Senators Urge Afghanistan's President Not To Release Prisoners US Believes Are a Threat

Hundreds planned to be released from Bagram prison


(Reuters) - U.S. senators visited the Afghan president on Thursday to try to push forward talks to sign a crucial bilateral security deal and halt the release of prisoners the United States considers a threat to security.

Afghanistan plans to release hundreds of prisoners from Bagram prison, which was handed over from U.S. control only after a deal was reached in March after intense negotiations because Washington feared dangerous inmates would be freed.

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  1. The United States has now been in Afghanistan 3 times as long as our country was involved in World War II which consisted of millions of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines fighting and dying on huge fronts globally, not to mention the millions of civilians worldwide also maimed and killed in that war.

    However, World War II ended in a victory (however costly in the aftermath), and prosperity for the U.S., whereas we have spent billions in a no win war in just one armpit country that will eventually revert to the same bullshit when we finally depart. The Taliban idiots will end up running that country again.

    All this (Afghanistan) launched by two politicians, one of whom legally dodged the draft during the Vietnam era, and the other who served marginally as a weekend warrior. And commanded by second rate Generals and Admirals who would have probably been Majors and Lieutenant-Ciolonels at the most during WW II.

    And yet there are those Americans (fools all in my opinion) who believe that the U.S. conducted great crusades in Afghanistan and that camel poop desert oasis called Iraq. These "patriotic morons" raise a stink over things like health care reform of any kind for Americans, but pee their pants in patriotic spasms when billions are spend in wars where there is no victory, and thousands of our people are maimed and killed.

  2. Sovereignty is apparently not deserved for a country that's thousands of years old.

    1. And your point is?

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