Iraq War Veteran Says Cops Shot His Dog During Wrong Door Raid in Buffalo

Says he's never sold drugs out of his apartment, wasn't home during the raid


shot by cops

Drugs are so dangerous police will bust down the wrong door and shoot a dog to stop them from being sold. An Iraq war veteran says that's what happened to him after he left for work Monday. From local TV station WIVB:

"I got here as fast as I could [after the landlord called about a police raid] and I saw the carnage. I saw what happened. My house was flipped upside down, my dog was gone," he said. 

Cindy had been killed and Arroyo looked at where she died in horror. 

"It was the blood on the wall and the gunshots and the bullet holes," he said. 

Buffalo Police say controlled drug buys are made before raids take place and they believe they had the right address. Detectives on scene say the dog was not chained at the time. 

"You can even tell by the scene where the shots were and how far the chain reaches because if the dog was out anywhere else, as soon as someone knocks on my door my dog is by the door. So how come there is no blood on the ground?" asked Arroyo.

Arroyo explained he's always chained his pit bull because she chews up his shoes when he's not home. Buffalo police say they've opened an internal investigation while Arroyo says he's lawyering up.

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  1. Well, dogs must die, for the children.

    1. And some children must die for more important children. It’s the circle of life you know.

      1. That would be humorous, if it wasn’t the sad, sad truth.

  2. Well, cops have to protect themselves in…wait, did you say this is a VETERAN??????? This is an outrage!

    1. I’ll tell you this much, if a cop pulls a gun on one of my dogs, it won’t be the dogs that he’ll have to worry about.

  3. I hope he sues them to death. Fucking pig cops shooting dogs, they should be charged with cruelty to animals.

  4. The pigs are just warming up. As we’ve seen, what they do to dogs is remarkably similar to what they do to homeless people when they get the chance. Or anyone else if the situation is right.

    1. Why weren’t your homeless people on a chain?

  5. OT: This is delicious!

    Michelle Obama throws hissy fit after being heckled at DNC fundraiser. The heckler’s motivation? Protest against discrimination by Federal contractors against gays.

    In the fever swamp that is the comments to the article, we find that agitating for gay rights is part of the Tea Pary/Rethuglican obstructionist racist agenda!


    You were gay before the Obamas got in office, but all of a sudden you want them to do something about it but never pressured the Bush family abut the issue. Stop being so hypocritical to this family simply because they are of a darker race and it kills you all to know he over this country and some of the things we do. DEAL WITH IT.

    I. Have. No. Words.

    1. morning links

  6. This thread won’t last long. There is one above, with boobs.

    1. Boobies!? Where? Where?

  7. Breaking and entering. Criminal trespass. Destruction of property.

    1. Breaking and entering. Criminal trespass. Destruction of property.

      So, a clean shoot.


  8. Part of this is the usual anti-pit hysteria. I own a staffy and a pit/rhodie mix, and I’m always worried about shit like this happening. As it is, it seems to be pretty much SOP for cops to just shoot whatever dogs they see when they show up, but with pits or any dogs that look even a little “pitty” you get the added PR bonus that you’ve rid the community of a deadly, vicious, baby-eating monster. Especially in my area of Maryland, if you shot a lab or one of these half-poodle mutts you’d be drawn and quartered, but the yachting classes don’t tend to own pits, and they’re not exactly the most empathetic folks.

    Which is bullshit, because the pit breeds are great dogs. I’ve owned several different kinds of dogs, and after living with my two and working with a bunch through a local rescue, I’d never want another kind of dog. They tend to be sturdy, healthy, smart, easy to train, easily socialized, very loyal, and just good all-around dogs. They do tend to bore easily, and they dig like crazy (they are terriers…), and some aren’t that friendly with strange dogs, but they’re awesome, and they do really well as family pets.

    But, gangster rap, Michael Vick, and local news ratings, so now they’re vicious maneaters. Fuck, I hate people.

    1. One of the two breeds that are called Pit Bulls was, in the early decades of the 20th century, the most popular breed of family dog in the United States. Somehow they didn’t maul too many babies.

      1. Yeah, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt seemed to have survived owning pit bulls with their families and lives intact. So has, ironically, the mayor of Annapolis, where you’re most likely to find boating scumbags that hate pits because they’re not typically identified with the moneyed classes.

      2. Yeah but these days a lot of small-dicks get pit-bulls to try and look bad-ass, and then train them to be vicious. It’s not the dog, though, it’s the piece of shit hillbilly or thug that’s the problem.

  9. I want the vet to point out how his rules of engagement were more restrictive when he was fighting insurgents and Baathists than the cops”fighting” citizens.

  10. Is anyone keeping a tally of dogs murdered in wrong door raids? I would be interested to see those numbers.

    1. Balko used to, but HuffPo seems to have effectively silenced him.

      1. He still keeps up with it on Twitter at least.

  11. “Detectives on scene say the dog was not chained at the time.”

    So!? Whose MF’ing problem is that? The owner of the property and the dog or the trespassing A-hole’s who busted down his door. I don;t care if the pit bull did try to rip their throats out when they entered, that is the right of the owner of the property and the main purpose of many dogs (guard-dogs). Yet the police throw this little fact out there like it somehow justifies their incompetence, abuse of power and lack or respect for the rights or general well-being of the citizens it is supposed to “protect and serve”.

    Makes me sick.

    1. This pretty much covers all that needs to be said for this thread.

    2. It seems from the location of the blood, and the statement of the owner, that the dog was, in fact, chained at the time it was shot. The cops followed SOP and lied about it to try to justify the shoot.

  12. Oh. I thought for a sec. it said they’d shot his buffalo in Dog.

  13. You shoot my dog, I shoot you.

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