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Is There a Libertarian Case for Electing Mitch McConnell?


The Daily Caller's W. James Antle III thinks so. From his article at

There is…a libertarian Republican case to be made for McConnell. First, he has always been a fairly conservative member of the leadership team. Protecting free political speech against campaign finance reform laws has always been one of his main causes. That's not exactly a statist position.

Numerous reports have suggested McConnell has laid the groundwork for Obamacare repeal if Republicans retake the Senate, even though his differences with Cruz have made conservatives skeptical. After the Supreme Court upheld the health care law, McConnell was said to be on board with unwinding it via the reconciliation process.

McConnell is also the Republican leader who has been most swayed by Rand Paul's success. The two men made peace after the 2010 primary. McConnell appeared in the 2012 Republican National Convention video tribute to the junior senator's father, presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Read the whole thing here.

I think Antle is correct that Senate Minority Leader McConnell has been wowed by Rand Paul's success (recall that McConnell tried to kneecap Paul's Senate run) and is now effectively taking all his cues from the Bluegrass State's junior senator.

By the same token, from a libertarian angle, McConnell is a pretty freaking great example of just about everything that is wrong with politics. He spends money and eats pork when it behooves him, he loves him the state and the military-industrial complex and so much more. Here's a summary of his record, where libertarian-compliant votes are seriously outnumbered by bad ones.

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  1. I have to say I never expected THAT article to be written.

  2. He’s basically a political weather vane, and you can’t trust someone who will only support you when it seems advantageous to them. That said, I’ll definitely vote for him over the D challenger if he makes it through the primary.

  3. FACT: McConnell was the original actor cast as Jambi on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse but had to quit due to scheduling conflicts

    And this after I said that Nick was Jambi on an Independents thread, after comparing Suder-Man to Pee Wee.

  4. Oh man, we can totally trust this guy not to fuck us the second he feels like his political livelihood is no longer in danger, right guys?! Guys?

  5. McConnell has to suck up to Rand Paul in the same way that Jeff Flake is beholden to John McCain. That alone makes his reelection worth the price of admission. Want to see President Rand Paul in 2016? Reelect Mitch McConnell.

  6. It’s a tough call. On the one hand these assholes need to lose their seats so other Republicans know what happens when you go against fiscal conservatism and sell out.

    But on the other hand, the Democrat is almost always worse and McConnell is useful to Rand Paul. I wouldn’t be too upset if he survives a primary challenge and retains his seat with the knowledge that he needs to vote better.

  7. I would rather have a fair weather friend with an R next to his name in the Senate than a Democrat. If McConnell finds himself surrounded by Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, etc. he will vote with them. He was one of the 18 that did vote for Rand’s budget!

    McConnell is not the most important incumbent primary this election cycle. I’d say that Lindsey Graham is, followed by Thad Cochran and Pat Roberts.

    1. Is there any serious threat of a democrat taking his seat?

      1. I read somewhere that presumptive Democratic challenger Allison Grimes is polling even with him.

        But I’d be surprised if he loses if he manages to get some support from Rand Paul and other Kentucky Republicans.

  8. Is There a Libertarian Case for Electing Mitch McConnell?


    That is all.

    1. I’m not sure that “no” is a strong enough answer to the question posed. It’s more like “Of course not. Only someone with the IQ the level of… well, Mitch McConnell would think so.”

  9. Rand Paul has not made a name for himself yet. The average voting American will see Republican on the ballot and quickly vote for who and or whatever other choice there is.

  10. The libertarian purity test is hard to pass. Even our resident libertarian luminary only scored 97%.

  11. At least it wasn’t titled “The libertarian case for Mitch McConnel” (however you spell the fuckers name) like similar such pieces that I have read over the years in here.



  12. Dear God, no.

  13. There is…a libertarian Republican case to be made for McConnell. First, he has always been a fairly conservative member of the leadership team.

    If you remove the word “libertarian”, that makes sense.

  14. Fuck. No.

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