Trainwreck Called Obamacare Just Keeps a-Rollin' Despite Missing Half Its Deadlines So Far


Via Hot Air comes this summary of a Congressional Research Service report on blown deadlines for the Affordable Care Act. As Forbes' Avik Roy has pointed out, the feds have missed about half of the legally imposed deadlines so far.

As Hot Air's Ed Morrissey writes, this isn't the product of Republican malingering. Only 9 percent of the tardiness can be attributed to lack of congressional appropriations. In fact, the problem with the program is the program itself, not knuckle-dragging, backstabbing GOPpers. Here's one example of what's going wrong:

…one of the big selling features of ObamaCare was that the law would force providers to work toward health outcomes rather than the traditional fee-for-service model that exists in … well, every service market, including health care.  HHS was supposed to have built reporting models for private insurers to track progress to that goal "to improve health outcomes, prevent hospital readmission, ensure patient safety and reduce medical errors, and implement wellness and health promotion activities." It also required Kathleen Sebelius "to promulgate regulations that provide criteria for determining reimbursement structure to improve quality," in order to complete that transformation.

That was due on March 23, 2012, eighteen months ago this week.  So far, HHS hasn't uttered or written one word about this statutory deadline, which means that insurers have no idea how HHS wants them to go about achieving the outcome-based reimbursement model.  It's not even clear if HHS has any idea at all how to achieve that goal.  In fact, it can be assumed at this point, 42 months after ObamaCare passed Congress, that the White House has no idea how to fulfill that pledge.

Read more here.

And read Avik Roy's post that inspired Morrissey's. It ends with this note:

The law isn't going to "collapse unto itself" or any such thing that conservatives appear to pine for. For every missed deadline or White House waiver, there are nine aspects of Obamacare that are being implemented as we speak.

Obamacare may fail at reducing insurance premiums, or at wisely using taxpayer funds. But the law is scheduled to spend $1.9 trillion over the next ten years. At that, it is unlikely to fail.

More here.

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  1. this isn’t the product of Republican malingering

    An outright fabrication by Morrisey! Clearly, the Teathuglican’s intransigence, in conjunction with ERMAHGERD SERKWERSTER!!215one! points out the need for GREATER power to be assigned to the IRS so they can ensure the law is implemented as written.

    Therefore, it’s clear that President Obama needs to use his Supreme Executive Power? to authorize the IRS to utilize the NSA, TSA, Army!, Navy!, Air Force!, Marines! as it sees fit to clear any “roadblocks” to implementation.

    We need to “nudge” the system to ensure 300 millionty people don’t lack health coverage, which is the Thugs’ goal.

    It’s just that simple, and you can tread on me to get it done. For teh childrenz.

    1. You really couldn’t work the Koch Bros. or the 1%ers into that? I am dissapoint.

      1. Come on! I used “Teathuglican” – checkmate.

  2. So the Cosmotarian-in-Chief has no musical taste? Or maybe he just hates The Yardbirds’ cover of the Johnny Burnette classic.

    1. Which is a rock and roll arrangement of a Tiny Bradshaw classic.

  3. But the law is scheduled to spend $1.9 trillion over the next ten years. At that, it is unlikely to fail.

    Money is being spent! Therefore, Obamacare is a success! We all know that if you throw enough money at something, it becomes a good idea!

    1. I’m doing ACO implementations for CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) providers. We’re waiting on several multimillion dollar implementation grants. Consulting is great. I’d like to thank you productive schlubs for paying taxes, and everyone who buys Treasury bonds.

      1. Always happy to help.

      2. I would complain, but then again, I spent 3 tours overseas…thanks taxpayerz!

  4. Worst. Song. Ever. Just. About.

    Oh, come on. Worse than Afternoon Delight? Worse than Signs? Worse than Bullet the Blue Sky or anything at all by Vanilla Ice?

    1. Afternoon delight is great. They got a song about ballin’ in the afternoon on the radio.

    2. I thought Pocket Full of Sunshine was the worst song ever?

    3. Yeah, I gotta go with “You Light Up My Life”. Debbie Boone mistaking volume for…talent. “If I just sing a LITTLE louder…”

      “Afternoon Delight” made “PCU” almost funny. “Flashlight” made it almost cool…

  5. Will no one rid me of this turbulent law?

  6. We just need a bigger hammer. If we hit it hard enough, it will fit.

  7. I put this in the AM links, but it bares repeating:

    Imagine a law so complex that those who wrote it and passed it don’t know what’s in it.
    Imagine some folks only slightly more sleazy than those folks and ‘way smarter.

    “Scammers prey on confusion about health care overhaul”
    “Obamacare scams are popping up all over the country. They’ve been identified in at least half of the states, and possibly more,”

    Why, we don’t have to imagine it at all! We have a whole city full of lying idiots who gave it to us. Yes, welcome to OBAMACARE!

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