NSA Apparently Doesn't Have Access to In-Flight Communications

According to Glenn Greenwald


Glenn Greenwald gave a video keynote speech to the Chaos Communication Congress last Friday. Most of his talk revolved around the Snowden leaks, of which he says there's plenty more to come. (The most conservative estimate puts the total number of pages taken by Snowden at ~58,000, of which less than 900 have been released. Cryptome's running count puts it at 799 pages as of Dec. 24th—1.4% of the most conservative total.)

According to Greenwald, an upcoming story at his new venture will focus on one area the surveillance mesh has failed to cover—one that's driving the NSA and GCHQ crazy.

He said he was working on a new story indicating that the NSA was "obsessed" by the idea that people could still use some Internet devices and mobile phones on airplanes without being recorded. "The very idea that human beings can communicate for even a few moments without their ability to monitor is intolerable."

(Hat tip to Felix Finch)