Police Abuse

Austin Policeman Who Killed A Man After Chasing Him for Trying to Walk into a Bank Gets Full Retirement Pension


A civil suit and potential criminal action are proceeding against Austin police officer Charles Kleinert for killing Larry Jackson after chasing him and getting in a scuffle with him for no particular reason (he tried to open the door of a bank that was closed due to a robbery, then tried to open it again) back in July.

But the internal police investigation into whether he may have acted inappropriately in shooting Jackson in the back of the neck is over, as Kleinert has retired with a full pension.

My blogging about the sad situation when it happened, under the apt title: "Man Who Austin Police Chased, Shot, Killed Not Suspected of Any Particular Crime But May Have Been Up to No Good."


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  1. At least those heroic cops who shot that kid with the toy gun have some hope!

  2. Banking While Black?

      1. Never been to Austin TX.

        1. Ultimate blue city. I lived there for three years, loved the music, hated the weather, loved the weed, hated the government. Got a chance to shake hands with Willie Nelson, though, and that made up for a lot.

          This said, I’d move back there in a new York second.

          1. Oh yeah, I like the ease of CCW.

      2. Recently, I attended the Austin City Limits Festival. While enjoying the music, I stepped to a tent to buy a beer. At 48 yrs and with gray hair, it was demanded nevertheless that I produce ID to buy a beer.
        Next year, I will return with a T-Shirt that says:
        Keep Austin Fascist: We Card, Because Fuck You, That’s Why.
        I can hardly wait for my national ID.

      3. Pflugerville is mildly unusual.

  3. What the hell, Doherty? I thought we had an agreement. No nutpunches after the PM links. I had taken my cup out already. Ow.

    1. Well then, you aren’t gonna like this one bit.

      Actually, it’s not so much of a nut-punch as it is a head-scratcher. I mean, do these cops even think for a second before doing something stoopid?

      1. I have seen, personally, and have heard many stories more, where cops are criminally (hah, as if they would ever get charged) incompetent with firearms. Yet they all think they are fucking experts because they are cops (NYPD is notorious for this, which is why you get them shooting bystanders after a backfire and shit like that). I have a suspicion that a frightening number of cops wouldn’t be able to recite the basic rules of gun safety if you asked them to.

        1. I hope they’re reading this, because every cop needs to be taught the first rule of cop firearm safety:
          Always look down the barrel and check to make sure the trigger works before pointing your gun at someone else.

        2. Peace Officer, Epi, Peace Officer. What the fuck is a cop?

          1. A consequence-immune tax collector with a gun?

  4. Cop SOP.

  5. If you see something, shoot something.

  6. PROUD AS FUCK to be doing my legal practicum at the Innocence Project.

  7. Did he run? According to some, if you run, that’s cause for a death sentence.

    1. In Texas, maybe.
      Oklahoma, I guess.
      Kansas, I suspect.

      Ah, fuck it. Fuck the whole South.

      1. OK and KS are hardly the South, and TX is kind of it’s own thing.

        1. And it’s not like these kind of shootings don’t happen elsewhere. NY, LA, Chicago, etc. etc.

          1. Let me rephrase. The Bible Belt.

            1. Gosh, how can you refute an argument with logic that coherent.

  8. An armed guy follows an unarmed black guy based on some vague suspicion that he might have maybe been about to do something illegal, and the black guy winds up dead with only the other guy’s word for what happened? What does that remind me of? Hmm. Nope. It’s not coming to me.

    So, did everyone see Pacific Rim? The fight scenes were great, but the bumbling scientist sub-plot was kind of a giant robot vs. giant monster boner killer for me. And I had a nightmare that night that the female co-star crawled out of a TV and killed me in my sleep by folding me up like a fitted sheet and stuffing me into a single piece of carry-on luggage. Dreams are cray-cray, y’all.

    1. What does that remind me of?

      An episode of Justified?

      So, did everyone see Pacific Rim?

      No. If I wanted to to see giant robots fighting giant monsters I’d watch Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla again.

      1. Hipster.

      2. Is that the one with Matthew Broderick?

        1. Barbra Streisand.

    2. So, did everyone see Pacific Rim? The fight scenes were great, but the bumbling scientist sub-plot was kind of a giant robot vs. giant monster boner killer for me.

      Wait, you watched it for something other than the giant fight scenes?

      Dork. And the female co-star can fold me like a sheet whenever she wants.

  9. Did the guy try to deposit his t-shirt?

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