Moms For Marijuana Push For Legal Cannabis, For the Children

Getting mainstream


disclosure: i'm not a mom

It's a far cry from MADD. Valley News Live, the NBC/CBS affiliate in North Dakota spotlights a local mom that's part of Moms for Marijuana, a grassroots legalization group:

"It's the old reefer madness, you know, doing what you've been told for years, it's bad it's bad so therefore it is bad, do your research, ask somebody about it." [local mom] Patty [Mary] urges.

Fargo Police say all drugs have negative affects to the community, but Patty says she focuses on the positives of the plant she believes in.

"You'd be amazed, there are little kids that are being saved from seizures." She says.

While Patty seems to focus on the medicinal benefits of marijuana, the group's website spells out that the mothers' position on cannabis is:

*-That the Cannabis plant is a renewable, sustainable, and versatile resource that has been overlooked and distorted for too long. All around the world, the truth about Cannabis is being realized and it is time for our governments to start discussing and changing all Cannabis laws to reflect the will of the people.

-That our governments should research and utilize all the potential benefits of this plant, and encourage locally grown Cannabis products be made available to the public through a taxed and regulated market.

-That as with all drugs, Marijuana should not be used by developing minds under the age of legal consent, without parental guidance, as well as the recommendation and continous [sic] evaluation by a licensed medical physician.

-That the access our children have to the drug, Marijuana, can be drastically reduced through legalization and regulation. In order to keep this drug out of the hands of our kids, Marijuana needs to be taken off of streets and away from the black market.

The "for the children" argument for marijuana legalization is not new. The participation of mothers in the debate over marijuana legalization is certainly an indicator that the issue is firmly in the mainstream political discourse.

More about Moms for Marijuana here. More Reason on marijuana here.

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  1. WTF? Get back in your mini vans, soccer moms, and get off the dope!

    1. Not in that order.

    2. So, you don’t drink alcohol or kiss big pharma behind do ya ? You sound like a freaking hypocrite. Or maybe your a crooked cop, who thinks it is alright to take other peoples rights from them, as long as you have your rights. I don’t know what you are doing, but it sure isn’t helping you on your brain function. Learn about a subject before you go mouthing off and sounding like a total idiot .

  2. Um, this is like painting a target on your back for CPS to come and take your kids away.

    1. Yep, you min van, your rug rats, your home, and then… to the camps, where you will be housed with a bunch of radical libertarian anarchists!

      1. Maybe if the soccer moms make camp before losing the rug rats, we get free monocle polishers?

    2. Um, like this is what we are trying to change, DUH !

  3. This always bugs me, they want to legalize it, but then at the same time, regulate the hell out of it. Which is completely counterproductive.

    As long as it’s heavily regulated, there’s going to be a black market. And how will the regulations be enforced? By the police, so it will be the Drug War all over again.

    I mean, I got raided by the police just for buying allergy medicine. How will pot be any different if it’s regulated? They will raid people and demand to see proof you have the proper permits or whatever.

    The only solution is full legalization, none of this regulation crap.

    1. The intent of our founders, was like, totally you know, for the government to regulate weeds. Right…

    2. I mean, I got raided by the police just for buying allergy medicine. How will pot be any different if it’s regulated?

      Story time.

      I figured it was usually Grandmothers that get that. You should harass one of the editors (Sullum) to put it in print.

      1. Yeah, how exactly does that happen? I mean, seriously, this is the issue that started my journey into Libertarianism. I bought sinus pills and I had to show them my drivers license. It’s not that I didn’t already know that something was seriously wrong, but that pushed me past the point of asking, WTF?

        Anyway, how do you get raided for buying sinus pills? I’m not questioning that it could happen for the most stupid reasons, I just don’t know how…

    3. Yes, their manifesto is progressive, not libertarian.

  4. A real Mom for Marijuana names her first daughter Mary Jane.

    1. And as an aside, the founder of said organization is definitely a MFMILF.

      1. Where’s da milfage? …. Oh, you mean the blondey? Meh, I might nail it if she shares some of her prime stash. and I gotsest really drunkerest…

        1. *shrugs*

          Less competition.

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              1. Some of us turn them into chairs.

              2. You must not be aware that all the commenters here bang a different hot super model every night

                Or that Zakalwe would do Nancy Pelosi if someone would hold her down and neutralize the medusa head first.

              3. I haven’t seen the one most associated with banging supermodels in quite some time. What did he finally die in a fire?

                1. “I am a mom and I have used Marijuana (Cannabis) to ease my chronic pelvic pain since 2004”

                  I’ve got an injection that would ease that pain for you, sweety.

                  1. BigT , ignore the ignorant on this page. They don’t have any brains at all apparently. I am with you 100%. Some of these people are just hypocrites. They love alcohol that was once illegal, and they probably pop all sorts of pills that will kill them eventually, so let them think what ever they want. We know better. They are just out and out ignorant on this subject. It would require them reading about the facts on marijuana to learn, so there is no hope for them. LOL

      2. “I am a mom and I have used Marijuana (Cannabis) to ease my chronic pelvic pain since 2004.”

        Good luck with that.

      1. Holy Bejeebus dude, that name is so bad, I am not clicking that link to see what’s in it.

        1. it’s from Full Metal Jacket

  5. Rat thing comes running in to make sure Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong is safe.

    And we have robots that can self-assemble.

    Somewhere between March and June, I went to bed, and everything was normal. The next morning, I woke up on a cyberpunk novel. Ah well, the future is still awesome.

    1. This comes up awfully a lot here, doesn’t it? Not that I’m complaining; the world needs more Stephenson, including more Stephensons writing Stephensonian novels.

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    1. I posted this on PM links, and on 24/7 (hah, no one reads that)

      Well, if only someone would demand Late Nite Links….

      1. Oh, yes, I’d be the one demanding voter that would make that happen.

        Truth be told, I like the game of guessing which is the lat thread of the night. And then making that the drinking thread.

        1. Cripes, sound like a drunken fool missing words, and I can’t blame it on autocorrect or gin.

          1. Well, you know it’s not like H&R has the best (any) edit feature…

            1. Our “edit” is preview. Our preview is squinting away the blurred vision long enough to reread our posts.

              “Submit” is our killswitch.

          2. Don’t you always sound like a drunken fool?

            1. Ouch… Burn….

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      1. I’d love to see a Dodgers-A’s World Series.

        1. *cough* Tigers *cough*

          1. Do you really want to see them choke away another World Series?

            I deeply resent them for letting the shitty Giants win last year.

            1. I’ve gotten pretty used to it at this point.

      2. all the oakland players have the same beard, right?

    2. Last strike for Oakland!

      1. Benoit!

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  8. You know what else Moms in North Dakota pushed for?

    1. Anything outside that is green, not in August?

    2. Woodchipper regulation?

        1. +1 Fargo

          I recently wrote down some of the Fargo dialogue and then read straight through it, and now I’m not sure if the Bros Coen are geniuses or retarded.

  9. This is the worstest night of no Late Nite Links ever. How long must the suffering continue, before someone cares? HOW LONG must we suffer???


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      2. What, it’s not Hockey Night in Canada yet.

        Did someone say Hockey Night in Canada?

        I have to close out baseball season before I can go heavy into hockey. Last year hit me hard, too. Never even got back into it in the winter/spring.

        1. Every night is not hockey night in Canada? What else are you supposed to do in Canuckistan? Stand outside and time how long it takes you to get brain freeze?

          1. drinking, and saying ‘please’

          2. What else are you supposed to do in Canuckistan?

            Bitch about the US. It’s Canada’s #2 national sport behind hockey.

            1. True Statement.
              “American Style” is the #1 Pejorative.

    2. Baylen will save the dullness of Friday night on H&R at 0800.

  10. So…who wants to help me prepare for LSAT Logic Games?

    An accountant assigns double-digit codes to four different
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    (E) Frank: 85; Gardner: 74; Hunt: 63; Jordan: 12

    1. D or E

      1. E violates the last rule. Everything but D violates one or more rules.

        1. good catch

    2. That’s not a very good logic game, since you can just apply the rules by process of elimination to each answer in sequence. Usually you have to make some inferences and chart it out (at least mentally).

    3. My answer is D. I know the key is to diagram the rules and make inferences since time is of essence, but I’m still forcing myself to guess after narrowing it down to two.

      1. Usually the key is to diagram it, but you don’t have to here, which I think makes it a bad game. But maybe they have some gimmes like this on the test, I can’t remember.

        1. Well they ask multiple questions for the same game. Consider:

          3. If Gardner’s code has a lower numeric value than
          Jordan’s code, which one of the following must be false?

          (A) Gardner’s code ends with a 4.
          (B) Gardner’s code ends with a 3.
          (C) Gardner’s code ends with an 8.
          (D) Frank’s code ends with a 4.
          (E) Frank’s code ends with an 8

          1. are these questions contingent on the previous answer?

            1. No. This answer isn’t even contingent on the new condition.

          2. B. If Gardner’s code ends with 3, it must be 63, which would make Jordan’s 72, and Frank’s 80-something, which would violate the “three codes must be even” condition.

            1. Oh, never mind. I had the right answer, but incomplete reasoning.

          3. B. In this case the new condition is irrelevant: Hunt has to have 63, and no one else can can be odd, so you can ignore the smokescreen.

            1. Why does Hunt have to be 63? Why can’t it be Gardner?

              We know Frank has to be 74 or 78, and Jordan has to be 12 or 52. But if Jordan is 12, Hunt could be 54 or 58.

    4. Can I write a program to solve it? I’m not going to tonight, though.

    5. I don’t really want to help you prepare, since we already have too many fucking lawyers.

      Just pay attention to the conditions and see for four of the five choices which condition it fails.

      A) fails the “Jordan’s code ends with a 2”.
      B) fails that one of the codes has to be 63.
      C) fails for Jordan again.
      E) fails the “three codes are even” condition.

      So the correct answer is D.

      We really need single-payer law.

      1. I don’t really want to help you prepare, since we already have too many fucking lawyers.

        I know, but I want to keep my options open because I really don’t know what else I want to do with myself.

        1. I really don’t know what else I want to do with myself.

          This is Obama’s America! You don’t need to worry about that any longer!

        2. Just join the military, the traditional answer. Don’t be dumb like me and waste time on the law school diversion first. It does help if you wait until the worst part of an unpopular war, though. I imagine OCS selection has to be brutal for all services these days.

          1. My uncle, who’s a United States Army colonel, has suggested I work for the State Department. I have considered it.

    6. I don’t like those names. Fuck those people. That accountant is an asshole for not giving them juvenile nicknames to keep track of them.

      Frank the fuck
      Hunt the cunt
      Gardner the ummm… the fucking guy that plants tomatoes or whatever
      Jordan, more like whoredan

      Are these really the dumbass games you have to play to get into law school? Gawd, what a scam they got goin’ on. Shouldn’t they be asking you trivia questions from Dreams of My Father?

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      a. 12:46pm

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      1. D. It’s captained by ‘Training Day’ Denzel and makes it there yesterday.

  11. Chile: “It’s like the 1950s back in the US, but without the Soviets, McCarthyism, or the blatant racism.”

    That’s how an older gringo friend of mine once described his experiences and lifestyle in Chile. I think he’s spot on.

    1. Gawd Damn, when is the first flight to Chile?

      Do they have drive in theatres with 4K resolution and Chilean car hop chickies?

      Back to reality…

      Wife and I are considering Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, SC or TN USA for retiring. Decisions, decisions… at least should make good for some good discovery vacations.

    2. Funny you mention Chile. My wife and I were just talking about a trip next year to the mountains in Peru for our 25th. Not sure which would be the better country to visit as we just talked about it like 30 minutes ago for the first time.

      1. Wife and I are also thinking of visiting Peru next year, Inca sites and also the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

      2. I’ll be reading up on this a bit

    3. We’ve been looking at Chile for a while now.

      Montana south. Number 7 on economic freedom list.

      1. My sister lives somewhere between Missoula and Bozeman, MT north, USA, it’s some really wild country. It’s too cold for me, but tempting none the less.

        Chili… Earthquakes, damnit, but again, I can be persuaded…

        1. Chile, damnit…

        2. It is paradise. Cold, yes. But it’s got hunting, fishing, skiing and people leave you the fuck alone.

          Secret to happiness…

          …live where you play.

          1. If you’re talking about MT, the gun laws are also pretty damn good.

            That’s a must for me when deciding a place to live/work. It must have liberal gun laws. I’m not gonna fuck around being defenseless because a bunch of petty tyrants think with their ban-boner.

            Also, pbrooks lives in MT and he claims that there’s a lot of progressive elements, surprisingly enough. A lot of people with an entitlement mentality.

            Do you know anyone there? How’s the job market?

            1. Also, pbrooks lives in MT and he claims that there’s a lot of progressive elements, surprisingly enough. A lot of people with an entitlement mentality.

              I’d imagine it’s like the Free State Project run in reverse…. and there are a lot more Californians than libertarians.

            2. I’m retired and I live 20 miles SE of Great Falls.

              There is a progressive element, but it’s mainly in Missoula and Bozeman (the pretty places). The state is, unfortunately, anti-business and places a high priority on environmental issues. That being said, people here are fiercely independent. Rugged individualists. They place a premium on being left alone. You won’t find a lot of nanny bullshit as people will not tolerate it (almost libertarian). The other thing the state has going for it is it’s small population. While there are rules (though, a lot fewer than anywhere else I’ve lived), you’ll find the enforcement very lax as there is a limited number of LEOs to cover A LOT of open space.

              The job market…SUCKS. You are not going to move here AND THEN find a good job. You’d need to get something lined up before pulling the trigger.

              Of all the places I’ve lived in a 20 year AF career, this is, by far, the place I’ve been happiest.

              1. Thanks for the info. I’ve been including MT in my job searches, but as you said, there isn’t much.

              2. I’ve spent a lot of time lurking, but I’ve always appreciated your comments, Francisco. It’s nice to know we share a state, even if it’s not really the same area.
                I live 20 miles west of Billings, and I would say that this area is quite similar to Great Falls. He’s definitely correct in that the more progressive areas are Bozeman and Missoula, but they’re the largest college towns you’re going to find here.
                Head out to the north eastern corner for some real cold and some seriously independent people.

          2. Not to burst bubbles, but doesn’t MT import most of its food these days?

            As with most of these “rugged individualist” paradises, there’ are pretty compelling reasons why very few people lived there historically.

            1. I don’t understand how importing food via trade matters in any way.

              Isn’t being pro-trade a pretty major part of free market ideology? You seem to be arguing from the left-wing fallacy that ‘rugged individualism’ means you have to produce everything yourself, when what it actually means is that you should be free to trade with other individuals.

              1. Well, there was free trade in the late 1800s too, but ID and MT and AZ, etc, had super low population density. In AZ’s case, the modern population was made possible by sucking the Colorado dry. Even ID and MT’s meager population growth has been made possible by federal road-welfare.

          3. has the “manufactured in Montana machine gun” thing gone to trial/charges at all? IIRC, Montana has a law that allows manufacture of a machine gun within Montana, with no federal influence.

              1. this

                No comment on source/etc.

                I was under the impression that one could, under state law, construct a new full auto in Montana, not for use or transfer to other states.

                1. That’s going to be tough to do without parts that traveled in interstate commerce, and thanks to Raich v Gonzales the feds probably don’t even need that fig leaf.

  12. A young Finnish female activist is a vegan and unable to eat prison food, Paikacheva said, adding that prison officials had denied her request for vitamins to be delivered to her.
    Several non-smoking activists also complain of being placed in cells with chain-smokers.

    1. Unless she has a physical condition like an allergy that prevents her from eating non-vegan food, she can eat what the prison officials are giving her; she just doesn’t want to.

      1. Better get to Chile while it’s still good. I have a friend studying abroad down there right now and she says the campus she’s at has a lot of leftist students that protest inequality and resist privatization.

        1. This was addressed to Hyperion above, although Ted you are more than welcome to use this information for your benefit.

          1. This was addressed to Hyperion above, although Ted you are more than welcome to use this information for your benefit

            We fight them everywhere, my friend, this is a worldwide battle.

        2. That was true of the U.S. going back a century. It took this long to get where we are.

          I’d say Chile’s good for another 50 years at least.

          1. Nothing another 20 years of chucking dissenters out of airplanes can’t fix, right? Milton Friedmann isn’t around anymore to coach the new guy about the best way to disappear people. Too bad.

            1. Milton Friedman gave two speeches in Chile and never coached Pinochet on anything other than economics. He didn’t even coach him on economics so much as he said a few things about economics and Pinochet picked up on them.

              This “Friedman was pro-Pinochet” lie has really got to end, especially given the left-wing’s history of cheering people into the gas chambers of left wing dictatorships.

              Liberals have never cared about facts though, so this delusional lie will probably have legs.

              1. Pinochet was a monster while Che and Castro were maybe a tiny bit excessive in their zeal to bring revolutionary justice to Cuba.

                1. When half of the Jews fled Venezuela due to the violent anti-Semitism of Hugo Chavez’ thugs, this was just an unintended consequence that no one could have seen coming.

                  Like the toilet paper shortages or the inflation.

                2. It was vitally important that we send Pinochet to face prosecution in Spain, while a former Communist leader like Honecker got to live out his days in exile… in Chile.

                  1. Erich Honecker receives a gold watch for his birthday that he is very fond of. He even keeps it under his pillow when he goes to bed. One day, while at the office, Erich realizes that he is missing his watch. In a panic, he calls Erich Mielke (the head of the Stasi) and tells him that someone has stolen his watch. Later, he realizes he left it under his pillow, and being relieved, calls Mielke to tell him to cancel the investigation. Mielke responds “Too late, we’ve arrested three suspects and they’ve confessed everything!”

                3. worth remembering, too, that the parliament asked for a coup.

                  Alende’s computerized socialism worked about as well as the affordable care act, just with worse consequences.

          2. But the right thing to do would be to kill those protesters immediately.

            Just to be sure.

          3. They’re surrounded by Marxist nations. Sorta. Argentina, you know, I think that’s their only neighbor, except for Peru. My wife thinks that Chile is an exceptional country and will set their own course. Let’s see, I’ve never been there, hope to visit soon.

          4. They’re surrounded by Marxist nations. Sorta. Argentina, you know, I think that’s their only neighbor, except for Peru. My wife thinks that Chile is an exceptional country and will set their own course. Let’s see, I’ve never been there, hope to visit soon.

            1. Damn squirrels

            2. You forgot Bolivia. Chile actually won Bolivia’s coastline in the War of the Pacific.

              1. Yeah, how could I forget, The Oblivians, one of the only countries that Brazil hasn’t yet stolen ALL of their land, lol, while criticizing us Murikan imperialist land rapists.

            3. Nah, Chile’s geography is fucked up. Hard to be even a regional power when all it takes to cut your country in half is a couple of 18-wheelers on fire.

              1. Yeah, but at current trends Chile’s per capita GDP will be something like $5000 more than the second highest country in 10 years. In 20 years, I don’t think any country in the region could possibly compete with the kind of wealth Chile would have, unless Chile moves left or other South American countries give up socialism.

                1. wait.
                  Does Chile have nasty insects?
                  I don’t want to open my sock drawer and see bugs.

  13. I cut out the junk altogether.

    It was hell the first month. The only way I got through it was by telling myself it would just be for a year. I’d eat only what made me feel good — fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains, that sort of thing — and I wouldn’t eat anything else.

    I’d replaced the question about French fries being the big drama of the day with this one: “What would happen if I took in only good?”

    Why does this feel too preachy for me to get behind?

    1. Anytime someone has to spend a 1000 words explaining why a change they made in their life is great, they are lying. I bet she either cheats often or is seriously miserable eating fucking rabbit food.

  14. “recommendation and continous [sic] evaluation by a licensed medical physician.”

    I’m sure those doctors will fare about as well as the pain management doctors do today.

  15. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Watch this video.

    1. that’s the guy from kids in the hall, right? dave? Pretty sure it is…

      1. That is not Dave Foley.

        But these are the Dave’s I know.

          1. I was, no shitting, gonna post that video. Best sketch ever.

            1. Careful, or Mr. Lahey Archduke von Pantsfan will call down the shithawks on you.

              1. Goddamn that was funny.

                I’ll have to actually watch that show sometime, instead of watching endless, unrelated clips on the yootoob.

                1. There’s a helluva lot worth watching. Later seasons don’t seem as good to me?

                  He was drunk on the ice a lot, from the stories I hear.

                  Bubbles is the only redeemable character.

                  1. I’ve seen it on netflix, but never got around to watching it.

                    I do, however, watch a bunch of clips anytime someone posts a link.

                  2. Bubbles wasn’t on Kids in the Hall.

                    1. We moved on from that. I know some of them think you’re slow, but try to keep up.

                    2. Just acknowledge that TPB more than makes up for Bieber.

                    3. I’m more than willing to shut down this board without something better than that.

                      Alanis Morrisette. Worse than that: there was one time she opened HNIC a few years ago.

                      Nope. Shut it all down. No negotiation with Alanis Morrisette terrorists.

                    4. Extra credit to Canada for You can’t do that on Television

                      Probably a big part of getting me to dislike dictators.

  16. Happy International Day of No Prostitution

    At the protest, Falle said that “only 1% of prostitutes say they enjoy sex with johns and 97% say they want to get out.” Baptie asked “Why do we think it’s OK for men to buy sex? How is that a sign of an egalitarian society?”

    Apparently 2% are undecided, which is probably better than McDonalds workers.

    1. Apparently 2% are undecided, which is probably better than McDonalds workers.

      Exactly what I was thinking. Their option is not enjoying sex with johns or not enjoying working another job.

      But it involves sex! So it’s double bad!

      1. It’s the voluntary exchange part that makes it bad.

      2. In my experience, only 4.7% enjoy being slapped around while the john sucks down ether and says “Don’t fucking look at me! Mommy!”

    2. Yeah. That’s my everyday.

    3. Why do we think it’s OK for men to buy sex?

      Why do we think it’s OK to criminalize consensual activity?

      (Well not we H&R commenters, but the “we” who asked the “we” question above.)

  17. Cop slams into barricade on way to Capitol Hill:…..6TM16hf9am

    1. I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him.

  18. Tea Party willing to pass clean CR in exchange for Malia Obama

    According to Washington insiders, the deal would reportedly feature a continuing resolution to fund government operations through November 15 without any modifications to the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, including implementation of the individual mandate and the much-maligned tax on medical devices, while Malia Obama would legally fall under the protectorship of the Tea Party caucus.

    White House officials have declined to comment.

    According to Congressional aides, if the White House agrees to deliver Malia, as well as a pint of Michelle Obama’s blood, a ram’s horn, and a shard of obsidian to the basement of the Cannon House Office Building by this evening, a House vote on the bill could take place as early as Saturday.

    “Obamacare may be a scourge, but lo, our eyes are cast upon matters of greater import,” explained Tea Party Republican Justin Amash of Michigan’s third district. “Preparations must be made. The hour is nigh.”

    While some political analysts argued the surprise announcement suggests a weakening in resolve of the faction, opening the door for further movement on their stance, several Republican staffers have already indicated that the caucus will not negotiate on their declared terms and that any attempts to substitute Sasha for Malia will be fruitless.

    1. Even the Onion is shilling for BO now.

      1. now? haven’t they always?

          1. They don’t seem to have thought that one all the way through, collateral damage and all.

        1. There was a time when they were objective about fake news.

  19. Fool ? Money ? Soon Parted ? yadda yadda yadda

    1. I’m looking for work right now and am seriously considering setting up some sort of social justice organization. I’ll get a buttload of donations then spend that money making some nifty posters and wooing new donors by going to expensive dinners and conferences.

  20. Part II: Logical Reasoning Questions.

    1. Many environmentalists rank global warming as the most serious current threat to the world’s environment, citing evidence that over the past 30 years, the global temperature has risen an average of 2 degrees. However, the average global temperature this year is equal to the average global temperature of last year. Global warming, therefore, is not as serious a problem as these environmentalists claim.

    The argument is most vulnerable to the criticism that it

    (A) Argues that because a threat is present, that threat must be more serious than any other possible threat.
    (B) Concludes that because there is lack of evidence for a problem, that problem does not exist.
    (C) Attempts to refute a conclusion about a general trend by appealing to a single counterexample, even though such a counterexample may be consistent with the general trend.
    (D) Relies on the ambiguous use of a key term.
    (E) Presupposes what is seeks to establish.

    (This is where it pays off to frequent these parts)

    1. I’d say (C), but that the armageddon-loonies are incorrect via (E).

      1. Yeah, I definitely don’t like these questions being linked to controversial political issues. You can test exactly the same reasoning skills with questions about fictitious situations.

    2. I’d say they’re looking for C, but I have a problem with

      However, the average global temperature this year is equal to the average global temperature of last year.

      which implies that temperatues have only remained steady for one year, not 15.

    3. I see which one they’re fishing for but the choice is poorly worded.

      The question is pretty vague too; are they talking about year-to-year change averaging 2 degrees, or about the difference between current global average and global average of 30 years ago being 2 degrees? It sounds like the former but that’s implausible.

      1. It means that the global average is two degrees higher than thirty years ago.

        It’s a terribly worded question, but we’d be pretty fucked if it was 2 degrees a year for thirty years.

  21. Erich Honecker is on a diplomatic mission in Austria. Various government ministers of the GDR and Austria are introduced. Finally, a man is introduced as the Minister of the Austrian Navy. Honecker bursts out laughing: “But you have no coastline!” The Austrians are offended. “We were very polite when the GDR’s Minister of Trade was introduced!”

    1. Erich Honecker wakes up one morning, goes to the window and says “Good morning Mr. Sun!” And the Sun replies “Oh Good Morning Dear Erich!”

      Later that day Erich goes to his window and says “Good Afternoon Mr Sun!” And the Sun replies “Good Afternoon Erich!”

      That evening, as the sun is setting Erich goes to his window and says “Good night Mr. Sun!”

      There is no response. Erich looks out the window again and says “Good night Mr. Sun!” There is still no response. Finally Erich asks “Mr. Sun? Where are you?”

      The Sun shouts back “Fuck you Erich! I’m in the West now!”

      1. It’s 1987 in Moscow and Sergei and Ivan enter the end of a line stretching around the block to buy toilet paper. After 2 hours, the line has barely moved, and Ivan says to Sergei, “Forget this! I’m going to the Kremlin to shoot that bastard Gorbachev.” And with that he leaves.

        An hour passes, and Ivan returns to the line for toilet paper. “Did you shoot Gorbachev?” Sergei asks excitedly.

        “No,” Ivan laments. “That line’s even longer than this one.”

        (attributed to Reagan)

      2. Soviet Prime minister L.Brezhnev visiting GDR. During banquet in his honer he need to use bathroom, so he leans to Honecker and whispers: where I can pee? Honecker stand up and proclaim in to microphone: For you, Dear Comrade Brezhnev…ANYWHERE.

      3. As far as I know back then when you wanted to buy a car, you ordered one, waited for it very long time and you could choose nothing about it, not even colour.
        If you wanted to buy a car in the GDR you would order one, and wait a long time. You couldn’t even choose the coloUr.

        A guy comes into a auto shop to order a new car. He pays the guy working on the counter. And the man behind the counter says “you can pick up your car in 10 years”. The costumer asks “should I come in the morning or in the afternoon?”. –
        -“I’ll be in 10 years from now, what difference does it make?”
        -“the plumber is coming in the morning”

    2. The leader of the GDR, Erich Honecker, wants to know what the people really think of him. So he goes out among the people in disguise. He asks a man on the street: “Excuse me, but what do you think of Honecker?” The man leads him down a side street, makes sure that nobody hears him, and whispers into Erich’s ear, “I support Honecker!”

    3. During World War II, Hungary was led by an Admiral, Miklos Horthy.

      (He earned the title back in the Austria-Hungary days, when the country had a coastline in Istria/Dalmatia.)

    4. You know what other Austrian wanted a coastline?

      What’s a “GDR”?

      1. “German Democratic Republic”, the official name of East Germany.

      2. German Democratic Republic.

        Remember: The more times the name of a country claims that it’s Democratic, the less Democratic it actually is.

        1. Sort of like Kentucky Fried Chicken?

      3. God Damned Rabbi.

  22. More funny argument questions:

    Any person who uses words ambiguously cannot become a journalist, since journalistic reporting cannot invite artistic interpretation.

    Which of the following, if assumed, would allow the conclusion above to be properly drawn?

    (A) No person who invites artistic interpretation can use words ambiguously.
    (B) Any person who uses words ambiguously will invite artistic interpretation in their reporting.
    (C) Any journalist who invites artistic interpretation will sometimes use words ambiguously.
    (D) Either a journalist uses words ambiguously or that journalist invites artistic interpretation.
    (E) No journalist who invites artistic interpretation can become a great journalist.

    1. Any person who uses words ambiguously cannot become a journalist, since journalistic reporting cannot invite artistic interpretation.

      Yeah, how can you be ambiguous while you’re writing Democrat propaganda?

    2. I’d say (B).

      What are these questions supposed to say about you?

      Dude, go be an engineer, that’s what is needed. (computer electrical or mechanical)

      I’m searching for work right now and that is all they fucking want. It’s funny because I have a BS in chem, but a lot of chemistry related jobs will take an engineer (any type… mech, elec, etc). I should of went to school for engineering.

      1. Yep, it’s B.

        And I suppose it shows that you know how to deconstruct an argument and make inferences.

        I’m just not cut out for hard sciences or things that are math-related. I could barely pass high school chemistry and algebra.

        1. Run for office!

        2. And I suppose it shows that you know how to deconstruct an argument and make inferences.

          That’s basically what math and science are. I actually found my college courses in math and science easier than my high school classes. They were a lot more logical.

          1. Higher level math requires a lot of abstract intuition as well. I got into grad school for math because I didn’t want to have to be creative. Boy was I wrong. But it worked out in the end.

          2. This stuff is just formal logic embedded in language.

            1. Yup.

              I took a intro philosophy class and we went through all the argument styles and fallacies. When I took the exam I just imagined that everything was Xs and Ys. Made it a lot easier.

          3. I guess I’m just not good at following directions.

            I’ve always been exceptionally good at essay writing and history, but there isn’t much you can do with those outside an academic context.

  23. Ole Miss claims the theatre was too dark to ID the people who heckled a Matthew Shepard play.

    1. For being the supposedly biggest and toughest members of society football players are really insecure about their manhood.

      I guess I would too if I spent that many hours playing grabass with a bunch guys in the shower.

  24. This is hilarious. From the comments on a Reuters article about the Obamacare website debacle:

    Greenspan2 wrote:
    Expert consultation is always useful but even that cannot compensate for the fraudulent business practices of contractors and businesses paid to provide computer and other services at all levels of government. American businesses have traditionally considered it both legal and a right to overcharge the taxpayers and produce poor performing products. The same companies and characters involved will then turn around and accuse the government of being inefficient.

    So…people in government are so stupid that they buy grossly overpriced computers and software without ever realizing it. Wouldn’t buying severely overpriced equipment PROVE that the government is inefficient rather than refute it? Not in the la la land this guy apparently inhabits.

    Sterling logic, really.

    1. I’ve noticed lately that being a committed leftist takes a highly honed sense of collectivization.

      I keep reading comment after comment like the one you quote, and stuff like:

      “These people against obamacare are the same american taliban that would outlaw the use of contraceptives! Guess they’re not really for small government!”

      and so on…

      They seem to pick the worst stereotype of a racist social conservative and apply those beliefs onto anyone that isn’t 110% for the progressive agenda. I see it with people I know. They’ll just assume that I’m for Obama and his warm ‘n fuzzy neo-tyranny just because I don’t go to church, or think contraceptives and marijuana should be legal.

      1. A committed leftist is incapable of arguing in good faith with anyone because anyone who opposes them is, by definition, evil.

        It’s that simple.

    2. “American businesses have traditionally considered it both legal and a right to overcharge the taxpayers and produce poor performing products.

      Sooo… the concept of cronyism completely eludes Greenspan2, I guess we better not tell him/her about Solyndra, or Fisker, or Lightsquared, or GM and the Chevy Volt, CH2M Hill, etc., that poster might just become despondent and disillusioned with government…

      1. It’s also hilarious that he thinks the people selling overpriced computer equipment to the government are the same people who blame government for inefficiency.

        That’s a total lie. The rich people who run companies in business with the government absolutely adore the government and grow fat on its inefficiency.

        Liberals are still unwilling to admit how many rich cronies are committed leftists.

        1. Absolutely.

          Projection and cognitive dissonance… Like a warm cozy blanket…

  25. So in the last 4 days, the media is reporting that 52,000 Obamacare applications were started. Given the computer problems, I doubt that anywhere near that number were completed.

    In order for Obamacare not to implode immediately, literally tens of millions of people will have to sign up in the next six months.

    I am not liking our chances. Early on, with the federal government media blitz, you’d actually expect more people to be signing up than you’ll see later on. With this number in 4 days, I don’t see them getting enough young and healthy people to enroll to make this thing viable.

    1. It’s hilarious. I realized t’other day, and someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, that the exchanges are mere window dressing for the substance of the ACA: mainly, heaping on more requirements for policy providers and attempting to shore up their losses by expanding the pool of holders. The exchanges are the narrow end of the wedge, and they fucked it up. Not that it wasn’t a basically unworkable idea from the start, and baked into legal precedence by Roberts’ distinction of coercive taxes. But they still managed to fuck up promising the world to a bunch of gullible twentysomethings. Hilarious.

      1. I realized t’other day, and someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, that the exchanges are mere window dressing for the substance of the ACA: mainly, heaping on more requirements for policy providers and attempting to shore up their losses by expanding the pool of holders.

        Basically. The big issue is that they force companies to provide insurance to anyone with preexisting conditions. They also having a rule limiting the gap between what the highest and lowest premiums can be. This means that you need lots and lots of young and healthy people to buy in in order to subsidize the old and sick. If the young and healthy don’t buy in because the ‘penal tax’ isn’t high enough, then all of the insurance companies will be obliterated because people can just wait to get sick to buy in.

        You could see premiums go into an upward spiral as more and more people opt out. They’re going to need to crank up the penal tax in order to avoid this.

        1. And they can’t so long as Roberts’ distinction holds. This would seem a bad time to be holding an expensive policy, or be chronically ill.

        2. “The big issue is that they force companies to provide insurance to anyone with preexisting conditions. They also having a rule limiting the gap between what the highest and lowest premiums can be. This means that you need lots and lots of young and healthy people to buy in in order to subsidize the old and sick…”

          And yet, according to the shrieking left, those who opt out are “freeloaders”…

  26. “the media is reporting that 52,000 Obamacare applications were started…”

    It’s probably like the Drudge page, on steroids… constantly refreshing and boosting those hit stats. The page crash to start isn’t a bug… it’s a feature when trying to prop this Obamacare/ shitbird up. I would like to see an honest count of unique IP’s applying (and succeeding)on their pages…

    1. They had millions of hits, just 52,000 applications.

      I personally don’t know why they got so many hits when most of those people didn’t start applications. Maybe political sites were linking to the web sites and their readers followed the links or something.

      1. Some people are compelled to gawk at car wrecks…

      2. I clicked to see the horror show. Wasn’t going to give them any personal info, since I don’t have to.

        1. I tried signing up this afternoon, mostly to see how their subsidized rates compare to my company’s policy.

          After waiting in the online queue for half an hour, I was allowed to create an account. The email confirmation not only didn’t allow me to immediately log in from the registration screen, it kicked me back out to the end of the queue. Another half hour wait took me to the login, where I was informed my credentials were incorrect. So I went through the “forgot password” routine, and had another emailed. I’m still waiting for the email.

          1. TicketMaster and MegaUpload, where else do you wait in line on a website?

            1. This is MVD status. This is “we don’t want you to be here, and you don’t want to be here, but buddy you’re here and we’re on break” status. This is pathetic.

  27. Robert Reichsfuhrer encourages Obama to break the law (some more) and raise the debt ceiling without legislation from Congress:

    Robert Reich: Well, I anticipate us getting up to the brink. I don’t think the president would lightly decide to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. That means that he will literally be breaking the law. Again, arguably the constitution allows him to do so, if not requires him to do so, under these circumstances. It’s going to be?it could be?a constitutional crisis of sorts. But I don’t think at the end of the day that the president would allow the United States to default on its financial obligations.

    Georgia Straight: Does the president or his secretary of the treasury ever pick up the phone and ask you for your advice?

    Robert Reich: He has occasionally asked me for advice. But rarely. I was part of his economic transition team when he came into power. I’ve seen him a few times in the Oval Office since then, but I don’t consider myself a regular adviser.

    Democracy: It means giving King Barry I the result he wants. NOW.

    1. I don’t think the president would lightly decide to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. That means that he will literally be breaking the law.

      I’m sure it would weigh heavily on him. Oh so heavily. Like droning children does. Golf anyone?

      1. Explain this to me: If Obama has all this power, why doesn’t he use it, not to repudiate the debt, but to prioritize debt payments and cut other programs so that we can afford the debt payments?

        If he raise the debt ceiling, then, it wouldn’t be to meet US obligations, but to preserve unsustainable levels of spending.

        1. Because that would be giving in to the Teabagger terrorists, and BO doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Domestically at least.

  28. Good for them……id trust these women a lot easier than those whose paychecks (police) depend on the plant being illegal……everything the police ,government,rehabilitation specialist, say are all fear mongering lies nothing more……

  29. Okay, so I rented a Brad Pitt movie. How bad could a Brad Pitt zombie apocalypse movie be? Well, really really bad. World War Z is deeply awful. It’s offensive on so many levels, I’m not sure where to begin.
    It could be the totally predictable plot, or maybe the fact that there were few female characters and they were mostly relegated to the “helpless females/caregiver” role (a nine year old boy gets the role of protector of women and girls who have already shown themselves to be survivors). The worst, however, was the blatant pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian propaganda.
    After escaping the zombie-laden US, the hero (Brad Pitt) has a conversation with a Mossad agent in Jerusalem. Said agent rationalizes the existence of the wall between Israel and Palestine. Then Palestinians, who are all zombies, flood the wall and take over Jerusalem.
    This falls under the WTF am I wasting my money on category. It doesn’t get any worse than that, but it doesn’t get any better. 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

  30. Sometimes man, you jsut have to roll with it.

  31. I am in Patty’s group. There are a lot of law officials who support legalizing marijuana , LEAP . There has been so much scientific evidence to support the health benefits of marijuana. I do not understand how anyone can be against something that causes absolutely no harm . If you drink and criticize people like us for wanting our freedom, then you are nothing more than a hypocrite. It is suppose to be the land of the free for all , not just for some.

  32. There’s hope in the world… 😀

    In some backward countries like India and Israel… cannabis is used as a ‘First-Line’ medication. The thinking is that it’s better to use something that’s natural, highly effective that has no possibility of death or damage to the child… before resorting to man-made chemicals that have proven otherwise.

    High CBD strains like harlequin (8?D/6%THC) are amazing in their theraputic effects while not producing any kind of stone or high… no matter how much cannabis the subject uses. There is a sort of background ‘mellow’ that gets stronger… that’s all.

    Cannabis is also non-addictive… yes, non-addictive (see here:… so there’s no danger of creating a dependancy like there is with opiate derivitives and other man synthesized wonder drugs.

    I can’t wait till my non-verbal autistic relatives are able to safely medicate with cannabis in THEIR state.

    Thank you for posting this!

    Keep it Clean! 😀

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