Crime Rate in Camden, NJ Going Down After Unionized Police Force Sacked

Replaced with ununionized county force


meet the new guys, kinda like the old guys, kinda not
Camden County

Last year, the city of Camden decided to can its unionized police force in favor  of ununionized county cops who hit the streets this April. The decision came about because the police union would not budge on the highly lucrative contract they had, even by police standards. Camden cops, for example, got a 4 percent bonus for working the day shift, and a 10 percent bonus for starting at 9:30am. On any given day, 30 percent of the force was absent because of the liberal sick policies. The city has been run exclusively by Democrats for several generations, and some local leaders openly worried that Camden, which already had the highest crime rate per capita last year, would get worse. But it hasn't. In fact, crime's gone down, as Fox News Latino reports

The reorganization increased the amount of police on the streets and incorporated cutting edge technology such as ShotSpotter rooftop monitors. The initiative has already gotten results, according to city leaders.

Over the summer months this year, the murder rate fell by 22 percent and crime overall was down 15 percent, according to data provided by Camden County officials.

Cities like Detroit, which is now in bankruptcy court in part thanks to onerous union obligations and whose police department does not know how many employees it exactly has or what they do, ought to take note.

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  1. Well that settles that. Democrats = more crime.

  2. Why doesn’t the Michigan General Assembly just repeal Detroit’s city charter and de-incorporate the city?

    1. Because it’s political suicide to fuck with SE-Michigan.

      1. I thought so…

        1. As a resident of the SE area though it’s a problem I wish they would hurry up and contain.

          Detroit proper is slowly starting to cause rot in its surrounding communities resulting in increased crime and decreased property values.

          1. That private developer profiled on 60 Minutes is not having any effect on Detroit?

            1. Not that I can tell, but they’ve been talking about Detroit’s great resurgence for the better part of a decade now. You always get these promises from developers, but most of them focus on Detroit’s downtown area. Which isn’t the real problem. It’s mainly the residential areas bringing the city down not downtown.

              Doesn’t do much good to have a bustling downtown if no one wants stay permanently.

              1. Ah. I thought it was the other way around. The suburbs were okay but the city proper was rotting. So who is supporting the sports teams exactly?

                1. It’s complicated. The central area (downtown plus the area around Wayne State) is booming–new stores, restaurants (new tapas place opened just two weeks ago), 99.9% occupancy rate in all housing.

                  The zone surrounding that one, however, looks just like all the TV shows depict it–burnt out houses, empty lots, etc.

                  FWIW, the central area (the roughly mile radius area around Wayne State) is policed by WSU police, who are decent, educated and honest. And the area is safe, even at night–I teach a class 6-9 PM most semesters and I’ve never felt unsafe. The worst crime (and the feds require us to report all crimes as they happen) is Apple Picking.

                  So, Detroit has outsourced some of its policing, and it works.

                  1. heh. I’ve replaced hard drives at Woodward and I94 at 0200. Felt plenty unsafe, but would be illegal to carry…

                2. From the few games i’ve been to the teams seem to have little issue in filling seats. So I imagine the fans bring in enough to support the teams, but Michigan still wants to build a new stadium for the Red Wings.

                  Apart from this the gaming and night life industry keep downtown lively although just taking a look at the streets you can tell it’s nowhere near it used to be.

                  1. I don’t go to the games (or gambling), but do go the symphony, opera and restaurants, including the ones in the casinos, and they’re all doing well. The new stadium is a classic crony capitalism deal of the kind Reason writes about, but unfortunately only the leftist press is questioning it right now.

                    It’s true it’s not what it used to be, but I’m a relative newcomer so I don’t pine for Hudsons or the London Chop House.

                  2. Interesting. Visited Detroit back in 1994 during the World Cup. Watched Romania-Switzerland at the Pontiac Dome.

                    The second I got back to Montreal I was offered Italy-Nigeria in Boston but turned it down. Regret it.

              2. Doesn’t do much good to have a bustling downtown if no one wants stay permanently.

                Prog thinking:

                Turn every city’s downtown into a yuppie amusement park with train rides and “art spaces”. Who cares of no one actually produces anything there.

      2. What about the You-Pee?

  3. You know who else made crime go down?

    1. Genghis and Kublai Khan?

  4. Harvard grad, everyone.

    Wait there’s a special Vatican Embassy separate from the Italian Embassy in Rome? Why?

    ? Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 27, 2013


    1. Umm..ah..Wel…umm…Mayb…nothing. I got nothing.

    2. Appears to be part of that recognizing sovereigns left and right that has been popular for a few centuries or so.

    3. The US Embassy in Switzerland also handles Liechtenstein. Clearly no reason for a separate embassy for the Vatican.

      ? Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 27, 2013



      1. The fucking idiot doesn’t realize that diplomatic missions aren’t a unilateral affair. The Vatican established a Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, which has an equivalent diplomatic ranking to an embassy, thus we are obligated to return in kind.

        1. Aside from that – the Vatican has more than a little influence on the over 1 billion catholics around the world, its influence is a tad bit larger than Lichtenstein’s.

          You’d think Yglesias would have known that – though I suspect this is just anti-religious bias on his part.

          1. You’d think Yglesias would have known that


        2. No wonder we have spy shacks all over the world. All those other countries and whatevers keep establishing spy shacks here.

      2. Is there a chance he’s kidding to make some idiotic point?

        1. No.

          No U.S. Embassy in Andorra.

          ? Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 28, 2013


          1. What’s he trying to prove with all this stupidity?

            1. That we shouldn’t accommodate one of the oldest diplomatic institutions in European history by giving them their own embassy?

              That’s my takeaway

              1. OK, I am a bit confused, are we opposing closing down an expensive taxpayer funded embassy on a libertarian site?

                1. I’d think the only libertarians who would think that closing down embassies is a good idea are those who are complete anarchists. Even minarchists recognize the need for various states to maintain diplomatic relations, and embassies are a part of that.

                2. OK, I am a bit confused, are we opposing closing down an expensive taxpayer funded embassy on a libertarian site?

                  Would I care about an ‘expensive’ taxpayer funded embassy when all my healthcare already belong to them?

        2. Delete the “kidding” and you will have it nailed.

          1. Still can’t believe someone pays him to write on economics.

    4. What is this I don’t even…

  5. Every time I hear of Camden, I think of that SNL parody of Navy recruiting commercials.

  6. “Last year, the city of Camden decided to can its unionized police force in favor of unionized county cops who hit the streets this April.”

    Earlier H & R reported the Camden County Cops were scabs – so “union or no union?”, that is the question. So what is the correct answer?

    1. Good catch, sorry, ununionized

    2. Yes, that puzzled me too. This article says they traded unionized cops for unionized cops.

      1. Perplexed me as well.

        1. I was quite flummoxed.

      2. That’s un-ionized.

  7. I dont think rat pack is gonna like that?


  8. Don’t take note. Go away and let people solve their own problems.

  9. The city has been run exclusively by Democrats for several generations,

    In a story which tells of a unionized police force which calls in sick 30% of the time, lavish contracts, bonuses for showing up… to work… at all… was this detail really necessary?

    It’s like saying “six thirty a.m. in the morning”

  10. I like the part about a 4 percent bonus for working the day shift. Must be the only job in the whole fucking world where the DAY shift gets a bonus. Is this because there is less opportunity to shoot somebody during the day? I mean really. AND a 10 percent bonus to start at 9:30? This is even better than “Banker’s Hours.” Maybe cops just really don’t want a shift that allows them to spend time with their fat and psychopathic wives, not to mention the oh so well mannered children.

    1. Honestly, you’d have to pay me $120k/year to be a cop in Camden. And you’d be lucky if I showed up on day 1.

  11. From November 18-22, I attended the NJ League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City. As a recently-elected councilman in our borough, it was my first opportunity to attend the event. There were dozens of sessions which one could attend, one of which involved shared services.

    Mr. Krayewski’s article is completely accurate, but there is so much more that was part of this 45 minute lecture.

    The one issue which I found to be disturbing from a Libertarian perspective was the application of Orwellian technology which substantially, and positively, affected several of those communities. By installing rooftop cameras, they cited illegally parked vehicles, scanned plates and issued summonses to those vehicle owners without an officer ever appearing; apparently, to keep the “drug dealers” out of the neighborhood.

    This technology, according to their testimony, was instrumental in the success of this project. But, in my borough of Franklin, Sussex County, NJ, I ran my campaign on individual freedom and the ability to travel freely without our local PD scanning every license plate they pass or installing Red Light Cameras anywhere in our borough. Our neighboring town, Sparta, police have ALPRs mounted on their vehicles already, and I will oppose our borough’s police using this technology.

    I guess my question is; when is 24/7 monitoring of individuals a good thing, and when is it a violation of our liberties?

    1. Sorry, but I omitted the important point. A substantial part of the Shared Services lecture was by the Camden Freeholder Director and the Mayor.

    2. I dont object to filming of anyone in public spaces.

      While there is a difference between private filming and state filming, Im not sure I can make the distinction in the case of just general cameras on the street. So “security” cameras filming people on the street isnt out of bounds, IMO.

      Now, things like red light cameras and plate scanning go over the line.

      1. Thank you, Rob; good point. I’ve been considering the difference between private and state filming, thanks for the reply.

  12. Another sterling example of the inefficiencies found in public-sector employment.
    Camden is just the latest in a long list.

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