Gallup: 67% of Americans Against Race-Based College Admissions


Via Inside Higher Ed comes news of latest Gallup poll showing stark differences among blacks, whites, and Hispanics on many topics.

Two-thirds of Americans believe college applicants should be admitted solely based on merit, even if that results in few minorities being admitted, while 28% believe an applicant's racial and ethnic background should be taken into account to promote diversity on college campuses. Three-quarters of whites and 59% of Hispanics believe applicants should be judged only on merit, while blacks are divided in their views.

Other recent results from Gallup show even bigger differences among black, white, and Hispanic attitudes. Asked "do you think the American justice system is biased against black people?," 68 percent of non-Hispanic blacks agreed while only 25 percent of non-Hispanic whites said yes. Compared to 20 years ago, many fewer blacks ascribe lower-than-average income and employment to racism, but a majority still is "unhappy with how blacks are treated in U.S. society."

And while majorities of all broadly defined racial and ethnic groups believe that relations among them are "very/somewhat good," it's clear that whites think things are smoother between them and blacks than do blacks or Hispanics. And blacks think things are better between them and Hispanics than either Hispanics or whites do (see table).

I'm not sure that it's worth reading too much into attitudes about things such as racial preferences based on the sorts of information gleaned form such surveys. But more frank and open conversation rather than less about race, opportunity, and pluralism might help to close what gaps there are. Of course, however difficult talk is, it's still pretty cheap compared to action. As Jacob Sullum has pointed out in his column about President Obama's high regard for racially charged stop-and-frisk guru Ray Kelly of the NYPD, support for policies that corrode ethnic amity is not always obvious.

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  1. Hmm – didn’t see “relationships between asians and blacks” in the second survey.

    Korean Shop owners and Compton residents, your thoughts?

    /cant’ we all get along

    1. I think I read somewhere that Compton is almost entirely Hispanic these days.

      1. All of Southern California is almost entirely Hispanic these days.

  2. Tribalist morons, unite!

    1. That’s what I’d expect someone from YOUR tribe to say!

  3. I knew most Americans were racist and undereducated. That’s also why people skip alt-text.

  4. Also, what’s the breakdown between “white hispanics” and “real hispanics”? Cause….Zimmerman.

    1. If you are any part white whatsoever you’re a racist that murders blackexicansians.

    2. Which of course brings up the question, who is an Hispanic? Unlike black white marriages, Hispanic and white intermarriage is pretty common. We keep calling the children of those marriages “Hispanic” because it further perpetuates the kind of tribal hatred and division liberals depend upon for power and it gives xenophobic Conservatives a reason to be alarmed over the brown menace. But the truth is, it is getting harder and harder to tell just who is and is not an “Hispanic”. What will the race hustlers do as this becomes more and more of a problem?

      1. My best friend growing up was mexican; as in, his dad straight up immigrated (legally) from mexico.

        I can tell you the only difference between a mexican family and a white family is his dad would whoop his son’s ass for being stupid.

        1. There are different classes of Mexicans and Mexicans are NOT central Americans. I lived in San Antonio and had all kinds of friends who were second and third generation Mexicans who were just as white and American as I am. Many of them married white husbands/wives.

          One of the more infuriating things about liberals is their horrible stereotype of “Hispanics” as some poor barely literate non-English speaking immigrant picking tomatoes and driving around with a bumper sticker that says “fuck you its still Mexico”.

      2. and if you think all hispanics are the same thing, try telling that to a Cuban, a Puerto Rican, a Mexican, and a Columbian. Throw in a Spaniard for good measure and let the frivolity begin.

        1. My God do Puerto Ricans hate Cubans. I am not sure why they hate them so much. But they do. And everyone in Latin America hates Mexicans for some reason or another. And Argentines pretty much consider themselves the master race.

          1. And Argentines pretty much consider themselves the master race.

            Wonder why?

            You know who else moved to Argentina?

            1. Yeah. I think it is that there is hardly any native blood in Argentines and there were few slaves there. They really are the descendents of the Spanish uber class. And they know it.

        2. Affirmative action is basically “they all look the same to me” enshrined in law.

        3. and if you think all hispanics are the same thing, try telling that to a Cuban, a Puerto Rican, a Mexican, and a Columbian. Throw in a Spaniard for good measure and let the frivolity begin.


          I grew up in Miami. Hispanics often hate each other.

      3. Which of course brings up the question, who is an Hispanic?

        People with heritage from places conquered by the Spanish. White Hispanics are of European descent, as in they never bred with the brown natives. Then you’ve got Spanish speaking dark brown natives, and lighter skinned mixed race called mestizos.

        Viva La Raza!

        1. What happens when they mix their blood with impure Yankee blood?

          1. Kids that are too lazy to steal? No. That’s what happens when Mexicans and blacks have kids. I dunno.

            1. They get Bs in Spanish class rather than their usual Cs.

      4. And in the island nations you’ve got descendents of black slaves that are Hispanic as well. Like those damn dirty Puerto Ricanos.

        1. And in Peru, there are lots of Japanese Hispanics.

      5. As a non-Hispanic Hispanic I strongly object to your racist insinuations.

        1. “non-Hispanic Hispanic”


      6. Since Hispanic is a cultural category and not a racial one in any way, it is possible for a family to stop being Hispanic. Or should be anyway.

        1. So if a family can stop, can a family start? Can I be Hispanic? How does one do that? Drive a low rider? Join the Catholic Church?

          1. I’d say learn to speak Spanish first. Then buy an El Camino and have all of your cousins move into your house with you.

          2. I’m sure it starts with tortillas or something like them. That and the ability to roll your r’s when saying gringo.

        2. It’s easy. Stop voting for Democrats. You’ll be automatically downgraded to plain white status in no time.

          1. What about Cubans?

  5. http://dailycaller.com/2013/07…..g-to-poll/

    Meanwhile race relations in general have gotten much worse in the last five years.

    1. Race relations have plummeted since Obama took office, according to poll

      Might it have anything to do with calling anyone who disagrees with his policies a racist?

      1. Or maybe blaming every one of his failures on racism?

        1. You can only be called a racist so many times, before you throw up your arms and say fuck it, I don’t give a shit anymore. (hence the poll numbers)

          I’m apparently a racist for believing the right of self defense applies to a white hispanic getting beaten by a black person. Laws are apparently race dependent.

          1. “Racism” at this point is more about the ability of liberal urban and upper class whites to look down their noses at conservative and rural and working class whites. The sad fact is that many of the objects of this derision are going to start resenting blacks rather than the douchebag liberals who deserve the scorn.

          2. I’m apparently Racist (and Sexist) for opposing the NYS Minority and Women Owned Business contracting initiative which costs the state more money, gets worse service, and can be easily gamed by putting a figurehead on the letterhead (Sure the guys wife ‘owns’ the business, but she doesn’t do anything or have any say in how it’s run or understand what they do…)

            1. Only a racist monster like you would think women and minorities are just as capable of starting businesses and white men and thus don’t require any extra help.

              1. How could you be so racist?

                Even whites need The Government’s help! (to not be racist).

  6. So if only 28% of adults favor racial preferences, and if it turns out that every 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful supports them, I can expect to hear a lot about how outside the mainstream the Dems have become, right? How they’re totally controlled by their far-left fringe?

    1. The media will be reporting that right after they get through explaining how tax payer funded and late term abortions are so far out of the mainstream.

      1. Goddamnit John, quit summoning The Shriek.

  7. I wonder whether phrasing the question asked of one ethnic participant in reference to another ethnicity (e.g., should Hispanics be admitted to college purely on the basis of merit) would have elicited more positive results. I doubt blacks believe they don’t merit a college education, merely that colleges would discriminate absent a race test, so framing the question relative to other groups might clarify the responses.

    1. Union members and public employees generally have the best health insurance, especially for lower paid workers. Thus, they are the ones who have the most to lose and will take it up the ass more than anyone because of Obamacare. Watching public sector workers and union members get fucked over this is going to be too delicious for words. I don’t think they are going to quietly for the glory of the collective. They are going to be pissed.

      1. I think the privsec unions will be the first to turn.

        They have already been criticizing the law. At a certain point, they will break.

        Did Wyden vote for ACA? If he didnt, he could become a superhero Democrat. Im pretty sure he voted for it though, so fuck him.

  8. with each passing year, that Dream speech fades further from the collective memory.

  9. What do asians think about white/asian relations?

    1. I see what you did there. I volunteer to research this question.

      1. Kind of a reverse, HOT ASIAN INVASION?

  10. What is this “open conversation” supposed to be exactly? I keep hearing about the need for one in various outlets, are we supposed to take a minute and get some tea together?

  11. Under the 14th Amendment, government at the federal and state levels should be prohibited from making any inquiry into a person’s race. All of the government forms should be reworked to remove such questions. Any university funded by government should do completely race-blind admissions, giving applicants a number before applications are reviewed to avoid name-bias.

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