Rand Paul: Time "to restore vote rights to some Kentucky ex-cons," Rethink War on Drugs. Plus, Ted Nugent Should Apologize For Calling Obama "Subhuman Mongrel"


From the Washington Times, more signs that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is not your father's type of Republican—but definitely his father's Republican. Paul traveled to the Bluegrass State to support legislation that would "restore the voting rights of some nonviolent felons." While there, writes Seth McLaughlin, he also "said it is time for the nation to rethink the 'war on drugs' — putting him in the middle of a couple of thorny debates that put him at odds with many traditional conservatives."

Mr. Paul testified on behalf of a proposed constitutional amendment, which would give Kentucky voters the chance to decide whether to restore voting rights for most ex-felons. The proposal, though, was amended to include mandatory five-year waiting period for felons and an exemption for those with multiple offenses.

"Both parties have had people opposed, and both parties have had people in favor of this," Mr. Paul said. "Ultimately, some compromise will have to come out of this. As I have learned in my short time in politics, I don't always get everything I want."

The reporter talked to me for this story. Here's some of what I told him:

"The guy is serious about approaching politics from a fundamentally different perspective than establishment Republicans and Democrats," said Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of Reason.com, the largest libertarian news website….

"He's obviously interested in wielding power — he's a senator and he's running for president — but his conception of government is fundamentally libertarian," Mr. Gillespie said. "It's about creating a set of minimal, clear and equally applied rules that allow more people to live however they want to, rather than to serve some larger purpose with which they may either agree or not."

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Paul also took to the Twitters to denounce rocker Ted Nugent's characterization of President Obama as a "subhuman mongrel."

Ted Nugent's derogatory description of President Obama is offensive and has no place in politics. He should apologize.

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