Drunk vs. Stoned: A Scientific, Journalistic Inventory of Effects


Buzzfeed bills this video as the possible future of investigative journalism.

I don't know about that, but it's a very funny and illuminating comparison of the effects of being drunk versus being stoned when it comes to a wide array of basic tasks.

Watch and learn.

More here.

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  1. If Drunk History is any indication, Stoned History would be great.

    1. I found it to be ok. Not something I am going to seek out, but if I’m sitting around with nothing to do, I might stop on it when I can’t find anything else.

      1. I get this reaction from half the people I talk to who have seen it. I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve all had a bad experience with a drunk that you’re repressing. Also, I haven’t seen every episode yet.

        1. I’ve had several bad experiences with drunk people, and more where I was the drunk slob, but its mostly that it just doesn’t seem that funny. It’s not like I found the drunk guy obnoxious or anything, just not exceptionally funny.

          1. The original couple of Drunk History shorts from Funny Or Die on HBO were funnier.

  2. Car and Driver did this 20 plus years ago. Very direct correlation with alcohol…the more you drink, the worse your driving gets. But with pot, the subjects were able to concentrate on the driving course, and some actually improved their times. But then they’d do things like forget to exit into the pit area, and have to drive the course again. Anyone else remember that ?

    1. From personal experience, I remember the times I’ve driven profoundly drunk (something I stopped doing long ago) I had trouble actually seeing the lines on the road, for one. And when that wasn’t happening, I was getting into drag races with people on the highway who weren’t aware they were involved.

      On the other hand, while high, I drove like a grandmother. Safer than sober, really, because any road-rage was substituted with a vague feeling of disappointment. I think the worst thing I ever did (or know anyone else to have done) while high is to leave something in the oven too long.

      1. So, government should require people to drive around after getting high in order to reduce the number of houses that are burned down? For the children.

      2. teh granny part is too true. The stoned driver is far more likely to drive under the speed limit than over, but he will often believe he’s going faster than the speedometer reads.

      3. Last time I drove stoned was kinda scary, actually. Kept having these “How did I get here?” moments. Seriously. I knew where I was, but had no memory of getting there. Then I passed my destination and had to turn around. No fun. Will not do that again.

      4. On the other hand, while high, I drove like a grandmother. Safer than sober, really

        This is why these laws are completely meaningless. As a reckless college dipshit, I drove relatively fine after having a few. Just fine, actually.

        After one hit though, I would drive absolutely horrendously. Tires on the lane line, variation in speed, etc.

        These things effect people differently, and the laws will never ever represent that.

    2. 30+ years. I was in 9th or 10th grade when C&D did that.

      1. 30+ years ? yeah I suppose a decade or so may have slipped by me unnoticed.

  3. Well. My exquisite Gaydar is beeping wildly.


    1. It wasn’t the way he catches like a girl, was it?

  4. “Drunk vs. Stoned”

    Why not both?

    1. Be careful with that. It can lead to wicked spins.

  5. Anything you can do I can do better (stoned)
    I can do anything better than you (stoned)

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