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  1. Counting stars not counting dollars, Nick? Like this?


  2. If you don’t throw in your buck ‘o five, who will?

  3. Obama has abandoned his moral authority

    The program that Obama and his team are desperately trying to make work is also based on moral claims about human dignity and distributive justice?many of which, until recently, were pretty bipartisan. If Obama recognizes that “the basic social compact in America” is now under attack, why can’t the basic social compact in America get its own three-week messaging calendar at some point? The vast inequalities and decreasing mobility in our society got their day in court Wednesday. Can he focus on how our common humanity and the advantages many Americans receive through the dumb luck of birth should inform their obligations to one another on a Thursday and a Friday?

    The main argument against launching such an effort is that it would be politically hazardous?that any overt set of moral claims defending a program like the ACA would be tantamount to confirming one conservative thinker’s charge that it’s just “a massive, massive income redistribution.”

    For supporters of progressive taxation, the social safety net, and the responsibility to heal the sick, that rationale for shying away from moral claims is misguided to the point of self-sabotage. Adding a set of bold moral arguments for healthcare reform to a recitation of the program’s transactional benefits is a winning strategy for three main reasons.

    1. I didn’t realize that dumb luck creates obligations. I guess it’s in that social contract thing. I wish I could get my copy to read it some day.

      1. We had to pass it to find out what was in it…

      2. It says whatever they want it to say. And your consent isn’t required.

    2. For supporters of progressive taxation, the social safety net, and the responsibility to heal the sick, that rationale for shying away from moral claims is misguided to the point of self-sabotage. Adding a set of bold moral arguments for healthcare reform to a recitation of the program’s transactional benefits is a winning strategy for three main reasons.

      Well the problem with that is ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

      Honestly. I love that this person is telling Obama how to sell Obamacare with statements like ‘recitations of the program’s transactional benifits.’

      These are the words that stir men’s souls to sleep.

      1. It goes without saying that any such expression must be translated for the plebs:

        “FREE SHIT!”

  4. You know, that poor bastard who tossed 50 thou in reason‘s guitar case probably thought he was really making a difference. But then suddenly the goal is moved up $50,000, the very same amount that big donor gave (which quite frankly I don’t think is a coincidence). The lesson being taught here is never donate big moneys because, like voting, it doesn’t make a difference.

    Aw, I can never stay mad at you, reason. Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

  5. What day is it? It’s Saturday!

    1. I was hoping for Saturday TV Funhouse — or at least the Bay City Rollers (and I’ve never said that before).

      1. You’ll have to settle for Guadalcanal Diary.

  6. So I had a lunch meeting with a local politician today, just me, one other guy and the pol, who is a very liberal Democrat. He was kind enough to meet with us about our concerns over pending California Senate Bill-1, an eminent domain nightmare that actually defines “blight” as living in your own detached house with a yard. (This is an “inefficient land use”, there should be apartments there).

    The politician was quite gracious, and I guess didn’t know that I was part of a local grass-roots movement against this bill (or my libertarian beliefs) — and I didn’t see any reason to tell him. He mostly said the expected feel-good platitudes about why we need more stack-and-pack housing projects in the semi-rural suburbs (young people today don’t want their own houses, they think apartment living is the only way to go, and don’t forget about empty-nesters, who want to downsize to an apartment above a train station).

    But it took all my willpower to keep from bursting out laughing at one point. He insisted our small grass-roots anti-eminent domain group was not local at all. No, it had been created and funded by agents of ……. the Koch brothers!

    I wish I had known this all along. Perhaps we could at least get some Koch-paid bottled water at our next meeting.

    I am just stunned that anyone, especially a relatively influential politician, would believe such paranoid crap! And to think how much ridicule the ‘birthers’ get, yet he was absolutely certain of the truth.

    1. There’s nothing like a Poe’s Law Encounter of the First Kind, is there?

    2. I always wonder when the Kochs find time to eat, sleep, or run their businesses when they apparently spend every hour of every day in their primary job as left-wing boogeymen.

      It’s kind of impressive that they run such a large company when they spend all day bathing in the blood of infants and every night jumping out of closets to scare the children of Democrats.

    3. Where in CA was this? It sounds familiar, unfortunately.

      1. Bay Area — but I’m sure you have plenty of these types down by MB as well.

        I’m actually going down to several beaches south of you, Huntington Beach, tomorrow for a medical conference. I hope it isn’t as cold down there as it is here. We are setting record lows in the Bay Area right now — expecting 22 degrees a couple of nights from now. I know that doesn’t sound much to most people — but when you understand that we almost never even hit the thirties, it’s pretty bizarre.

        But I’m sure that exreme cold is all part of global warming, too, since every single thing that happens in the world can be explained by it.

        1. Was in the high 50’s today. Warm by everyone else’s standards, but I had to go get pho…

        2. And for anyone unfamiliar with the geography, Henry Waxman “represents” me.

        3. Also, there is going to be an awesome fireworks show in MB tomorrow around 7pm. Very convenient if you are flying out of LAX.

    4. No, it had been created and funded by agents of ……. the Koch brothers!

      “Yeah, maybe we are and maybe we aren’t, I can’t really say. Just understand that those 2 brothers have enough cash and unchecked power between them to make it so it would be like you never existed. One day you’re there, the next day, poof!

      School records, medical records, dental records, photographs, social media, escort services’ speed dials, all of it just gone down the rabbit hole. Hell, they could make it so your own family didn’t remember you. All they need is a good reason.

      [standing up] Good day, sir.”

  7. Legalize heroin! People have a “right” to do heroin. It’s none of your damn business! Open the border! People have a “right” to pay scab laborers crap wages. It’s none of your damn business!

    Oh, and about that, it seems poor people who make scab wages and need to support a heroin addiction need your money to do it. I mean it would be nice if everybody could mind their own business, but this is the real world we’re talking about, what are you, some kind of anarchist?

    /why I’m not donating

    1. D-

      Try harder.

    2. Hi, American! I’m disappointed you didn’t talk about your hatred of Mexicans this time, you fascist nutcase.

  8. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.


  9. Donate to me. I am the 2016 presidential candidate for the Bitches and Blow Party (BBP), bitchez.


  10. I’d like to buy the shirt. But I don’t want to pay a hundred bucks for it.

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