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Watch John Stossel, Ron Paul Matt Welch, Penn Jillette, Nick Gillespie Talk "Rise of Libertarians"


Sunday morning yak shows got you down? Then check out this November 14 episode of John Stossel's eponymous Fox Business show. Titled "The Rise of Libertarians?" Stossel talks with, among others, Ron Paul, Penn Jillette, Matt Welch, and me to figure out whether believers in social tolerance and fiscal responsibility really are taking over the country. Stossel also talks to folks from the fast-growing Students for Liberty group and gets a negative take on "Free Minds and Free Markets" from The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes.

The YouTube vid of the show clips the commercials. Matt Welch and I show up around the 2.30 minute mark, in the show's first segment.

Take a look—I'm pretty certain this will be far more interesting than anything currently showing up on this morning's broadcast and cable chin-stroke-athons.

For more on Stossel's show, go here.

NEXT: Nick Gillespie: I Want My DNA!

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  1. Have I mentioned I like Stossel?

      1. Where do you want it? Arm or leg?

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    1. Have I mentioned I despise Christie?


  2. Yak of the week.

  3. OT: ACA website is Fixed!

    “There will be times with increased capacity [where] that’s insufficient for peak demand,” Zients said. “To prepare for that we will deploy a new queuing system to allow consumers to request notifications on when to come back.”

    So they are basically starting the healthcare rationing early. Of course the customer service experience will only improve once the IRS gets their hands on everything.

    1. Eh, I’m still working on being not an idiot with the block quote apparently.

    2. It turns out Obamacare only works with Netscape Navigator.

  4. Yes stand up now so we can get first pick of the re-education camps.

  5. Libertarians should form a party when there are enough!

    1. Party? How proletarian of you.

    2. A cocktail party? So you can show up and pretend you were invited? Or do they just want us to think you werent invited?

  6. , Ron Paul Matt Welch,

    Have they fused them into one person in some sort of mad libertarian science experiment?

    1. The next step beyond same sex marriage.

    2. More like a libertarian Voltron. Except the libertarian version is much more powerful when separate and not subsuming their individualities to the collective.

      1. A libertarian Voltron………. that is both hilarious and priceless.

  7. Considering most morning shows talk about cat videos and speed through recipes nobody cares about, I don’t think you have much to compete with.

  8. Stossel is great because he is the anti-wonky libertarian. He speaks in terms that most economically illiterate Americans understand yet somehow know in their bones.
    I’m sure the Pulitzer committee will take note. I am also sure that I will shit my underwear and spin it into gold.

    1. Stossel basically uses Michael Moore tactics

      1. Turnabout is fair play, bitch. And you’re wrong nonetheless.

    1. I don’t know, they all kind of look and sound the same to me. I don’t think it is TOO unfair to categorize the movement as a bunch of spoiled upper-class white kids who have theirs and don’t want anyone getting any of it. I know that isn’t 100% accurate, but in my experience, it is pretty darn close.

  9. Since when did homosexual marriage become a libertarian position? I would think that the proper libertarian position regarding marriage would be to remove the government sanction of what is properly understood as a religious ceremony.

  10. Well, if it started with Reagan and Clark in 1980, that rising libertarian strain in politics has only seen the budget go up by 3 trillion or so.

  11. I really don’t know how Stossel can sit across a desk from that pinhead O’Reilly without throwing a shoe at his stupid, smug face.


  12. Where are they rising? At the celebrity cocktail parties these dudes attend? All I see is a rising sea of Progressive Millennial bullshit.

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    1. My uncle got a brand new Chevrolet SS by walking into the local P.D. garage and picking one to drive………now he is enjoying a 12 year long vacation at govt expense.

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  15. I am a fiscal and social conservative. Libertarianism is appealing; however, cognitive dissonance would be in play. I have 5 sons and am certainly no prude. I have friends who are gay ( not in your face gays at all). Your rally some time back had some off putting aspects to it. I have no problem looking away but the blatant aspect of parading libertarians as all accepting of all things was as I said off putting. Just not as comfortable with it as I would like to be. I’m a USAF brat that lived most of my formative years outside the zone of the interior. I’ve been there with the good, bad and the ugly. I care not what other people think of me (they are not thinking of me at all) and it is none of my business what they think of me anyway. I am a Christian. Do not care what others believe. It’s their affair. AS I said cognitive dissonance is at play with my core beliefs.

    1. I think you are mistaking “all accepting” for “tolerant”, meaning that regardless of whether we agree or not, we at least do not want to use force (by govt.) to make certain areas absolute.

      No two Libertarians are exactly alike, but at the core of Libertarianism are fiscal conservatism and social tolerance, which is where many people can agree and stem from on a host of other issues/topics.

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