Morsi's Trial Delayed After Weather Prevents Him From Being Flown to Cairo

Deposed Egyptian president accused of inciting murder


CAIRO — The trial of Egypt's deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, on charges of inciting murder was postponed on Wednesday after the authorities said that bad weather had prevented them from flying Mr. Morsi from prison near the port city of Alexandria to the courthouse in Cairo.

The former president was detained when he was ousted by the military on July 3. Since then, prosecutors have charged Mr. Morsi in three separate cases, accusing him of inciting the killing of protesters as well as in wide-ranging conspiracies to destabilize Egypt with the help of foreign countries and militant movements. Human rights advocates have complained that many of the charges appear to be political in nature and are part of a broader crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Morsi's Islamist movement, and the government's main political rival.

In the months since the military takeover, thousands of Brotherhood members and their allies have been imprisoned as the government has promulgated new laws to convict them, including classifying the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.