to pull the plug on the Utah Data Center. And not metaphorically. Amish seems to be a good guy, as much as a politician can be, but tweeking with the surveillance state is a catch-me-if-you-can variation of twerking with it. Bulldoze it.

    And I want to thank Disney and Miley Cyrus for increasing my vocabulary by one word.

    1. Amash is powerless without a considerable number of similarly-minded piers joining him to battle the NSA. He literally has done as much as one man in his position can do- all that is left is tweeking and twerking. Bulldozing requires quite the cadre of signatories and since congress seems to no less corrupt than a seedy Tong this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

      1. Fuck me, I meant ‘peers’. Christ, this site needs an edit toggle for spelling and grammar.

        1. Christ, this site needs an edit toggle for spelling and grammar.

          Yes, but only want to edit other people’s posts. My posts are always pristine, the missing words and misspellings are for ironic affect.

          1. Widgeting?

    2. Heard an interesting thought about the Utah Data Center:

      It’s not data storage. It’s parallel data processing. How much processing power could you stuff into that place?

  5. So – did everyone hear that MY Representative, the ex-CIA tuff gai Mike Rogers (R[acist] – MI] will not seek re-election? He’s stepping down at the end of the term to – wait for it – go into talk radio.

    I’m sure Rush Limbaugh is shaking in his boots.

    I hope the door hits you on the way out Rogers, you war-boner, fascist prick!


    1. Correction: ex-FBI, not CIA.

      Still hope the door hits you, etc.etc.

      1. I wonder if Rogers is being forced out by GOP Top Men – like they did to Michele Bachmann – for being chickenshit retards with their Intel Commitee positions…

  6. I see what you did there, Matt. Had to include you and Kennedy shimmying at the end of the clip. Nice.

  7. “Amash told The Hill that he wants the Judiciary Committee to pass Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr.’s (R-Wis.) “USA Freedom Act,”

    We already have a “freedom act”, otherwise known as “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

    1. Fine, WTF. So they got the title wrong- which should have been “The Reminding All of You MOTHERFUCKERS That We Still Have a Constitution Act”.

      1. Now that is a bill I could support.

    2. “Congress shall make no law…” has one word that few people understand these days. This is the ‘yes, we can’ generation.

      1. WTF is it with people and thinking that talking about “generations” as monolithic blocks is in any way insightful?



  8. Amash should have the balls to go full-on Libertarian or Independent, rather than having that (R) next to his name.

    1. L means loss, brah. WORLDSTAR!

  9. The good Representative is on the right path which by our Constitution is quite clear thanks to James Madison! In writing the 4th Amendment Mr. Madison made this quite clear in the writing and his notes reflecting back to the British “Writs of Assistance” that allowed their soldiers unfettered entry into homes and businesses at will. Our Fourth Amendment carries those exact Rules.

    Madison wrote clearly that a “Warrant” was never to be a “General Warrant” It could be singular to only one citizen and there had to be reasonable knowledge that wrong doing was being committed by that individual. We have violated our most precious right of privacy not only to our telephone but to our computers, and all other electronic appliances.

    Were you aware that your TV now is smart. It can without your knowledge listen or watch you as well as your PC. We will bequeath to our children a police State that Beria would be proud!

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