Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch on Cato's Libertarianism.org Podcast: "Rise of the Independents"


Click above to listen to a rollicking hour-long conversation with Matt Welch, me, and Trevor Burrus and Jason Kuznicki of Cato's Libertarianism.org website.

Here's the writeup:

Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie join Trevor Burrus and Jason Kuznicki for a freewheeling discussion about the modern political scene in America. Welch and Gillespie have noted an emerging group of people who, having been accustomed to a panoply of choice in every other aspect of their lives, are abandoning America's two-party system in droves.

Is this growing movement of independents a cause for optimism among libertarians? Are we in for a better, more libertarian era than ever before? Or should we be skeptical of this kind of optimism, given the growth of the federal government in recent years?

Together Matt and Nick are the authors of the 2011 book, "The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics can Fix What's Wrong with America."

Downloads and more here.

It's a wide-ranging, fun, and often-intense conversation covering everything from the rise of Rand Paul and other libertarian-leaning Republicans, the failures of liberaltarianism, and the annoying inability of the left to understand the first thing about free-market economics. Take a listen!