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Battling Boy

The most recent graphic novel from the much-lauded cartoonist Paul Pope is Battling Boy (First Second), a modern take on a youthful hero sent from an Asgard-like land of gods to protect a city from ghouls and monsters. The Comics Journal, a leading organ of comics criticism, likes the book. But because Pope has produced explicitly libertarian-themed comics in the past, reviewer Charles Hatfield complains that Pope's "broadsides against corrupt authority" are "acrid," adding: "Pope's libertarian streak reveals itself, again."

The authority in Battling Boy isn't really corrupt so much as it is striving to grab control of things outside its scope. More important: Fighting against corrupt authority is a longstanding adventure-story trope for kids, stretching from Robin Hood to Star Wars and beyond. What kind of bureaucratized soul would think a hint of anti-authoritarianism deserves censure? The kind, evidently, that needs to make sure anyone he can associate with libertarianism in any way knows he is eyed suspiciously.

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  1. …”What kind of bureaucratized soul would think a hint of anti-authoritarianism deserves censure?”…

    Is it censure or a warning to keep clear of such tempting thoughts?

  2. Why is Wendy Davis “the most judged woman in America?” You’ll never guess this fekinist’s answer.

    1. Feminist’s answer

      1. Fekinist works. It sounds like something you don’t want to have near you.

    2. I couldn’t guess the exact details, but I guessed that it would be some ol’ bullshit, and I totally nailed that.

    3. That actually wasn’t as wacky as a I thought it would be. I agree with the author on one thing, I do think there is a double standard in how a fair number of people view a father vs a mother giving up custody or not being “nurturing”.

      Having said that, I suspect most people are being critical of Davis because she seems to have lied, or at least left out key details, while painting a life-story for herself, and because there is a perception that she used her ex-husband for his bank account and then jumped ship when she didn’t need the help.

      Regardless, this whole episode isn’t likely to change anyone’s opinion of her. People who were against her now have some extra ammunition and people who supported her will feel energized by coming to her defense. This is politics and people will use absolutely anything they can against their opponents. There’s no double standard in that sense.

      1. It cuts both ways though. I’ve seen some ugly shit thrown around by women in discussions about custody in divorce. “Why does he want custody so bad? Especially of a teenage girl. Kind of creepy if you ask me.” Especially this case. I had one girl explicitly state she thought Wendy Davis’s ex was a pedophile because he wanted to adopt Davis’s daughter from her first marriage.

        Not to mention the more common note of “I mean why does he want custody anyway? Kind of weird.” Because it’s weird for a man to want to raise his children.

        1. Virtually all of the problems associated with single parenthood (smoking, drug use, delinquincy, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, etc.) disappear or are greatly reduced when the single parent is the father.

      2. Not ‘seems to have lied’–she lied.

  3. I thought Paul Pope died back in 1978. As I recall, he was replaced with John Paul Pope.

    1. I thought it was Pope Dirk Benedict.

      1. No JPP was usurped by the Phony Pope, who can be identified by his high top sneakers, and incredibly foul mouth.

    2. You’re thinking Curly Joe DeRita

  4. I can’t wait to read the other 80% of the article.


    1. I guess they’re taking the 24/7 format to the print edition

      1. If you read the print edition, you’ll know we run a series of one-column items called “Briefly Noted” of which this is one.

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    1. A Lotus Carlton? There hasn’t been a new one in over 20 years. It’s nothing but a hot rodded GM sedan anyways.

      1. My friend, the Lotus Carlton is one of the greatest sleeper sedans in automotive history.

        I commend this person’s mother-in-law on her good taste.

  6. Libertarian-ism is likely due for quite a profile boost after this year’s mid-terms. If so, the leftist onslaught that is likely to ensue will be unprecedented. Folks best have their philosophical armor on and ready. Criticism of a supposedly libertarian-themed comic book from an Associate English prof at a 2nd-tier state university will literally be child’s play in comparison.

    1. Given the seething hatred and contempt I have seen here and elsewhere for all things libertarian I have no doubt you are correct.

  7. “Battling Boy” sounds like the lamest superhero ever.

    And in America, it’s illegal to have comic book in which the protagonist isn’t some kind of superhero.

    1. The Walking Dead has superheros?

      1. The zombies of course. Super-strength, super-ninja-sneaky skills, the ability to work as a team. You certainly don’t think all those whiny fucks in the Hyundai are the *heroes* do you? They are merely the protagonists, the storyline follows their viewpoint solely to set up satisfying zombie kills.

  8. All the coolest people are libertarian. Fuck the State.

  9. Scienfoology Prayer

    Our GAWD, Who dwells in SHAMM,
    Hallowed be Thy Name;
    Thy Taxes come in,
    Thy Bennies go out,
    All across the land,
    Powered by Thy Wrath.
    Give us more bread and circuses,
    More military crusades,
    And more stimulus funds.
    Keep us safe from earpoppers
    And lung flutes. Lead us not into
    Disobedience, but shelter us through
    Your Nannies. Forgive us
    When we are politically incorrect.
    For Yours is the Power and the Glory
    of the Pyramind Scheme, Forever and Ever,

  10. I’ve been a fan of Pope’s art for a long time. I didn’t know he’s a libertarian.

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  13. More important: Fighting against corrupt authority is a longstanding

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