Eric Holder

Matt Welch Talks Holder's Drug Reforms, Ridicules Notion That Pot Is More Dangerous Than Alcohol on CNBC


On Monday, April 12, I appeared on The Kudlow Report with guest host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement of new federal rules to evade mandatory minimum sentencing regulations for drug offenses. With me was co-panelist Joe DiGenova, who did not share my enthusiasm for legalizing marijuana.


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  1. “Pot is worse than alcohol.” Like you said, no pothead ever smoked himself to death. Like a friend said, you never hear of someone smoking a doobie and beating up his wife.

    How can you show up on these shows and put up with such nonsense? I’d yell and leave and never come back.

  2. I’m amazed at statements like, “the science is not there, and what we do have is bad.” The reason it’s bad is precisely because the government has kept it illegal and has highly restricted who can study it. Outside of that, I think that an ongoing social experiment of over 50 years has shown that most people agree that MJ does not cause violent behavior, and cannot cause death by its use.

    All prohibition has done is change us from the day when dealers had frisbees to now, when dealers have Uzis.

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