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12.45-3.45PM ET Today: Reason's Live Twitter Q&A w Sen. Rand Paul!


Make sure to check out Twitter today between 12.45pm ET and 1pm ET  at 3.45pm ET as Reason conducts a live 15-minute Twitter interview with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), the leader of the "Wacko Bird" caucus and the person we've called "the most interesting man in the Senate."

The interview's hashtag is #randchat

What questions do you want us to ask the libertarian Republican? Suggestions in comments please.

In the meantime, check out the interview Matt Welch and I conducted with Paul shortly after he came to D.C.:

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  1. Drug “war”. Dumb “war” or the dumbest “war”?

    Stop squandering wealth and lives.

    1. “Under what provision of the constitution is the Drug War authorized to the Federal government? Why was it necessary to pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol, but not necessary for other intoxicants?”

  2. What questions do you want us to ask the libertarian Republican? Suggestions in comments please.

    “Kirk or Picard”?

  3. What questions do you want us to ask the libertarian Republican? Suggestions in comments please.

    Isn’t this IRS scandal probably the best opportunity we’ll ever have to advocate for replacing it with something new, like consumption taxes?
    Is the IRS set to become (with Obamacare) a hideous federal intelligence gathering agency and repository of sensitive data on all Americans?

  4. what does the senator think of the Buckley Rule? Does he support the rightwardmost viable candidate?

  5. With all of the scandals and abuses of power by the past two administrations, has it somehow become “unfashionable” in the Congress to explicitly call out obvious violations of the Constitution or to discuss impeachment (of the Executive or congressmen)? How do you reconcile this clearly political decision with the oath taken to uphold the Constitution? How can one ever stop shouting mercilessly about indefinite detention, assassination, and warrantless surveillance until those practices are abandoned?

  6. If elected president, what constitutional reforms, if any, do you think are needed to help restore limited government in the U.S.? Politically, how could those reforms be implemented, given the current bias towards statism?

    1. Ask him something important. Like what he thinks of Firefly: TNG or The Oddly Superior Couple.

      1. Or The Zod Couple. Kal-El and Zod forced to live together in an apartment in Metropolis. I like the Kirk-Khan option better, but I have gone to the Zod well several times, with Zod! and Zod Times.

  7. Does Sen. Paul have a specific strategy for repealing Obamacare? Could he share it with us?

  8. Will the legislative branch ever go back to actually doing their job and WRITE LAWS instead of passing a title page and leave the actual nuts and bolts details to be written by executive branch functionaries and political appointees?

    What are the chances Congress will actually repeal a law in the next ten years?

    1. Congress has gone way past the line of improperly delegating inherent powers to the executive. Allowing that has been a big part of our problem.

  9. Please please please ask him if he realizes how much progress he undoes in being considered as a serious option for many many young people by pandering to the anti-gay religious right.

    His other views are often two steps forward then one step back, but there’s no shortage of young people to whom someone against gay rights is a complete non-starter.

  10. You could ask him to clarify his statements at Howard along the lines of “wanting a government that spends what it takes in.” If the government spends what it takes in right now, is that not still big government? Isn’t force through taxation the reason to oppose big government in the first place? Is he really in favor of government backed student loans or is that something he just said? And if he doesn’t actually mean these things, why doesn’t he explain and defend his principles instead of appearing ashamed of them?

  11. Senator Paul,

    If you were our President, how would your Administration handle the brewing storm between the Federal government and States that have approved the use of Marijuana for medical and/or recreational use?

  12. Senator Paul,

    As an advocate of Austrian economics, why don’t you recognize the need for and support the free flow of labor across international boundaries just as the fee flow of goods.

  13. 118-character questions. You could go way in-depth for today’s political audiences and still have 75 characters left over!

  14. You gotta ask him about the american muslim guy suing alleging torture and rendition.

  15. his thoughts about the whole conspiracy theory idea of secret societies running the world

  16. What does that corncob think of nepotism in politics?

  17. I would love to hear Rand explain this comment:

    “I’m not advocating everyone go out and run around with no clothes on and smoke pot,”…. “I’m not a libertarian. I’m a libertarian Republican. I’m a constitutional conservative.”


    What did he mean by that? Does he think libertarians frequently go around stoned and naked?

  18. Now I’m Confused. Julian’s started asking questions and Paul is answering. It’s 2 PM EST. Nick are you doing this again at 3:45? Is Julian freelancing here? And if so it looks like he got 90 minutes? WTF?

  19. In a gesture of good will, what are some true things he respects in President Obama?

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