Amash is Ready To Push for New Vote Curbing the NSA's Powers


Credit: Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

Last month an amendment to a Department of Defense appropriations bill introduced by Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) that would have limited the data collection conducted by the NSA narrowly failed. Now, it seems that Amash is ready to try again to amend future legislation in order to limit the NSA's powers.

From The Hill:

Amash, though, vowed Sunday to continue efforts to curb the NSA's powers.

"I'm hopeful that we'll have a way to amend some kind of policy legislation in the future," he said.

The vote on Amash's amendment came before the most recent leak by Edward Snowden, which detailed an NSA audit that found thousands of instances in which the privacy of Americans had been violated in the agency's effort to gather intelligence.

Amash said that he's confident many of his House colleagues would change their vote in light of the new revelations and that his measure would stand a better chance at passage.

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" (video at top of article from The Hill) Amash said that he has been told indirectly through the media and in person that some of his colleagues feel differently about the amendment that failed to pass last month.

Since the vote on the Amash amendment last month it has been revealed that the NSA targets journalists who are critical of the American government, has access to a backdoor that allows for American citizens' emails and phone calls to be searched without a warrant, and has broken its own rules thousands of times.

Glenn Greenwald has vowed to release more information on the NSA's activities in response to his partner, David Miranda, being held for almost nine hours at Heathrow airport in the U.K. Although Greenwald says that the U.K. will be "sorry" for detaining Miranda it is almost certain that whatever information Greenwald reveals will include worrying information on the NSA's activities as well as information on British intelligence services.

It is unclear when Amash will introduce legislation that could limit the NSA's ability to collect data. However, given the revelations that have emerged since Amash's amendment failed last month there is a good chance that his next attempt to curb the NSA's snooping could receive more support than his first try.

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  1. Unsubstantiated reports of thwarted attacks to be leaked in 3.. 2..

  2. Amash said that he’s confident many of his House colleagues would change their vote in light of the new revelations and that his measure would stand a better chance at passage.

    Despite recent professions of indignation, I have a feeling Pelosi will arm twist enough Democrats again into voting against that. I’m sure the Republican establishment will.

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    1. realey and there. Public school anonbot?

      1. Yet another bot left behind.

        1. “ov” FTW

  4. I’m glad he’s doing this. But I don’t know if the timing is right yet. We still need more public outrage. Just give this administration long enough, and they are going to finally fuck up bad enough that this might pass.

    My prediction is that next time it gets more GOP votes and less Dem votes, and still narrowly fails. There’s just not enough public support, yet, so the politicians are not fearing for their jobs enough, yet.

    1. We need to get scarier to them, we the people. Just freak them out.

      1. Yeah, I for one would rather that they’ve moved past the fear of losing their jobs and start fearing angry mobs carrying tar and feathers.

        1. Even without the violence, fear of consequences to their actions would help contain the worst excesses of politicians. They get away with things now that would’ve been unthinkable even twenty years ago.

    2. This is why I think Greenwald is doing an amazing job managing the release of Snowden’s leaks. They’re letting them drop at a consistent but slow rate, each one timed beautifully to contradict the latest lies by the NSA apologists, like Obama’s lies to Leno about this only being about “potential” abuses. If Greenwald is telling the truth about having thousands of documents, then this could continue for quite a while.

  5. Keep up the votes. Don’t let any of these people claim that they weren’t informed, that they were out of the loop, that they never had a chance to do anything.

    1. Let them grieve and gnash their teeth after retiring, as they reflect on how their leaders forced them to crawl on their bellies and vote against these amendments. Let them weep bitter tears as their grandchildren ask them what they did to preserve the Constitution when it was still capable of bring preserved.

  6. I know what you’re all thinking: Amash is a traitor and a probable terrorist sympathizer.

    1. Does he have a spouse/partner/significant other/bowling buddy who can be detained and interrogated at an airport?

    2. blames America first, rabble rabble rabble *more neocon rabble* rabble rabble

  7. Another libertarian populist ideologue, trying to get Congress to vote for what the majority of Americans want, instead of what the government says is good for us.

    1. I know, absolutely criminal amiright?

  8. It’s good to have one in the house that really “gets it” and is willing to stick their neck out.

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