Adam Kokesh in Jail: The Theater of the State


As I'm sure he on some level wanted, the treatment of libertarian activist Adam Kokesh in the American legal system (after a symbolic, nominal, and harmless apparent violation of a gun law on video led to an excessive and violent assault on his home–the same type of violation when committed by a mainstream journalist like David Gregory led to nothing at all) makes a compelling show of what getting embroiled in The System means. 

You will consent–even if you don't.

Details from an RTV report:

Kokesh was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, but reportedly refused to leave his holding cell. He finally made his appearance before a judge the following morning, but had to be carted in on a wheelchair because he refused to cooperate.

"He happened to be in a wheeled chair because he did not want to walk," First Lieutenant Steve Elbert of the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office told WTOP News.

When he was wheeled before a judge to be arraigned, Kokesh reportedly refused to speak.

"I'll take your silence as your consent," a Fairfax County judge told him, according to WJLA News.

Reason on Kokesh.

A possibly relevant essay by me from 2001 on how William Cooper went out in his fight against the government.