Troy, NY Police Chief Wants Zero Tolerance Policy for Brutality, Called for FBI Probe Into Internal Affairs; Internal Affairs Investigating Him

Clashing with police commissioner, others


good cop maybe?

John Tedesco, the police chief in Troy, New York, was interviewed this week by internal affairs over allegedly upholding a citizens complaint about brutality too soon. Tedesco has also called for investigations by the city council, as well as an FBI probe, into his department's internal affairs division. Via the Albany Times-Union:

Deputy Chief Richard McAvoy and Capt. Terrance Buchanan of internal affairs met with Tedesco for about 30 minutes in an office that was cordoned off.

Tedesco had said the media were invited to attend his interview, but no reporters were present.

The chief faces the investigation after a complaint was filed saying that the letter he sent [upholding a citizens' complaint] was written before the officer under investigation had exhausted the appeals process.

Tedesco's questioning came as city officials learned that the chief asked the City Council to investigate the police department's operations and internal affairs unit under Police Commissioner Anthony Magnetto.

Tadesco's attorney claimed in a letter that Buchanan was biased in favor of the local PBA, which opposes Tadesco, because they employ him off-hours. The attorney, who in an eight-page letter called for an inquiry into the internal affairs department, also said the police chief "firmly believes that a zero-tolerance policy against egregious misconduct must be strictly enforced to prevent future incidents of brutality and that his other 'best practices' and policies must be reinstated for effective and efficient management of the Police Bureau.

The City Council appointed Magnetto police commissioner in February, while Tadesco was away for training. His wife blasted the council for appointing Magnetto, and the PBA president made comments about the police chief that illuminate some of the source of the conflict. Via the Record of Troy:

Police Benevolent Association President Bob Fitzgerald… criticized Tedesco for his decision to deactivate the Emergency Response Team, listing the various instances it's been called upon for assistance not just in the city but surrounding municipalities. Fitzgerald also critiqued Tedesco's decision to take officers off U.S. Marshals detail and also taking school resource officers out of the schools, even going as far to suggest the 14-year-old girl who leaped off the top of Lansingburgh Middle School was looking for the officer before she jumped.

"The Troy PBA members respect Anthony Magnetto and know his experience will lead to success in the department," Fitzgerald said. "He ingrained in our minds early on, go out and do your job and don't embarrass this department."

Tedesco was also interviewed by the FBI this morning, which he said he welcomed.