Tonight on The Independents: Ron Paul on Global Conflagrations, John Stossel on Students For Liberty, Dana Perino on Presidential PR, Plus Spanking, Pussy Riot, War on Women, and 2 Minutes Hate!


As per tradition, the Wednesday installment of The Independents (9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, repeats three hours later) serves up some prime libertarian red meat. Wait, did someone say libertarian red meat? Here's Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and Reason.com columnist Andrew Napolitano on last night's episode, talking about the National Security Agency:

Onward: Kicking off the show tonight is a certain Texas gentleman named Ron Paul, who will offer the non-interventionist perspective on Ukraine, as well as the latest on his petition to grant Edward Snowden clemency. Beloved Fox Business Network broadcaster and Reason.com columnist John Stossel will preview his Thursday night show about the rise of campus libertarianism, as manifested at a recent Students for Liberty conference he and the other Independents co-hosts attended. Former George W. Bush press secretary and current co-host of The Five Dana Perino will provide some behind-the-scenes insight on speaking on behalf of power.

The party panel, consisting of Democratic Party strategist Julie Roginsky and National Review's Charles W. Cooke, will tackle spanking, Pussy Riot, and the War on Women, pretty much in that order. Topical Storm topics will include but not be limited to anti-porn crusaders buying up all the sexy-time T-shirts, and Ted Nugent doing what Ted Nugent always does. And in the segment people for some reason seem to love most, your withering emails, tweets, and Hit & Run comments (and I do mean YOURS), will be read aloud, by the one and only Bernie Maxsmith.

Send your tweets to @IndependentsFBN, hashtag 'em #indFBN, and let the red meat commence!