Webathon Update: $137,000 and Counting! Help Us Reach $150,000 by Midnight Wednesday!


I'm extremely happy to report that generous donors to Reason's 2013 webathon have so far ponied up $137,000 in dollars and Bitcoins, bringing us achingly near our goal of $150,000.

If you support what we do at Reason—11 monthly issues of what the New York Post has called "a kick-ass, no-holds-barred magazine": a website at Reason.com that features the staff blog Hit & Run and draws over 3 million visitors a month; and producing hundreds of Reason TV videos a year that pull millions of views at YouTube—then please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the nonprofit that publishes us.

A gift of $100 gets you a free subscription (print or digital) and your choice of a either a classic black Reason t-shirt or a cool "Be Paranoid" number. $250 gets you all that, plus a DVD of the important new Reason TV documentary, America's Longest War: A Film About Drug Prohibition$1,000 gets you lunch in DC with a Reason editor (for even more, you can specify that the editor not be me or Matt Welch!). 

Different amounts will get you different swag, but all donations however big and small are not just appreciated but vitally important to bringing you the latest news, analysis, debate, and commentary from a libertarian perspective. All the giving levels are listed here.

To get a sense of how we leverage your donations, tune in tonight to The Independents on Fox Business (9PM ET), which is hosted by Reason's own Matt Welch and Kennedy, along with Kmele Foster. As last night's debut suggests, this is one more sign that the Libertarian Era is upon us. And the show's very existence and heavy amount of Reason DNA is thanks in large part to supporters like you who have helped us out over the years.

So please share what you can—and get ready for bigger and better things from Reason in 2014 and beyond.

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  1. As last night’s debut suggests, this is one more sign that the Libertarian Era is upon us.

    This reminds me of Marx’s attack on the socialists of French Second Republic who he claimed “counters its present defeats by prophesying future victories.” So I guess that means the US will have a libertarian Hollande 2179!

    1. He’s going to be the saddest clown parody of Hollande, ever, since there will be no productive evil rich making over 30k a year, left, to pay the 90% redistribution taxes.

  2. You know, in years past, reason contributors would answer questions from commenters LIVE on the internet. None of that this year makes me wonder just how much for granted we are. Are we simply cash cows to be milked and then tossed aside for another year?

    1. yes – now go regurgitate your cud and chew it again

    2. Matt Welch happily suckles from your teat.

    3. Riggs broke under the strain from last year. Who do you want to break this year?


      2. He was gettin’ too old for this shit.

    4. I think it means that they’ve already answered all possible questions.

      1. My shampoo had an expiration date of three months ago. What happens if I keep using it? (It’s Prell, if that makes a difference.)

        1. Okay, sure, they skipped that one, but that’s the only one.

          (Answer: You’ll go bald.)

          1. He already is. What do you think he uses Prell for?

  3. Alt text: Finally, the libertarian reboot remake of Six Degrees of Separation.

  4. LOVED the show BTW. But, all I could here in my head was the Barenaked Ladies song and the line about a Real Green Dress being cruel.

    1. I didn’t watch, but I just went looking for the open thread that was supposed to be posted during the show.

      Reason fail?

  5. I would have watched that teevee show, but there was a British Touring Car race from last summer on Fox Sports 2.

  6. Great. There’s finally someone on FBN that I want to see, but I still don’t get that channel with my Dish plan.

    1. Actually, I found a workaround. I best not link it here, but if you Google “fox business streaming free,” you’ll find it on the first page of results.



    1. Cliché Bandit

      seriously? At least I am copywrite protected

      1. So the PTO is now being consistent in issuing trademarks for clich?s as well as patents for prior art?

  8. As last night’s debut suggests, this is one more sign that the Libertarian Era is upon us.

    Could someone over there in the greenroom tell Kmele Foster to loosen up already and really speak his mind? Maybe take the time to arrive stoned, or something?

    1. He did have the second best line of the evening…the first being Kennedy’s Womb Broom comment about a John Boenner Stossel Satch.

  9. I watched the first twenty minutes or so. Couldn’t finish. The term circle-jerk comes to mind. Meh.

    1. I think if they let Kennedy loose with some hard core comedy and leave policy to Welch and Foster then it could be a straight man sort of routine. The “stash to catch his tears” kind of jokes should be made the entire time and no one should be safe. Let’s see the left and right react to some real hard hitting humor.

      1. Kennedy is ultimately why I didn’t like the show. What you call humor I call smarmy. If she turned it up an notch she’d be a libertarian version of Maddow. I was not impressed.

  10. If she turned it up an notch she’d be a libertarian version of Maddow.


    Smarmy as Melissa Harris Racetroller?

    1. You just moved the goalposts to Peak Smarm and Beyond!

      1. Like Peak Retard, there is no Peak Smarm.

  11. I hope the numbers aren’t being fudged.

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