Police Abuse

Georgia Deputies Disciplined After Invading Home, Abusing Family

Surely worthy of a slap on the wrist


Four DeKalb County Sheriff's Office employees are facing punishment after they were found to have acted unprofessionally during an arrest.

Deputies went to a house in Ellenwood on July 26 to serve an arrest warrant.

The family told CBS Atlanta News they were startled at 1:30 a.m. when deputies beat on their front door.

Fearing for their safety, the family said they took their time to open the door. Once inside, an officer used excessive force and aggressive language, according to one family member.

"If the police come to your house and need to come in, whether you agree or not that they need to come into the home, you need to open the door," said DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown. However, after he conducted a thorough review of the facts and the conduct of the deputies involved, Brown said the manner in which the deputies conducted themselves inside the home was unprofessional.