Tonight on The Independents: The Father of Kelly Thomas Speaks Out, Obama's Executive Orders, Bieber's "Molly" Problem, TV Teen Moms, Coinye West, and More!


I honestly can't take seeing that other picture any more. |||

Because of pre-emption by live event coverage, tonight's episode of The Independents will first air at midnight ET instead of 9 PM on Fox Business Network. The show will mix pop culture banter with the heaviest of heavy topics, the latter including yesterday's not-guilty verdict of the Fullerton cops who beat the homeless and schizophrenic man Kelly Thomas to death in 2011. Thomas' father Ron—who Kelly was desperately crying out for on the infuriating, heartbreaking video of his fatal beating—will be on the show to discuss his reaction to the verdict. Read Reason's coverage of the case at this link.

Also up for discussion: President Barack Obama promises/threatens a flurry of Congress-bypassing executive orders, which some might say contradict his criticism of executive power back before he was president. And New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tries to put the bridge scandal behind him in his State of the State Address. Addressing both will be New Jersey Republican type Bill Spadea and 52 Reasons to Vote for Obama author Bernard Whitman.

Or not. |||

In teenagers-misbehaving news, nosediving heartthrob Justin Bieber had his house ransacked by cops who reportedly found an ecstasy variant called "Molly" while investigating, um, a potentially $20,000 egg-tossing incident; also, new study proves* that MTV's 16 and Pregnant leads to fewer teen births. Plus: The Pope auctions his Harley, Kanye West sues the Bitcoin-inspired "Coinye West" out of existence, and more.

Again—tune in at midnight ET for the assembled Independentsage. And heckle what you see on Twitter at @IndependentsFBN

* Ancient Internet joke.