Civil Liberties

"End the Fed" Pamphleteers Near Liberty Bell Handcuffed and Cited


Interesting video that went up on YouTube a couple of days ago (the date of the incident uncertain) of two pamphleteers handing out "End the Fed" flyers near the Liberty Bell—Oh the irony!–who are handcuffed on the ground and eventually ticketed by park police. Their flyers were also taken by the park police.

According to the female of the pair of pampheteers, the ticket was for "interfering with agency function" and "failure to obtain a permit." 

My 2009 Reason feature on the "End the Fed" movement.

The full video, in which the videographer does a great job being a consistent thorn in the side of the huge pack of park police, and a bystander wonders what sort of lesson in liberty is being taught to her son, there by the Liberty Bell: