Rep. Justin Amash Wants to Defund NSA Surveillance Via Defense Bill


Michigan Rep. Justin Amash continues to be lovable, The Hill reports:

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is mounting a push this week to defund the surveillance programs at the National Security Agency.

Amash said Monday that the Defense appropriations bill — which could come to the House floor this week — was a chance to stop the NSA's "unconstitutional spying on Americans." 

"Most important bill this week: DoD Approps. We can defund #NSA's unconstitutional spying on Americans–if House leaders allow amendments, Amash tweeted Monday.

And how does Amash's leadership feel about this?

House Republican leaders are considering limiting amendments to the Defense bill out of concern for proposals that Amash and other lawmakers might bring forward.

Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) wrote to his colleagues last week that the panel might limit amendments, a departure from the open amendment process that's been used on the Defense bill since Republicans took over in 2011.

I interviewed Amash as part of a March Reason feature package on liberty-friendly congressmen this term.