Family of Man Killed During SWAT Raid Settles $3.4 Million Lawsuit

Jose Guerena, a former marine, was holding an AR-15 when the police entered his home


PIMA COUNTY, Ariz. — The family of a man killed during a SWAT raid at his home has settled a $3.4 million lawsuit against the four police agencies involved in the operation.

Jose Guerena, a former Marine, was shot and killed in May 2011 by SWAT members who raided his home and found him standing at the end of a hallway holding an AR-15.

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Editor's note: Guerena's death was filmed and is featured in the opening of Reason's documentary America's Longest War.

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  1. Millions paid for justice. Not enough. Not nearly enough. Those who pulled triggers should be serving life sentences as a chilling effect to other brutes in SWAT who think their job is to be an unthinking Stallone-bot.

    1. Especially the one firing his sidearm blindly over his cohorts shoulders. That captures the attitude so much…wouldn’t want to miss out on some killing.

  2. Millions paid for justice.

    More like “Millions stolen from taxpayers and given away for justice”.

  3. Wow.


  4. Of course PoliceOne has chimed in.

    Posted by Seria1308 on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 07:23 AM Pacific Report Abuse
    Sad situation all the way around, The job we do always raises questions, Second guessing the officers that were there and engaged is never good. You can never say what you would have done without living it. Just glad the officers are all OK and they can learn from it both good and bad we are not perfect but we do the best we can in the moment. God bless all involved both sides

    Yes, it’s never good to second-guess men who kill someone that never fired a shot after busting into his house on virtually no notice in a crime-ridden area at an hour he would likely be asleep.

    And of course he’s just glad the cops are OK. Never mind the fatherless child or widow they created.

    Fucking pigs.

    1. Yes, we should never guess anybody who kills anybody else. What difference, at that point, does it make? All decisions should be final and unquestionable.

      My already high contempt for cops, especially the cops who defend bad cops, keeps on rising.

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