Which States Will Legalize Pot Next?


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With the governments of Colorado and Washington in the process of implementing voter-driven measures that legalized pot, the big question is: Who's next? Rob Kampia, the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, explains why these states could be the next to legalize marijuana.

  1. Alaska. "I think the next state to legalize will be Alaska, through a ballot initiative we're running in August 2014. The polling's good. It's a cheap state. You can do it."
  2. Rhode Island. "Through state legislature, I think the first state is going to be Rhode Island. Almost everyone in the legislature is extremely liberal. And the Marijuana Policy Project's bill is already halfway to passing."
  3. California, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, or Massachusetts. "You're going to see a whole bunch of states voting on legalization initiatives in 2016-all on the same day. What we saw with medical marijuana is that the ballot initiatives came first. Then state legislatures started passing the bills. And then Congress started getting interested, but of course not passing anything. I think you'll see the same thing with legalization. We're now at 52 percent support for legalization. That's a higher level of support than for most politicians."

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  1. So I’ve been away for two weeks at an exercise. Did anything happen while I was gone?

    1. We had a Libertarian Moment, but now that moment is gone.

      1. Tony briefly raised his head to defend Obama’s lies about keeping your health insurance.

        He poked his head up saying that “the reason he hadn’t been posting had nothing to do with the disaster though. He had just been too busy to post”.

        He didn’t stay above ground for long.

    2. Breaking news, JFK was killed!!!!!!!

    3. One State did a badly feigned attempt at legalizing weed, then they regulated and taxed it to a level barely distinguishable from the way it was before.

  2. Common Core? More like Comune Core:


    But of course Reason is promoting this crap. There is a reason “libertarian” sounds a lot like “liberal.”

    1. Of course, libertarians are a type of liberal, in the classic 19th century meaning of the word.

    2. Remember, I’m talking about students outside the top 30% or so (who could actually benefit from more proportions and ratios work as well, but leave that for another post). We might quibble about the time frames and whether we could add a little bit more early algebra to the mix. But if a math teacher tells you this outline is nonsense, that if most kids were just taught properly, they could learn all this material in half the time, ask some questions about the demographic he works with.

      The real problem is with the concept of ‘school’ including standardized curriculum and pedagogy, with all students hitting the same milestones at the same time.

      It’s a recipe for conformity, mediocrity and / or large scale failure. May have made sense 130 years ago but is clearly obsolete today, and has been for decades.

      1. Even when I was a kid I never understood why kids were schooled together based upon age rather than the level of material mastered.

        Sure there are a number of happy medium kids that are learning at just the right age level, but for most of the others they are either bored or lost.

        1. Yes, and my theory is that oftentimes it’s the mediocre kids that get the “A” because it is for them that the curriculum is designed. Of course the smart kids can get “A”s too, but some of them won’t be able to be average enough to succeed.

      2. I was well ahead of all the other students in math when I was in elementary school. When I went to junior high, the response was more or less to slow me down until everybody else caught up. God I was bored in 7th grade math.

        1. I remember a time in third grade when I spent the better part of an afternoon doing, like, two months worth of assignments from the math workbook that we hadn’t gotten to yet. I guess I naively thought that by proving I had mastered the material I would be rewarded somehow, or at least be allowed to spend my time doing more interesting things.

          But, no, I just had to sit there every day, doing nothing, until the rest of the class caught up. I think the teacher even made a point to start calling on me more often, just to make sure I was still paying attention.

          1. I had a note sent home to my parents that said I hadn’t handed in any work (Technical drawings for Industrial Arts – don’t know what your equivalent would be in America)for 6 months. After they’d yelled at me for a while they said I couldn’t go out until I had caught up. I did all the work that Saturday. Easy.

      3. On a completely unrelated topic, isn’t it odd that schools don’t have students read “Harrison Bergeron.”

        1. I actually had a teacher who had us read that. And some Ayn Rand.

    3. There is a reason “libertarian” sounds a lot like “liberal.”

      It does?

      1. The only thing liberal about those who call themselves liberal today, is that they are very liberal with money that doesn’t belong to them.

        1. “Liberal” in the American political lexicon means crypto-socialist, IE a socialist lacking the integrity to honestly summarize his political beliefs with an accurate label.

        2. What an utterly fascist sentiment; how DARE you disagree with Me when I say that I represent the Sacred Collective Hive, and that WE, the VERY same Sacred Collective Hive, have Already Made yer (supposedly free but subconsciously racist and paternalistic) Decisions fer ye?!?! WE know what is best fer ye, now be quiet and GO AWAY!!! HUSH!!!

    4. I think Reason covered common core the other day if I’m not mistaken.

    5. When did Reason promote it?

      1. I think he’s referring to the legalization article.

        1. Pot legalization? What does that have to do with common core?

          1. Oh, I just got it…


            1. I’ve been smoking really good pot all day.

              1. Must be excellent, because I still don’t understand what’s going on here.

    6. Reason is promoting what now?

  3. Living in VA for the foreseeable future, I should probably be more interested in which states will legalize pot last.

    1. Yup, same in PA.

      We can’t even buy beer at the grocery stores.

      Do you guys still have the ABC stores?

      1. Do you guys still have the ABC stores?


        There was an effort to privatize them, but it failed.

        At least they’re open on Sundays now.

    2. Y’all motherfuckaz in Hampton Roads, Southside, Blacksburg/Christiansburg, Harrisonburg, Winchester, Lynchburg, Buena Vista, Danville, Bristol, etc already have medical, even if it’s not widely known.

      Jesus, don’t they teach citizenship, civics, and constitution down in the home state of Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Patrick Henry, George Mason, George Allen, and Larry M.F. Sabato?!!?

      1. Closing tags, how does that work?

  4. But if a math teacher tells you this outline is nonsense, that if most kids were just taught properly, they could learn all this material in half the time, ask some questions about the demographic he works with.


    1. Oh fuck off. Stop ignoring points of view because of your butthurt.

      1. Oh fuck off. Stop ignoring points of view because of your butthurt.

        Why don’t you stop constantly defending a racist shitheel who posts the same tired bullshit in every thread?

  5. The nail state that sticks up gets pounded down.

  6. Until the writers and editors can show us one place in America where pot is truly legal, they should change their phrasing. You can go to jail for a long time in Colorado for failing to poses, use, or distribute pot in a manner not approved by the State or hamlet.

    When the only penalty is failure to collect sales tax, let me know.

    1. Sales tax as in the same as a Coke.

    2. They should probably also let us know when alcohol is legal too.

  7. Yes indeed. Great moments in “Western Civilization” folks. I’m waiting for all 50 states to legalize fornication in public. Just think, you go to the Food Court at some Mall and there you would get to see people screwing and eating. Soon, no one would pay any attention. It would just be people taking a sex break. Progress is the watchword in our great society.

    1. One can only hope we can make it that far.

      In the meantime, why don’t you go see about burning some witches?

      1. Hi there stupid. How are you today. If you didn’t have reading comprehension problems you might have detected a bit of sarcasm and social satire in my comments. However, because you are a moron (which is not my fault), you failed to catch this. Have a nice day idiot!!! If you have more questions about this please dial 1 800 YOU DUMB and one of my friendly operators will be happy to tutor you. Nice posting with you ace.

        1. This^

          I always knew you were an idjit, Francisco.

          Looks like OTRTM really showed you!


          1. I’m devastated by his impeccable logic and razor sharp wit. How will I ever carry on?

            Your right OTRTM. I am stupid!

            *sobs uncontrollably into a soiled hanky*

        2. I think the confusion is understandable. Any sufficiently advanced sarcasm is indistinguishable from stupidity. 🙂

        3. Your comment was indistinguishable from a typical comment under a local news story, so I’d say it was you who failed.

        4. Oh man. That is the funniest thing I have read for a while.

    2. Sure, why not. Of course, it should be up to the mall owners whether it ends up happening the way you describe.

      1. Hey thanks Zeb. And how about being able to take a poop in public as long as you have a poopy bag with you and clean up after yourself? Better yet, the Mall clean up people could take care of that. People would have extra time to shop if they did not have to go to the regular latrines and do their stuff. Right?

        1. If all property were private, this would not be an issue.

        2. If the mall decides that’s the best way to do business, yes. I tend to suspect that most people don’t want to go to the mall where people are allowed to poop in bags anywhere they are, so I doubt we will see that anytime soon.

    3. That’s just the thing with you people. You mention “legalization” at the food court, typically a private property area. The government should not have its nose there for that activity. Involuntary snuff sex, yes. Plain old adults fooling around by adults should be between the guests and the owners.

  8. I’m really glad the MPP guy left Alabama off the list, since they basically refuse to return our calls for assistance in getting this done here. There will be a number of legalization measures coming up this legislative session. Last year the efforts were given the ‘Black Shroud’ award – which is supposed to be mocking, but if one reads it, it is mocking those that blocked and opposed legalization or medical. And who got the award previously? The home brew crowd, who now have a nice law that says they can home brew beer. Alabama may be ‘back woods’ as far as most are concerned, but we have fidgety seat conscious pols like everywhere else, and fundies to boot, but we’re finding that the ‘what would Jesus do?’ line really shakes them up when their constituents phrase it that way. The head jackass running the legislature has accumulated enough folks he’s pissed off that he’s likely going down on corruption charges, and he was the most influential ‘no’ vote in Montgomery. It is possible this year, it is possible.

  9. Well…. things might not go as expected if OFA keeps turning out their schizophrenic minority base, who vote Left on the candidates and Right on the issues all on the same ballot.

  10. SRSLY, reason, What the HECK? Rob published a better version of this “article” in HuffPo in 2012!

    Now I have to feed off of his sloppy seconds. This is unhygienic and gross and I will not stand for it!

  11. Poll for last states to legalize:

    I vote Illinois or Maryland. Maybe PA. Someplace Democrat for sure.

    1. It’s gonna be Texas, of course. This is where all the disgruntled conservatives are moving from the prog states. Where the ballot initiative to outlaw gay marriage passed by a horribly disgusting margin. If I wasn’t raising a family here, I’d probably be living in Seattle or Denver by now.

      1. I bet Texas is in the first 15 to legalize. Remember, the state government is in Austin.

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    Are libertarians really interested in issues of individual liberty? Or are they only concerned about those involving cannabis? There seems to be a great deal of focus on marijuana considering the fact that it’s business as usual with the war on drugs war on liberties in general.

    1. “Pot, pot, pot, pot, pot?”? Is that all? Heck, no, I been hooting and hollering about “lung flutes” (see and use “lung flutes” as a search-string), along with “ear-poppers”, as examples of, of anyone ever invents anything new, that might have the vaguest potential of being called a “medical device”, no matter how trivially silly and harmless, the FDA will want to over-regulate it and make me get a fuckin’ PRESCRIPTION for it!!! Then they tell me that Government Almighty is the one to look to, to lower medial costs! I have screamed & yelled & emailed senators & newspapers & even Reason mag, and no one has done a damned thing about it, or even written about it. We harp on pot-pot-pot ’cause no one ever listens to a dang thing we say about anything, and we at least want to pick a topic that the young pepples (& pot-heads) might care about? Collectively, all of our “outrage glands” are worn out, so we pick something at random and go with it, maybe, is an alternate solution?

      1. Photo-analysis apps that you might want to run on your “smart phone” are “medical devices”, too? Here, let me bring you an out-take from my web site? It has come to my attention that the FDA (a branch of Government Almighty; Praises Be!) wants to force you and your smart-phone apps developers to spent “about $31 million”, see…..d=news.xml , for each “medical” smart-phone application that is developed. At…..ab4965868e we can see that anything that? “Allows the user to input patient-specific information and, with the assistance of formulae or processing algorithms, produces a patient-specific result, diagnosis, or treatment recommendation.” ? WILL be regulated!!! So, knowing the history of the FDA, I can confidently predict, that, say, you or one of your apps developers that helps you sell smart phones, will, say, want to develop an app for those women who can’t or won’t trust their husbands and/or boyfriends, or even ANY of their multitudes of husbands and boyfriends, to honestly answer that perennially recurring, ancient old question, …..

    2. Go read a different article if you aren’t interested in pot. There are quite a few of them.

  13. “DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK FAT!?!?” So y’all devise a clever rational, mathematical, scientific analysis algorithm? Take that smart phone picture, run the program, and, wallah, like magic, THE Ancient Old Question is honestly answered! Woo-Hoo! ? But, the FDA (Praises Be!) will delay the sale or distribution of that app, by a decade or two, and inflate the price a hundred-fold? Because it is a MEDICAL APPLICATION that diagnoses obesity! Not that I am complaining; we Scienfoologists know VERY well, that Government Almighty LOVES the children, and we are ALL children, in the eyes of Government Almighty! Praises Be!

  14. Rob Kampia…that’s not a name I’ve heard since….

    (I think I might have some friends in common with that guy)

  15. And of course Florida is nowhere to be found. What a joke. I’m so glad I moved away from that hole ten years ago and to a place that doesn’t arrest people for marijuana.

    1. We threw quite a party when you left.

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