Police Abuse

Cops: "If we have to get a warrant…we're gonna shoot and kill your dogs"


Eric Crinnian
Fox 4 News

Eric Crinnian, an attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, says police came to his door looking for parole violators, and got upset when he refused them permission to tramp through his house and paw through his possessions. In fact, he claims, one cop went so far as to threaten to shoot his dogs if he made them abide by the requirements of the law by getting a search warrant to look through his home. Remarkably, a criminal justice professor says the police actions may not be illegal, though they could be awkward in court.

According to Fox 4 News in Kansas City:

Eric Crinnian, a lawyer,  heard a loud banging at his door Monday night, he was instantly alarmed since a neighbor's house was robbed a few weeks ago, so he grabbed a crow-bar.

Crinnian said three police officers were outside his house.

"I open the door a little bit wider and he sees that I have something in my hand, so he pulls his gun, tells me to put down whatever I've got and then come out with my hands up, so I do," Crinnian said.

They wanted to know where two guys were, and Crinnian later found out police believed they violated parole.

"I said, 'I have no idea who you're talking about I've never heard of these people before,'" he said.

To prove it, he said police asked to search his house, Crinnian refused multiple times.  He said they needed a warrant.

Then he said one police officer started threatening him saying, "If we have to get a warrant, we're going to come back when you're not expecting it, we're going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we're gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we're gonna shoot and kill your dogs, who are my family, and then we're going to ransack your house looking for these people."

The police department is following the usual script, insisting it is internally investigating Crinnian's Office of Community Complaints report, so you can probably safely assume that officials hope this case will fall into the void where most grievances against police go to die. Then again, as a new lawyer and sometime journalist, Crinnian may have a little more recourse than most, and perhaps a better shot at keeping his front door on its hinges.

Eric Crinnian's dog
Fox 4 News

John Hamilton, an associate professor of criminal justice administration at Park University and a retired Major with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department, told the news station that the officers' threats may not be illegal, though they're inappropriate and it's possible they violate department policy. He also pointed to the matter of appearances, saying that such behavior "makes it tenuous when you appear in front of the court in a case like that."

But Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at The George Washington University Law School, isn't convinced that it's legal to threaten to shoot people's dogs and otherwise humiliate them if they insist on the protections of the Fourth Amendment. "It would in my view be a little more than inappropriate and could constitute a crime. While it could be a tough case on this evidence, one possibility would be a criminal threat."

Turley points (accidentally, I think) to a Kansas statute* regarding "criminal threat." But Missouri has a statute that defines a "credible threat…against the life of, or a threat to cause physical injury to, or the kidnapping of, the person, the person's family, or the person's household members or domestic animals or livestock" as aggravated stalking and might fit the bill in this situation. However, that law explicitly exempts law enforcement officers "conducting investigations of violation of federal, state, county, or municipal law," which is more than a little disturbing.

Really? It's OK to threaten people's lives, their family, and their pets if you're a cop?

If it is legal to threaten people with violence if they stand on their rights, it shouldn't be, Turley adds. I'd have to agree.

*Professor Turley revised his post and now contrasts the Missouri and Kansas laws.

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  1. A crowbar? He couldn’t find anything better?

    1. Good thing for him he didn’t, or he’d be dead.

      1. And dunphy and Tulpa would be overjoyed.

        1. Alright now that’s a couple I’d love to see the offspring of.

          1. It would keep making excuses for beating itself unconscious.

            1. “Stop hitting myself, stop hitting myself…”

          2. when are we going to get photo replies on H&R like they do on Facebook?

            1. When you get Reasonable.

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                1. Chrome app. A must have as long as the skwrlz play nice.

                  1. Has the email address issue thingy been fixed?

                    1. “Has the email address issue thingy been fixed?”


                2. It’s an add-on to Chrome that hides trolls.

                  1. LOL it does exist

                3. It’s a plugin for Google Chrome that blocks known trolls, etc. You can find it by Googling “reasonable plugin”.

                  For the life of me, I can’t understand by people here (who are concerned about NSA spying and such) would use a Google product with known built-in spyware. Where’s the Firefox version? Open source!

                  1. Where’s the Firefox version

                    Hear, hear.

                  2. It works for all chrome based browsers, not just Google’s.

                    1. Meh. The Chromium user based is tiny in comparison to Google’s version. The open-source community working on this sort of this is pathetically small. The Mozilla community is huge. I think it’s pretty obvious to just about everyone that, if you care about security at all (I would think anyone commenting on these sorts of matters would), Firefox is a much better bet than Chrome, or any Chromium derivative.

                      And, even if it weren’t, it’s either the second or third most common browser (after IE or IE and Chrome) out there. So, why is there no Firefox plugin?

                    2. I think incif still exists. It’s less fancy, but pretty easy to use to make certain comments invisible.

                    3. I don’t know enough about programming or internet protocols to argue about the security of browsers, and maybe I’m just fooling myself with my “do not track extensions” and what not, but i like the functionality of my Cool Novo a lot more than I did Firefox and no browser is going to protect you from government snooping.

                      As to why no reasonable on firefox: it was built by a regular commentator who I guess used Chrome and not Firefox. So if you want one for Firefox you’ll need to contract him, Amakaduri, I believe, contract with some one else to build it or build it yourself. It’s not a reason designed product.

                  3. Because, last I checked, google can’t force me to do anything. They use my data to make my life better. Just the opposite with government.

                    1. Thanks, everyone! As computer illiterate as I am, it took a while but I think I’ve got it.

                  4. The trolls are the best part though.

      2. But it was an unloaded crowbar.

        1. How would the cop know that?

    2. Threats and coercion are not illegal?

      1. Depends on who is doing it. Rule of man.

      2. It seems to me this should be fairly obviously against the law. Telling someone to give up their rights “or else” is only a small step from not having those rights at all.

        1. Not seeing the small step part, but yeah.

          1. Be glad that we don’t live in a place where cops have the authoritah to shoot whenever they feel like it. I’m not saying that things aren’t bad. But there is a huge difference.

            1. I have lived in places like that and truly we aren’t that far away, we just hide it from the soccer moms a lot better.

              1. I don’t know. It’s a pretty big step from where we are now to purges or Stormtroopers gunning people down in the streets. Also, by the time it hits the soccer moms, you have 100 million U.S. gun owners showing what they think about such policies. It doesn’t go that far without a lot of blood on both sides.

                1. How big is the step though, when no-knock raids are common, dog-shootings are common, cops shoot up vehicles that don’t even match that of a high profile fugitive, detentions can be indefinite and anyone can be disappeared/renditioned on the say-so of some politician?

                  We’re already most of the way to totalitarianism. All it would take is a slightly more zealous president.

                  1. don’t forget that while it may be a right to own a gun, heaven help you if you even think about actually doing anything but shooting traps with it at a country club.

                2. tell that to the two newspaper delivery ladies in California

        2. This would fall under the “terroristic threats” laws but for the tin-plated patent of nobility these thugs wear on their shirts.

      3. 99% of pigs give the rest a bad name.

  2. the officers’ threats may not be illegal,

    Sadly, he’s probably right, because FYTW.

    However, the idea that the cops have the legal authority to threaten to commit crimes in order to coerce somebody into waiving their Constitutional rights, is pretty repugnant. If its not illegal, it should be.

    1. But all things are Holy if done by the King’s Men, don’tcha know?

    2. They never thought they’d get caught, or that their words would be repeated. But now they sound worse than they would have, since they were countered by someone who knew his rights better than the average citizen, and who’s not afraid to let it all be known.

      1. How is this bad for them? The cop in question will see no consequences. If anything he’ll be empowered by this.

        1. It will eventually come down to resisting the Army of Occupation law enforcement has become.

      2. That is just it. They would deny ever threatening the guy and the judge would believe them. This is why cops hate Iphones so much. It keeps them from lying and bullying people.

        1. Of course, had he recorded the exchange to provide verifiable evidence, the DA would have issued an arrest warrant for illegal wire-tapping and given the cops the excuse they needed to bust down his door, kill his dogs, pull his wife/GF/boyfriend from the shower naked, beat him with a truncheon and destroy all evidence of wrong doing.


        2. They would deny ever threatening the guy and the judge would pretend to believe them. FTFY

          As you know, most judges are former prosecutors and are very familiar with testilying, and more than likely routinely suborned perjury along with other unethical and illegal tactics.

      3. since they were countered by someone who knew his rights better than the average citizen

        And apparently better than the average cocksu-, er police officer.

        1. As a cocksucker, I protest your unfair and hateful comparison.

  3. Really? It’s OK to threaten people’s lives, their family, and their pets if you’re a cop?

    Not only is it legal, it’s standard operating procedure. Not only make the threats, but to carry them out as well.

  4. Well this story kinda pisses me off..

    1. A bit. Just a bit. OK, more than a bit.

    2. If I hear ten stories about cops getting their jugulars ripped out by dogs later on today, it just my make up for it.

      1. Make it 20 and I’m there, too

      2. it just myight make up for it.

        1. Narcissism and ADD,never a healthy combination.

      3. Man that would be poetic justice. A dog ripping a cop to shreds just before he was about to shoot it in front of the family he just tied up.

        Ok, the last line may be an exaggeration…still.

        1. Well, not exactly but, remember Cheye Calvo, the mayor of Berwyn Heights? The cops handcuffed him and his mother-in-law after shooting his two dogs, so I guess the dogs wouldn’t be in a position to do anything at that point. You’re right, it was a bit of exaggeration.

      4. Of course, that would make it easier for them to justify giving the family shih tzu an acute case of lead poisoning. (Not that they have much trouble now, despite more cops having been killed by insects than dogs in the last five decades.)

        OFFICER SAFETY!!1!

        1. gonna get me a pet black widow

  5. When is this shit going to get caught on camera more often? Can’t happen soon enough. Obviously needs to be streamed to some sort of cloud server. Has there been any instance of this working?

    1. Yep. Webcams are cheap, and streaming service are free.

      1. Has there been a single case where cops tried to “confiscate” video for “investigation” that was uploaded or backed up on a cloud server? Has to be coming.

        1. Not sure. I do know Balko used to tout Qik as a great app to get your videos out of reach of the cops. I think Ustream might do the same, though I’ve only used it for live streaming (of Snowpocalypse ’10 in DC) and not cloud storage.

          1. (of Snowpocalypse ’10 in DC)

            Suuuuuuuuuuure! *wink wink*

            1. Have you ever seen the DC area when it snows? You could be an Ice Road Trucker and still be at massive risk when it happens.

              1. Even here in the Frigid North the first snow of the season is bumper cars. People forget how to drive. It’s weird.

                1. I used to drive a taxi for a living, believe me I know it.

                2. Even here in the Frigid North the first snow of the season is bumper cars.

                  I notice that as well. Come on, people, it’s only been like 7 months.
                  But watching places that rarely get snow deal with it is awesome. Wheels spinning? Obviously the thing to do is floor it. On your bald tires.

            2. Puhleeze – like I would give “it” away on Ustream for free!!

              1. I’d assume you’d be properly libertarian on this and do so for profit. Here on this blog. In this thread even. Soon.

                1. Yeah, it’d be like the porn version of Mike & Molly.

  6. Heroes. Every damn one of em.

  7. If I answered the door with a gun, and a cop told me to put it down, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d like to think that I would tell him I’ll put mine down when he puts his down, he gives me a warrant, or he arrests me. Short of that, we’re just two armed citizens having a polite conversation, and I have every right to be armed in my own house. And no, I’m not coming out the door, and I am explicitly and unconditionally denying any consent for him to enter my house.

    1. If I answered the door with a gun, and a cop told me to put it down, I don’t know what I’d do.

      dunphy says that’s grounds for execution.

      1. No kidding. Dean would be shot either instantly or after the SWAT team was called in to do the dirty work.

    2. If I answered the door with a gun, and a cop told me to put it down, I don’t know what I’d do.

      I know what you would do. You would fall down into a dead heap as the cop riddled you with bullets. And nothing else would happen.

      1. Considering the shooting skills of the average cop? Are you sure?

        1. At point blank range? Yeah, I think so.

          1. I guess that if the officers both emptied their guns at close range, they might be able to get a hit or two.

            1. Seriously, I don’t know who the fuck trains the average Gestapo officer but whatever they’re getting paid, it’s way to much.

              1. Cleveland. What was it – 163 shots at the two “perps”? I don’t remember what the actual “hits” numbered, but IIRC, it was single digits…

                  1. Indoors, no less.

          2. At point blank range? Yeah, I think so.

            Most cops couldn’t hit a damn thing with a pistol at point blank range. A 9×19 zeroed for 25 yards only drops an inch as of 50 yards, still well within point blank for a human-sized target. Hell, even within a step or two of contact, Amadou Diallo was only hit 19 out of 41.

            1. +1 panic fire

    3. I might hand it to my wife. Other than that, yeah, I’m about there.

      1. I might hand it to my wife.

        You wouldn’t have a chance. The cop would see the gun, start screaming for you to drop it as he scrambled to get out his piece, and if you hadn’t dropped it by the time he got a bead on you he’d kill you on the spot.

        1. The cops around here don’t act like that. There are too many Good Ol’ Boys and Girls with guns around.

          1. You never know. Could be a new guy who’s just been trained to start shooting the second he feels threatened and assured that there will never be any consequences for his actions.

            1. You don’t have to tell me. I’m a walking, talking dead man.

            2. Believe it or not, there are some chiefs of police who don’t want shit like that and let it be known to their officers. The old chief in my town was like that. He didn’t want any officers looking for trouble or getting into people’s business without a good reason (this is a town with 2 cop besides the chief). He also had a cap on the acceptable number of arrests for a year (a cap not a quota). I have no idea how common that is or if the new chief will follow the same sort of path.

          2. The cops here (LA) don’t scream at you to drop it. They just open fire.

        2. More like…

          “Drop…bang, bang, bang…it.”

          1. Motto of the Prince Georges Count (MD) Police Department: Bang Bang Bang Stop or I’ll shoot!

      2. That’s the point. These officers are STUPID enough to threaten a guy AT THE SAME TIME they think TWO possibly armed and dangerous men are in the same house.

        The idea they they want to go home safely at night is a LIE. They want to clock out with an adrenaline rush boner.

    4. Do you have a bulletproof door?

      1. “Bulletproof” is in the eye of the caliber.

    5. If I answered the door with a gun, and a cop told me to put it down, I don’t know what I’d do.
      Be shot while threatening them with a military style assault weapon, with drugs found on your premises.

  8. No love for Mike Royko, the inventor of the cop shoots dog column?

    1. I thought I knew royko’s work, but this is new to me. Is it available online?

      1. I haven’t found that one online yet. I found a January 1972 instance on Microfilm in a library, forgot if it was Springfield or Chicago. The police get their man was the title and most of the details are in that post.

        1. That truly is awful.

          I bet when he died, Chicago bureaucrats breathed a sigh of relief. Then oppressed a few citizens and took a nap.

          What would Royko have done with Obama?

          1. I don’t rightly know. Royko was a big Leftie when you get right down to it. He didn’t seem to mind government intrusion when government was doing what he wanted.

    2. OK, Mike, calm down! 😛

      1. Even from the grave, there is no calming down for Royko!

    3. I’m still waiting for a dog shoots cop story

  9. A poorly-kept secret in the Athens, GA area is that some of the troopers from the local State Patrol post have a steroid ring going on as part of their bodybuilding club, and there have been times when their behavior and judgment calls have just about made it obvious. I think law enforcement should all have to be tested for every controlled substance, every single week.

    1. God fucking damn it. The pigs are pricks because only psychopathic baboons want to become cops, not because they have too much testosterone. Roid rage is a myth, just like crack babies and people on LSD diving into dry swimming pools. Don’t buy into the prohibitionists’ moronic hysteria.

      1. Thank you Warty.

      2. ^THIS^

        Roids just make you more of what you already are. If you’re already a huge dick, then they will turn you into a dick rocket.

      3. Not that I have any firsthand experience with them. Part of me wants to become a 350lb roidgorilla, but the sane part of me has thus far won that argument.

        1. I kind of want to see you become one too. Do it for the lulz!

          I was on Maui and was developing an ear infection, so I went to the local walk in clinic. The doctor cleaned out my ears, gave me some antibiotic suspension for them, and then offers me Vicodin ES for the “pain”, which I obviously took him up on. Then he offered me a steroid injection too*, for “inflammation” or something, which I obviously took him up on too. It felt great, and so I went and did my workout on it. Fun stuff, no rage.

          * Yes I know he offered me all this stuff because he has a great markup on it. I didn’t care; now I had even more Vicodin for my trip and the steroids were fun.


            1. YOU DON’T KNOW THAT

              Honestly, I think this guy was my favorite doctor ever. I swear to god he was on something. He didn’t give a shit, and it was great.

              1. Whether they’re cortico or anabolic, I just know that when I’ve gotten ‘roids from the doc, I’ve seen two, immediatea side effects:

                1) my breathing was easier/better
                2) any muscle/joint pain ceased, utterly

                Now, ongoing use? Dunno the effects. But for those short periods, I just kept thinking, “This is why people get hooked on prescriptions drugs…cause YOU FEEL GREAT…”

                1. Cortico. Doctors give them out like candy.

                2. Cortico steroids are for inflammation. You breathe easier because your bronchial tubes are open more.
                  Same for muscle and joint pain: less inflammation means less pain.

                  The problem is that they also suppress your immune system, so using them too often is dangerous.

                3. Yep, that’s corticos. They are catabolic, just so you know.

              2. Now you know how Elvis felt.

                1. I have a suspicious mind?

                2. waterskiing with Ann Margaret?

                3. So lonely I could die?

                  1. You ain’t so big, you’re just tall, that’s all.

        2. Part of me wants to become a 350lb roidgorilla

          Give it time. A few thousand years should do the trick.

        3. What does Warty’s Futurecock have to say about it?

        4. Part of me wants to become a 350lb roidgorilla

          Do you really want to slim down like that?

      4. I still want them drug-tested. And given colonscopies while they shriek and shudder. And to be tased in the genitals at least three times a shift.

        1. Why not just neuter them to reduce their aggression? That would do the trick.

      5. No Warty, don’t you understand? It takes roid rage to turn the kind of person who would become a cop into a piece of shit bully power-tripper. They were never previously inclined to that or anything. Without the roids, they’d be perfect examples of peace officers, mark my words.

      6. Well, it’s like train engineers, pilots and any other occupation that other people’s lives are entrusted with. If you want to do the job, you need to prove your fitness, and if your behavior on the job erodes public confidence, then maybe something needs to change. I’m glad there’s no shortage of idiots who want to become cops, so I don’t have to be one, but there should be some limit to how stupid any are allowed to get.

      7. “Roid rage is a myth,” he raged…

      8. no but the yellow lines start to form a snake rising up from the road if you zone out to em too long, F-in acid dragons

  10. Did he identify himself as an attorney? Because sometimes that will give the less roided up officer pause.

  11. As soon as a threat is issued, the conversation is over. Door closed in the face, and the news is being dialed.

    1. The news? What is that?

      Seriously, the TV news around here only answers calls from 9Am to 5PM and even then they probably use caller ID to make sure they only take calls from government offices.

  12. I find it incredibly disturbing that it is ever OK for police to unnecessarily break in or trash someone’s property in the execution of a search warrant. They should be liable for any damage that they cannot prove was absolutely necessary to the execution of the warrant.
    And these sheepfukers should just be in prison.

    1. Indeed.

      And in this day and age, they should all have cameras attached to the uniform. And not allowed to testify in court. Only testimony allowed is from the camera. If the footage goes missing, you don’t have a case.

  13. Coercing someone into giving consent to a search is going to be illegal. It would be one thing if the cop had said “if you say no, we will go back and get a warrant and do it anyway”. That is just stating the fact. But the rest of it about humiliating him in front of his neighbors and killing his dogs and such is nothing but a threat designed to coerce the guy into giving up his rights.

    The retired police major is a liar or a moron. What the cops did here is clearly illegal and had the guy granted consent and been able to prove in court that is what the cop said, the evidence would have been inadmissible as fruit of an illegal search.

    What this case shows is that most of this brutality is the result of cops being lazy fucks who don’t want to do their jobs. Going and getting a warrant is hard. The right thing to do is say “fine”, stake out the house so you can nab anyone who leaves, call the judge and after you get the warrant go back in. But that takes time and effort. And cops are so lazy and pathetic they won’t do that anymore. Easier to just threaten the guy and get him to give you consent.

    1. It might be illegal on paper. But we all know that nothing else will happen. So in practice it’s not only legal, but standard operating procedure.

    2. And cops are so lazy and pathetic

      I’m sure that Dumpy will be along to disagree after he’s through with the medical issues preventing him from actually doing something to justify his paycheck.

    3. Last week a cop threatened to have a client’s business shut down of he didn’t let the cop see the security camera footage. This wasn’t some exigent circumstance either, the cop, on his own and out of uniform, thought some girl who stole his credit card had been in the store.

      1. That cop is like most cops a lazy bully.

      2. Or some girl he was stalking.

    4. It appears they had no reason to think these parole violators were in his house, so they probably didn’t want to waste time staking the house out.

      1. Which means they wouldn’t have gotten a warrant. They just wanted to fuck with this guy.

  14. There is one happy ending to this. I have no doubt that cop had every intention of following through with his threat and killing that guy’s dog and destroying his house. But since the guy went to the media, the heat is on and they won’t be able to do it. The higher ups will tell them to knock it off so as to avoid embarrassment. God I bet that cop is pissed.

    1. You think so? I think this guy’s days are numbered. These cops will murder him in a dark alley once the hoopla dies down.

      1. All depends on who this lawyer knows.

      2. No they won’t. They are like cockroaches. They scurry away when the light hits them.

        1. Cockroaches that hold grudges forever. He’s a dead man.

  15. How we test this by showing up on this professor’s doorstep threatening to shoot his dogs, and see if he calls the cops.

    1. That’s just cruel.

    2. I’m curious about the level of shit one of the little people would get for threatening to kill the dogs of someone else. Sounds a lot like extortion, for one, and probably a few other crimes. Not to mention a few torts.

  16. and then we’re going to ransack your house looking for these people.”

    And by saying this they pretty much GUARANTEES that the people they are looking for won’t be there.

    But wasting time and money is government’s way of rewarding itself.

    1. They are so arrogant. They used to pull this shit when dealing with poor people whom they knew no one would believe or give a shit about even if they could prove the abuse. Now they do it with a middle class lawyer who has the means to defend himself.

      For a long while I would read these stories and think “how horrible must they be when dealing with poor people”. Now I realize they are exactly the same when dealing with everyone. They are totally out of control and will abuse and attack anyone, no matter what their station in life.

      They are destroying the fabric of civil society. It is one thing for the poor to have no respect for the law. But these assholes are slowly but surely ensuring that no one has any respect for the law or law enforcement. That won’t end well.

      1. But these assholes are slowly but surely ensuring that no one has any respect for the law or law enforcement.

        To be fair, it’s not just the fault of the cops. For law to be respected, it must be respectable. Cops enforce all kinds of laws that deserve no respect. So people naturally lose respect for the law, as well as those who enforce it.

        1. Good point. It is not just the cops but the various other petty tyrants in government.

          1. How about probation officers who ask some cops to accompany them to the home of a 60 year old black man to assist them in executing a probation default warrant, the target of which is a white man, aged 32, and where, upon hearing the black man insist that “you got the wrong man” the cops proceed to beat and mace the black man while calling him nigger?

            What did the probation officers do? Nothing. They just stood and watched the black man get a beating.

            The 32 year old white guy was their probationer!

            Just so you know:

            True story as I represented the black man in suing the city of Attleboro, MA and the cops and the probation officers in their individual capacities. The NAACP turned down the case.

            Although my client received a decent settlement from the city of Attleboro, the case against the probation officers was dismissed and we lost on the appeal of that dismissal.

            I took the appeal pro bono.

            It still bothers me that those probation officers were not held accountable.

            1. I am not surprised by that Mike. I said this on another thread. It takes a certain kind of person to be a good cop. I will freely admit I am not that kind of person. I have too much of a temper. What has happened is that we have made our police forces so large we have long since created a demand that exceeds the supply of such people. So what we are getting a psychotic bullies.

  17. Looking through the comments on the original story, and someone asks:

    “Who do you trust more, a cop or a lawyer?”


    1. Is there anyone you wouldn’t trust more than a cop?


      1. Car salesman maybe.

        1. How many car salesmen kill dogs?

          How many car salesmen initiate force upon a daily basis?

          How many car salesmen are public sector employees?

          1. He said trust, which your post has nothing to do with

            How long have you been selling cars?

        2. used

      2. President Obama? Everyone in Congress?

  18. 18 U.S.C. 242:

    “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States . . . shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

    I doubt even the most depraved Court would find official immunity for a threat of “Let us search without a warrant or we’ll shoot your dogs.”

    1. Needs more Thomas.

    2. I doubt even the most depraved Court would find official immunity for a threat of “Let us search without a warrant or we’ll shoot your dogs.”

      Since no prosecutor will take it to court, it doesn’t really matter.

    3. “any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States”

      The right to be secure in ones house …

  19. a small chance exists that this D-bag police officer will be curious enough to look up this story on major news sites. He may even stumble upon this story on Reason. And he may read the comments section. So just in case, let me say this to that evil man: i assume you beleive in God and are religious (never met a cop who wasn’t)so let me remind you….that kind of threat against innocent life will have to be accounted for when you reach the supposed pearl gates. You are not a hero, you are a scumbag. May god have mercy on your soul. As an atheist, i only wish their was a hell for you to burn in.

    1. I hope he pulls over some enraged crackhead who shoots him in the face in THIS life.

  20. “But Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at The George Washington University Law School, isn’t convinced that it’s legal to threaten to shoot people’s dogs and otherwise humiliate them if they insist on the protections of the Fourth Amendment.”

    Well, I hope the good professor doesn’t end up on the no-fly list or suddenly get audited, or something, for this.

    I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t live in Kansas City, or the local police there might retaliate by getting a warrant to humiliate him in front of his neighbors, smash his door down, and shoot his dog.

    1. Oh, Turley’s been on the Gov’t gadfly/shit list for awhile. He represented the workers suing the DoD for toxic tort at Area 51. If he’s not on the no-fly list yet, I doubt this’ll be the backbreaking straw.

  21. $100 says even with this publicity they still bash this guys door in and kill his dogs.

    1. If I were this guy, I’d be getting the house set up in an anti-forceful entry configuration and getting all my assault weapons locked and loaded. Anything coming through that door gets shot and killed. Illegal entry means legal self-defense; and Missouri is a Castle Doctrine state.

    2. they will probably quietly poison the dog, it will look like a natural death. BTW in Camaroon they always kill the dog a few days before they attack. this happened to some friends of mine when their dog disappeared they knew they were going to be attacked and they were. this tells me that we are dealing with savages.

  22. I get that these people are all sociopaths. But what’s the deal with the obsession with murdering dogs?

    1. Cops want to fuck with people. Shooting a person’s dog is a risk-free (for the cop) way to seriously fuck up someone’s day. Besides, it’s extremely difficult to successfully shoot someone’s cat…the cat basically has to be on his deathbed to even be in the vicinity of the cop let alone hold still enough for the average marksmanship-challenged cop to hit(very small moving target). Whereas dogs just stand there, wagging their tails.

  23. And I would have responded to that threat with “well I’m a law abiding gun owner with lots of handguns and assault weapons, and I’m lucky enough to be rich enough to not have to work. So while you are getting your warrant, I’ll be up day and night setting up and ready to shoot and kill anyone who comes busting down my door. I hope you’re ready for WW3. Now get off my property.”

  24. This is the reason those that can afford it need to battery ram proof their houses and set up points were they can safely shoot out but not get shot in return; in order to defend against illegal search and seizures and threats from the out of control police.

    1. Got a web source for this kind of info?

  25. Why he want to kill the dog? feel sad

  26. my dog would be spending the week with another family member after i told the news, i would guess 50/50 on retaliatory strikes, after all only the craziest sociopaths would intend on murdering your pets, and i wouldnt bet on news being much of a deterrent to law breaking public hired mercs

  27. Police officer shot dead after pointing stun gun at man’s dogs
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.c…..6czQjiK.99

    This cop got what he deserved

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