Heartbreaking Video Released of Woman Watching Cops Kill Her Husband in Oklahoma


As I blogged earlier this month, Luis Rodriguez was killed by cops in an Oklahoma movie theater parking lot after running after his wife after she got in a physical fight with their daughter. 


Cops claim Rodriguez became "combative" and five of them set upon him; by the time the interaction was over he was dead.

As I blogged, they initially took the video his wife took of the incident. Now the video is available at Photography is not a Crime. It's what commenters call a "nutpunch," a real heartbreaker, as she realizes the man she calls "papa" tenderly is dead–a fact the cops lie to her about.

She even gives pretty apt on the scene critique of their technique, why it took five professionals to commit this crime. "Why you came to all this?….Look how you treating him….Can someone tell me why you come to this?…Five men! Training!"

Most interesting/terrible moments: a sort of Monty Pythonesque "he's just pining for the fjords" moment when a cop half-heartedly says to the already completely motionless Rodriguez "calm down sir" (one suspects he was aware of the camera) and the cops telling the woman who just witnessed this that she should "not get herself in trouble." She saw what getting herself in trouble with cops leads to.

Remember: watching that video at the link will upset you.