CNN Puts Pressure on MSNBC After Harris-Perry's Comment on Romney's Black Grandchild

Melissa Harris-Perry later apologized


CNN took a shot at MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry on Wednesday in a segment that tied the host's recent remarks about Mitt Romney's black grandchild to a string of controversies that have plagued the progressive cable news channel.

After noting that both Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir had recently left MSNBC in the wake of highly controversial comments, CNN's Fredricka Whitfield said "some are calling for Melissa Harris-Perry to be fired."

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  1. So What! ? Who really gives a damn what Melissa Harris-Perry says or thinks about Mitt Romney’s black grandchild? The media gurus (right, left, upside down, and sideways) are in the business of making outrageous comments to keep their visibilities, along with their big bucks paychecks. This is what they do.

    Romney is a billionaire, so I’m sure he could really care less what Harris-Perry thinks. But stuff like this keeps him in the limelight and the pubic eye, and gives him some publicity. However, are far more important issues in the country than this kind of news.

    In the long run, no one will ever remember it, and it will become as worthless in the general scheme of things as a pile of dried up dog poop on a side road in New Mexico in high summer.

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