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Rand Paul: Time "to restore vote rights to some Kentucky ex-cons," Rethink War on Drugs. Plus, Ted Nugent Should Apologize For Calling Obama "Subhuman Mongrel"


From the Washington Times, more signs that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is not your father's type of Republican—but definitely his father's Republican. Paul traveled to the Bluegrass State to support legislation that would "restore the voting rights of some nonviolent felons." While there, writes Seth McLaughlin, he also "said it is time for the nation to rethink the 'war on drugs' — putting him in the middle of a couple of thorny debates that put him at odds with many traditional conservatives."

Mr. Paul testified on behalf of a proposed constitutional amendment, which would give Kentucky voters the chance to decide whether to restore voting rights for most ex-felons. The proposal, though, was amended to include mandatory five-year waiting period for felons and an exemption for those with multiple offenses.

"Both parties have had people opposed, and both parties have had people in favor of this," Mr. Paul said. "Ultimately, some compromise will have to come out of this. As I have learned in my short time in politics, I don't always get everything I want."

The reporter talked to me for this story. Here's some of what I told him:

"The guy is serious about approaching politics from a fundamentally different perspective than establishment Republicans and Democrats," said Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of Reason.com, the largest libertarian news website….

"He's obviously interested in wielding power — he's a senator and he's running for president — but his conception of government is fundamentally libertarian," Mr. Gillespie said. "It's about creating a set of minimal, clear and equally applied rules that allow more people to live however they want to, rather than to serve some larger purpose with which they may either agree or not."

Read more here.

Paul also took to the Twitters to denounce rocker Ted Nugent's characterization of President Obama as a "subhuman mongrel."

Ted Nugent's derogatory description of President Obama is offensive and has no place in politics. He should apologize.

Paul's Twitter feed here.

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  1. Obama should apologize for being a subhuman mongrel.

    1. An actual subhuman mongrel would probably do less damage.

      1. Do you think we can pull of a swap without the Praetorian Guard noticing?

    2. yeah, but it’s that kind of shit that feeds the Obamabot “they’re all racist” frenzy. Plenty of room to be critical without stooping to the MSNBC level.

      1. True – it’s the sort of remark they want to attribute to all their opponents, or else they’re convinced everyone is thinking it.

      2. ^This. THanks, bassboat.

    3. “Let me be clear. The future belongs to those who do not believe me to be a subhuman mongrel.”

  2. “it is time for the nation to rethink the ‘war on drugs’ ”

    Wouldn’t that imply that somebody in charge actually thought it through at some point in the past? I’m gonna have to see the evidence before I buy that one.

    1. No no! They thought the “war” would be good for them – power, control, a way to scare people into voting for them … it was very much thought out.

      1. Instrumental versus epistemic rationality.

    2. You can’t call them idiots right out of the gate. You have to lead them to concluding they were idiots all along. Or just beat them until they shut up.

      1. Mind if I flip a coin on that?

      2. I’m feeling lazy – can I pay Warty to beat them for me?

        1. Yes. He prefers to be paid in raw meat from animals that suffered greatly before death.

  3. …he also “said it is time for the nation to rethink the ‘war on drugs’ ? putting him in the middle of a couple of thorny debates that put him at odds with many traditional conservatives.”

    Have we heard any specifics on his rethinking the war on drugs? Once primary season gets started for 2016, he’s either going to have to forget what he said here or have any action to “rethink” the WoD far enough behind him to have other bonafides to sell to the GOP crowds.

    1. Yes, it will be interesting to see what he does with this. It looks like he’s staking out this issue, and it’s now a mainstream issue, so I don’t see it going away.

  4. Why does anyone care about what entertainers have to say about public policy or politics?

    Oh yeah, the Perpetual Outrage Machine. Sorry, what was I thinking?

    1. and remember it’s the same outrage machine that had nothing to say when its members made fun of Greg Abbot’s being in a wheelchair.

      1. As sarc points out, it’s all about principals, not principles.

        1. Yep. It’s not what a person says that matters. It’s who the person is that matters.

    2. In this case the entertainer is a board member of the NRA. The brand damage he has done is incalculable.

  5. Nice. So a scumbag entertainer who dodged the draft has the temerity to call someone a “subhuman mongrel”? I’m a Marine veteran, and a libertarian since the mid 90s. Nugent is a douchebag, and Rand is right for calling him out as such.

    1. I don’t agree with what Ted Nugent said but is dodging the draft unlibertarian?

      1. The draft itself is unlibertarian – just another form of involuntary servitude, regardless of the sophistry of the Supreme Court.

      2. No more unlibertarian than an escaped slave.

  6. Many Dems supporti felon voting because they thinknit’s a Civil Rights Issue. Others think felons will tend to vote D. Politically, Rand’s stance will build him up as a voting-rights dandidate.

    1. Rand is a dandy candidate?

      1. It’s just a typo. Don’t get your dander up.

    2. Move over, beyong, we have a new star today. Introducing…thinknit.

      But, yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see how they try to spin this.

      Even if Paul doesn’t win, he’s going to start some important national conversations that will continue after the 2016 election.

  7. Fukit, I’m just going to repost my comment from 24/7.

    “I’d go farther. The entire power structure in this country from the government to large-scale corporations is chock full of subhumans. Subhumans obviously enjoy dictating or maybe it’s the power that cancers the brain into the subhuman condition. Rather than saving the children, outlawing pleasure, destroying choice, and micro-managing society through dictated codification perhaps we should be addressing the legality of power itself as this concept seems to be the alpha construct of human oppression and destruction.”

    1. This whole court is subhuman!

      1. Perhaps, but the commons aren’t out to ruin lives, typically.

  8. Cue joke about the subhumans being offendedmat the comparison. Not that I endorse such a joke.

  9. Just a whole lot of “I don’t care” going on here. Moving on…

  10. All I have heard from Rand Paul about “re-thinking” the War on Drugs is that maybe we should make offenders and users serve less time in prison. Don’t forget that drug enforcers, the growing U.S. prison industry and drug cartels have big money to contribute to political parties. Rand Paul may be somewhat libertarian, but he still needs to be careful who he pisses off.

  11. The problem with Ted Nugent is that he’s exactly who the left would invent as a caricature if he didn’t already exist. Every group’s got its crazy uncles who should be kept locked up in the attic, and Ted’s one, but a lot of Republicans are too damn dumb to realize that.

    1. Also, the NRA…

  12. This may come as a surprise to most here, but every time people like Ted Nugent open their pie holes, another substantial percentage of Independents decide to vote Democrat.

    1. Its a good thing left wing celebs and MSNBC hosts never called George Bush a retarded monkey etc.

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