Watch John Stossel, Ron Paul Matt Welch, Penn Jillette, Nick Gillespie Talk "Rise of Libertarians"


Sunday morning yak shows got you down? Then check out this November 14 episode of John Stossel's eponymous Fox Business show. Titled "The Rise of Libertarians?" Stossel talks with, among others, Ron Paul, Penn Jillette, Matt Welch, and me to figure out whether believers in social tolerance and fiscal responsibility really are taking over the country. Stossel also talks to folks from the fast-growing Students for Liberty group and gets a negative take on "Free Minds and Free Markets" from The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes.

The YouTube vid of the show clips the commercials. Matt Welch and I show up around the 2.30 minute mark, in the show's first segment.

Take a look—I'm pretty certain this will be far more interesting than anything currently showing up on this morning's broadcast and cable chin-stroke-athons.

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