Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Just Signed Marijuana Decriminalization Into Law


Community College of Vermont

Congratulations, Vermonters! Your governor just signed legislation decriminalizing the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. The Burlington Free Press reports

Vermont is now the 17th state to get rid of criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a measure into law Thursday.

The law replaces criminal penalties with civil fines similar to a traffic ticket for possession of up to an ounce of marijuana or five grams of hashish.

The law also treats possession of such amounts of marijuana by people under age 21 the same as underage possession of alcohol, including referral to court diversion for a first offense, potential civil penalties and/or license suspension, and criminal penalties for a third violation.

The Vermont legislature approved decrim on May 13. 

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  1. I know what I’ll be doing on the ski lift this winter!

    1. Making aimless small talk as you wait to reach the top? Adjusting your goggles and your scarf? Drinking hot cocoa? Tell me!!!

      1. Knitting a sweater for my dog, you maroon! Sheesus!

    2. Do you even have hills big enough there to use more than a one-hitter by the time you get to the top?

      1. Vermont is the most topographically pleasing state in the leviathan.

        Idaho and Colorado get the silver and the bronze.

        Honorable mention goes to New York, Pennsylvania and Alaska.

        1. Pennsylvania?

      2. It’s not the size of the mountain, but the speed of the lift.

  2. BFD.

    Its like throwing a celebration for a Biggest Loser contestant because she lost a pound after six weeks of intense exercise and supposedly strict diet regimen.

  3. Chris Christie appoints a guy nobody ever heard of to the Senate. And it wasn’t me.…..rt_m-rpt-1

  4. Having gone to UVM, I’m pretty sure it was decriminalized already.

    1. Ole stomping grounds for several of us during the course of our twice a year visits to St. Mikes to see a high school chum.

      UVM was not without its share of babelicious matriculants.

      1. I still can’t quite decide whether I regret having a girlfriend for my first 2.5 years there. On the one hand, I got sex way more often than anyone else I knew. On the other hand, it was all with the same (though pretty attractive) chick, and during the time when it was easiest to meet new people.

  5. I’ll never forgive him for trying to murder-homicide the adorable Vermont Yankee, but good for Shumlin for doing the right thing today.


  6. Chris Christie appoints a guy nobody ever heard of to the Senate.

    Didn’t Lautenberg have a wife or a kid to inherit his title?

  7. What’s the going rate for a Senate seat these days?

  8. What’s the going rate for a Senate seat these days?

  9. Louisiana just voted to keep life sentences for pot possession in place. 5 years for second offense. 20 years for third offense. Life thereafter.…..bill-fails

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