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Pepper sprayer hits the jackpot


Pepper spray

In November 2011, Lt. John Pike, a police officer at the University of California, Davis, was caught on video pepper spraying nonviolent protesters in the face. In October 2013, the Division of Workers' Compensation awarded him $38,055 for the suffering he is said to have endured following the incident.

The footage of Pike attacking the protesters, who were sitting on a sidewalk during a demonstration against tuition increases, quickly went viral, serving as fodder for many memes and parodies. Following the incident, Pike reportedly lived at various locations. He received thousands of angry emails and text messages after the hacking group Anonymous leaked his contact information. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Pike was suspended with pay and earned $119,067 in 2011. He left the force in July 2012.

Earlier in 2013, after settling a federal lawsuit, the university paid a total of $1 million to the 36 people who were sprayed. Pike therefore received more compensation than each of the protesters he assaulted.

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  1. But but…his feeeeelings were hurt by all those meanies

    1. Speaking of cops, one Jack Dunphy comments on the Kelly Thomas case here:


      He sagely observes, among other things, that Thomas saying he couldn’t breathe was proof that he could breathe, and left it at that.

      Is this guy H&R’s AWOL Dunphy?

      1. No. Our dunphy named himself after that Dunphy.

        1. Our Dunphry lost his internet privileges after he started throwing his feces at the interns…

          1. Wait, was he banned?

            1. not to my knowledge. I was saying that the institution that is caring for him decided to revoke his internet privileges because they feared outside communication was upsetting him, evidenced by his coprophilia.

  2. It’s like hearing a serial rapist cannibal killer got into a mutually fatal car crash with a pedophile.

    There is no arousal of sympathy for either party. Not one iota.

    1. Yeah, I was about to say I feel bad for the taxpayers, but then I realized the University was the one paying out. Fuck ’em all.
      Plus, I kinda hope any students that received a payout and were in receipt of financial aid no longer qualify for it.

      1. It’s a government-sector university, which means the money is probably going to be made up from state/federal aid, not increased tuition.

        1. yeah true. sorry taxpayerz

    2. Except everyone involved struck paydirt, and the university probably gets access to some federal grant to shore up their expenses. It’s like your pedo and your cannibal got in a fender bender and their insurers took care of everything.

    3. So someone who simply has sexual attraction towards children, but who may have never actually hurt a child deserves no sympathy when killed by not only a serial rapist, but a killer too?

    1. I call bullshit on these lists.

      My personal view – and one largely confirmed by visiting lots of so-called ‘party’ schools as a yungun – is that a “fun” college needs certain fun-damental ingredients =

      – Good weather for most of the year.
      – Plenty of good looking women/men and a mature attitude toward sex. (ie. neither a liberal-PC-dominated “rape culture-panic” campus, or conservative bible-belt chastity-worshipping sect)
      – A range of places for kids to socialize, recreate, safely get drunk, etc.

      Not just frat houses, not just local bars, but a decent range of indoor and outdoor locations for social life. This is why a nearby City and/or Outdoor activity is often pretty key.

      So = historically, there have been some notoriously fun schools which meet most of the above:

      – UCSB (on the list): famous for “has beach”. also, blondes. also, weed.

      – Tulane. I will say no more. The fact it isn’t in the top 5 is a travesty. “The Boot”? Legendary. Katrina be damned= its still fucking NOLA. The only school I’ve ever seen which dispensed beer from vending machines.

      – U.Colorado-Boulder: The Mall crawl. Skiing. Blondes. Weed. Can graduate despite destroying 3/4 the brain cells you showed up with.

      others? thoughts? I think the list BI put out was mostly a lot of bullshit ‘big regional schools’ and just giving them a pat on the back for ‘school spirit’.

      1. UConn used to be considered a pretty heavy party school, and I went to many a party there, but other than Johns Hopkins I don’t really have much in the way of other schools to compare it against.

        These lists are idiotic anyway. Pretty much every school has parties and drinking and sex; you just have to know where it is. Even nerd factories like CalTech have this stuff. Young people like to get loaded and fuck. Amazing, isn’t it?

        1. Hopkins offered me a small scholarship$, and I visited in Feb/March early 90s to check it out… my friend’s older bro was a junior and served as a tour guide. It was cold/wet, we went to some house parties, people kept telling me to not wander ‘too far’ in a certain direction or rape-murder was a possibility, and everyone complained that the school was @#$&@( HARD, as in, they had to study a lot to pass classes. The food was, meh. Baltimore. Its just not a town that evokes much excitement. Aquarium was awesome though. I got very high.

          So: nearby high-crime area, heavy academic focus, depressing weather, decaying student housing…

          Then I went to Tennessee, mid spring, & saw Vanderbilt.

          I think the weather was probably the clincher. And the blondes. Lots of blondes. Plus, they spent like $5million a year just tending the grass. As one school T-shirt joked,

          “VANDERBILT: It Even SOUNDS Expensive”

          in retrospect I have almost no regrets at all. It was a great experience. Academics could have been better, I could have done without the occasional Yankee-Bashing, 15% of the women were bible-beaters, and summers were disgustingly humid; but aside from that: definitely Fun. Nashville had a fairly weird scene. also, World’s Largest Adult Bookstore.

          1. It was cold/wet, we went to some house parties, people kept telling me to not wander ‘too far’ in a certain direction or rape-murder was a possibility, and everyone complained that the school was @#$&@( HARD, as in, they had to study a lot to pass classes. The food was, meh.

            Sounds like you got Hopkins pretty correctly. The only thing you missed was someone leaning out a window and screaming “don’t come here”. I should have listened to that person, but I was young and stupid and they recruited me.

            1. “The only thing you missed was someone leaning out a window and screaming “don’t come here”.

              Actually, that was the very sentiment expressed by my friend’s brother. He was like, “How much money are they offering you?” I told him, and he was like, “Dude… Don’t come here”. I found it odd compared to other schools i visited, where everyone seemed to think it was awesome just being away from home. Hopkins kids seemed mildly depressed by contrast.

              1. Hopkins is not a fun place. It’s a meat grinder, intended to set those who can work their asses off from those who can’t. Prospective employers are supposed to know that if you survived Hopkins, you are a serious worker. And Bal’mer sucks monkey balls too.

          2. And the blondes. Lots of blondes.

            This is really the only criteria that matters, isn’t it?

            I mean, you prequalify with alcohol tolerance… What else is left?

            1. re: Blondes

              “This is really the only criteria that matters, isn’t it?”

              You’d think so.

              What you need to consider in the evaluation-matrix – particularly in a southern school – is a) the relative religiosity prevalent in the population, and also, b) “how long can you stand to listen to really fucking annoying blond southern bimbos before you give up and set your sights lower just to reduce the aggrivation”

              Vanderbilt: There was/is a very large contingent of dumb hot blondes there who fit a certain stereotype.

              For visual reference =

              While you might find this appealing in a certain “Sorority Porn” way, trust me: when you actually listen to them talk for more than 20 minutes, you are on the verge of slitting your wrists and pining for that skanky stoner girl you used to bang in high school.

              Although, you do get used to it after a while. We all learn to make sacrifices.

              1. Just remembering a few that I endured almost brought tears to my eyes.

                You’d think that at a certain point they’d figure out nobody gives a shit about what’s coming out of their mouth, only about what’s going in…

          3. What year did you graduate Gilmore?

      2. The fact that Illinois is ranked higher than Wisconsin makes me question the validity of the list. I went to Wisconsin, so I am biased, I have been to U of I a number of times and it doesn’t come close to Wisconsin. The Terrace (a large outdoor patio area located right on a lake) anything on Illinois’ campus.

        1. I visited for parties @ Madison. agreed it deserves to be higher on the list. It was sort of like University of Vermont back in the day (mid 90s) as a place that maintained an appeal to out of state students as having decent/better-than-average academics, but Grade A social life. in fact Madison was particularly popular with NYC kids for some reason I still don’t know.

          1. back in the day (mid 90s)

            “Back in the Day” is now “mid 90’s”? I haz an old.

            Also, GET OFF MY LAWN!!

            /80’s grad

            1. Technically, ‘back in the day’ – in technically-accurate ‘Rap-Dating Terminology’, is indeed in the early 80s.

              I stretch the definition to include ‘up until 1992’. 1992-1996 was when Rap went ‘new-school’. but then you get into the whole social-relativistic semantic definition of “The Day”, which basically means, ‘whenever I was young, irresponsible, and getting mad pussy’. Call mine mid-90s.

              It sort of reminds me of how my “southern” family (mom from NC) would use the term, ‘the other day’. As in, “I was talking to bob-roy the otha day”… which could mean, “yesterday”, or “a few years ago”.

        2. The fact that Illinois is ranked higher than Wisconsin makes me question the validity of the list.

          Fact. Illinois’ campus is drab and boring. Furthermore, Champaign-Urbana is itself a pretty disgusting city.

          1. I visited Illinois and Texas back-to-back weekends deciding on grad school. Illinois would have been last on my list. Didn’t help that it was February. 65 in Austin, 6 in champaign. Haven’t looked back

          2. Disgusting? No.

            Bland? Yes.

            Good school (was back in the 1980s – they have been trying very hard to lower that, however). Fun was to be had, but being in the rugby club was a big assist.

      3. Don’t forget the small schools. I went to Western State College (I think its University now, but I don’t know the difference) in Gunnison for a couple semesters. Ski-bum central in the winter. Obvious nick-name was “Wasted State”. I stayed around in the summer because I loved to fish and ride my 1976 Honda XL250 in the surrounding area, but everyone else left untill the snow started falling again.
        Boulder is definitely one of the partying-est schools around, or at least used to be. I think Mall Crawl has been canceled for several years now, and, although I am way too old to be in the scene, I hear rumors that the forces of PC have cracked down on the drinkin’ and druggin’ and fuckin’. I hope I hear wrong.

    2. Also, my buddy went to Penn, and I visited 3-4 times and found it little different than most similar sized/located schools. Nearby city? Check. Off-campus house scene? Check. Greek scene? Check. historical party traditions? Check. Sporting culture? Check. Not much different than a great many ‘college town’ schools.

      1. Whoops. I meant U.Penn. Sorry.

      2. Penn State added a new school holiday when I went there- Marijuana Day! Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project is another of our distinguished alumni. When Kampia, head of Penn State NORML, won election as student council president, he had his victory party at our house.

  3. I wonder, sometimes, if I would have reacted.

    Seeing him causally spray those people was one thing. But seeing the utter silence being broken only by the soft click of people’s cell phone camera’s; I think, would I have done anything?

    Would I have tackled that cop, preventing him from continuing a clearly illegal action? Would it have even mattered? Would anyone join me in helping them, or would I simply generate more youtube videos?

    If the Occupy protests showed the government anything, it’s that the violence they inflict on the citizens will be accepted. It may be grumbled about, but it will be accepted.

    1. If you had tackled the cop then he or one of his buddies would have shot you until they were sure you were dead.

      And nothing else would happen.

      1. Maybe the cops that shot you would probably be suspended with pay and face harassment from the public causing them to get an additional $50k in workers’ compensation due to the suffering they endured.

        That would show them.

  4. The protesters each individually chose to be pepper spayed when they were given the option to disperse but did not.

    1. 1st Amendment be damned, right?
      I hope my sarcasm meter is broken and you’re joking.

    2. 1st Amendment be damned, right?
      I hope my sarcasm meter is broken and you’re joking.

    3. 1st Amendment be damned, right?
      I hope my sarcasm meter is broken and you’re joking.

      1. They were attempting an Occupy type subversion of free speech/assembly that was more akin to squatting than to protesting.

        It was not legal.

        1. Yes, right, protesting on a public sidewalk should get you pepper sprayed. Why are you on a libertarian website when you quite obviously are a RP fellow-traveller.

          1. I am libertarian.

            As such I recognize the difference between exercising liberty and subverting it.

            In the model of Occupy these students were attempting to subvert liberty and essentially lay claim to land that was not theirs to claim.

            These students were not exercising liberty, but rather abusing it.

            In the end the officers defended liberty (in this case free speech and assembly) by dispersing those who would abuse it.

            I support their actions via my libertarian views.

            In this case the Libertarian argument is more complex than making the claim that citizens were accosted by our government for sitting.

            1. I am having a hard time disagreeing with polifrog. The officer shouldn’t be compensated and was too fast to spray with pepper, but these protesters are out of bounds.

              1. Yep. As I remember this story they surrounded people more than one time with their line of justice. The last time was a cop car. They wouldn’t let him leave.

                When in the history of the left has there ever been anything other than coercion behind their actions?

                These are the same Bolshevik fuckwads who shout down people they don’t agree with (“No free speech for fascists!”), take over classes they don’t approve of (very few of those left), and constantly proclaim “no justice, no peace” (we get our way or there will be violence).

                Not siding with the cop. But seriously, fuck them. The coercive power of the left wing mob met the coercive power of the state. Gimme some popcorn and a ringside seat.

            2. They were not “attempting to… essentially lay claim to land that was not theirs to claim”. I saw no construction of houses, digging of mines, harvesting trees, etc.
              It was a peaceful protest on public land, in keeping with a long tradition of non-violent Civil Disobedience, from MLK to Gandhi.
              The were calling attention to their cause, whether they were right or wrong in their beliefs does not matter. They would have peacefully disbanded eventually. It was this pig who introduced violence into the situation, and if I had been there, I hope I would have had the courage to try to stop him.
              He should be in prison for assault and illegal acts under the color of authority, or whatever it is called.

              1. Actually these students were attempting to establish another beachhead modeled on the Occupy encampment in New York. And there were many such encampments festering throughout the country at the time these students began theirs.

                And be mindful, these people did not just randomly adopt the name “Occupy”. It was what they were doing….and they were doing it at the cost of your liberty and mine by abusing free speech and assembly.

                Does the term “occupy” mean nothing to you?

                1. ^This

              2. Bullshit. Read what I read above. Gandhi, my ass.

                Are you that naive? You think the occupy fuckheads are a bunch of proto-libertarians?

                Those douche bags would have everyone on this comment thread pulling up turnips in a re-education camp if they could. That doesn’t mean the cops should abuse them, but it doesn’t mean we have to lick their balls, either.

            3. I am libertarian.

              … except for that pesky little non-aggression principle that would prevent attacking people with chemical weapons, right?


              1. John C. Randolph said:

                “… except for that pesky little non-aggression principle that would prevent attacking people with chemical weapons, right?”


                Real libertarians believe in defending liberty.

                And while I make no assumptions concerning the political persuasions of the officer, his actions constituted a defense of liberty against aggressors who only operated under the pretense of a protest while aggressively degrading liberty for all Americans.

                Occupying American soil is not a liberty.

            4. polifrog|1.26.14 @ 5:14PM|#
              “I am libertarian.”

              No, you’re confused.

            1. role-play?

              You be the dead hooker, I’ll be Warty.

              1. You’re gonna need a hacksaw and a lot of trashbags, by the way.

    4. Inaction is action. Got it, Tony.

      1. There was no inaction.

        Attempting to occupy, which is what these students were emulating, is not inaction, it is an attempt to lay claim to that which belongs to another.

        My libertarian sensibilities demand that government stand athwart such actions by those who do not respect liberty.

        1. “‘My libertarian sensibilities demand that government…..”

          This words you keep using… I do no think it means a what you think it means

          Students protesting on their own college campus is a pretty well established context for exercise of ‘free speech’. They hadn’t exactly made a human chain blocking traffic. And spraying pepper spray in kids faces isn’t so much ‘standing athwart’.

          But whatever. What we really need around here is some idiot for Mary to talk to. No one else will.

          1. Do you not feel that government has a role to play in defending our liberties from one another, from government itself, and from threats outside our borders?

            I believe it does. And I believe Occupy, in its abuse of the fusion of free speech and assembly better known as a protest, was just such a threat to liberty, and by extension, the concept of peaceable protests, an activity in which you claim these students were engaged.

            I am reminded of a line in “The Green Mile”… “He killed them with they love.”

            That was Occupy… ‘They were killing our freedom with our liberty.’

            I am not a fan of government, but stopping these students, stopping Occupy, from destroying liberty was and is the purpose of government according to Libertarians.

            1. I used to feel as liberals do.

              Then I learned to think.

              For you to say that Occupy was destroying liberty shows me that you have yet to learn to think.

              1. It is clear that had it not been for Occupy’s abuse of free speech and assembly culminating in their penchant for Occupying the land of others, I do not believe that the students would have suffered the pepper spraying they endured as quickly as they had. The school would have been more tolerant of them.

                That alone suggests the existence of Occupy’s corrosive impact on liberty and more specifically, on protesting.

                Perhaps you can point to how Occupy enhanced our liberty’s… a counter argument if you will?

            2. Clearly, but stopping students with ethics demonstrated by Libertarian philosophy should resemble ‘ethics’ and not an unrestrained desire to be a lone dictator released by guaranteed authority. The fact that you argue for libertarian restraint using a psychopathic pile of human garbage is cause for appraisal.

          2. They hadn’t exactly made a human chain blocking traffic.

            Uhhhhh… that’s kinda exactly what they were doing.

            On November 18, 2011, police arrived wearing riot gear at 3:30 pm and began removing tents and arresting demonstrators obstructing the removal of tents. A group of demonstrators staged a sit-in on the walkway in the quad, linking arms together and refusing to move. Campus police officers asked the demonstrators to move several times, but the students refused.

            When students encircled the officers to block them from leaving, they were warned that they would be pepper sprayed if they did not move. Sometime around 4:00 pm, two officers, one of whom is named John Pike, began spraying Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band military-grade pepper spray at “point-blank range” in the faces of the unarmed seated students.

            This incident followed a 3 day encampment on university grounds that the cops had been instructed to break up.

            1. Paragraph following the quoted link should also have been quoted.

  5. $119K for a glorified mall ninja?

    1. The six figure salary is to compensate for the lack of an employer provided Segway scooter.

      1. I dunno…it looks like he doesn’t do a whole lot of walking around.

  6. Darion Marcus Aguilar, the Columbia Mall murderer. What a precious little fucking prize.

    1. He totally looks like a tea party radical racist.


      1. i was wondering why yesterday there were like 3 stories up on yahoo about it, then today nothing.

        1. Not too hard to figure out why, is it?

          1. does not fit the “CRAZY WHITE PERSON RANDOMLY KILLING PEOPLE” narrative?

            the media was so excited when it happened
            they were on the edge of their seats going “cmon cmon be a white nutcase PLEASE!”

            but then it turned out to be a black dude that killed his white ex and her new boyfriend

        2. Oops, I forgot: bitter clinger, bible-thumper, bambi-blasting, gold-hoarding, misogynist, pawn of the patriarchy.

          Did I miss anything?


    2. the source said Aguilar worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts in the College Park area and was supposed to open the store Saturday morning.

      There’s your motive, folks.

      If I had to wake my ass up early on Saturday morning to serve coffee to assholes like me..

    3. On Saturday morning, Aguilar allegedly entered Zumiez on the upper floor of the Columbia mall and open fired.

      I know it’s a simple little mistake, but come on.

  7. “In October 2013, the Division of Workers’ Compensation awarded him $38,055 for the suffering he is said to have endured following the incident”

    Wait, what?

    The “suffering” being, ‘people making derisive comments about you spraying non-violent kids with pepper spray’?

    My feelings, they hurt. PAY ME.

    Nothing else happened.

  8. Scumbag San Francisco Google protesters target employee’s home.

    Then they held a banner in front of his house that read “Google’s Future Stops Here.” They also placed fliers on the windshields of cars that said: “Anthony Levandowski is building an unconscionable world of surveillance, control and automation. He is also your neighbor.”

    Progs form lynch mob. I’m sure this will get tons of play in the media.

    1. You Know Which Other Democrats formed Lynch Mobs?

      building an unconscionable world of surveillance, control and automation

      I suppose they’ll stop voting for the politicians who are building that world?

      And automation? I imagine that’s some Luddism as supposed to an attack on the NSA?

    2. C’mon, Irish! This is in the fine tradition of MLK and Gandhi. They non-violently occupied his home, vandalized his property, and slandered him to his neighbors.

      Why do you hate non-violence? Why do you resist the will of the people?

  9. “Google’s Future Stops Here.”

    Future? We don’ need no steenkin’ FUTURE!

  10. Zero Hedge is filled with the most insane conspiracy theorists in the world.

    First HSBC Halts Large Withdrawals, Now Lloyds ATMs Stop Working

    Oh my God! Clearly we’re on the verge of some kind of Cyprus style bail out where everyone’s money is grabbed!

    Update: things are back to normal – Lloyds will gladly accept your deposits again

    Oh. It was only a short term technical malfunction. Carry on.

    1. I spent some time as a street-equities-analyst, and while I used to like the zero-hedge guys for their semi-hyper contrarian insights from time to time, they seem to have devolved into almost Financial Truther-ism, where they have become so thematically-wedded to their Looming Crisis themes that they seem to have to find reasons for Panic in almost everything. basically they’re boring and monotonous now.

      They remind me of guys like James Howard Kuntzler, who made a name for himself as a ‘PEAK OIL!’-panic blogger… basically he’s still spinning the same general bullshit, but caveating himself endlessly to pretend he wasn’t being a fucking chicken little every day for the past decade.

  11. Woman gave her husband a kidney. Then he left her.

    1. He should run for governor of Texas.

    2. What is it with reason and kidneys? It’s the most talked about organ here.

      On second thought, that’s probably for the best.

      1. I disagree, it comes in a distant third (or fourth) after sex organs.

        1. I think the liver (and its impending failure) might be higher than dicks/etc.

            1. The organ market was much better when Virginia Postrel was donating kidneys.

              1. Drink!

                (unless you’re waiting for a liver transplant)

    3. Maybe she brought down the emotional blackmail like a hammer.

  12. Entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle also executed in North Korea:

    1. According to an official North Korean state website bio, Kim Jung Un does not defecate

      We think him a monster but this would put me in a foul mood too!

      1. Well, it certainly explains why he’s full of shit.

  13. Lefty rag pitches the politics of greed and envy:
    “Income inequity a hot topic on California ballots”
    And Obo’s gonna mention it in his speech!

    1. You Know Who Else opposed Income Inequality and advocated Eat the Rich philosophies?

      1. Jonathan Swift? Wait,no.

  14. Man it’s been almost ten years since Enterprise was cancelled. I think it is time for a new Star Trek TV series. They could get Aaron Sorkin to do it and keep Roddenberry’s vision of utopian communism and lots of speechifying.

    Or they could follow the serialized cable formula and make it a GRIMDARK future where the captain is some asshole criminal who argues with his subordinates and family all the time. I guess that makes it the Mirror Universe?

    1. Or they could follow the serialized cable formula and make it a GRIMDARK future where the captain is…

      A Klingon who commands a Klingon ship and the series focus on the inner workings of the Klingon Empire (like the popular IKS Gorkon series of books?

      1. Eh, Klingons are kind of boring in of themselves. I’d rather watch a series about the Ferengi. Maybe set it shortly after the TNG era and star a outcast Ferengi who gathers a diverse crew of fellow outcasts to sail the galaxy trading stuff

        1. They could call it “Voyage of the Space Jew”. Watch him/her wander the desert galaxy for 40 years!

          1. Quick! Name a Ferengi that wasn’t played by a Jewish (ethnically or otherwise) actor!

            1. Look, man, I didn’t watch DS9. If Avery Brooks isn’t Hawk, I’m just not interested.

          2. And drinking the blood of Gentiles hoo-mons!

            But really, make Ro Laren the first officer, add a Vulcan, a human, and a few new species and Ferengi as the rest of the crew and you got a show I would totally watch.

            1. Don’t you think Michelle Forbes is a little old at this point?

              Star Trek is over, at least in the way we knew it from TOS through VOY. We won’t be seeing its like again. It’s all Abrams now.

              1. It doesn’t help that Trek is too optimistic and not cynical enough compared to TV today.

              2. Don’t you think Michelle Forbes is a little old at this point?

                After Abrams’ Star Trek it would be nice to see actors that are actually old enough to play senior bridge officers.

                But of course you could always recast the role. And since every Trek series uses time travel to some extent, that’s how you could get Forbes to guest star.

                Star Trek is over, at least in the way we knew it from TOS through VOY. We won’t be seeing its like again. It’s all Abrams now.

                Agreed, but this is just wishful thinking. If they go ahead and make a Star Wars live-action TV series that’ll probably forestall any development of a new Star Trek series.

                Abrams has made the two pretty much indistinguishable from each other.

                1. “Star Wreck”

                2. Abrams has made the two pretty much indistinguishable from each other.

                  One had no pretensions the ‘science’ in science fiction, the other tried to convince people that it was science fiction because TACHYONS. That and its actors generally sucked.

                  Becoming more like Star Wars is an upgrade for Star Trek and nothing else.

                  1. Becoming more like Star Wars is an upgrade for Star Trek and nothing else.

                    If you’re talking about the most recent films, I sincerely disagree. Otherwise, I’ll agree that your point is valid.

              3. Star Trek is over, at least in the way we knew it from TOS through VOY. We won’t be seeing its like again. It’s all Abrams now.

                Maybe it’ll even be watchable now!

              4. It’s all Abrams now.

                Kill me.

        2. Klingons are kind of boring in of themselves

          I’m taking you’ve never read the IKS Gorkon series. Still, it is unfortunate when the Klingons are played as one-notes. At their best, Klingons are the Eastern “Hun”, the Mongols and Turks rolled up into one, capable of great bloodshed and insatiable passion but gilded with a warrior’s code of ethics that makes them interesting.

        3. How can we forget:


  15. L.A. Bartenders on California’s New Glove Law
    “We remove plastic bags from grocery stores and implement this noise? This new law is wasteful and senseless. I wash my hands constantly throughout the night, so much that the water tap hardly stops running, as do all bartenders I know. That is why the skin on our hands suffers the way it does. Lawmakers in Sacramento would do better to keep our raw ingredients clean by banning hormones and agro-chemicals from contaminating our food supply – and leave the hospitality to the professionals. Maybe these politicians are projecting – they think everyone else’s hands are dirty too.”

    1. So I guess that cancels out any reduction of plastic after banning plastic bags?

    2. Tip to californian’s in next election: Don’t vote for the incumbent.

  16. Salon: Confessions of a former libertarian!

    So what accounts for my transition from orthodox libertarianism to an unremarkable liberalism? I’m not an isolated reasoning subject and individual actor but a complex and conflicted human in various social and environmental contexts, and the reasons I abandoned libertarianism are personal and psychological as well as intellectual.

    It felt good to be libertarian. I could win political debates by applying the internally consistent reasoning I so admired to any issue. My reluctance to compromise was a virtue that straightened my posture. I took my rigidity as a sign not of narrow-mindedness but of integrity, the consequence of careful advancement from first principles. This particular kind of coherency put me self-satisfactorily and peacefully to sleep on many nights.

    But it also sometimes felt bad to be a libertarian. I didn’t like that people I cared about regularly thought I was a smug asshole. I didn’t like that so often in debates I sounded to myself like a smug asshole. Not my intentions but the words themselves. They didn’t sound compassionate, as it got harder and harder to remind myself they really were supposed to be.

    Sounds like he was never really committed to that whole non-aggression principle. Which is odd for a self-described Buddhist.

    1. The tension centered around compassion. He wanted to know how someone concerned with the world’s suffering wouldn’t adopt a more compassionate political perspective.

      Which will only be soothed by the expenditure of other peoples money.

    2. So is he a former Reason editor?

    3. So “sounding compassionate” is more important that actual principles. Got it. Sounds exactly like what I would expect from someone who joined TEAM BLUE.

    4. The guy didn’t come off as a smug asshole because he’s a libertarian. No. He came off as a smug asshole because he’s a smug asshole.

    5. You didn’t know how to reconcile your “Buddhism” with your “libertarian” views you Moby-looking douchebag? Nice way to show off your ignorance of the Siglovada Sutra for one.

      1. I must have missed the part where Buddha advocated forced wealth confiscation.

        1. It was in the part where he decided not to give up his right to lead the Shakya clan and decided to change their form of government from an Athens-like city-state tribal republic with a hereditary executive to an absolute monarchy. He then raises heavy taxes upon his people so he could fund his military conquest of 5th century BC India.

        2. Here is one of the 16 prophetic dreams from the 77th Jataka tale (stories of Buddha’s previous lives)

          “This dream too will not come to pass until the future when the world is in decline. The kingdom will grow weak, and its kings will be poorer and more demanding. These kings in their poverty and selfishness will make the whole country work exclusively for them. They will force citizens to neglect their own work and to labor only for the throne. For the kings’ sake they will plant sugar cane, make sugar-mills, and boil down molasses. For the kings’ sake they will plant flower gardens and orchards and gather fruits. They will harvest all the crops and fill the royal storerooms and warehouses to overflowing, but they will be unable even to glance at their own empty barns at home. It will be like filling and overfilling the full pitcher, heedless of the needy, empty ones. However, you have nothing to fear from this. Tell me your ninth dream.”

          1. “I saw a deep pool with sloping banks overgrown with lotuses. From all directions, a wide variety of animals came to drink water from that pool. Strangely, the deep water in the middle was terribly muddy, but the water at the edges, where all those thirsty creatures had descended into the pool, was unaccountably clear and sparkling. This was my ninth dream. What does it mean?”

            “This dream too will not come to pass until the future, when kings grow increasingly corrupt. Ruling according to their own whim and pleasure, they will never make judgments according to what is right. Being greedy, they will grow fat on lucrative bribes. Never showing mercy or compassion to their subjects, they will be fierce and cruel. These kings will amass wealth by crushing their subjects like stalks of sugar cane in a mill and by taxing them to the last penny. Unable to pay the oppressive taxes, the citizens will abandon their villages, towns, and cities, and will flee like refugees to the borders. The heart of the country will be a wilderness, while the remote areas along the borders will teem with people. The country will be just like the pool, muddy in the middle and clear at the edges. However, you have nothing to fear from this. Tell me your tenth dream.”

            1. Yep, back in the day, them Buddhists were some ma-a-a-a-a-ad conquerors.

        3. I must have missed the part where Buddha advocated forced wealth confiscation.

          Chapter 3.Right after he goes to Hogwarts.

    6. So what accounts for my transition from orthodox libertarianism to an unremarkable liberalism?

      Because it’s easier to be an immoral piece of shit than it is to maintain your principles?

    7. “I only did it because it made me feel good about myself. Then it stopped feeling good, so liberalism.”

      1. “Plus, they buy my ‘I care about the world’ horseshit.”

    8. That asswipe was never a libertarian.


    9. “Salon: Confessions of a former libertarian!”

      You know, I think this is the 4th or 5th time they’ve done this “a ‘libertarian’s’ conversion back to the ‘Sanity’ of progressive neo-liberalism”-story.

      Seriously. its like some kind of regular feature. The key points of which tend to be “WHEN I WAS LIBERTARIAN, NO ONE LIKED ME?! NOW I AM A SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS DRONE AND REALIZE MY ERRORS”

      As mentioned by others = this person’s problem isn’t ‘politics’ or ‘economics’. They are more concerned with their self-image and having people ‘like them’. its Narcissism-as-politics. How cute. Give him a big hug.

      I’m sure there are NO stories of proggy liberals who realized that the only reason left wing politics are popular is because its adherents are so blithely ignorant of economic reality. Like Moe Tucker, et al.


    10. Comment =

      1 hour ago

      For examples of how well libertarianism works in real life, one need look no further than all of the most desperate countries in the world. Mexico is getting much better, but it has for many decades been a country where there were no public services. No free public education. No free medical care. What happened? The drug trade took over (libartarianism at its best). The “haves” gained all of the power and the have nots could not get a toe-hold in society to save their lives. It’s still like that (but improving). Look around the world at some of the poorest countries and you find a libertarian style government. It just doesn’t work


      1. …”For examples of how well libertarianism works in real life, one need look no further than all of the most desperate countries in the world. Mexico is getting much better,”…

        It was noted last week that lefties have only stereotypical concepts of political views other than their own.
        And this idjit thinks MEXICO is an example of libertarianism?! Can’t be a better example.

    11. If Big Brother was a smug, liberal d-bag, this is what Winston’s confession would read like.

    12. But it also sometimes felt bad to be a libertarian.

      Dat feel tho.

      So basically he decided he didn’t want to be a libertarian anymore because his brain was getting in the way of his feels. You rarely see someone honest enough to come right out and admit that.

  17. Attacks on Wendy Davis are sexist even if they are true

    Davis’ bio on her website states that she paid for her tuition through “academic scholarships, student loans, and state and federal grants,” Slater’s piece says that Jeff Davis “paid for her final two years at TCU”. He also says that after Davis was accepted to Harvard, “Jeff Davis cashed in his 401k account and eventually took out a loan to pay for her final year there.”

    Davis’ bio obviously whitewashes this fact. So the DMN was being accurate.

    Davis released an open letter in which she said that “our opponents have gotten more and more desperate” and are now stooping “to a new low by attacking my family, my education, and my personal story”. She says that her story of “resiliency, and sacrifice, and perseverance. And you’re damn right it’s a true story.”

    Damn right. As a woman, a mother, and a person whose partner has helped me financially to secure a good education, I am disappointed in seeing the first female democratic candidate for Texas governor in a long while ? a woman who came to international fame for fighting for access to full, comprehensive reproductive healthcare ? being painted as a poor mother or a money-grubbing schemer.

    How dare you tell the truth about this woman I’m totally invested in for political reasons?!

    1. Could she actually win? :barf:

      1. No chance in hell is she winning. She’s a one issue candidate in a deep red state who just had her personal story punctured by reality.

        1. What are her chances of winning the Dem primary?

          1. I’m unaware of her challengers, so I imagine it’s hers for the taking. She’s the darling of the Democrats right now.

    2. international fame

      Really? I know at least 10 places I could travel to and not find one person who has ever heard of her.

      1. I know at least 10 places I could travel to and not find one person who has ever heard of her.

        I know at least 10 districts in her own state you could travel to and not find one person who has heard of her.

    3. Wait her husband’s name is Jeff Davis?

      You know which other Texan Democrats were supported by a Democrat named Jeff Davis?

      1. Nice.

    4. Why are libertarians supporting a pro-life, anti-gay marriage candidate in tax as opposed to Wendy Davis?

      1. Holy fucking shit, Mary, that’s dumb even for you. You’re getting dumber as time goes on. It’s like some fucked up Benjamin Button deal.

  18. Alright take the Game of Thrones quiz.

    I was Ygritte. My wife was Drogo. We each got the person we are most attracted to.

    1. I got Jaime. I don’t really buy that.

    2. I got Jaime. I’m left-handed anyway so it’s all good.

    3. I got that red dragon. That’s the worst one.

    4. I got Drogo, and I’m not attracted to him.

    5. I got Daenerys, which doesn’t sound right to me. She’s way more driven than I am.

    6. I got Tyrion. Not really surprised.

    1. I defended hipsters before it was cool to do so.

      1. I certainly defend their right to be complete idiots.

    2. It fails.

      The author apparently seems to think that all the things the hipsters “Cultivate” are things no one appreciated before they latched their filthy paws on it and turned it into a fashion statement.

      Consumption has always to some degree been about ‘sending messages’ = what you “Like” is “who you ARE”. its like how you browse a person’s bookshelf and can get an idea of their interests in a quick scan of titles.

      The problem with hipsters is that they’ve gone over the deep end on this “consumption = identity” shtick, to the point where they think they’re fucking uber-sophisticated and encultured by the age of 22. And they managed to do it all largely through social media somehow.

      So, I see your DEFENSE and raise you… DIEHIPSTER.COM


      He textually beats a hipster to death every day. It is soothing.

    3. Woman goes on rant about why bearded hipsters are destroying her appreciation of men.


      “YOU GUYS ARE RUINING MY BEARD FETISH. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved a man with a beard. To me, they meant strength, power, MANLINESS. Someone who could protect me. Unfortunately, you guys have turned it into a fashion statement. The beard has turned into the padded bra of masculinity. Sure it looks sexy, but whatcha got under there? There’s a whole generation running around looking like lumberjacks, and most of you can’t change a fucking tire…..”

      and much more.

      1. …”There’s a whole generation running around looking like lumberjacks, and most of you can’t change a fucking tire…..”

        That’s FUNNY!

    4. What’s “Instagram”?

  19. OT: “Beware Of Libertarians Bearing Gifts”
    This is as good an excuse to get angry as you’re likely to find all day

    1. We’re like the Trojan Horse, but with a greater emphasis on slave labor.

    2. The NSA is spying on people? So what? It’s much more important to hate on our enemies instead.

      These fucking people are like God’s gift to politicians. No matter what the politicians do, they just point the morons at the other TEAM and the little sheep get set right off, immediately forgetting about anything else.

    3. Interesting to see how once again belief in TOP. MEN leads to the slippery slope of totalitarianism. Since the media loves TOP MEN it is no wonder why they are the way they are.

    4. This is as good an excuse to get angry as you’re likely to find all day…

      Why? I love it when these guys tell us what frightens them!

      1. Especially when it’s us.

        1. Somehow the prospect of Libertarians frightening any political movement makes me laugh every time.

          1. Laugh no more! When these jackasses have to run these kind of obviously fictitious articles it means they have concern.

            “When you’re taking flak, it means you’re over the target.” – Old Air Force Proverb.

    5. Fortunately, I blacked out before I reached the comments.

      1. There are comments? I couldn’t find any.

    6. It’s typical lefty derpwank. Not any worse than what I’ve seen before.

    7. But progressives excited by the bill should cool it. Much of this bill is unconstitutional, and many of the parts that remain should be.

      I don’t get it. Why would progressives care about its constitutionality?

    8. Marshall wrote for a unanimous Court to explain why state taxation of federal entities was not allowed. “[T]he power to tax involves the power to destroy,” he explained, and “the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create” the bank that the U.S. Constitution entrusted to the federal government.

      And I’m sure the irony was lost on this writer.

    9. FTFA:

      The Tenth Amendment Center is one of the leading proponents of “nullification,” an unconstitutional theory

      Language of the Supremacy Clause:

      This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.

      States may only nullify federal laws that are not “in pursuance” of the powers afforded the federal government by the amended Constitution; the judgment is clearly left up to the states themselves as to which laws are “in pursuance” of the Constitution and which are not, as the Constitution doesn’t limit the states’ powers of decision, but the federal gov’s.

      Articles like this remind me just how pathetic the pursuit of politics, law, and political journalism really is to the point that we’re rehashing arguments that were obvious 250 years ago. With propagandists like this running around and preaching to the ignorant, it’s no wonder that reformation of a corrupt government is never possible.

      1. Articles like this remind me just how pathetic the pursuit of politics, law, and political journalism really is to the point that we’re rehashing arguments that were obvious 250 years ago.

        If that didn’t do it, a quick browse through any of the comment sections here at Reason transformed into a Bo Cara blog certainly would.

    10. They talked about the limits of left-right cooperation on civil liberties. They approved the Amash amendment to curb the NSA by Congressional action, but opposed the nullification bills filed at the urging of the Tenth Amendment Center. They didn’t go into detail about other collaborative efforts which should be either accepted or rejected.

      So although the article is not what I’d call a miracle of clarity, it says lefties should sometimes cooperate with libertarians and sometimes not.

  20. Surprise! Fearmonger ahoy.

    Representative Mike Rogers, Republican of Michigan and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that American officials working with Russians ahead of the Games had “found a departure of cooperation that is very concerning.”

    Mr. Rogers said that with an estimated 15,000 Americans planning to travel to Sochi, a resort town on the Black Sea, for the Games, which begin on Feb. 7, Russian security services should provide their “full cooperation.”

    On the CNN program “State of the Union,” Mr. Rogers said, “They’re not giving us the full story about, what are the threat streams, who do we need to worry about, are those groups ? the terrorist groups who have had some success ? are they still plotting?”

    Fucking sovereign nations- how do they work?

    1. the threat streams

      I love officialese.

  21. It’s a conundrum.

    Reuters reported on Sunday that U.S. military and intelligence officials have been studying contingency plans for evacuating Americans from the games in case of a crisis.

    But U.S. officials have concluded there would be major obstacles to mounting a large-scale effort by the military or other U.S. government resources to evacuate Americans from Sochi, said a source familiar with Obama administration debates.

    The most formidable roadblock U.S. officials have discussed regarding contingency plans for Sochi is that Russian authorities have historically been reluctant to allow foreign military forces, especially those of the United States, on Russian territory.

    No kidding.

    1. It baffles me that the most simple solution (“Go at your own risk.”) is also the most overlooked.

    2. Those darned Ruskies and their paranoia about foreign troops on their territory!

  22. Hey kids, you can grow up to be a cop, pepper spray people, or even shoot them and you will probably keep your job and you just might get some cool cash in the end. You could also be a school teacher, beat up some kids and then be put in a rubber room while still getting paid. No accountability, and robbing people through taxation is awesome!

    ……And some individuals say video games promote violence lol. Yet they ignore state sponsored (and protected) violence and aggression.

  23. I agree with 99% of the material on this website, but this particular article is misguided and indicative of poor journalism. We didn’t get the full story until a few months after this incident, when it was revealed that these punks had surrounded police officers attempting to detain a few, select individuals who were acting illegally. Empathizing, I must say that if I were a surrounded police officer in that situation, I would probably have done the same thing (if not more). I hate pigs as much as the next guy, but most people are not informed regarding this particular matter. It was your job to inform them, Reason, and you failed.

    1. Meh, I disdain everyone involved. How you can be “trespassing” on property bought & paid for by the public is beyond me. The students trying to steal even more money via subsidization of tuition (read:taxes) isn’t worthy of pity either.

      Fuck em all.

      1. But the money doesnt go to the students, it goes to the state-owned universities which arbitrarily set their own prices. Its a tax theft scheme invented by state government entities that uses unaware students as the temporary money holders to deflect the blame onto them. The universities, in league with the government, are actually stealing out of ours AND the students pockets (they pay taxes too) to give to itself. And if you cant get a scholarship, hello to permanent debt slavery to the criminal banks.

        All the kids want is an education, which theyre going to need in order for us to be able to compete economically with the Chinese.

    2. Yeah, because pepper spraying people not being violent was totally an answer. Yep. Totally.

      We get nowhere when we say “Oh, they were arguing for something we don’t agree with. They deserve what they get”. Fuck that, and fuck you.

      1. With minimal respect (“fuck you” as well), you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. That is my point, and that is the problem.

    3. “these punks had surrounded police officers attempting to detain a few, select individuals who were acting illegally”

      ‘Surrounded’ cops…. by sitting and linking their arms?!


      The ‘occupy’ movement is its own undoing = they are so feckless that if left to their own devices, they implode. The last thing any of these protests need is police justifying their existence with Kent State re-enactments.

      1. It’s amazing how supposed “libertarians” will excuse state violence when it’s towards people they dislike. Yes, the Occutards are annoying. They’re also human beings who shouldn’t be being pepper-sprayed in the face for sitting on a sidewalk.

        My god, the Pro Bowl is a snoozefest. And it makes me want to go to Hawaii, which, since I haven’t been there in nine months, is starting to jones the hell out of me.

        1. The best thing to do to a bunch of annoying college kids doing a retard-in is to fucking ignore them. Why cause a fucking melee to arrest some kid for “disturbing the peace” or some other bullshit charge that’ll be dropped anyways?

          1. Because the criminal life-destroying power of the police state must be constantly flexed, in order to terrify the populace into a permanent state of cowardice and supplication. The police treat the population like theyre already convicted criminals, so any willfulness or show of force by law abiding citizens is then treated like a prison riot.

            Were all already behind bars, we just cant see them.

        2. Your rebuttal is misinformed. I oppose the existence of corporations–which were largely the target of the OWS protests–altogether. No genuine libertarian would (1) oppose the existence of a truly free market or (2) pretend that corporations would exist in a truly free market. You simply don’t have all of the information. “It’s amazing how supposed ‘libertarians’ will” subscribe to a worldview that seeks the truth above all else, and then accept the supposed veracity of propaganda that is completely inconsistent with reality.

      2. They should have done what theyre doing in the Ukraine and lit them up with molotovs. Finally throw these tax-leeching, tax-collecting ticks off our backs and life like Free Americans.

    4. …”We didn’t get the full story until a few months after this incident, when it was revealed that these punks had surrounded police officers attempting to detain a few, select individuals who were acting illegally.”…

      You got a cite for that? The photo sure looks like the cops were ‘surrounded’ by people sitting in a line in front of them.

      1. https://reason.com/archives/201…..nt_4268572

        Whether or not that justified pepper spray is another question, but the protesters were indeed forming a circle around the cops so they couldn’t leave. This after 3 days of camping on the public quad, depriving the other students of access to the ostensibly public property as well.

        1. Thanks PM. There is actually a youtube video as well. I’ll try to find it.

        2. Unless they were keeping people out (how could they, the protests were open to everyone) then they werent depriving people of anything. And were in fact protesting the Banks depriving all American citizens of their wealth and livelihood. The police were acting as the private security force of the criminal (and in many cases FOREIGN) bankers and globalist international elite. The police are NWO guard dogs.

        3. Fail.
          They (or others) may have acted in that manner at some other time or place.
          Here they were pepper-sprayed for sitting in a line.


  25. Mmmm YUMMY! Pepper spray. Kill my dog! Pleeeease! Kill my dog! Come on, she’s got puppies. You can kill ’em all!

  26. “It’s amazing how supposed “libertarians” will excuse state violence when it’s towards people they dislike.”

    Hardly a libertarian trait. More like a human one.

    People try to destroy your life, have zero respect you and your life, the lives of those like you, your collective individual liberties? You tend to not care when they get what they dish out.

    1. Except that the police DIDNT get what they dish out, THEY were the ones dishing it out. College students arent to blame for your rights being taken away, the police are. The only reason any law the scum in Washington right is able to oppress or take your rights away is because the POLICE enforce it. Not college students, most of which are too young to even vote yet.

      Not to mention that the polls conducted at OWS protests clearly showed that the majority percentage of protestors identified as “Independent” or “Libertarian”. This was not some liberal hippy-dippy movement, you only think it is because hippies are the ones the media intentionally focused on, to discredit OWS. Even Liberal Media Darling Jon “Leibowitz” Stewart (loyal Viacom employee and brother to the President of the New York Stock Exhchange Larry Leibowitz) ridiculed Occupy.

      And that Harrison Schultz guy who promoted himself as the spokesman of the Occupy movement, and went all over the mainstream media and Sean Hannity’s show making a clown out of himself and a joke out of Occupy? Yeah, turns out hes a marketing analyst for Bank of America!

      The government police state, Constitution haters, and criminal international banking elite saw Occupy as a threat, and turned their media empires full force against it to discredit it, to keep Joe and Jane Sixpack at home from every thinking it was possible to stand up against authority and demand their basic rights back. And unfortunately, too many of you fell for it.

  27. So do you libbertareeun whack jobs understand why free speech has to be limited on campus? There’s too much liability involved! Unfortunately the tuition they were protesting will have to be hiked as a result of the settlements. Were the protesting students receiving course credit for the protest? Maybe when they matriculate they could pay extra for a protest voucher. And Cal Davis could start it’s own Police Academy and start a work study program for Pre-law students to assist with lawsuits.

  28. When I went to college the cops used nightsticks. And we liked it!

  29. Speaking of police abuse. In this incident in Wisconsin, a woman yells at a police officer who is arresting other people. Officer responds by going after her, slamming her against the hood of a car, punching her, and then beating her on the ground

    This is the dashcam, you can’t see what happened on the ground (the assault takes place around the 2 minute mark)

    This is a cell phone video that captures the rest.

    End result: woman charged with felony assault of an officer, officer is put in an admin role

    1. I found this on this thread of a college football board a read. Really depressing, half of the people in this thread defend the cop, and there’s gagworthy fellating of cops in general.


    2. How dare a peasant lay hands upon one of the King’s Men?

  30. Wow thats jsut totally insane dude. LIke seriously.


  31. You are exactly right. Most of us are outraged and John Rambo-types in hindsight… but what did anyone actually do? Didly squat. They let the protestors suffer while this limp dicked goon lived out his Call Of Duty fantasy. I may have stood by impotently as well. But no more.

    We can’t go back but we each CAN decide what to do in the future. Hey, carry your own container of pepper spray. It’s good against feral dogs, DHS goons and even UC David police clowns. Oh wait, that’s feral dogs thrice.


  32. If I knowingly met Dunphy, I would kick his ass because of this.

  33. Fact. Illinois’ campus is drab and boring. Furthermore, Champaign-Urbana is itself a pretty disgusting city.

  34. Considering the cop did nothing wrong, good.

    1. Yeah he was only using the power of the criminally-owned government and taxtheft-funded, drug-cartel-dealing, jackbooted state police force to deprive American citizens of their basic Constitutional rights. No big deal right? This is what they get for not loving Big Brother!

  35. Disobey the lawful orders of an officer and bad things tend to happen to you

    1. Spoken like a true coward and Nazi. Cops no longer enforce the LAW, they simply enforce their personal whims and will. The police have power because WE THE CITIZENRY give them power. We pay and supply them with our tax dollars. And we should be able to revoke either at a moments notice. Theyre supposed to work for US!

    2. I am a free man. By definition, there can be no lawful orders given to me without due process of law, i.e., the order of a duly constituted COURT. “Officers” cannot give lawful orders.

      What part of “free man” don’t you understand, bitch?

  36. Must be a cum gargling fest over at PoliceOne?

  37. Id sooner trust a member of the Taliban than trust an American cop. When the boot finally comes down upon your head, and your last freedom is taken from you, it will be at the hands of a man who speaks perfect English and loves football. Everyones fears of terrorism, while ignoring that America itself has become a police state worse than East Germany, is like worrying about the leak in your shower while a tsunami is headed for your house.

    1. ^this^

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  39. I’d love to know who is in charge of the “Division of Workers’ Compensation”.

  40. of angry emails and text messages after the hacking group

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