Reason Cruise

All Aboard for a Sun-Filled, Intellectually Stimulating Week at Sea! You Won't Want to Miss Fixing the World: Reason Seminar Cruise 2014!


Join Reason's own Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, and some of most interesting speakers around for a spectacular week in the western Caribbean on board the brand-spanking new Celebrity Silhouette! Beginning February 9, 2014, you'll embark on a seven-day cruise through five countries and enjoy thought-provoking seminars, exclusive gourmet dinners, and private cocktail parties with other liberty-loving friends.  Currently joining us on board will be: 

  • Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg,
  • Historian Johan Norberg,
  • Author and former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postrel
  • Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch,  
  • ReasonTV Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie
  • Reason Science Correspondent Ron Bailey, and
  • Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum

We'll be traveling in style on the Celebrity Silhouette, and all-inclusive accommodations start at just $1,650 per person (and range up to deluxe cabins with incredible ocean views and private verandas).

reason cruise 2014

Make your reservations now and start planning how free minds and free markets will fix the world! For more information, or to register today, visit

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  1. So that’s why they need a hundred and fifty grand.

    1. All that roaring and puking isn’t cheap.

  2. Holding out for the Somalia cruise.

  3. I’ll go if Kennedy and S.E. Cupp are going.

    1. Jedediah Bila.

      1. Brooke Goldstein. And Remi Spencer (the other – female, cute – Remi).

        1. How about Reason‘s very own Emily Ekins, and Tracy Oppenheimer?

          1. The boat wouldn’t be big enough then. They’d need an armada.

  4. Are they going to let Warty run the brig again this year?

    1. He’s not trapped on the ship with them. They’re trapped on the ship with him.

  5. private cocktail parties


  6. Who were the biggest offenders of Virginia Postrel in the H&R commentariat? If I go again I may get t-shirts that say ‘I am not Warty’, ‘I am not FoE’, etc.

    1. I’m pretty sure Postrel hates ProL most of all. I mean, doesn’t everyone?

    2. We all need t-shirts that say, “I am Heroic Mulatto”. I’m pretty sure he’s the one who got her going by implying that it was not uncommon for her to drink large quantities of distilled spirits in short time frames.

    3. Why would they advertise she is going?

      Want to spend a week at sea with someone who only despises you?

      1. *Openly

    4. The thing to do would be to get an orange jersey of some kind with removable (velcro or something) names across the back, and then switch the names at every panel so that we could all take turns being sarcasmic, John, Warty, Episiarch, BrettL, Lord Humungous, LTC, etc.

  7. A cruise just doesn’t seem like the right venue. Spitbank Fort (No Man’s Land Fort), or some kind of Most Dangerous Game with Orphan hunting in Somalia or bust.

    1. Orphan hunting? I like your style!

    2. I much prefer the orphans fighting each other Hunger Games-style while we watch and make bets.

      1. Ah – a voyear. I like the cut of your jib, sailor….

      2. This is a classic orphan management mistake. You’d be creating fighting-enabled orphans. If you liquidate the winner to avoid them taking a leadership role and rebelling you demoralize them for future games, but if you leave it alive, you risk rebellion.

        1. Only slightly worse than training monkeys in the martial arts.

        2. This ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy. Every single orphan placed in the arena is carefully vetted and given a complete psychological assessment.

          The winner is given a choice of either returning to the diamond mines as a guard in training or has the option of joining the house staff in some capacity.

          The violent, misanthropic ones will always chose the guard positions so they can assert their dominance and new found authority over their former peers. The ones that are just happy to be alive will always take the relatively comfortable house servant position.

          1. By “house staff,” you mean the harem, right?

            1. And by staff you mean “penis”?

            2. I can assure you that that definition of ‘house staff’ is unique only to Jesse’s estate.

          2. Hmm. You make a compelling case, but what if someone in your orphan pool is a secret strategic genius?

            so they can assert their dominance and new found authority over their former peers.

            This is how WARTY started.

            1. Routine psychological and cognitive testing is the key my friend.

              In the event that we find such a genius what do I do? Do I eliminate him? No. Do I banish him elsewhere? No.

              What I do is I do what he least expects. I take him under my wing, entrust with him a task of seeming importance, even allow him the opportunity to strike. But he won’t. Because I know deep down his hatred of me is surpassed only by his desire for parents and a father-figure.

              1. And that is where libertarians come from.

              2. How very Roman emperor of you. I believe they call that a catamite.

            2. Warty? This is how they found Ender, right?

        3. I know, right! I learned that from any number of gladiator movies. You know you are in trouble when bearded, oiled-up, muscle bound men, with there chiseled jaws and torn tunics are after you.

          1. You and I have different definitions of “in trouble”

            I’ll be in my bunk…

          2. *Their.


      3. But hunting them would be like shooting Gollum! I mean, they’re all scrawny and wiry and stuff! They’d be a challenge to shoot!

        1. But if you kept them at the appropriate level of starvation and have broken their will properly they would be far too lathargic to be good sport.

          1. You pick the ones that show initiative by stealing food from their weaker companions.

        2. I actually prefer non-lethal orphan hunting. A good host will provide high quality orphans, with a recent windfall of $150k, one hopes Reason would be a good host, and it would be a shame to not take this as an opportunity to add some high quality orphans to my orphan stock.

        3. Gollum isn’t hard to shoot. He only survived at the Forbidden Pool because of Frodo’s mercy.

          1. Not everyone can shoot like the Rangers of Ithilien.

          2. Seriously, squatting on a rock singing and all, or complaining about nassty goblinsess. Easy target.

    3. Las Vegas hotel, legalized gambling, automatic weapons firing ranges, etc.

  8. I can’t wait for the group games:

    “I say ‘Cosmo!’ you say ‘-tarian!’





    OK! Good job….looks like everyone’s havin’ fun!”

  9. I know National Review also has a cruise. Who started this whole boat conference thing?

    1. Probably Soros. He has a submarine out there somewhere, just waiting to get enough non-lefties out in to international waters and *BOOM*, the opposition is dealt a serious blow.

  10. Guys. GUYS.

    I am 1000% sure I’ve found shrike’s secret blog.

    1. He has shrike’s characteristic argument style:

      Let me demonstrate how a priori principles and rigorous logic lead us infallibly to the correct conclusions:
      Premise 1: Social justice is liberty.
      Premise 2: Mitt Romney’s wife has a horse.
      Conclusion: Vote for anyone who’s not Mitt Romney.

      1. Yes. There is no question in my mind that this is shrike.

        1. Occupation: Shift Manager at Taco Bell

          Introduction: I am a cis-specied genderqueer trans-curious otherkin in a LTR with Fluttershy, but I am tolerant of all sexual identities. I have a BA in Music Therapy and an MA in Environmental Justice, which is why I know so much about science. I am a left-libertarian who says “yes” to equality and “no” to Christfags.

          Interests: Sexuality, social justice, science, atheism, My Little Pony, autism

          Favorite Movies: Brokeback Mountain, Girl Interrupted, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

          Favorite Music: You probably haven’t heard of it.

          Favorite Books: Das Kapital, What’s the Matter With Kansas, Dreams From My Father, The Dinosaur Joke Book: A Compendium of Pre-Hysteric Puns

          1. This whole thing is a spoof, right?

            1. I have literally no idea what would lead you to believe that. Charlie Schnickelfritz scored 87% on the libertarian purity test.

              1. Anita Sarkesian is a feminist who has used a detailed scientific study to demonstrate that in fact, Mario saving Peach is the #1 reason for the astronomically high rate of rapes in white, middle class, cis-privileged America, which I can only assume is something like 100,000 per 100,000 straight cis-males.

            2. I can’t tell. Man, I hope not.

    2. So what is libertarianism, anyway? Well, the essence of the movement can be distilled down to a few principles, none of which, you will notice, applies to Rand Paul. Without much further ado, here they are:
      No Christfags allowed. For starters, libertarianism is defined by not believing in God. Think about it: How can I be free if you believe in something higher than me? An idiot Christfag might answer something something blah blah blah nobody cares, but this can be easily refuted by asking the simple question, “So if God is so great, how come all wars in history were started by the pope?” Simply put, believing in God is a form of violence, so libertarianism necessarily means destroying religion, not tolerating it. By the way, I’m pretty sure Rand Paul is a Mormon or something.

    3. Rand Paul isn’t even really a libertarian because he has never registered as a Democrat.

      Awesome. Bookmarked!

      1. We must link to this after every shrike post.

        1. I know I will!


    Did anybody see Colbert’s criticism of Virginia Postrel’s piece on entertainment. I don’t know what to think about it. On the one hand, I largely agree with Postrel’s take on how entertainment is an interesting metric for how are lives have improved over the last 10 years. On the other hand, she did kinda set herself up for some hits from the standard, “capitalism has failed us!” liberals.

    1. By the way

      As the middle class declines, Bloomberg columnist Virginia Postrel suggests that television eliminates the need for higher wages.

      is…well…dishonest, to say the least.

    2. You must have a powerful constitution to be able to endure Colbert. Do you have an extra chromosome or something?

      1. Nah. I just had the TV set on to catch the 11:00 pm (CST) airing of South Park, so I kept Comedy Central on, but on mute. Then I saw the name Postrel pop up on the Chyron, so I had to take a look.

    3. Yeah, she does set herself up for the ‘markets are good for making baubles to distract people from their daily toil, but real necessities have to be managed by government, or else, people die in the streets’ argument Chad use to make on here. Try feeding seven billion people using only socialist means and what you’ll get are a lot of dead people.

  12. Postrel is going to be there? Didnt she say something to the effect that she cant even read Reason articles anymore because she knows the commentariat is lurking below the articles? Chick needs to grow some skin.

    Yet she will board a boat that likely has members of the commentariat on it?

    1. She gets paid to get on that boat, and she knows that we’re all to poor to afford the trip.

    2. She just said we were jerks. Someone else replied to her on twitter that he (?) couldn’t bear to read the articles because he knew the comments were there.

      Heroic Mulatto correctly assessed this fellow’s character in the comments.

      1. Well, she was right. We are jerks. Especially me. And especially you.

        1. I feel guilty for being a jerk. Just not enough to stop.

          1. I don’t. But I guess that is what a jerk would say.

            1. The jerk store called. They’re not running out of anything.

      2. Link to the HM quotes, man. Don’t be a jerk about it!

    3. “Never get out of the boat.” Absolutely goddamn right! Unless you were goin’ all the way… Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole fuckin’ program.

      1. Eh, his methods were unsound from the beginning.

  13. Delightfully over the top article on Obama being randy at Mandela’s whatever the hell that was:…..-disgrace/

    The president of the United States, leader of the free world, standard-bearer for everything upright, good and wholesome about the nation he leads, lost his morality, his dignity and his mind, using the solemn occasion of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service Tuesday to act like a hormone-ravaged frat boy on a road trip to a strip bar.

    In front of 91 world leaders, the mourning nation of South Africa and Obama’s clearly furious wife, Michelle, the president flirted, giggled, whispered like a recalcitrant child and made a damn fool of himself at first sight of Denmark’s voluptuously curvy and married prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

    One, how can you tell if Michelle is angry? She always has a puss mouth and glowering eyes.

    Two, to be charitable, to let loose like that at the funeral of Mandela shows Obama’s truer feelings than he can express in the prison bars of the social milieu that brought him success in this world. He has had to have seen the files on Mandela to satisfy his own curiosity, and knows the two face thug for what he really was.

    Three, even if that was flirting, doesn’t look it to me, whatever brings us closer together to the Danes is much more important than mere wedding vowels.

    1. One, how can you tell if Michelle is angry?

      When she rips your arms out of their sockets.

      1. Sometimes the Wookie gets hungry and is just looking for a bite to eat without any underlying intent of malice.

        Also, mere wedding vowels. Vows. No wonder I keep screwing those things up!

  14. I’ll only go if there are plans to commandeer the ship and set up a new, free, seasteading nation.

    1. Why not arm it and take over Iceland? How big is their navy?

  15. Randian CEO is a failure, therefore libertarianism doesn’t work!

    Ayn Rand-loving CEO destroys his empire…..e_partner/

    Lampert is now known as one of the worst CEOs in America ? the man who flushed Sears down the toilet with his demented management style and harebrained approach to retail. Sears stock is tanking. His hedge fun is down 40 percent, and the business press has turned from praising Lampert’s genius towatching gleefully as his ship sinks. Investors are running from “Crazy Eddie” like the plague.

    That’s what happens when Ayn Rand is the basis for your business plan.

    Wenzel has a good reply.


    The gist: The Left is totally lacking in its understanding of Rand, but obviously she still bothers them, as they try to link her together with something she never advocated.

    1. But remember, the failure of a countable infinity of socialist paradises in no way indicts their own philosophies.

    2. her-de-durr… Market Failure … derp!

      Yeah, that’s the point of markets. (screeching to the choir here)

  16. I’m confused – is this a vacation cruise or the beginning of a sea steading colony?

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