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Kane on Rothbard, Greenwald on Government Smear Campaigns


Last night on The Independents, the controversial civil-libertarian journalist Glenn Greenwald came on for a two-part interview about his latest intelligence-world scoops, his concerns about traveling to America, and more. Here's part one:

Also on the show, pro wrestler Glenn "Kane" Jacobs explained how he became a libertarian, and what paying taxes four times a year does to the ol' ideology:

No show tonight; Stossel's in that timeslot. The Independents will be back on Friday at 9 pm (6 pm ET) with a special show called "The Grouchy Oscars," featuring Kurt Loder, Kyle Smith, Virginia Postrel, and more. In the meantime you can visit the show's video page for footage of past segments.

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  1. I presume the show’ll be better with Postrel back running things. But, on the other hand, I presume comments will be blocked for that episode.

    1. A very special episode featuring a live drinking game? Never mind the closed comments, they can’t lock down all of the threads.

  2. Last night’s show ran smoothly with only one small portion getting out of control a bit. Otherwise everyone was allowed to finish his or her point, which was refreshing. END OF CRITIQUE.

  3. Since Kane is libertarian, and Bryan Danielson is an avowed socialist, a run-in with a chair would have been entirely appropriate.

  4. Kane on Rothbard[…]

    Oh, no! Kane said the “R” word… in front of Matt!

    The humanity! Oh!

    And Kennedy with the pink eye! What’s next, the wailing of heavenly horns announcing the Day of Final Judgment?

    1. Welch and Gillespie even invoked von Mises’s Bulldog by name in their recent appearance on the Cato podcast. Even owned up to him being a Reason columnist back in the day and didn’t call him out for writing pieces lambasting the establishment’s shoe-shuffling treatment of Hugo Black and Sen. Byrd (or the Weathermen, or revolutionary commies, or Black Panthers, or or or) compared to their blanket party for David Duke, who ran on an economic policy that most every conservative or libertarian would find unobjectionable.

      They did call out Austrianism and Rothbard for the apocalyptic, Schiffian messaging that they’re known for, but that’s small potatoes. If there’s going to be reconciliation between the Rockwell/Cato wings of libertarianism, it’s probably going to have to start with outreach from the cosmos led by articulate and bright and clean-cut and nice-looking guys like Welch.

  5. Am I the only one who finds the sight of a black helicopter rising up behind Greenwald to be ironic and creepy?

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