Militarization of Police

Utah Might Rethink Armed Police Home Invasion Raids: Some Reasons Why


The Utah newspaper Standard-Examiner gathers some reasons why armed police raids on homes might not be the best policy, in their state or anywhere:

The discussion that will take place next year in the Utah Legislature over law enforcement raid-style search warrants is a necessary topic to debate. Certainly, the use of a battering rams to combat minor offenses is something that should not occur….

One concern is the potential for late-night, high-adrenaline police procedures leading to the increased possibility of violence. No one certainly wants that, but unfortunately, that has occurred locally. Cases include:

• A 2010 incident in which a man was killed by law enforcement when he brandished a golf club when a search warrant was served at his home one night.

• The Stewart case, where one officer was killed, and several wounded, during a January 2012 "knock and announce" warrant at night at the home of Stewart in Ogden.

• A December 2012 incident in which a family, including two young girls, were met by officers in the early-morning hours. Police were at the wrong address searching for a military deserter. The family later received an apology from Ogden Police Chief Mike Ashment.

….there have been enough adverse incidents involving raid-style police searches to merit more discussion on the issue. We hope some good ideas are heard next year during the legislative session.

A military deserter. My goodness. The definitive book on why this sort of police practice is a bad idea for America is by former Reason writer and editor Radley Balko, The Rise of the Warrior Cop.


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  1. the increased possibility of violence. No one certainly wants that

    well, the civilians don’t.

    1. Cops are civilians too. But yeah, the cops will just see it as an excuse to get bigger guns, better armor and more tanks.

  2. Needs more DRONEZ!

  3. …”Some Reasons Why”

    US Constitution, Amendment 4.

    1. Shotgun, 12-guage.

    2. They can still do military-style raids with a warrant, can’t they?

      1. Night Elf Mohawk| 8.6.13 @ 11:58AM |#
        “They can still do military-style raids with a warrant, can’t they?”
        Dunno, but I thought warrants required something other than arrive and kick the door in.

        1. I don’t see that in the 4th. To the extent they do, it appears that those requirements are legislative and judicial creations.

  4. The family later received an apology from Ogden Police Chief Mike Ashment.

    Seriously? I’m surprised.

    1. He apologized to them for leaving their dog alive. It’s a mistake he won’t make a second time.

  5. Somewhat related but not really. Basic Gunsmithing book free on Kindle right now.

    1. Downloaded.

    2. The guy on the cover has a vice and is working on a flintlock pistol. How up to date is this book?

      1. Its FREE! Honestly, I have no clue.

      2. Publisher: Stackpole Books; 2 edition (May 31, 1963)

    3. Thanks. Unlikely I’ll have any practical use for it, but I love learning about things like that.

  6. including two young girls, were met by officers in the early-morning hours

    Met? hahaha

  7. But…there is nothing better for cop morale than terrorizing people in the dead of night. If police were required to serve warrants during the day, without kicking in doors and brandishing guns, it might hurt their little egos. Then they couldn’t beat the local bully in a powerlifting competition and get the girl.

    1. But…there is nothing better for cop morale than terrorizing people in the dead of night.

      Wrong. Shooting dogs.

    2. That would be a great law. All search warrants on homes must be served between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. In serving the warrant, no more than four officers can be involved, the officers must knock on the front door, clearly identify themselves and wait a minimum of two minutes before resorting to self help for entry.

      Arrest warrants may only be served on homes between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm, except in exigent circumstances when serving warrants for murder, armed robbery or a felony crime to the person. In all cases not involving felony crimes to the person, the person will be given the opportunity to peacefully surrender before police may enter the property.

      How is that?

      1. How do you justify your training budget without regularly engaging in paramilitary tactics?

        How do you justify military equipment if you don’t use it on a regular basis?

        Besides, officer safety.

      2. Better, but with 3 felonies a day, getting the DA to charge someone with a felony or suspected of a felony will be a loophole they’ll use around any restraint.

        1. Since this is Utah, giving massages without a license is a felony, btw.

        2. That is why I said felony crime to the person. Felonies like theft and failure to fill out the right forms wouldn’t count.

  8. Military deserter? Why did they bother with officers at all? I mean, I’m paying for these damned drones and hellfire missiles, let’s get ’em out there and use them for chrissakes.

    1. I have never heard of a warrant being served on a deserter. Those things just go in as bench warrants and never get served until the guy is arrested for something else or gets pulled over in a traffic violation.

      1. Can’t we use drones and hellfire missiles for traffic violations?

        You think so small, John.

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    1. If you’re a big girl, your spelling makes you a perfect match for John.

  10. I find it interesting that in Afganistan our military is no longer aloud to carry out midnight raids but here in America where citizens have fewer rights than illegals the police can raid your house any time they like.

    1. From what I’ve heard, actual soldiers have a very low opinion of cops who play at being soldiers.

  11. More good news. Another baby step in the right direction.

    There’s a bill on Gov.Quinn’s desk in IL would require police officers to be trained on canine behavior and nonlethal ways to subdue dogs.

    Great story in the Chicago Tribune but it’s behind a paywall.

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